Mixing Every Bath Bomb From Lush Together

Hello friends! Here is a weird video we made where I mix every bath bomb from Lush together into one, single, franken-bath bomb. Just a heads up - this video was filmed a couple of months ago, pre-quarantine - I would not recommend heading to the mall right now, but I would recommend taking a nice bath, with or without some fizzing bath products.

Anyway, I figured - this type of experiment has worked (within reason) for a wide array of products like lipsticks, foundations, and candles - so why not try mixing every single bath bomb from one store together to see what kind of bath we get? It's BATH makeup science. Wait, no makeup. Bad bath science? Idk.

This video is NOT sponsored! We did get permission from Lush to film at their store, but we paid for all of our bath bombs!

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  • HELLO FRIENDS!! Just a heads up - this video was filmed a couple of months ago, pre-quarantine - I would not recommend heading to the mall right now, but I would recommend taking a nice bath, with or without some fizzing bath products. Stay safe, everyone! xoxo, saf

    Safiya NygaardSafiya NygaardJaar geleden
    • I don’t want to take a bath 😩

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    • ideas to mix things: perfume, soap, nail polish, foods/drinks?

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    • I watched this like 30 times

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    • Hi

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    • Ok

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  • Safyia:"Its groot everyone." Me:"NO NO NO NO well.....yes he is a tree BUT he played in guardians of the GALAXY

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  • You should mix every liquid hand soap then see what it smells like

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  • Here is some words instead of smash:blow breakup ruin slam wreck

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  • You almost look like Laurenzside

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  • The abaft litter analogously wander because insurance simultaneously approve beside a simplistic quotation. moaning, damaged limit

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  • I really hope the “Honey I washed the kids!” Was a reference to “Honey I shrunk the kids!”

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  • was anybody else TERRIFIED of getting sucked down the bath drain... Just me...

    rEeE_da_bAnAnArEeE_da_bAnAnA3 dagen geleden
  • It’s practically a lifestyle

    WeirdPigeonWeirdPigeon5 dagen geleden
  • It smells like Elon's Musk 🤣 That was great, I'm a fan.... Great video lmao!!!

    Rachel TuomiRachel Tuomi5 dagen geleden
  • one time i broke a bath bomb from korea lush i feel guilty still even tho the people say it was just an accident and it was ok (i was 7 that time)

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  • I feel like it is an actual MIRACLE that saf has not killed herself or tyler or burnt down her house yet... Unless that was the real reason why they moved!!!!!!

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  • The first bath bomb said no ur not gonna find renesemee ur gonna find Edward🤣🤣🤣

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  • 5:42 can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars

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  • D every single soap at a store

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  • they're literally soulmates lmao so cute

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  • That kitchen is lovely!

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  • Omg the egg carts are genius

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  • the franken-bomb

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  • What about Every hot sauce at pepper palace if you have that where you live or just every hot sauce at a hot sauce store

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  • Do lush soap

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  • Safiya should change her into to “hello friends, and welcome to more ridiculousness that everyone loves for some reason” 😂😂😂

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  • rip her bank account

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  • U look kind of like wensday adams's mom

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  • Good choice in the big food processor. It's the best one out there!!! 😝

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  • Ice cream next?

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  • SuRpRiSe AlIeN dIk!

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  • Suprise! Alien d!ck

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  • "Surprise, alien d*ck." Still a line I use on the regs.

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  • navel is the most common kind of orange on market....😒

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  • Frankenbomb

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  • "Mel-you-see it, Mel-you dont" 10:19 🤣 "R.I.P GUDETAMA" 14:54

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  • Now follow a bath boom making tutorial. ( ᐛ )

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  • FrankenBomb

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  • Why do you say franken for every thing you mix together?

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  • Half the words she says, idk what the hell it means.But ok

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  • The correct way to say Mele some is mail you some

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  • Poo

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  • Kinda wanna eat it lol

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  • My trypophobia is screaming, watching this video 8:27

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  • Arm,,:n bI love my mommy so much little bit not can you show me didn’t know my love pumpkin cereal and I’ll pull up in my colour with her and heard it yet so I’m not

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  • Thats brown

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  • You need to leave the bath bomb in for a bit because if you don't it will crumble straight away

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  • 13:18 if Joel is watching this… this is a treat.

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  • We had the turtle bath bomb before

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  • Other you tubers: *dedicate entire videos about them moving and their struggles and things that have been happening in their lives.* Safiya Nygaard: *Briefly mentions it in the middle of the video*

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  • Honestly I thought she was going to say, "bath bomb-inator

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