Aftermath: Population Zero - The World without Humans | Free Documentary

Aftermath: Population Zero - The World without Humans | Free Documentary
What would happen if, tomorrow, every single person on Earth simply disappeared? Not dead, simply gone, just like that. A world without people, where city streets are still populated by cars, but no drivers. A world where there is no one to fix bridges or repair broken windows…

After being on the receiving end of humanity for millennia, nature would finally be given a chance to take the world back.

But how would it work? How long would the skyscrapers and houses last if they were abandoned? How would suburban pets fare without people to feed them? How would the forests, the oceans and the wildlife react if there was suddenly an end to all the hunting, fishing and farming?

“Aftermath” is the astounding story of a world that humans will never see. The two-hour special examines the impact of human beings on this planet by proposing what the Earth might be like without people.

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  • Take a look at the state of chernobyl now it's amazing with wildlife etc

    Kris McstayKris Mcstay3 uur geleden
  • Facts

    luciferianul 89luciferianul 894 uur geleden
  • This documentary just proof that Thanos does exist and will snap his fingers in the future.

    Paul LeVesquePaul LeVesque5 uur geleden
  • No one can predict a future , and Im not a religious person but i believe only god of all mighty has also known happening in our world

    RICH TVRICH TV8 uur geleden
  • wow amazing documentary!😄 Great job took some efford to make this i suppose. Great work i like this kind of documentary!

    Max SMax S10 uur geleden
  • Human dont deserve this planet! They're like cancer even after they're gone

    Kiai LuKiai Lu15 uur geleden
  • Most commercial planes can basically land themselves now. Dunno how thats relevant but oh well

    Ayden PhillipsAyden Phillips16 uur geleden
  • The earth is nice and beautiful without human

    Barok AkoBarok Ako17 uur geleden
  • And 3 headed deer rule the Earth.

    Dingo DundeeDingo Dundee18 uur geleden
  • This documentary is a top notch with creative ingenuity.

    Thomas IyobhebheThomas Iyobhebhe19 uur geleden
  • I dream of this scenario constantly!

    Dingo DundeeDingo Dundee19 uur geleden
  • Humans are part of ecosystem

    Raider Jay AdventuresRaider Jay Adventures20 uur geleden
  • Humans vs ai is where were going

    diego boy beatsdiego boy beats20 uur geleden
  • Such a great documentary on how human existance disrupted the natural flow or the many animals was endangered and extinct due to human activity

    MC careyMC carey22 uur geleden
  • In Africa Life continues as usual lol. 😂🤣

    Elite Focus Entertainment GroupElite Focus Entertainment Group23 uur geleden
  • This is amazing if I had the choice I would put ALL humans in somthing called cryo sleep that’s when you get frozen but don’t die and can live like that for well ever and it would feel like a minute and I would put everyone in cryo sleep for 1800 years and manually turn off all power. Plants

    Markus BirdMarkus Bird23 uur geleden
  • “16 hours later, the sun sets in Europe,” Damn what would I my do if we were there 🤔

    MistMistDag geleden
  • 2:44 Big Ed reading a news paper- (not actually but it looks like him)

    Denis GDenis GDag geleden
    • XD

      Angus LippiattAngus Lippiatt22 uur geleden
  • The nature is making a speed run from human development lol took human development 10,000 to take over the world and it took nature 200 hundred years

    Simeon BainSimeon BainDag geleden
  • The nokia phone is still intact after 200 years

    Harry BHarry BDag geleden
  • Wow how u did the edit and the everting well it's like you know the future

    Simeon BainSimeon BainDag geleden
  • Nice to know that my dog will become a killer

    Renato BakanovasRenato BakanovasDag geleden
  • Maybe it isint so bad if we all die out. 😉

    Trash Family TVTrash Family TVDag geleden
  • Everyone except for the cameraman died.

    Noctis LucisNoctis LucisDag geleden
  • So, the takeaway from this is to live your life to the fullest, people, after we're gone, nature can rebuild itself fairly quickly

    Ray DenverRay DenverDag geleden
  • You forgot thousands of warheads of Nukes

    Inder DhillonInder DhillonDag geleden
  • Because of COVID-19 pandemic, I feared this will led to this. 😨

    Randall RoñaRandall RoñaDag geleden
  • Idk man, just sounds like dr stone to me :)

    The sweet weebThe sweet weebDag geleden
  • Didn't cover oil rigs and leakages in Ocean

    Mona LisaMona LisaDag geleden
  • But the great pyramids will survive!

    Pedro DiazPedro DiazDag geleden
  • Editor how many sound effects do you need.. Narrator: yes

    abel ripineabel ripineDag geleden
  • Beautiful video! The world is truly better off without humans

    Hide KawaHide KawaDag geleden
  • Humans still destroying earth even when we leave

    420Kyle420KyleDag geleden
  • Kudos to the cameraman for sticking around for fifty thousand years

    UrbantureUrbanture2 dagen geleden
  • Watching this imagination of being alone on earth 🌍 no a single soul left would give me major psychotic manic emotions

    UncxrrectUncxrrect2 dagen geleden
  • The only remanence left by human....Plastic coke bottle haha

    JamieJamie2 dagen geleden
  • The world will be better off without us

    da TOPPER HARLEEda TOPPER HARLEE2 dagen geleden
  • Though provoking if the elites get there way this will happen

    john grahamjohn graham2 dagen geleden
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary! Very realistic & probably the most accurate depiction of life after humanity.

    MyoneMyone2 dagen geleden
  • When did u go and watch our earth without humans... cameraman GG

    kírîtõ x ãsûñâkírîtõ x ãsûñâ2 dagen geleden
  • The Earth can repair itself and can sustain food for the animals. Don't ever forget Earth is a living thing too.

  • The Earth can repair itself and can sustain food for the animals. Don't ever forget Earth is a living thing too.

  • A dónde se supone que fueron los humanos o qué pasó con ellos?? Por qué sobreviven los animales domésticos??

    Dean ChongDean Chong2 dagen geleden
  • disappointed. so much was exaggerated. And for facks sake, The carbon in the atmosphere was at least 7 times greater when the dinosaurs lived. that's the reason plants /trees were so big then. Hence why the dinosaurs were so big. Man made global warming is A myth. Solar cycles are and always will be the true reason.

    mark dunkertonmark dunkerton2 dagen geleden
  • me teach my hamster how to hunt lions*

    モニニオケンゾーモニニオケンゾー2 dagen geleden
  • Amazing Documentary of Death Journey

    Eric SinnayaEric Sinnaya2 dagen geleden
  • Thank you so much for this documentary

    Vein LlanoVein Llano2 dagen geleden
  • Seems better when the nature lead the world

    Dinita AnggrainiDinita Anggraini2 dagen geleden
  • Now imagine being the only person on earth

    Sean JalapenoSean Jalapeno2 dagen geleden
  • What a fabulous realistic documentary

    Zany ZaraZany Zara3 dagen geleden
  • Schools still open though

    Spoodemam4421Spoodemam44213 dagen geleden
  • Shout out to the camera ma... Oh wait

    Angus Shx06Angus Shx063 dagen geleden
  • 6:08 wrong. Vegas will be one of the very last places to stay lit because of hydro power. The lights will stay on until the Hoovers generators fail, which could be years.

    Peter WhittlePeter Whittle3 dagen geleden
  • I can hear the theists salivating at the prospect from here..

    shiba inushiba inu3 dagen geleden
  • vid title -- aftermath population zero

    Casius CBUCasius CBU3 dagen geleden
  • mockery on people that have passed away? they who without second chance? ---- vid depict remembrance of the still° living °re read again and try understand

    Casius CBUCasius CBU3 dagen geleden
  • 😀I'm glad the camera grew is not affected

    Peshia LamPeshia Lam3 dagen geleden
  • As has always been the case, Nuclear = bad.

    Musicsoul551Musicsoul5513 dagen geleden
  • Brilliant production.The visuals amazing. Thought provoking too.

    Colin Underwood Corporate Compere-magicianColin Underwood Corporate Compere-magician4 dagen geleden
  • wouldn't happen,the rich and powerful would be living in dulce bases and would want a controlled population of about 50,000.000.

    quan trumquan trum4 dagen geleden
  • Nice. Interesting. Rather focused on USA

    Graham PurvisGraham Purvis4 dagen geleden
  • We already had a glimpse into life after people when covid hit in 2020 and 98% of earth's people went into lock down

    Master YoshiMaster Yoshi4 dagen geleden
  • Very Good documentation.. keep up the good work

    DNA RNADNA RNA4 dagen geleden
  • how the world should be ,Power stations all need start the process of shutting down ,no to fossil fuel. This will happen way things are going .Humans need stop being greedy take steps back. We dont need what most humans have .Fresh air .water ,food and shelter, less humans what is needed lol. Grr the damage we ready done .Great watch .

    Max & Kali's the gsd AdventuresMax & Kali's the gsd Adventures4 dagen geleden
  • I can not imagine, the world without human being.

    HM PHM P4 dagen geleden
  • The bigger animals will be unharmed by radiation. Is this a joke

    The Proper CommunistThe Proper Communist4 dagen geleden
  • 1:04:55 Sounds like luke skywalker is still happy and healthy

    justanotherladjustanotherlad4 dagen geleden
  • This is like life after people

    Halim ZainHalim Zain4 dagen geleden
  • Nuclear power stations don't completely shut down, they can be maintained with on-site power from the reactor itself, backup generators would only start up once the reactors run out of fuel, which would take years

    MWB GamingMWB Gaming4 dagen geleden
  • Thanks for helping me in lockdown, 🇦🇺☕️☕️🖖🏻🖖🏻👍👍

    M WallaceM Wallace4 dagen geleden
  • If only the people that are making decisions for all humanity (without our consent) could see the real damage they are causing to this beautiful plant of ours. But they won't because to them money is all... Greed has them locked in a devastating roller-coaster, which in the end will destroy us all...because we are not standing up for what is right. They take all from the earth, oils, minerals, water, and so much more. How long before their destruction shows a more irreversible push back from nature ? It is showing even now.. how bad things are going to get...if we all don't make drastic changes to the problems that caused it all to begin with. I hope this Doco makes those responsible to wake up !!! Thank you for this Documentary. 🌏⚘

    Deborah BriskieDeborah Briskie4 dagen geleden
  • you know its all a question of mind over matter' if you don't mind it doesn't matter "

    Pat DoylePat Doyle4 dagen geleden
  • 1:05:20.. For sure

    Radek.JRadek.J5 dagen geleden
  • Now that we are alive, the world isn't radioactive? Where from all the disasters? How would we disappeare while the buildings would stay in their place?

    Loins De ChezLoins De Chez5 dagen geleden
  • Camels leaving no stone unturned... including gravestones?

    Peter MutungaPeter Mutunga5 dagen geleden
  • 20:25 those car reflection don't seem like everybody disappeared 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭 After all those hard work of not wanting any existing of human to be notice.. 🤭🤭🤭 good tho...

    Seyiel RhetsSeyiel Rhets5 dagen geleden
  • Did Africa Asia and the pacific survive?

    Graham PurvisGraham Purvis5 dagen geleden
  • Very interesting. But..What an obsession with the eiffel tower and the statue of liberty

    Graham PurvisGraham Purvis5 dagen geleden
  • I normally watch many docs with my finger on the forward button, but with this one, I watched every single second. Thanks

    Gas BidGas Bid5 dagen geleden
  • Best documentary ever

    Gas BidGas Bid5 dagen geleden
  • Wow!

    Gas BidGas Bid5 dagen geleden
  • There is indeed more to this planet that meets the eye

    K3uroK3uro5 dagen geleden
  • Cameraman be like : *i never dissappear or die I just hold my camera and it gave me immortality*

    Axle ConcepcionAxle Concepcion5 dagen geleden
  • Give credit to the cameraman who has survive to documenting this scene

    Dippa RamdaniDippa Ramdani5 dagen geleden
  • Dr.Stone

    Jim TamimJim Tamim5 dagen geleden
  • It is very scary. but this is true.

  • If no more human why worry?

    Nomar CazarNomar Cazar5 dagen geleden
  • Was this sponsored by Al Gore by any chance? 😂

    Nutgone MattNutgone Matt5 dagen geleden
  • This's something that will happen in near future

    Rhys_ NbaRhys_ Nba5 dagen geleden
  • Amazing

    Sourav KumarSourav Kumar6 dagen geleden
  • Why do we always call it OUR planet ? it is not !

    stephen hallstephen hall6 dagen geleden
  • But There will come a nother kind of human people, and The Netherlands Will sink

    Matthie MatthieuMatthie Matthieu6 dagen geleden
  • Just watch the first few minutes of Wall-E guys 😂

    Morgan KempMorgan Kemp6 dagen geleden
  • Couse it feels so empty without us

    north artnorth art6 dagen geleden
  • man fear time, yet time fears the pyramids

    JaydarOfficialJaydarOfficial6 dagen geleden
  • 500 million people will survive. Thanks Georgia Guide Stones 👍

    Jeff ParryJeff Parry6 dagen geleden
  • What a brilliant documentary..Makes you think doesn't it...

    Robin EvansRobin Evans7 dagen geleden
  • Obviously directed by Gretta Thunburg 🤦😂

    Jade SmithJade Smith7 dagen geleden
  • This video proved humans have destroyed the nature to unimaginable length and taken for granted

    Suman ravi johnSuman ravi john7 dagen geleden