Orphan foal meets foster mother Queen👑Uniek. I've never seen this before! Amazing! | Friesian Horses

Sad news about Queen👑Uniek her own foal. Star lies wrong and is stillborn. But thanks to a tip from a friend of mine (Eef. Yes, Eefje's namesake) there is an orphan foal looking for a foster mother. And that will be Unique! 😊
The regular viewers have also stated in a post which name suits him. We have selected a nice name for him! Thanks for all the comments!

Uniek fan Goëngamieden Kroon Sport (Ulbert 390 x Brandus 345, Dam: Thekla van de Zonschate Ster Sport) (May 9, 2006)
Rising Star JK, it's a KWPN dressage horse
Sire: Cachet L (Jazz x Ferro)
Dam: Ziffora Elite sport (Polansky x elite pref prest sport V. Nocturn x Pion)

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Made this video: May 25 and 26, 2021

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  • awesome!!!

    michelle drososmichelle drosos2 uur geleden
  • My heart hurts for the foal has died Now she is a mother a step mother to her foal

    Suzannah Chirgwin-wadeSuzannah Chirgwin-wade3 uur geleden
  • 😭😭😭 Why did i see this again? I don't know. This is so terribly sad! 😢

    Ania H aus KAnia H aus K9 uur geleden
  • Just beautiful

    Susan TaylorSusan Taylor11 uur geleden
  • It was sad, then amazing, and total joy. That was beautiful and they are beautiful. I don't know much about horses but that seems pretty magnificent 🥰

    Mandi ColemanMandi ColemanDag geleden
  • Lovely! Just lovely! The timing was impeccable! I pray for long lives for both Mem and Colt!

    Samantha VSamantha VDag geleden
  • Wonderful!

    Donna HarlowDonna HarlowDag geleden
  • Beautiful

    Donna HarlowDonna HarlowDag geleden
  • Rotti's are terrific pets. He'll bring you great joy. It's very sad about the foal, though. I'm glad she found happiness with a foal that needed her.

    Loveoldies50Loveoldies50Dag geleden
  • This is beautiful. If only foster care was this easy in the real world.

    Kelsea NovaKelsea NovaDag geleden
  • Heartbreaking and hearttouching at the same time. You are wonderful people. Bless Uniek and her second star.

    Pamela MarrPamela MarrDag geleden
  • Love this video, she is licking him because she is giving her smell and cleaning of course.

    Franc LiziFranc LiziDag geleden
  • 🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇😤

    manuelamanuela2 dagen geleden
  • Everyone who is saying those legs are happy dance. If you watch carefully she does strike out at him with her front hoof. She's trying to weigh her need to have the pressure nursed off by this baby or the conflict that it isn't hers. Thus the fluctuation between striking with her front hoof and ears swiveling wildly. The squeal is a warning but she definitely accepts him at the end there! Good job! ❤️

    Delaney HardDelaney Hard2 dagen geleden
  • What a good girl, very loving to take a new baby! She’s licking him so he has good bodily functions. How wonderful and exceptional!

    sweets5993sweets59932 dagen geleden
  • She is so beautiful!

    Wanda PeaseWanda Pease3 dagen geleden
  • She is a natural Mom! 💗 The other horses are accepting Rising Star into the herd! Beautiful!

    Just MeJust Me3 dagen geleden
  • We once gave our mare a filly who was going to be euthanized because they were going to ship the mare and couldn't ship the baby. Our old mare took one look and began to act as if she was sore from giving birth. She accepted baby instantly. A beautiful moment! Uniek is a beautiful mare!

    MissyQ12345MissyQ123453 dagen geleden
  • I cry every time I watch this it’s so painful but so sweet.

    Dom DomDom Dom3 dagen geleden
  • Heartbreaking and she is doing her best to wake up her baby…I’m so sorry for her and for all of you…RIP Star…I hope Uniek took to the foal and Vice versa…oh good mama …she accepted the foals first nursing …I hope all continues to do well ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Janice FerrierJanice Ferrier3 dagen geleden
  • Roman

    Deanna CalderonDeanna Calderon3 dagen geleden
  • What does brarff mean??

    Charlotte CameronCharlotte Cameron3 dagen geleden
  • Wonderful ❤❤

    SilverSilver3 dagen geleden
  • Yes! The Queen is a good Mama!

    Lisa AslanisLisa Aslanis4 dagen geleden
  • The two of you are so beautiful. I am so glad you had another foal to offer her and her mothering need accepts the baby who needs her for months beyond just milk.

    Wanda PeaseWanda Pease4 dagen geleden
  • Ya Allah!

    Tanvir RahmanTanvir Rahman4 dagen geleden
  • LOVE U MOM❤️

    Jb AnanyaJb Ananya4 dagen geleden
  • Lovely

    Cathy WheatleyCathy Wheatley4 dagen geleden
  • Uniek is a wonderful mare in every way 💕

    T CT C4 dagen geleden
  • And yet you'll breed her again! Have you lot heard about how many horses go to auction for slaughter? Maybe think about that when you spamming a these goals out!!! 🤬🤬🤬

    T CT C4 dagen geleden
  • I think thats beautiful.

    Carmen AvilesCarmen Aviles4 dagen geleden
  • I don't know much about horses, but Uniek didn't seem to be... that bothered, per se? She was looking for him sometimes, and tried to lick the baby awake, but she was apparently eating normally and acting like... y'know. Like a horse? To reiterate, I don't know horses that well. Cats are my specialty.

    Danielle HohenseeDanielle Hohensee4 dagen geleden
  • This wonderful! Thank you for sharing this with us ❣️❣️

    virginia scullyvirginia scully5 dagen geleden
  • Lovely that she fell in love so fast

    TMS 2000TMS 20005 dagen geleden
  • The name is perfect! The Jazz blood ensures he truly is a Rising Star..! WELL DONE !

    Laura DucotLaura Ducot5 dagen geleden
  • This was wonderful

    Pam SadlerPam Sadler5 dagen geleden
  • Oh I'm so sorry. But wonderful to have an orphan foal saved

    Chrissy PolansChrissy Polans5 dagen geleden
  • A sad story with a happy ending. Thank you for sharing this.

    Mark SchumacherMark Schumacher5 dagen geleden
  • wow that made me happy

    Richard ConnellyRichard Connelly5 dagen geleden
  • This is so heartwarming...

    Elaine BernierElaine Bernier5 dagen geleden
  • These horses are huge. The police uses them as well 🙈 its scary when they run towards you. They are like 3 meters high..

    ANDJELINAANDJELINA5 dagen geleden
  • River, this is so precious! Because the love flows on!

    Amy WorleyAmy Worley6 dagen geleden
    • Hello, how are you doing, Hope you're having a wonderful day!

      William RobertsonWilliam Robertson4 dagen geleden
  • I feel like crying😭😭

    paperchain 123paperchain 1236 dagen geleden
  • best video

    Dimiter AngelicheffDimiter Angelicheff6 dagen geleden
  • So cute :)

    lorena martin varelalorena martin varela6 dagen geleden
  • What a lesson of incondionnal love for humans. 👍

    YANN DORYANYANN DORYAN6 dagen geleden
  • That does not happen often, so great to see them except each other, congratulations and am sorry for the loss of Star and RS's mom.

    Stella TilleryStella Tillery6 dagen geleden
  • Uniek truly is a Queen among mares!!! 👑 👑 👑 long live Queen Uniek 👑 & her Rising Star ⭐

    katastar221katastar2216 dagen geleden
  • Uniek cant see the colt is a different color? Is he also a Freisen?

    leonardo's momleonardo's mom6 dagen geleden
  • you keep an open eye, not close eye lol.....a great chance for her and RS

    FunkyFunky6 dagen geleden
  • Animals lover

    National Geographic AnimalsNational Geographic Animals6 dagen geleden
  • Horse people are some of the best stewards on the planet. They take their calling to heart. We were given very few jobs and instructions by oir creator in the garden and one of them was to take care of the world and to look after all of the animals. Look at the total mess that we are making all over and above and even inside the planet. Then we have people like this that are doing as instructed and they love their job, their calling and at the same time it is rewarding for them. They get great joy from doibg what they do each day. They are blessed as well as they are a blessing to us all Dankie Baije :) van Suid Afrika. TGC Blessings in abundance to you and all those that cross your path:)

    Neal ThomsonNeal Thomson6 dagen geleden
  • River

    Rika RodgersRika Rodgers7 dagen geleden
  • Sad about her first.. But now when she has this one. She is happy with 💖.. And can take care and give allot of love..

    Lisette SundbergLisette Sundberg7 dagen geleden
  • She is beautiful 🤩. I am so glad she accepted the new colt.

    Barbara SimmonsBarbara Simmons7 dagen geleden
    • Hello, how are you doing, Hope you're having a wonderful day!

      William RobertsonWilliam Robertson4 dagen geleden
  • Just beautiful

    pet hub_ simple pleasurespet hub_ simple pleasures7 dagen geleden
  • i am glad they found each other

    Suzanne SharkeySuzanne Sharkey7 dagen geleden
  • That is wonderful I have had a horse stud for years and have never seen that happen you are all so clever.

    Lydia RedlLydia Redl7 dagen geleden
  • From this extremely sad beginning, a beautiful union. She’s scenting him all over. He’s feeding hungrily. He’s trying to keep him from you taking this colt from her. Beautiful

    Deborah DuthieDeborah Duthie8 dagen geleden
  • Life is hard... But give wondefull stories ! Thanks for sharing this moment ! 😉

    Thomas DiesnyThomas Diesny8 dagen geleden
  • Good job...

    Toby TalatToby Talat8 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful!

    Rhonda StiersRhonda Stiers8 dagen geleden
  • Rising Star’s Mother’s is with Star in Heaven- or so I hope! I cried like a baby- sad and then happy tears! Thanks for sharing this beautiful story!💖

    Colleen WalterColleen Walter9 dagen geleden
  • if there is something more than like , i will put it on this video very big like

    عبير عليعبير علي9 dagen geleden
  • So beautiful!!💜💜😊🇨🇦

    Md KnutsonMd Knutson9 dagen geleden
  • Gonna be a good momma!

    C M MorrisC M Morris9 dagen geleden
  • You made it to pass 6 million views❣️❣️❣️❣️ Congratulations ❣️❣️❣️❣️

    Tania DottieTania Dottie9 dagen geleden
  • I come back and watch this video whenever I’m feeling down and it always cheers me up. Out of two tragedies comes something SO beautiful! 😍😍😍

    Julie MarrisonJulie Marrison10 dagen geleden
  • Rubbing orphan in afterbirth (or pee and poop) does not fool the motehrs. They know and are very aware! I am glad this video proves that. Blessinga for mom and foal may they have long, healthy and happy lives!

    Nadia RouisNadia Rouis10 dagen geleden
  • Uniek: Free baby! Dibs!

    wscllywsclly10 dagen geleden
  • Never seen something like this before...amazing.... absolutely special....The love & bonding....Woderful

    Shyam MajumdarShyam Majumdar10 dagen geleden
  • will you keep the foal when they are older i would love to see him or she grow

    • RS has an owner, Janet, and he will return to her after he is weaned.🧡🧡

      Shelly RossShelly Ross9 dagen geleden
  • Its Wonderful they both need each other!

    Sheree ChampouxSheree Champoux11 dagen geleden
  • Очень трогательно, какие молодцы люди, квалифицированные специалисты , и лошадь успокоили, и малыша покормили.Я правильно поняла!? Что это не ее жеребёнок? Если это так, то респект вам, добрые люди.!!!

    Фатима СулеймановаФатима Сулейманова11 dagen geleden
    • Её жеребёнок, чёрненький в начале видео, родился мёртвым. И ей привели другого, у которого нет мамы. И она его приняла как своего.

      Wild VioletWild Violet10 dagen geleden
  • This is so beautiful 😭

    Nicky The DemonNicky The Demon11 dagen geleden
  • Terrible, hate watching how farmer animals are treated

    Kathy LynnKathy Lynn11 dagen geleden
    • You mean like when they rescue orphan foals and such?

      Shelly RossShelly Ross9 dagen geleden
  • When i saw baby h0rse is dead i felt that because i am als0 a m0ther

    Arshia KhuramArshia Khuram11 dagen geleden
  • And the dead foal was too beautiful then this brown one

    Rana Arsalan RanaRana Arsalan Rana12 dagen geleden
  • There is no doubt that mother's love is the most beautiful thing on this planet from pakistan

    Rana Arsalan RanaRana Arsalan Rana12 dagen geleden
  • Animals are better than most people!

    Kitten KorleoneKitten Korleone12 dagen geleden
  • What a beautiful puppy

    Giselle NorburyGiselle Norbury12 dagen geleden
  • Breaks my heart. God bless

    Giselle NorburyGiselle Norbury12 dagen geleden
  • Yes Rising Star suites him well

    Kim HollenbeckKim Hollenbeck12 dagen geleden
  • The kid really looked like he cared about the horses

    Horror AnimationsHorror Animations12 dagen geleden
  • What a cute little guy

    Horror AnimationsHorror Animations12 dagen geleden
  • Awwww

    Lucy HoffmanLucy Hoffman12 dagen geleden
    • Hello, how are you doing? Hope you're having a wonderful day!!!

      Tyler JakesTyler Jakes12 dagen geleden
  • I think I’ve watched this 6 times it so special - Happy tears

    Elaine TroficantoElaine Troficanto12 dagen geleden
    • Hello how are you doing? Hope you're having a wonderful day!!

      Tyler JakesTyler Jakes12 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful, I'm so happy they could become a new family. I love the Rottweiler puppy too!

    kamelhamel24kamelhamel2413 dagen geleden
  • AMAZING !!

    Bill LeeBill Lee13 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful name!! Rising STAR💕

    Carol LindseyCarol Lindsey13 dagen geleden
    • Hello how are you doing? Hope you're having a wonderful day!!!

      Tyler JakesTyler Jakes12 dagen geleden
  • So sweet she has acceptrd the baby!! So great!!

    Carol LindseyCarol Lindsey13 dagen geleden
    • Hello, how are you doing, Hope you're having a wonderful day!!

      William RobertsonWilliam Robertson4 dagen geleden
  • Aweeee this was so lovely to see 💕💕💕💕💕

    christine martindalechristine martindale13 dagen geleden
    • Hello how are you doing? Hope you're having a wonderful day!

      Tyler JakesTyler Jakes12 dagen geleden
  • Absolutely beautiful

    Tazer FaceTazer Face13 dagen geleden
  • I have watched this clip so many times and it still moves me to tears (when Star dies) and utter joy in Uniek and Rising Star finding each other - truly momentous

    dawn andersondawn anderson13 dagen geleden
    • Hello, how are you doing, Hope you're having a wonderful day!

      William RobertsonWilliam Robertson4 dagen geleden
  • Uniek is a very special,kind,gentle mom who is a loving and protective mom to her foal

    Kim HollenbeckKim Hollenbeck13 dagen geleden
    • @Kim Hollenbeck glad you're okay. I'm really depressed right now lost a coworker. Where are you from?

      Tyler JakesTyler Jakes9 dagen geleden
    • Hi tyler I am having a wonderful day even though my arthritis symptoms are bothering me

      Kim HollenbeckKim Hollenbeck9 dagen geleden
    • Hello how are you doing? Hope you're having a wonderful day!!

      Tyler JakesTyler Jakes12 dagen geleden
  • He is a cute and adorable foal and it is amazing that uniek accepts Risen Star

    Kim HollenbeckKim Hollenbeck13 dagen geleden
    • Hello how are you doing? Hope you're having a wonderful day!!!

      Tyler JakesTyler Jakes12 dagen geleden
  • So amazing!! 👏👏👏👏👏❤️💋❤️💋👏👏👏👏

    CricketCricket13 dagen geleden
  • Uniek loves risen star and she protects her foal etc

    Kim HollenbeckKim Hollenbeck13 dagen geleden
  • Sorry to hear about Uniek's foal who died inside of her,she misses star and now she is fostering Risen Star and she loves him and she is a really good mom to risen star

    Kim HollenbeckKim Hollenbeck13 dagen geleden
  • Poor mom and baby

    John HopkinsJohn Hopkins13 dagen geleden