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The Sahara is the biggest desert on earth. It takes its name from the Arab word for "emptiness". In the dead heart of that emptiness there's a place called the Tenere. The Tenere takes its name from the Tuareg word for "nothing". A nothing the size of France in the middle of an emptiness the size of the United States. It's no wonder the locals call this place "The Land Of Fear”. David Adams retraces the trade routes of the people who call this stove-hot corner of the planet home.

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From Niger: The Land of Fear
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  • One of the best documentaries ever seen in my life

    Hatim SupplyHatim Supply9 uur geleden
  • Este es el corrido del camello blanco que un día domingo feliz arrancara🎶🎵🎶🎵

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  • Love these documentaries.

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  • Which year was that ??

  • Amazing, informative and interesting.

    Ananth SAnanth S8 dagen geleden
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  • Desert Sands is Emptiness and Oasis is what and so explain.

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  • I like this domentary

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  • Is this a peaceful Gordon Ramsey?🤣🤣

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  • iam from touareg ilove this documentary 🥰🥰

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  • The sunset is everything! ☀️

    Katrina TolbertKatrina Tolbert19 dagen geleden
  • The host is just amazing. Very hard working, knows how to communicate with the locals, respect the culture and do fun things even the locals love that.

    Mac MainMac Main27 dagen geleden
  • I would give anything to see a moon as this was at the end here.

    Mary ReynoldsMary Reynolds28 dagen geleden
  • I loved this documentary, thank you! I learned so very much.

    Mary ReynoldsMary Reynolds28 dagen geleden
  • Boy for living all their life in the desert those people actually know a lot ,can handle any situation. What a beautiful documentary from a whole different world. Fantastic. We can only learn from them .Thank you.

    Irma SteltzrIrma Steltzr29 dagen geleden
  • Such a simple life

    osvaldo ramirezosvaldo ramirezMaand geleden
  • horrible quality imaging

    René de WitRené de WitMaand geleden
  • That the Tuareg carry swords isn't some anachronism. Your sword won't jam up in the dust. And it will kill you just as dead as any gun.

    2close2themoon2close2themoonMaand geleden
  • Next time someone tells you North Africans are all White or light remember this documentary. When they tell you the Sahara is impenetrable, remember this video. Black Africans are also indigenous to North Africa.

    Nunya BiznysNunya BiznysMaand geleden
  • Made up non-science totally ruined it when you said climate change. remember lying Big Al who knows nothing about science and you guys are in the same boat. what a fake agenda. no basis for and certainly no evidence. it was much warmer in the 1930s with the dust bowl in the US so get off this climate fake news.

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  • Oh this a great documentary! What a task to put this all together. Thanks so much Some get me straight with my mind I knew not of black Arabs in Saudi Arabia Are these tribes black like? Please in box me paulkiviiri@live .com

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  • I am travelling through the ' no mans land'. Some times l wonder is it the same planet l live, and treadiing on?

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  • Congratulations to you for giving us the knowledge, please keep it up, God bless you

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  • Amazing documentary, I just happened to stumble across this, and I enjoyed Avery minute of it, thanks for uploading.

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  • Background music is sooo soothing.

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  • Great scenery and story telling. The skating rink and accompanying song was the peak of the whole documentary..

    Moses CheruiyotMoses CheruiyotMaand geleden
  • Why should they care about fake french lines drawn on their land. I wish them the best. Good health and many more camels!

    akyowakyowMaand geleden
  • It hasn't rained there for over 15 years, wow 😲

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  • These people still living 3000 years old life

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  • I love these sand-people. They don't be kidnapping robots or nuthin'.

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  • Beautiful singing, anyone knows the name of the song name or the meaning of it?

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  • The documentary gets like a farce when mediated by a self focusing Journalist, always in the middle of the picture giving us his understanding of what he sees. I would have loved the same documentary without his plays and talking, but with translations of the native’s communication.

    De-Fluoridation Technology ProjectDe-Fluoridation Technology ProjectMaand geleden
  • That opening sound is The grossest icky sound for any show ever

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  • When are they going to free the camels from slavery ?

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  • 2:22, Amazigh symbol, they are Amazigh, Just like north Africans even agadéz has a meaning, and actually, we have the same city here in Morocco ( Agadir ) , Amazigh are jew Muslims Christians, agnostic, In the Amazigh culture, women are Highly respected, we Call a woman (Tamghart which translated to The Boss) ,

    Amgoune HassnaAmgoune Hassna2 maanden geleden
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  • "10,000 years ago: climate change." Damn cavemen and their gas guzzling suvs.

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  • All those kids be like, "bruh, our parents are weird AF."

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  • Absolutely brilliant and beautiful documentary

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  • No! The old maps and many of them called the Sahara by the name (Sarra). Stop it!

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  • Their life must be better than us.... Whoever is cut from the modern world is living peaceful life....

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  • What an amazing MIND God has given us that we survive all the harsh environments. Our mind only stop when we enter the examination hall.

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  • What are the age of the Camels in this race? Are they male or female?

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  • Thank you for the video. Very good. Are those goats carrying the hay? What year was this filmed. I like the Turegs, Bedouins, etc. Seeing how life is in the Sahara Dessert. 🙏❤🌴🌵😁

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  • Amazing the documentary was shot over 20 years ago

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  • I pass through this place to Europe

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  • ماشاءاللہ ۔ السلام علیکم ۔ اے نائجر کے مسلم بھائیوں و بہنوں ۔ صحرا عرب میں آپ لوگوں نے اتنی مشکلات میں بھی اسلام کا دامن تھاما ھے ۔ ان عیسائی مشنریوں سے ہوشیار رہیں ۔ یہ چند سکے دے کر ویڈیو و پینٹنگ بناکر ہزاروں کماتے ہیں اور نرمی و شائستگی سے اپنے مذہب کی نشر و تبلیغ کرتے ہیں ۔ امیر دولت مند عیش و عشرت میں ڈوبے اے عرب حکمرانوں جاگو ۔ کل کو آپ رب العالمین کو حشر میں کیا جواب دو گے ۔

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  • V.nice, dear Sir, Great Peoples, Powerful human in Africa , Allah Bless You, Thanks for Video, i am Indian & live in Kuwait.

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  • did that dude just put his hand in that mans salt? and then throw it on the ground?

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