WATCH how furniture restorer restores a guitar!

Watch how furniture restorer restores a guitar
This guitar was made by Olbrei & Co, in Tallinn, somewhere between 1907-1940. Restoring a guitar was quite a challenge for me. In this video you will see, did I succeed or not.

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Kärcher steam cleaner:
Bessey edge clamps:
Dovetail jig:
Workshop vacuum: ...
Random orbital sander:
Oscillating Spindle Sander





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    AT RestorationAT Restoration2 maanden geleden
    • @richard mooney The Chinese have been using Lacquer Since the seventh century. Yes, I know they had lacquer when this guitar was made, and Lacquer is the best finish for musical instruments!

      Josh BullJosh Bull11 dagen geleden
    • @Josh Bull Do you think they had Laquer when that guitar was built.. Shellac was the traditional finish..

      richard mooneyrichard mooney11 dagen geleden
    • @richard mooney For one thing, he used shellac instead of lacquer for the finish. Another thing was the way he tore it apart and the way he put it back together. Also, he should have replaced the bridge block.

      Josh BullJosh Bull14 dagen geleden
    • You got the furniture part down. As for guitar you could have done better. (Polish frets, etc.) I do love the quilted look on the back. All and all you did a decent job. Kept it original looking on front side.

      MGA MGAMGA MGA25 dagen geleden
    • @richard mooney this shouldn't be just playable It's an antique guitar It's history It should be 'antique' He did quite a good job tho Better than some 🙄 shitty stuff I can't talk about cuz it's really sacrilegious

      no one.....27 dagen geleden
  • Wow that guitar must be so happy that it was restored to life. Great job. An inspiration to watch

    alexanderlvtalexanderlvt54 seconden geleden
  • Broder pero sigue sonando mal

    ehtlmr:v 14ehtlmr:v 146 uur geleden
  • Well, I thought it was great work. I commend your ambition and resourcefulness.

    Mercado ArtesanalMercado Artesanal19 uur geleden
  • I appreciate the work put into this. However, I’m guessing this is for hanging on the wall and not for playing.

    Keith YoungKeith Young21 uur geleden
  • Wow

    Gary KingGary King21 uur geleden
  • This is not restoration: when you remove the original material by killing the back of the guitar! If you restore this way ..... after the third restoration, after a hundred years, what remains of the original wood?

    Gabriel Maria MarchiGabriel Maria MarchiDag geleden
    • I can sand 0,4mm thick veneer 3 times. The guitar wood 10 times thicker, 3-4 mm. Actually, when sanding, the wood goes thinner, therefore its sound property's improve, because thin material vibrates more than thick material.

      AT RestorationAT RestorationDag geleden
  • steam bro please

    melvin jamesmelvin jamesDag geleden
  • Paint the dots with some superglue or wax or something before staining and then you can just scrape them clean afterwards.

    Ray ParkerRay ParkerDag geleden
  • Hahahaha

    tris malietris malieDag geleden
  • Oh, nooo bro

    Alessandro ArzilliAlessandro ArzilliDag geleden
  • Красота. Здравия

    Александр ШхалаховАлександр ШхалаховDag geleden
  • Beautiful job. I guess you now qualify as a luthier.

    James RickardJames RickardDag geleden
  • The wood of the back was breathtaking. Until you cut it with a table saw.

    Temple GuitarsTemple GuitarsDag geleden
  • Great restoration!

    Claude ElliottClaude ElliottDag geleden
  • i feel pleased

    Candra WardoyoCandra WardoyoDag geleden
  • Great love you put into this odd 7-string guitar. Any shamers should put out their own videos doing it the way they think best. If my dad was to do this video, since he was a cop and mechanic it wouldn't have been by the book and like the experts do it, but he would have put his heart into it, and I would cherish the item since he did the work, and he's now passed away. Your kids will love owning this guitar one day, as long as the steel strings don't snap it in half.

    Mike MillerMike Miller2 dagen geleden
  • I'm not a luthier nor a woodworker but the outcome looks and sounds fine. If the owner is pleased then it is a success.

    Maestro MecanicoMaestro Mecanico2 dagen geleden
  • Next watch a luthier turn a 1713 dresser into a guitar stand.

    Jesse DriftGodJesse DriftGod2 dagen geleden
  • Best acoustic guitar to to djent with. 7 strings?! What a beaut.

    NicholasAntinarelliNicholasAntinarelli2 dagen geleden
  • Another beautiful restoration. The wood pattern is absolutely beautiful and thank you for keeping it.

    Zelda SharpeZelda Sharpe3 dagen geleden
  • what a nice job ! 👍

    Pedro LopesPedro Lopes3 dagen geleden
  • Wow, lots of kooks , they need to learn the basics of not hurting others and eventually getting ponded not by wave but locals tuning em up 🤙🏽

    Jerry KellermanJerry Kellerman3 dagen geleden
  • psychedelic guitar=

    кош империякош империя3 dagen geleden
  • Fascinating

    Paul BPaul B4 dagen geleden
  • psychedelic guitar-

    кош империякош империя4 dagen geleden
  • Perhaps you’ve misunderstood on what’s important here

    SoundGuyJimmy MolinaSoundGuyJimmy Molina4 dagen geleden
  • Vintage shreders: Hold my pick

    Pesca SportivaPesca Sportiva4 dagen geleden
  • Hello Ahti I don't know anything about musical instruments. But the people who are commenting about patina obviously don't know anything about repairing wood. 400 grit is not aggressive, you removed the old discolored varnish while removing as little of the wood as possible. You gave back the beauty the builder intended the guitar to have.

    Pamela BramanPamela Braman4 dagen geleden
    • Thanks!

      AT RestorationAT Restoration4 dagen geleden
  • Why is this guy destroying this guitar

    Juan BlackwellJuan Blackwell4 dagen geleden
  • not really restoration, more like refurbishment.

    Benjamin FosterBenjamin Foster4 dagen geleden
  • This is devastation.

    Gina FarinaGina Farina5 dagen geleden
  • Remind me to never call him lol hope he didnt get paid by the hour. lol

    Razor BlueRazor Blue5 dagen geleden
  • Was the guitar worth all that? lol

    Razor BlueRazor Blue5 dagen geleden
  • This is a crime someone should go to jail for! hahhah

    Luigi Gómez CerezoLuigi Gómez Cerezo5 dagen geleden
  • I’m glad I was sitting on the toilet watching this because when he took that beautiful back to the table saw I shit

    Gee TarGee Tar5 dagen geleden
  • Great job

    BUDI ONOBUDI ONO5 dagen geleden
  • Contrary to what the silly cork sniffers this thread think, you did a wonderful job making this Relic playable again, and it has a beautiful sound.

    James WagonerJames Wagoner5 dagen geleden
  • Chia se hay qua ban ơi chúc ban vui

    Cuongpro TexasCuongpro Texas5 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful work!

    Aaron LoomisAaron Loomis5 dagen geleden
  • Parabéns. Ficou lindo!

    Maria Isabel FigueiredoMaria Isabel Figueiredo5 dagen geleden
  • good looking piece of furniture.

    Jonathan HuntJonathan Hunt5 dagen geleden
  • What is that tool used at 9:54 ?

    Ian FergusonIan Ferguson5 dagen geleden
  • And that son, is how I invented the Takamine Jasmine.

    honorary piehonorary pie5 dagen geleden
  • Not as cringeworthy as the title suggested. A new brace might have been a better option. Was the skunk stripe on the back really necessary? It was probably a good idea to leave the front alone - too bad it looks so rough. The finish seems to be furniture, rather than guitar inspired (shellac vs lacquer clear coat, painted fretboard, wax vs oil for fretboard). In general, painted fretboards are considered "cheap" - even if that's the way it was made. A natural finish fretboard or perhaps even a stained fretboard with a painted neck might have been a better option.

    normbarrowsnormbarrows6 dagen geleden
  • Que destrozo que pena 😞😥😕

    Claudio Sanchez romeroClaudio Sanchez romero6 dagen geleden
  • tava mais bonito antes!

    Davi j.DionísioDavi j.Dionísio6 dagen geleden
  • I think you did an awesome job

    Christopher RogersChristopher Rogers6 dagen geleden
  • PLEEASE don't tell me you put steel strings on a old nylon guitar? Yikes

    Zeus GodZeus God6 dagen geleden
  • What original brand was this? Anyone know? Sorry, dumb question. Of course one of you f*#Kees know. U ALWAYS know. It was beautiful before he even began. A lot of miles on it. Wonder where it’s been, and what it’s seen? It’s beautiful, and sounds great at the end. 🤘

    BgJak073BgJak0737 dagen geleden
  • Отличная работа! Надеюсь на ней будут звучать русские романсы!

    Oleg GridnevOleg Gridnev7 dagen geleden
  • я бы не стал клеить подпорку для деки, выпилил бы новую целиком

    Николай ТуркинНиколай Туркин7 dagen geleden
  • Shellac is not a good guitar finish. True oil would be better

    Dennis ClarkDennis Clark7 dagen geleden
  • All that work to the back and sides yet the top looks like it just got a layer of spray can clear coat

    Michael GarciaMichael Garcia8 dagen geleden
  • Outstanding

    Louis PegnoLouis Pegno8 dagen geleden
  • Lovely work, satisfying transformation, thank you for sharing this

    Carrick RichardsCarrick Richards8 dagen geleden
  • Magnifique , J'adore

    LACOME StéphaneLACOME Stéphane8 dagen geleden
  • Looks like what he did was the right way to do it. Looked like a lot of it was overkill. Did it really need to be done that precisely. The finish product looks good I think I could achieve the same look with some mineral spirits and some Johnson paste wax and 0000 steel wool. Now that cracked on the back I would have left unless it was falling of but it didn't look that way. That guitar had some age to it just a guess would be 1880s something 140 years old won't look brand new. You restore the piece not refinish. If so you could sand it down with 80 grit and take every scratch and ding out of it . Then you would have 140 year old guitar that looks like you bought it from K-mart yesterday. But it's all in the eye of the person doing the work. That's where experience comes in . In my shop I would put the new guy on it . This is all opinion. But I've been doing furniture for over 30 years

    Ronald DarnellRonald Darnell8 dagen geleden
  • 7 strings guitars are used and come from Choro music , the portugese tarentella . good job . I discovered your channel a few times ago . just extraordinary congratulations

    Tristan MilletTristan Millet8 dagen geleden
  • Great job thanks for sharing 🕸️💙⭐

    Paul LylePaul Lyle8 dagen geleden
  • This looks like a Spanish guitar, some nice flamingo style music was probably played on her. Also the fretboard style looks 19th century so it could from Vienna.

    David PriceDavid Price9 dagen geleden
  • Parabéns pelo trabalho, maravilhoso a arte de luthier, ficou sensacional a restauração, revitalizou o instrumento mantendo os traços de toda sua história que o tempo lhe deixou marcado.

    Eduardo QueirósEduardo Queirós9 dagen geleden
  • made my teeth grit. guitar should be set up for silk and steel with that old style bracing.Too msuch shellac spoils any time it might have. Since it has little value as is I would have considered going to modified "X" bracing. You have good skills but stay away from vintage guitars.

    Bud ChestnutBud Chestnut9 dagen geleden
  • You f..cked it up

    supan somwongsupan somwong9 dagen geleden
  • Horrible..

    Jonas MeliJonas Meli9 dagen geleden
  • If I wasn’t stoned,this would be boring! Lol. Great vid your dedication to precision! And innovation! 👍

    Scott RomansScott Romans9 dagen geleden
  • Luthiers, I bet you didn't make it to the end of this carnage. It's like a blacksmith repairing a Swiss watch.

    Dave DaviesDave Davies9 dagen geleden
  • bad restauration

    Bachi BouzoukBachi Bouzouk9 dagen geleden
  • Shellac spray is like applying nitro finish with a paint brush.

    MaxHerzogMusicMaxHerzogMusic9 dagen geleden
  • Why didn’t he change the frets outright?

    David LittlefieldDavid Littlefield9 dagen geleden
  • That's not really how you do that.

    Binome SpriteBinome Sprite9 dagen geleden
  • good

    뮤직앤통기타라운지뮤직앤통기타라운지9 dagen geleden
  • Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho!!! A música também muito boa , lembrou a nossa bossa nova.

    Paulo LagePaulo Lage9 dagen geleden
  • ouch!

    Mick RileyMick Riley9 dagen geleden
  • 🌚

    sami Alshareefsami Alshareef10 dagen geleden
  • Unusual wood pattern , came up well with a scrub and polish.

    Eric ChilverEric Chilver10 dagen geleden
  • I am fascinated by this video you are true master of restoration 😊👍☮️

    LisaLovesAnimalsLisaLovesAnimals10 dagen geleden
  • This hurts my soul.

    The CompleationThe Compleation10 dagen geleden
  • Wow. There are some really bad sounds in the world. The dentists drill, chalk on a blackboard AND the cracking noise when you took the back off of the guitar.

    PunkiPunki10 dagen geleden
  • love that you left the front looking antique.

    PILATUS1968PILATUS196811 dagen geleden
  • Спрячь за высоким забором бутылку

    abebe akuabebe aku11 dagen geleden
  • Ready to seat on it 😂. You did a good work with the restauration 👍

    Elier Fernandez GuerraElier Fernandez Guerra11 dagen geleden
  • Superb restoration! I guess it didn't sound very good when it was first made but no worse after you restored it. It's a great piece of guitar history that would otherwise been lost. Congratulations on your patience and skillset!

    David KingDavid King11 dagen geleden
  • The patina should not be ground off.

    Dinosaur Baby ColourDinosaur Baby Colour11 dagen geleden
  • No good

    Marko 79Marko 7911 dagen geleden
  • That was painful to watch. Amazing what you can do with the right tools.

    Randy BrackettRandy Brackett12 dagen geleden
  • That’s the most tone-dead guitar I’ve ever heard ….wall display is all it’s good for.

    Mr. CrowleyMr. Crowley12 dagen geleden
  • 🙄🤣🤣🤣

    niotlera70niotlera7012 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful work - you are a true artist!!!

    John StrandJohn Strand12 dagen geleden
  • angela14962002angela1496200212 dagen geleden
  • You know, in all honesty it's probably a better guitar now than it ever was. This thing is pretty rad

    Michael RubinMichael Rubin12 dagen geleden
  • WTFFFFFFFFF don't do that to a guitarrrrrrrrrrrr

    joãojoão12 dagen geleden
  • Bravo...the big string is a B..?

    Curt the LCurt the L12 dagen geleden
  • Restoration of vintage instruments is better left to a luthier. There were many cringeworthy scenes in this video and the loss of the original finish and patina was saddening. The entire guitar could have been salvaged by re-humidifying the entire guitar before working on it. There would have been no need to spilt the back to reset it in place and the original finish could have been saved.

    Martin ErcseMartin Ercse13 dagen geleden
  • Эту гитару Страдивари сделал? Иначе какой смысл в её реставрации?

    Руслан ТеренинРуслан Теренин13 dagen geleden
  • Great work

    Rex Alfie LeeRex Alfie Lee13 dagen geleden
  • Me: " I have a guitar worth 10,000 US$." My friend: "wow! That's pretty expensive! Thing you got!" Me: " it was worth 1,000,000 US$ when it was auctioned until I had it restored by a furniture guy...."

    Rommel YdiaRommel Ydia13 dagen geleden
  • а почему деку на сухую снимаешь ?

    Павел ДзензелевскийПавел Дзензелевский14 dagen geleden
  • A great Guitar Devaluation Masterclass

    Gela TabashidzeGela Tabashidze14 dagen geleden
  • Fine job.

    Doug AlexanderDoug Alexander14 dagen geleden