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  • рейз наконец то джагу дропнул

    YoshiYoshiDag geleden
  • дотеры на месте?

    денис лукинденис лукинDag geleden
  • Está más cebado que la mierda.

    Gabriel Gonzague.Gabriel Gonzague.3 dagen geleden
  • Juggernaut

    JatyJaty3 dagen geleden
  • Its the gangstaa grillzz fa mee😭😭

    Valentinesx __Valentinesx __4 dagen geleden
  • Wauuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Matias CabralMatias Cabral5 dagen geleden
  • this is not even good bruh

    NatsuTsunareiNatsuTsunarei5 dagen geleden
  • This verse is great

    Mari335 Mari335 5 dagen geleden
  • this beat is trash lol

    TRVP HAUSTRVP HAUS5 dagen geleden
    • trolling

      Male DoggyMale Doggy21 uur geleden
    • bait

      Dan the BananDan the BananDag geleden
    • tripping

      MrSongo GTMrSongo GT5 dagen geleden
  • Uzi was fire tho

    k sk s5 dagen geleden
  • 00:09 flyin

    k kkiannnk kkiannn6 dagen geleden
  • This shows that whole world is suffering from bad songs 😒

    Rockstar SoniRockstar Soni6 dagen geleden
  • 0:09 there’s something falling from the sky

    GloupdaviGloupdavi6 dagen geleden
  • 0:08 ayo who that dude falling down the sky tho..

    PRJDZ32PRJDZ327 dagen geleden
    • Me.

      Sun CitySun City5 dagen geleden
  • gotta love uzi literally carrying this bitch

    Devin McLaughlinDevin McLaughlin7 dagen geleden
  • I like thinking this music video canonically happened during the events of the Sound of Music

    Reginald FidowReginald Fidow8 dagen geleden

    JOSÉ MARÍA Ortega GarciaJOSÉ MARÍA Ortega Garcia9 dagen geleden
  • u gotta problem?

    Anon Mous3Anon Mous39 dagen geleden
  • Man where’s Pharrells full verse?

    Prince SamPrince Sam9 dagen geleden
    • Yeah they should of included it

      Jonathan_ SanchezJonathan_ Sanchez4 dagen geleden
  • This is art

    Jo3Jo39 dagen geleden
  • I hate when people usually do this but 5.7 million views wtf?

    soda popsoda pop9 dagen geleden
  • sheesh

    shooksshooks9 dagen geleden
  • As a wise man once said “Double C on my feet” “Double G on my Freak”

    Bennett HedmanBennett Hedman9 dagen geleden
  • What happend to uzi in the video

    Luis SanchezLuis Sanchez9 dagen geleden
  • Poor guy

    Annabelle ScullyAnnabelle Scully10 dagen geleden
  • I honesty forgot Tyler had hair, LMAO

    Morgan TillisMorgan Tillis10 dagen geleden
  • his moves are so mesmerizing

    TwoogieTwoogie10 dagen geleden
  • Where was UZI hiding his flow😖

    ntailor 2.0ntailor 2.011 dagen geleden
  • this is one of the videos ever

    rara11 dagen geleden
    • This is definitely one of the videos ever

      BombieBombie10 dagen geleden
  • Gahh damnn 🥵🥵

    Emily AkrightEmily Akright11 dagen geleden
  • unko

    アンパンマンアンパンマン12 dagen geleden
    • lol

      rara11 dagen geleden
  • tf all his titles are in caps even the description

    Finn DzankoFinn Dzanko12 dagen geleden
  • This beat crazy

    V VendettaV Vendetta12 dagen geleden
  • black

    God ShitassGod Shitass12 dagen geleden
  • When he dropped the suitcase full of lemons, that was a total power move.

    BabyGirl EnterprisesBabyGirl Enterprises12 dagen geleden
  • If you are still watching this you are a legend, no cap.

    Greezy Murda RsaGreezy Murda Rsa12 dagen geleden
  • This is one of my favorite songs from this album

    Aiden FennellAiden Fennell13 dagen geleden
  • 1:24 his face

    alceu balançaalceu balança14 dagen geleden
  • I'm lost .

    Zolile MpofuZolile Mpofu15 dagen geleden
    • Call me 😏

      Jonathan_ SanchezJonathan_ Sanchez4 dagen geleden
  • Hard as fuck

    DaddySlasher58DaddySlasher5815 dagen geleden
  • Ayo lil uzi went crazyyyyy

    C1™C1™16 dagen geleden
  • AOTY

    Moshi ManMoshi Man16 dagen geleden
  • Same outfit from "Wusyaname"

    Fortu aka 42NatoFortu aka 42Nato17 dagen geleden
  • uffffffffffffff

    Rodrigo VázquezRodrigo Vázquez17 dagen geleden
  • I lovee this song but I believe the intro as a song wouldn’t been amazing too

    Jordan McNeilJordan McNeil18 dagen geleden
  • wwwweeewww

    andi fifianandi fifian18 dagen geleden
  • Tyler need to drop a full version of first beat

    JohnnyJohnny18 dagen geleden
    • Yeah

      Frederik HFrederik H16 dagen geleden
  • How did you get juggernaut we just spawned

    Evil #stanevilEvil #stanevil18 dagen geleden
  • He spent his summer in me

    GenevaGeneva18 dagen geleden
  • I love this

    Andres VidaAndres Vida19 dagen geleden
  • So wait let me get this right lil Uzi vert?

    Saul GonzaleZSaul GonzaleZ19 dagen geleden
  • The "Tyler" that fell out of the sky @ 0:10 actually landed on the ground, caught a jet a jumped out again just in time for the fourth verse. 🙏🙏🙏

    Edward WhitesideEdward Whiteside20 dagen geleden
  • this is a complete hit on it's own

    DatLofDatLof20 dagen geleden
  • 0:21 Forever!

    Solidworks Co.Solidworks Co.20 dagen geleden
  • Ahhhhhh! WTF Dawn! This is LOKO!

    Solidworks Co.Solidworks Co.20 dagen geleden
  • 0:08 ufo

    IvanIvan21 dag geleden
  • Lol

    Devawn!Devawn!21 dag geleden
  • Wyler Whe Wreator

    MONROYMONROY21 dag geleden
  • ¿Alaba?

    Johan911Johan91121 dag geleden
  • Tyler the best

    DavidvilatoTVDavidvilatoTV21 dag geleden
  • I’m so dead ass I need some timbalands. How the fuck did I miss that bar

    MF MaxMF Max21 dag geleden
  • Tyler is the new busta for rap videos.

    Arrogant SwamiArrogant Swami21 dag geleden
  • tyler’s dancing on the car is the hardest shit ever lmaoooooo

    cheekscheeks21 dag geleden
  • This shit was more intense than fucking riding Goliath 🥵 holy fuck 🤘

    Jasmine EscobarJasmine Escobar21 dag geleden
  • шедов рейз, как всегда прекрасен

    ToddTodd22 dagen geleden
  • DJ Drama killed the song ngl

    PlanarianPersonPlanarianPerson23 dagen geleden
  • "Call me if you get lost," I'm already lost.

    Killian BarnhartKillian Barnhart23 dagen geleden
  • tyler on top of the car gives me these bustha rhymes vibes

    El Coronel / Nacho ATEl Coronel / Nacho AT23 dagen geleden

    juan Albertojuan Alberto23 dagen geleden
  • how is tyler moving like that

    BLM. bitchBLM. bitch23 dagen geleden
  • 0:52

    HUNTER XDHUNTER XD24 dagen geleden
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    1xBet Promo1xBet Promo24 dagen geleden
  • Devil times

    SlendSkullSlendSkull24 dagen geleden
  • How can lil uzi verse be so short , yet so hard

    No nameNo name25 dagen geleden
  • трек у шадоурейза украл

    человек3004человек300425 dagen geleden
  • Tell Tyler I’m looking for him

    random ishrandom ish25 dagen geleden
  • where the fuck is pharrell's part?? >:@

    beazek malandrobeazek malandro25 dagen geleden
  • Искал песню shadowraze...

    какие они тупые vs simpleкакие они тупые vs simple26 dagen geleden
  • Angry Alex falling be like : 1:20

    kofantiktokkofantiktok26 dagen geleden
  • *Tyler should’ve just rapped off the first beat* 😔

    TheCreativeOneTheCreativeOne26 dagen geleden
    • i feel it just makes his verse hit harder after

      cheekscheeks21 dag geleden
  • Tyler is one of the best

    Benedict the America BallBenedict the America Ball27 dagen geleden
  • He trynna be travis or sum cuz travis songs id likr this ps i love tyler

    Abraham MOSTAFAAbraham MOSTAFA27 dagen geleden
  • goood

    TheDarkTeamTheDarkTeam27 dagen geleden
  • cool

    tiger boytiger boy27 dagen geleden
  • sick song

    tiger boytiger boy27 dagen geleden
  • I like that the end card makes these videos seem like a short homemade clip compilation

    yes tyyes ty27 dagen geleden
  • I’m mad he teased us with that hard ass beat and flow for 22 seconds

    Cutty CainCutty Cain27 dagen geleden

    peggpegg27 dagen geleden
  • this video is missing the great iconic verse of pharrel

    Lily BlackLily Black28 dagen geleden

    ibushi kotaibushi kota28 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else think that monster rolls Royce is just the most badass shit ever, no just me? Alright cool

    MRM DesignsMRM Designs28 dagen geleden

    Nakeasha BrownNakeasha Brown28 dagen geleden

    Nakeasha BrownNakeasha Brown28 dagen geleden

    Nakeasha BrownNakeasha Brown28 dagen geleden
  • okay i cant stop listening to this song.

    ShawtyMy LilBaddieShawtyMy LilBaddie29 dagen geleden
  • is no one gonna talk about Tyler's body like shit he must have been going to the gym for abs and chest

    Dylan kinkaDylan kinka29 dagen geleden
  • back to clean my hearing with this masterpiece

    Matias MadrynMatias Madryn29 dagen geleden
  • Bruh that first beat and rap so smooth, give me a full song with that shit my guy!

    Mlp GamerMlp Gamer29 dagen geleden
  • Love the instrumental of the first 20 seconds! Awesome video!

    Mouch TalesMouch TalesMaand geleden
  • Imagine going out to your lemon farm and seeing a shirtless man dancing on a monster truck

    BubbleBubbleMaand geleden