The Insane Complexity of the India/Bangladesh Border

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  • Hey y'all! Just letting you know that I created another almost 20 minute long video explaining how the complex borders/geography between Armenia and Azerbaijan led to war between them last year, but that video could never, ever be monetized on NLflow and because of that, NLflow would never even send most of you any notifications or alerts if I uploaded it. So instead, I uploaded it to Nebula and the link is here: The best way to get access to Nebula is through the CuriosityStream bundle deal linked above, and it's less than $15 a year. I'll be posting new videos in this Modern Warfare series every month on Nebula, so if that sounds like something you'd be interested in go ahead and check it out!! Thanks :)

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    • Change Indian map

      Vighnesh NayakVighnesh Nayak3 dagen geleden
    • Too edgie for the youtube. lul.

      ClarkGrayClarkGray18 dagen geleden
    • I signed up at curiosity stream/ reallifelore but I can't find nebula on it... just lectures. Where's their videos?

      Roger DodgerRoger Dodger29 dagen geleden
    • @Sasuke Uchiha you seem like you have a really sad life with talking like that. I don’t care if he knows me or sees this message. You are just being a dick. This is his job and he needs to make money somehow. If he doesn’t he’d starve so get over it you were the one who “Inserted into someone else’s business” with saying you didn’t ask. He was just telling you incase you wanted to support him for something he gives to you for free. You have no life leaving irrelevant hate comments on people’s videos they make to entertain you

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    • @Devin Cannistraro First of all he doesn't know who you are and second I don't care about your feelings so cry about it somewhere else because as I said before I was never talking to you or knew that you existed until you decided to insert yourself into other people business. You must have no life to do something like that so try getting one sjw crybaby. 😢

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  • Wat een ontzettend irritante manier van praten. Na 1:24 uitgezet.

    Boudewijn GailliaertBoudewijn GailliaertUur geleden
  • As a bangladeshi, its so funny

    Mohammed Shafiqul IslamMohammed Shafiqul Islam8 uur geleden
  • As a Bangladeshi, i wanna say that i love indian people🇧🇩❤️

    Mohammed Shafiqul IslamMohammed Shafiqul Islam9 uur geleden
  • *US liberals:* "All borders need to never have fences and walls it's racist" *Me:* "You do know that India has the largest border wall in the world with Bangladesh right?" "And they also built it echoing many of the reasons the US conservative side often states: _In an effort to curb illegal Bangladeshis crossing into India and taking low skill jobs, drugs and arms control, as well as for national security reasons as terror groups are active in the area"_ US liberals: "Yeah but that's different cause it's India" Me: 🤦

    rejvaikrejvaik10 uur geleden
  • Goofy ass borders

    Chicken NuggetChicken Nugget16 uur geleden
  • If u think ur smart. 1:15 🙏🙏

    Saumitra SinghSaumitra Singh18 uur geleden
  • And India have nukes

    Kiko CreamKiko Cream19 uur geleden
  • 5:49 British didn't gave India freedom we fought for it

    Vanilla IceVanilla Ice20 uur geleden
  • They probably fuck

    John DoughJohn DoughDag geleden
  • Complicatedly funny😂😂😂

    Mumtaz HussainMumtaz HussainDag geleden
  • I'm a Bangladeshi

    I love AllahI love AllahDag geleden
  • I had only heard India , Bangladesh, india Bangladesh, india, Bangladesh in first few seconds

    manoj puthiyavanmanoj puthiyavanDag geleden
  • Keep up the good work

    The Christian GamerThe Christian GamerDag geleden
  • "...and then as with every dumb border situation that exists in the world today the British got involved..." i love this phrase LOL

    Timmi RisukeTimmi Risuke3 dagen geleden
  • 3:48 Rad God

    Kyle ChenKyle Chen3 dagen geleden
  • "Then, the British got involved..."

    ScruffyScruffy3 dagen geleden
  • Nation-ception

    ViolinistJeffViolinistJeff4 dagen geleden
  • These 2 countries are behaving like a Russian doll...

    ViolinistJeffViolinistJeff4 dagen geleden
  • Shout out from UAE.

    Simon McNeillySimon McNeilly5 dagen geleden
  • Whole kashmir is part of India next time please take care of this thing

    Shubham MaheshwariShubham Maheshwari5 dagen geleden
  • Bangladesh is now Ex Pakistan

    Bollywood Reviews FIJIBollywood Reviews FIJI5 dagen geleden
  • The first few questions (why does the eu have cities in Africa? Why does france share a border with Brazil? can literally be summed up in one word: colonialism.

    Antonio LopezAntonio Lopez6 dagen geleden
  • 4:00 Nonsense

    21_Indrava Sarkar_IIIB21_Indrava Sarkar_IIIB6 dagen geleden
  • It's a border mess

    21_Indrava Sarkar_IIIB21_Indrava Sarkar_IIIB6 dagen geleden
  • You have map of India Incorrect dude, get it corrected soon... For Kashmir part you shown... Even POK belongs to India 🙏...

    Ujjwal YadavUjjwal Yadav6 dagen geleden
  • We'll take it back both from pak n bangla

    Vivek TiwariVivek Tiwari7 dagen geleden
  • It gives me anxiety when he says "Bangladesh" in a weird way!!

    Topper PopperTopper Popper7 dagen geleden
  • Fun fact- Bangladesh was made with the help of India. They got independence from Pakistan with Indians support.

    AdityaAditya7 dagen geleden
  • British: Ahh! The 'perfect' dot-to-dot page :)

    Georgina HawesGeorgina Hawes8 dagen geleden
  • I am from bangladesh

    BD GAMERBD GAMER8 dagen geleden
  • He was like " banglaDASH "

    ANIKET •10 years agoANIKET •10 years ago8 dagen geleden
  • 🇧🇩🚩

    Diary-ডায়েরিDiary-ডায়েরি8 dagen geleden
  • Ironic is that the so called Nationalist Party's Govt. actually ratified this exchange and ended this mess finally for good.

    Manoj GailManoj Gail9 dagen geleden
  • The entire Bangladesh belongs to India.

    Gaurav SinghGaurav Singh9 dagen geleden
  • This is really a new level of pity lol

    Nestor CamposNestor Campos10 dagen geleden
  • 2:42 I think this is false aren't some of these in the Baarle-Nassau and Baarle-Hertog in Netherlands and Belgium?

    Alexander MüllerAlexander Müller10 dagen geleden
  • its strange: india will fight war with powefull country but will talk to weak nation why?

    Dave john. Dave john. 10 dagen geleden
  • I dislike it coz u show Pakistan map worng.

    sajjad ahmadsajjad ahmad10 dagen geleden
    • 🤪🤪

      Patrick BatemanPatrick Bateman6 dagen geleden
  • How can I get the music?

    inc2000glwinc2000glw10 dagen geleden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Svi's MusingSvi's Musing11 dagen geleden
  • So complicated analysis India Bangladesh India Bangladesh..more confusing

    Birakta JamatiaBirakta Jamatia11 dagen geleden
  • 1:21 What I hear: The Bangladesh inside India, The India inside Bangladesh, The Bangladesh inside Bangladesh, The India inside India My brain that are still arguing:

    Keng JepahKeng Jepah11 dagen geleden
  • India inside of Bangladesh inside of India, inside of Bangladesh inside India inside of Bangladesh which is of India

    boozíeboozíe11 dagen geleden
  • Our country does have zig zag borderline and to some people, it looks weird. But this zig zag shaped country is what we fought for and this is the country that we love. The zig zag shape only makes this country more beautiful.

    Rafat SakibRafat Sakib11 dagen geleden
    • Remember it's more Indians that fought.

      AdityaAditya7 dagen geleden
  • I'm not a Bhakt but Modi government basically solved the issue in 1 year which other governments couldn't in 40 odd years

    Ayush MeenaAyush Meena11 dagen geleden
  • Asinine

    Lake NorthLake North11 dagen geleden
  • a dumb man draw a map

    Akbar amanAkbar aman11 dagen geleden
  • Did a Bangladesh count and I think it was 39

    Spaceocto Mac952Spaceocto Mac95211 dagen geleden
  • I think even when he slept his mouth kept saying india and Bangladesh

    WolfWolf12 dagen geleden
  • I thought the borders were bad enough then like the narrator implies once you get British involved you’re really screwed.

    Clement LeeClement Lee12 dagen geleden
  • "decided to give independence"? We fought for it. For years. Dont disrespect that. Rest assured, it's a well researched and accurate video. :)

    AmanAman12 dagen geleden
    • @michael mannmensch sure? You know nothing. Gandhi's achievements in India's independence were convenient. Both for the politicians , as well as the brits. Just read about Subhash Chandra Bose... And he's just one man, there were thousands more :)

      AmanAman6 dagen geleden
    • They could have just as well held onto it, just would've had political backlash. India never directly fought for control of all of India.

      michael mannmenschmichael mannmensch12 dagen geleden

    TaruuTaruu12 dagen geleden
  • I'm from Bangladesh lol

    Multi - Dimensional GamingMulti - Dimensional Gaming12 dagen geleden
  • britain ate shit creating complicated border

    Bijay LakhajuBijay Lakhaju12 dagen geleden
  • Just one thing ti add. British didn't decide to give India independence. They probably would have stayed here for another 100 years had the indians not fought against them.

    Arpita MajumdarArpita Majumdar12 dagen geleden
  • forty. fucking. square. kilometers. How daft do you have to be?

    PAUL DAMSEPAUL DAMSE12 dagen geleden
  • bruh

    Khoi TaKhoi Ta12 dagen geleden
  • I know it’s not technically a “country” but the Navajo and Hopi have counter enclaves in Arizona.

    Garison CarrellGarison Carrell13 dagen geleden
  • The building in 6:50 is in Bangalore which is way far from Bangladesh

    Gokul VGokul V13 dagen geleden
  • India bangaladesh are just allies because bangaladesh is very not powerful

    • They've 'ISLAM KI TAQAT'

      Patrick BatemanPatrick Bateman6 dagen geleden
  • 1k dislike

    Aden PlayzAden Playz13 dagen geleden
    • Is not I don’t like it I just wanna be the 1000 dislike

      Aden PlayzAden Playz13 dagen geleden
  • That is why they called them "Mafi Muk"..............

    Abdullah JanjalaniAbdullah Janjalani14 dagen geleden
  • They just gotta do some trading like candy after trick or treating

    IndianHead LoganIndianHead Logan14 dagen geleden
  • It's like bad shading in art

    IndianHead LoganIndianHead Logan14 dagen geleden
  • I Live in Bangladesh - am 19y/o and all I can say is WHAT THE FUCK!?

    Masrur FahimMasrur Fahim14 dagen geleden
  • Chicken neck is a blunder from indian side weak political will

    SMC GPRASMC GPRA14 dagen geleden
  • There’s no point in Indians and Bangladeshis having a border dispute. To the rest of the world they’re all the same people.

    Johan FalkJohan Falk14 dagen geleden
  • A border dispute can't be a border dispute, If British are not involved somehow.

    Jason CooperJason Cooper14 dagen geleden
  • 5:59 - I don't believe he's British. The British way is to look at the map, take a ruler and draw a straight line.

    Szymon StarowiczSzymon Starowicz14 dagen geleden
  • as a Bangladesi even i didnt knew it

    It's not meIt's not me14 dagen geleden
  • I think British Empire was drunk at the time....

    Pratik!!ꔪPratik!!ꔪ14 dagen geleden
  • This border was made by 2 years old baby.

    Duita ADuita A14 dagen geleden
  • Our leaders of that time should have drawn the borders instead of letting trouble maker (british) to draw the line, smh

    Shahed AhmedShahed Ahmed14 dagen geleden
  • Complexity

    PehukPehuk14 dagen geleden
  • nice that they partially resolved it

    rd nrd n15 dagen geleden
  • My dad was born in what is now Pakistan in 1944 and is a refuge. I remember learning some of this, never to this extent though. Thanks for the video.

    Deer in HeadlightsDeer in Headlights15 dagen geleden
  • So my grandmother was born in British India 1935, grew up in East Pakistan (1947 to 1971) and now lives in Bangladesh (1971 to present day)..... To make it clear. She never actually left her village. She was always in the same place, just the country changed hands so much. So hearing about that crazy border situation does'nt surprise me at all.

    FoyshaCollectionFoyshaCollection16 dagen geleden
  • The British didn't give India Independence, 🇮🇳India took it from British. You idiot 'botte ow waer'

    Najma SulthnaNajma Sulthna16 dagen geleden
  • Me who doesn't even know when Bangladesh seperated from where I live (India) - dA wUt?

    ThreeThree16 dagen geleden
  • i was too young to understand all of this back then, i thought it's just one county's people stuck in another country, some sort of refugee issue. now i understand, it was much more complicated. thank god Bangladesh doesn't go aggressive on neighbors, otherwise it could have been a mess. perk of being a smol county 😄

    Brandon ChivonoskyBrandon Chivonosky16 dagen geleden
  • You said “India and Bangladesh” so many times they don’t even sound like names anymore

    [banned][banned]16 dagen geleden
  • British Is To Blame For Travel Restriction On Our Lives. We Could Just Ride A Horse Where ever we wished with gifts to give if not for them

    Ahmedoo كالابتشاAhmedoo كالابتشا16 dagen geleden
  • now that what i can improvement atleast after 2015 the border is much more clear n0w

    shrey jauharishrey jauhari16 dagen geleden
  • as indian i confess ,it is great non sense ....

    Relic /ncRelic /nc16 dagen geleden
  • But the interesting thing is that INDIA AND BANGLADESH DO NOT CARE ABOUT VISA TO CROSS ....and there are no's called trust ....India 🇮🇳Bangladesh 🇧🇩 friendship .. More interesting thing is that BANGLADESH AS A COUNTRY IS CREATED BY INDIA 🇮🇳 ..

    KESARI 🔥KESARI 🔥16 dagen geleden
  • Wow, just like inception.

    Pop GasPop Gas16 dagen geleden
  • TL;DR India mad butthurt

    GustavGustav17 dagen geleden
  • Im from bangladesh

    Ahmed FamilyAhmed Family17 dagen geleden
  • i am from west bengal, india and the people from bangladesh are like our brothers and sisters

    Rajender Transport AgencyRajender Transport Agency17 dagen geleden
  • I swear to god I have never heard my own country’s name this many times. I think I re-educated myself about my own country once again while watching this video🤣

    Space DustSpace Dust17 dagen geleden
  • “I went went from Bangladesh to india to go to my school”

    SayfaSayfa17 dagen geleden
  • Country inception.

    Alex BurfordAlex Burford18 dagen geleden
  • I'm having this play just hear him repeatedly say "Bangladesh."

    Reasonable GumpReasonable Gump18 dagen geleden
  • This iz giving me kenser

    Mohammed NajadMohammed Najad18 dagen geleden
  • Bureaucrats are the most useless people on the planet

    DaveDave18 dagen geleden
  • As a Bangladeshi myself I can only say one Thing: Dafuq?

    Derren ShouDerren Shou18 dagen geleden
  • How talkative 😄

    KNOW ITKNOW IT18 dagen geleden
  • My brain is hurting now

    LordAlmdudlerLordAlmdudler18 dagen geleden
  • RLL: "...As of 2021, only one example of a counter enclave continues existing in the world here in Nahwa..." Baarle: "Hold my blunt."

    Alexander HoakAlexander Hoak18 dagen geleden