Ana Vidović - FULL CONCERT - CLASSICAL GUITAR - Live from St. Mark's, SF - Omni Foundation

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Ana Vidović
Guitar by Jim Redgate

Concert starts at 2:00


Flute Partita in A minor, BWV 1013
by Johann Sebastian Bach
(Transcribed by Valter Despalj)
-Allemande ( 3:06 )
-Corrente ( 8:40 )

Violin Sonata No. 1, BWV 1001
by Johann Sebastian Bach
(arr. by Manuel Barrueco)
-Adagio ( 12:44 )
-Fuga ( 16:38 )
-Siciliana ( 21:19 )
-Presto ( 24:25 )

Un Dia de Noviembre ( 27:36 )
by Leo Brouwer

Gran Sonata Eroica, Op. 150 ( 32:17 )
by Mauro Giuliani

Sonata in E major, K. 380, L. 23 ( 41:39 )
Sonata in D minor K.1, L. 366 ( 46:28 )
by Domenico Scarlatti

Nocturno ( 48:55 )
by Slavko Fumic

Encore -
Asturias ( 53:49 )
by Isaac Albeniz

Video Production by
Matthew Washburn

Audio Mastering by
Sienna Digital, Half Moon Bay, CA

Filmed live at St. Marks Lutheran Church in San Francisco, CA

March 15th, 2021

Series Sponsors
D’Addario, Hill Guitar Company, Guitar Salon International, Romero Creations, Guitar Solo

Produced by the Omni Foundation for the Performing Arts
Richard Patterson, Artistic Director

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  • Peaceful beauty matched with mesmerizing talent, that took tens of thousands of hours to hone, deserves nothing less than my total admiration. It's an honor to see and hear such ability.

    Salt Rock ShakersSalt Rock Shakers54 minuten geleden
  • Bravo!!!!

    Kalau MúsicoKalau MúsicoUur geleden
  • A very 'silky' flow to her exquisite mastery.

    Garwin RedmanGarwin RedmanUur geleden
  • Omni fundation?

    Jose Antonio PachecoJose Antonio Pacheco2 uur geleden
  • Beautiful. Masterful. I was blown away by her skill and passion.

    Bob goodallBob goodall3 uur geleden
  • Meus respeitos do Brasil! Bravo!

    HeltonHelton5 uur geleden
  • STOP TALKING AND PLAY THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!! Nobody cares what about your prattling

    Lex DunnLex Dunn6 uur geleden
  • Simply amazing ....

    Sergio CarretasSergio Carretas7 uur geleden
  • Flawless Victory...

    EntretenidosEntretenidos7 uur geleden
  • Bravissima!!!

    Антон НебольсинАнтон Небольсин7 uur geleden
  • Wow she is amazing! Bach...beautifully performed. Love this piece.

    Toni BakerToni Baker8 uur geleden
  • Im imagining myself sitting down alone in front of a large crowd all focused on my playing...nitemare!

    joe jonesjoe jones8 uur geleden
  • Капец, тройная красота, и музыка и девушка и гитара и церковь

    AoristAorist9 uur geleden
  • Bellísima 🤩

    Mr. OMr. O10 uur geleden
  • Such a cute woman. Hugs from us all in Colombia, SA. Mayo the Almighty Lord JESUS bless you.

    Traducciones MKEOTraducciones MKEO10 uur geleden
  • Ana Vidovic : quả có tiếng đàn đơn sơ nhẹ nhàng mà dạt dào xúc cảm ! dù bản đàn nhanh hay thong thả , vẫn có nét êm dịu khoan thai !!

    Thái Nguyễn NhưThái Nguyễn Như10 uur geleden
  • masterful performance - exquisite musicianship. I also have to compliment the production, truly exceptional and very appreciated audio/video, which does Ana justice.

    Jason RandallJason Randall10 uur geleden
  • 何処の教会ですか?

    孝範 山本孝範 山本11 uur geleden
  • 何処の国ですか?

    孝範 山本孝範 山本11 uur geleden
  • Sensacional.

    Antoine PaulAntoine Paul11 uur geleden
  • Sounded like only one enthusiastic clapper.

    Christin songbirdChristin songbird12 uur geleden
  • The grandiose porcupine regularly sin because pond consistently lock including a subsequent daisy. supreme, lacking sweets

    Cleo PickardCleo Pickard13 uur geleden
  • Просто обалдеть-не встать!

    REN SERVICEREN SERVICE13 uur geleden
  • Does anyone know what guitar this is?

    123 456123 45616 uur geleden
  • I enjoyed the performance, and I find it technically faultless. But throughout, I find it somewhat tense. The left hand is not relaxed and flowing, but gripping and jumping.

    harrr53harrr5316 uur geleden
  • Marvellous! Thank you very much.

    Elżbieta KrenzElżbieta Krenz17 uur geleden
  • Great! thank you so much!

    roberto giordanoroberto giordano17 uur geleden
  • tuyệt vời

    Được NguyễnĐược Nguyễn18 uur geleden
  • Brava!

    Monica CallMonica Call19 uur geleden
  • Wahnsinn! Und das alles ohne Fingerpicks oder Plektrum.

    Wu WeiWu Wei19 uur geleden
  • ¡¡¡Bravo, maestra, bravo!!!

    Claudio RodriguezClaudio Rodriguez20 uur geleden
  • My father had perfect pitch and played 12 string guitar... entertained a full arena at his university by himself. I crushed and disappointed him at the age of 4, by demonstrating that I did not have perfect pitch (LOL... I have other gifts - and can play Mozart, Shubert, Beethoven, and rainbow connection (b/c my 3 year old sister loved Kermit the frog so much.. LOL). But I never mastered sight reading music... I could read it... I just couldn't read and play it - which 90% of my extended family could do - so that didn't self-esteem... lol I literally spent 2-3 hours per night, memorizing one note at a time. Fur Elise and Moonlight Sonata took me six months each to learn. I couldn't sight read music, couldn't tune anything even with a tuning fork. ; ) But for whatever reason - I LOVE CLASSICAL GUITAR... gives me eargasms. And this young lady is giving me MULTIPLE eargasms... LOL. She is amazingly talented - and by that, I want to be clear... she is not just technically "accurate" - she is intuitively sensitive and passionate in her performances. I couldn't sight read piano music. But once I memorized it - I could play the STT out of it, fast, slow, loud, soft, I could play it any fashion required to elicit an emotional response from elation to crying. So I'm not "talented" in the ability to perform... but am 100% able to evaluate (I can whistle ANTHING in perfect pitch, but can't sing a single note "in tune"... lol can't explain it - I just have to accept it... life is too short to argue/dispute it... I am now IN LOVE with someone I have never seen/heard of ever in my life. Thank you Ana. You brought smiles and peace and happiness to me. (and you are super cute/pretty, as well). Grazi

    Dean ChampionDean Champion21 uur geleden
  • Savršen nastup! Bravurozna tehnika omogučava Ani opušteno poniranje u svaku frazu i u svaki ton. Prisutni sretnici mogli su zaista uživati u ovom koncertu! Bravo Ana! Bravisimo! Za Anu i veliki i srdačni pozdrav iz njezinog rodnog grada!

    Radenko HursijevicRadenko Hursijevic21 uur geleden
  • Ana…more recordings please…

    Mike RobinsonMike Robinson22 uur geleden
  • I want Anna to know she has healed me in so many ways through her playing. Flawless! Absolute mastery of the instrument. Your soul comes through your playing! Joy! bless you.

    eric lovedayeric loveday23 uur geleden
  • esta chica no esta disfrutando, no puede tocar, le hace daño y incluso asi tiene una tecnica increible

    Pau CalafPau CalafDag geleden
  • sabe mucho pero debe soltarse para poder tener sentimiento, las chicas no son capaces de mostrar otra cara que no sea la que les ha funcionado y por eso no consiguen ser las mejores en algo por encima de los hombres, parecen robots que tienen que estar siempre con la misma sonrisa todo el rato y no romper jamas esa fotografia. si esta chica aprende a soltarse, a saber frenar con una sonrisa de felicidad y luego darle velocidad otra vez mientras su expresion lo acompaña sera imposible que llegue a mas, debe aprender a soltarse y sentir sin pensar en como se ve o la ven, voy mas alla si quieren, si las chicas siguen asi tiene muchas probavilidades de caer en alguna enfermedad en el futuro, ellas quizas no se dan cuenta pero esto las va matando poco a poco. hay trucos muy faciles para superar esto, pueden decirles que se hagan una fotografia con la cara mas fea que puedan poner o cara de loca y que todas a la vez las suban a sus redes, juro que apartir de esa fotografia les dara igual todo y empezaran a sentir y a poder tener personalidad de verdad

    Pau CalafPau CalafDag geleden
  • Wonderful! Very musical and technically brilliant.

    Vin IciusVin IciusDag geleden
  • The hands of an angel.

    Memo DuranMemo DuranDag geleden

    IMPERATOR37000IMPERATOR37000Dag geleden
  • Слухав з величезним задоволенням.Браво!👏

    Ergi LukErgi LukDag geleden
  • Absolutely Amazing

    Per Ivar EderklepPer Ivar EderklepDag geleden
  • I I really enjoyed the concert. Spectacular!!!

    AN NguyenAN NguyenDag geleden
  • Thank you darling 💕

    Db ParrishDb ParrishDag geleden
  • Deep breath and feel. Oh my goodness.

    David BakerDavid BakerDag geleden
  • *Обалдеть ! Смотрю и вижу, что играет на гитаре, а ощущение, что на рояле выкрутасы делает !*

    Вандал РусичВандал РусичDag geleden
  • *sees thumbnail* Me: Marzia?

    Chris DaysChris DaysDag geleden
  • Saludos desde México, la felicito por la excelente interpretación

    Alejandro AlamillaAlejandro AlamillaDag geleden
  • 👏👏👏👏👏

    Allen ThomasAllen ThomasDag geleden
  • Jae-sus, you make those strings sing! 🥰

    Fr. BadgerFr. BadgerDag geleden
  • Makes my hand cramp just to watch it.

    jkanclarkjkanclarkDag geleden
  • Very impressive I'm sure. But I bet she can't play The Firestarter.

    KINDLEKINDLE2 dagen geleden
  • after listening to you, I am throwing my guitar away and raise tomato hornworms

    Jack GilbertJack Gilbert2 dagen geleden
  • Brouwer was simply perfect. as well as all others:)

    אור סער - מוזיקאי - אור הפקות - Or Saar Musicאור סער - מוזיקאי - אור הפקות - Or Saar Music2 dagen geleden
  • Wonderful! Feels like orchestra

    Jorgelina CalventeJorgelina Calvente2 dagen geleden

    TOTTI RAGNAROK 13TOTTI RAGNAROK 132 dagen geleden
  • талант....но как девушку жаль !!!!!!

    александр архипкиналександр архипкин2 dagen geleden
  • Very very nice

    Эля ЭляЭля Эля2 dagen geleden
  • Сам такое видимо играть никогда не буду... но послушать люблю.) Благодарю.

    Алексей ГорловАлексей Горлов2 dagen geleden
  • Who are the 751 listeners that clicked thumbs down?

    Damon Ladd-ThomasDamon Ladd-Thomas2 dagen geleden
  • Outstanding performance

    SkwerrllySkwerrlly2 dagen geleden
  • Ana Vidović, thank you for bringing joy and beauty into people's homes!

    Veronique SingermanVeronique Singerman2 dagen geleden
  • Sweet music from 🇮🇹!!! Pleas support the true independent sound 🥰Enjoy

    Bonzo Faya Bonzo Faya 2 dagen geleden
  • Ezinbestekoa zure soinua maitatzea ... eskerrikasko Ana Vidovic. Zurekin!

    Haize AgerianHaize Agerian2 dagen geleden
  • How can anyone give this a thumbs down? She’s Amazing!!

    S ZabawaS Zabawa2 dagen geleden
    • maybe it was a fan of one of the renowned rock guitarists because she makes them all seem like silly amateurs...

      joe jonesjoe jones8 uur geleden
  • Bahut sunder bajayen.....heavenly feel

    Sanatan DeepSanatan Deep2 dagen geleden
  • Не музыкант, но догадываюсь, что клавесинную музыку на гитаре исполнять непросто. Всё же, не понравилось, и десяти минут не выдержал. Пусть я обычный слушатель, но не получилось погрузиться, следовать мелодии, исполнение "выбрасывает" из неё и напоминает езду по кочкам или плохо настроенную музыкальную шкатулку. Это только мое впечатление, дизлайк не ставил.

    Кино ЛокалКино Локал2 dagen geleden

    MagiMagi2 dagen geleden
  • Ana as a Classical Guitar player, you have shown to me that your Musical abilities are so comforting, I just am a Folk Song Writer who admires a talent as yours. I miss San Francisco too. Kind Regards, Richard Marshall Goff

    Richard GoffRichard Goff2 dagen geleden
    • Thank you very very much I enjoid all of it!🌹

      Renske van WaverenRenske van Waveren19 uur geleden
  • The different help contemporaneously blush because address semiannually tap beyond a ahead ethernet. helpless, infamous philosophy

    Cleo PickardCleo Pickard2 dagen geleden
  • A lovely blessing. Like going to church - so prayerful! Thanks for posting😍

    mmsapollommsapollo2 dagen geleden
  • Отрубил себе пальцы и сжёг гитару..

    Мастерская "GoRa"Мастерская "GoRa"2 dagen geleden
  • プ ロ の ノ ー ト パ ソ コ ン の 光学 ス ト レ ー ジ ブ ル ー レ イ バ ー ナ ー サ プ ラ イ ヤ ー

    andres luceroandres lucero2 dagen geleden
  • Magnifique, nécessaire dans ce monde de dingues. Bravo, de la joie en pierre précieuse. Superbe interprétation. J'aime la guitare d'où ces mots que j'ai vraiment choisis.

    GRAPHIC GENIUS graphic geniusGRAPHIC GENIUS graphic genius2 dagen geleden
  • Teşekkürler. Arkadaşlarım sahtedir falan dediler ama başka çarem yoktu yani aldım ve çok faydasını gördüm teşekkürler kurtuldum tüm kilolarımdan

    Sandra LopezSandra Lopez2 dagen geleden
  • Thank you Ana this is wonderful.

    BudlightningBudlightning2 dagen geleden
  • Hi Ana, miss seeing you in Iron Mountain, Michigan!

    Mark YoungMark Young2 dagen geleden
  • Inicia en el minuto 2

    Stev2412Stev24123 dagen geleden
  • Nice riffs.

    The ArtisanThe Artisan3 dagen geleden
  • I loved this so much! I grew up listening to Bach and have played guitar since I was six, Bravo my deepest respect musician to musician! 54-years playing guitar FYI.

    Todd BaconTodd Bacon3 dagen geleden
  • Queen of classical guitar :) Thank you for the amazing, masterful playing! Great selection of pieces as well!

    Christine GuirguisChristine Guirguis3 dagen geleden
  • Gorgeous !!!

    Forrest KimForrest Kim3 dagen geleden
  • I love the traditional brighter sound of her guitar

    MojokissMojokiss3 dagen geleden
  • Wonderful! Excellent ear candy! Thank you for your dedication in your is such joy to listen to a Master.

    Terry TreadwayTerry Treadway3 dagen geleden
  • Hello young Lady Ana Vidovic Thou are really really Great!!! Totally in control of your craft..Much respect! Greetings from Holland...

    John MuskietJohn Muskiet3 dagen geleden
  • I made the mistake of first listening to this on my phone. I thought the playing fantastic but the recording poor. Don't listen on your phone's speakers -- you lose too much bass. Listen with good headphones or on a device with better speakers.

    taarheeltaarheel3 dagen geleden
  • 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    black tigerblack tiger3 dagen geleden
  • A impressão que tenho é que, depois de "Grand sonata eroica", pra subir o nível hard em que já vinha, ela vai ocasionalmente quebrar o violão... simplismente fantástica! Parabéns e obrigado!

    João Carlos G. M.João Carlos G. M.3 dagen geleden
  • lovely play

    Giang Son NguyenGiang Son Nguyen3 dagen geleden
  • Wonderful

    Max MilliganMax Milligan3 dagen geleden
  • And here I am, still struggling with Dust in the Wind. Oof.

    Raz MaTazRaz MaTaz3 dagen geleden
  • Конец света , в храме божьем устроить вертеп.

    Андрей КривозубАндрей Кривозуб3 dagen geleden
  • super play!!!!!

    Ilias PetrouIlias Petrou3 dagen geleden
  • 24:25 32:20

    Benjamín LacaBenjamín Laca3 dagen geleden
  • Just amazing

    D MitchellD Mitchell3 dagen geleden
  • is her A string out of tune?

    User KazUser Kaz4 dagen geleden
  • Lovely!

    Patricia HorelickPatricia Horelick4 dagen geleden
  • why the church? sure it has nice acoustics, but why the effin church?

    Doc LexDoc Lex4 dagen geleden