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There are processes for which you need specific tools, but there are also ways to fix it with the ones you already have. Check out these ingenious solutions that make these projects easier. Which one do you think is the most useful? Leave it in the comments below

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  • Я конечно все понимаю... Но саморезы в кузов а потом пеной залить - это верх рукожопства...

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  • Ingenious Handyman Tips nlflow.info/white/1WuUzNhjZYl6iIM/video

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  • 6:23 Mosquito

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  • Tricks for people who can't work proper.

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  • 0:50 fuckin fake

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  • Copper don't rust

    alright alright alrightalright alright alright8 dagen geleden
  • So many horrible ideas in this video. A small handful were not complete hack jobs, but most were total dog shit.

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  • Скиньте это видео Доктору Дью, срочно

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  • Ugh, doing bodywork on a car this way will really get you the name "hack". Some of these are interesting but some are just pathetic.

    Talal CockarTalal Cockar9 dagen geleden
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  • 4:00 could of just shut off the water….

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  • very good

  • 8:58 My dad said this is why you take a fridge magnet with you to check the panels when buying a used car 😎

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  • The thumbnail photo are the most interesting thing about this video! THING IS, THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE VIDEO........ KINDA LIKE A LIE!!!!!!!

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  • nlflow.info/white/mJymt66FiK2CeWI/video

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  • nlflow.info/white/mJymt66FiK2CeWI/video

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  • So some of these "hacks" are to ... use the store-bought products as they were intended? Some "hacks" there!

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  • I literally swiped up think it was a short twice watching this 👀. U screwed my brain google.

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  • There are really good ones and there are stuff we already know (or made that way by design) but then there are the most useless, time and material consuming BS videos like this one at 8:38 I mean, c'mon, you couldn't just screw it in by hand??

    Albanian FixAlbanian Fix15 dagen geleden
  • Putting melted tin on wires so they don't rust is such a great simply genius idea because as we know that copper is known to rust in the video you can see the copper was already starting to rusit was a orange-red color just like rusted copper this video must have been made for trump supporters ok real truth copper does not will not can not rust . rusting copper is like trumps ELECTION FRAUD. FAKE NEWS

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  • Anyone know the last song?

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  • 7:24 that's why screwdriver handles are shaped that way it's not a hack it's by design to allow for more leverage using a wrench.

    David HughesDavid Hughes15 dagen geleden
    • @sdannenberg3 here's my tip for you: grab your coffee mug by the handle that's what it's there for

      David HughesDavid Hughes10 dagen geleden
    • Yeah? And that's why he showed us in the video lol. Video says TIPS and hacks.

      sdannenberg3sdannenberg311 dagen geleden
  • It was cool, until, the mask!

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  • just drive a wooden golf tee into the hole and replace the screw easy as pie

    Trapper TedTrapper Ted15 dagen geleden
    • I don't have a golf tees but lots of paperclips.

      RadolfoRadolfo15 dagen geleden
  • Музыка заебало.

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  • the narrowing of pipes is not a good thing, that's why fittings go on the outside

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  • Some of the dumbest things I have ever had the misfortune to witness!

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  • The important thing when attaching a wheel to a door is that the axle of the wheel is at an angle directly in a radius line with the hinge.

    MartinMartin17 dagen geleden
    • Gee thanks Cliffy!!!! And remember kids look both ways before crossing the street.

      M FM F17 dagen geleden
  • Годно

    Дмитрий ГурьяновДмитрий Гурьянов17 dagen geleden
  • That car "fix" is the crappiest job i have ever seen!!!! That foam will make the metal rust very fast.. Jesus christ...

    J1I9M7M4YJ1I9M7M4Y17 dagen geleden
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  • at this point its just 5 minute crafts but carpentry.

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  • they do sell hose repair kits

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  • never do that second to last fix on that car. jus do it properly. that shit is going to fall off after you hit a good bump in the road.

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  • nlflow.info/white/0Z6N0tSAnoWfnqU/video

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  • Free Hongkong

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  • Some fantastic tips, bur as a mechanic of 30 yrs, don't foam.and fix body panels 😂definite no no..

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  • Метод шпаклёвки пеной просто ублюдский.

    Владислав КорниенкоВладислав Корниенко18 dagen geleden
  • Why not just take the outlet plate cover off to wallpaper? Did a nice job around it though!

    chris codychris cody18 dagen geleden
  • nlflow.info/market/lM7Fd4x4y07d-hjcnXwMxg.html

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  • I stopped watching when you used a stupid aspect ratio. Widescreen for the win.

    TBonertonTBonerton18 dagen geleden
  • 95% of these aren't even "tricks" you're just cutting corners at the sacrifice of safety all while committing code violations. don't be a hack. do it the right way or don't do it at all

    JustCallMeSlothJustCallMeSloth18 dagen geleden
  • 1:17 just remove the fucken plate of the outlet shit

    Daryl LoniganDaryl Lonigan18 dagen geleden
  • Yes, let me just go get my liquid tin out from the... Now where did I put my liquid tin...?

    RexdidacoolRexdidacool18 dagen geleden
  • these hurt my damn brain and I still end up watching them...

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  • 와웅.. 중국은 vg1 pvc가 라이타에 저리되나보네..

    이leens이leens18 dagen geleden
  • I've been a handyman(facility service engineer) for 30+ years and even though I know enough tricks to make a dozen videos, its still nice to learn new tricks. One trick i see on all these videos is how to handle a loose screw in a hinge. As a last resort ,I pull a dresser draw out and cut a small piece of wood off the back of the drawer, just an inch long sliver and shove that into the screw hole. Toothpicks work great and I always have a chopstick or two in my tool pouch. They are free with a Chinese food order and a little wood glue, pound one in and cut off and you have a new screw hole.

    tony baloneytony baloney19 dagen geleden
  • Appreciate the paint idea.

    Hope Filled SinnerHope Filled Sinner19 dagen geleden
  • 😂 You shouldn't stick the wallpaper around the plug socket cover but under it.

    Peter CudakPeter Cudak19 dagen geleden
  • Some said it in other comments, there are code violations in some these "tricks". Examples include messing with the volume of an electrical outlet box, tinning electrical connections, and not properly fitting PVC piping (this is dependent on what the pipe is for, e.g. fresh water, waste water, or air). The purpose of the any code is to prevent fire and health issues over the life span of the building.

    Briz KTBriz KT19 dagen geleden
    • ¹

      Adil KarbalAdil Karbal16 dagen geleden
    • Iocovo’)

      Ian SmithIan Smith17 dagen geleden
    • A lot of the clips are from countries that probably have either no building codes, or far more lenient ones... but yes you're absolutely right.

      James_08_07James_08_0717 dagen geleden
  • Here's an amazing life hack, or life fact, actually... Video monitors, TV screens, your eyes, the world in general (from an average human perspective) are all .. HORIZONTAL! Don't make vertical video! .. .. .. VV neanderthals in the comments: " *snivel* Ughh b-but my applephone is vertical ugh! Like uh.. get a life-uh!" Yes, because you are holding it WRONG! * Edited to include the "average human perspective" part. Don't want to encourage the flat-earth nincompoops.

    Cammi RosanovCammi Rosanov19 dagen geleden
  • I have viewed the video; now I'm fully qualified.

    d ssd ss19 dagen geleden
  • 0:32 anyone else notice he hit the joist layout, good luck getting that light in

    Fish FishFish Fish19 dagen geleden
    • The new flapper 0 clearance LEDs are built to work fine even with a joist. Good eye though.

      Sam RSam R19 dagen geleden
  • только болт в руках не держите, когда болгаркой резать его будете, еще толкнет кто

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  • This is a dumb one. Save your time and skip.

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  • The pipe is hopefully just for air

    Comah tekComah tek19 dagen geleden
  • Good

    NaRaTionNaRaTion20 dagen geleden
  • That red tape was ridiculous. You're going to take as much time to wrap as it would to crank it normally.

    WarvvolfWarvvolf20 dagen geleden
    • it said the hack was for when in a hard to reach area, I don't think the example showed that well.

      j3wpbj3wpb17 dagen geleden
  • Produkt l

    Volker ErnstVolker Ernst20 dagen geleden
  • Strangest looking outlets ever.

    ScottfromTexasScottfromTexas20 dagen geleden
  • That molten tin idea is brilliant. I'm always having a problem with my copper wires rusting (question mark??)

    Xean DruryXean Drury20 dagen geleden
    • @Dakl Hs got him!

      kyle fryekyle frye6 dagen geleden
    • @Steve Sether Hey, that's interesting. Thanks for the info. Never heard them called Wire Nuts before. The more ya know.

      Xean DruryXean Drury7 dagen geleden
    • @Xean Drury I had to look that up. In the States we call them wire nuts. But yeah, in my house some of the old wires are twisted together, and then coated in some kind of sticky substance, and taped in something other than black tape. I forget what this stuff is called, but as I remember it was common in the 30s or 40s. It's rather effective, but difficult to remove if you need to re-wire something.

      Steve SetherSteve Sether8 dagen geleden
    • @Steve Sether Marret's weren't invented yet XD Hahaha

      Xean DruryXean Drury10 dagen geleden
    • This is definitely the strangest, and I also was scratching my head about why anyone would ever put tin (and not even solder) on a copper electrical wire. Apparently there's some extreme environments (wastewater treatment, seawater, etc) where you might do this. Why you'd ever tin the wires in a residential house/apartment is beyond me though.

      Steve SetherSteve Sether10 dagen geleden
  • Total waste of time!

    Dawn BrothersDawn Brothers20 dagen geleden
  • That auto body "repair" won't last long, as long as you're pulling out dents, get a hammer and a Dolly (a small hand held "anvil" to back the panel while smoothing the dents with a hammer as close to original as possible ( within a 16th inch or so), before applying body filler, , then sanding, priming, and painting, don't forget the gloss coats.

    Bill WoehlBill Woehl20 dagen geleden
  • Very interesting 👍💋😘

    Рая ЖуковаРая Жукова20 dagen geleden
  • Someone cuts the wallpaper around the outlet without first taking off the face plate? Not on my job.

    Louis C. GasperLouis C. Gasper20 dagen geleden
  • 8:58 Was this done with epoxy and ramen noodles?

    Hunty49Hunty4920 dagen geleden
  • 8:58 automobile 🚘 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔

    Alihan HAlihan H20 dagen geleden
  • If you would like to use one of mine. nlflow.info/white/lIljk8WEhoynp4M/video

    Think Build TestThink Build Test20 dagen geleden
  • There is a reason why they stopped soldering wires together decades ago. That's not innovative; it's harder, stupid and dangerous. Wire nut or push on connectors.

    Eric YerxaEric Yerxa20 dagen geleden
  • What was used for the dust bowl?? Time on video :30

    Ray RayRay Ray21 dag geleden
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