The 10 Most Dramatic Crashes of the 2020 F1 Season

From a catalogue of collisions at Mugello to Romain Grosjean’s heart-stopping crash and escape in Bahrain.

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  • Now Romain found life in indycar

    Curt WillettCurt Willett56 minuten geleden
  • Yuh

    Brandon KoehlBrandon Koehl2 dagen geleden
  • Why do commentators always have to shout like toddlers ?

    Tyfon 44Tyfon 444 dagen geleden
  • for the next

    nevergonnagiveyouup gonnamake you understandnevergonnagiveyouup gonnamake you understand6 dagen geleden
  • Imagine if the halo wasnt invented yet

    SavanSavan8 dagen geleden
  • Im playing on forza motorsport 7 so i never got an accident

    Emerson Fittipaldi'nin 1978'deki RekoruEmerson Fittipaldi'nin 1978'deki Rekoru9 dagen geleden
  • It was just the curbs on 2021 f1 game

    lv Ultra vllv Ultra vl9 dagen geleden
  • Alex Albon Williams 2022

    Lucas RockenbachLucas Rockenbach10 dagen geleden
  • these f1 guys are like so scared about crashing the car whereas the motogp riders counldnt care less about their bikes when they crash it

    Bruh WhatBruh What10 dagen geleden
  • 6:18 THAT'S CHARLES LECLERC!!!!!!!

    Joaquin Fernandes GarciaJoaquin Fernandes Garcia11 dagen geleden
  • 2:35 It's a DNF for MAX!!!!!!!!!

    Joaquin Fernandes GarciaJoaquin Fernandes Garcia11 dagen geleden
  • At 2:15 the lady telling thr firefighter to stop and sit in the corner 😂

    Truman Adrian Lobato De FariaTruman Adrian Lobato De Faria12 dagen geleden
  • Wow crash

    Peter PodlesekPeter Podlesek12 dagen geleden
  • / report this serves is a sheat and abuse creative

    Emanuele D'OnofrioEmanuele D'Onofrio16 dagen geleden
  • I don't know why they slip, maybe the pit crews fault

    [E-7] Employed Major Sergeant Command[E-7] Employed Major Sergeant Command17 dagen geleden
  • Poor grosjean😢

    Éva HajósÉva Hajós17 dagen geleden
  • 7:12 Franchesco gets triggered when McQueen calls him fragileeeee

    sanjay krishnasanjay krishna19 dagen geleden
  • f1

    Matt Jacob SalasMatt Jacob Salas20 dagen geleden
  • Ja Unfälle giebt es in der Formel 1 halt so grass viele habe noch kein Rennen gesehen wo mal nichts war

    Zocker marcelZocker marcel22 dagen geleden
  • Putain, Grosjean, quel chanceux tu es !

    Sylvester StalineSylvester Staline22 dagen geleden
  • When you step on those things on the side of the road, your tires have a very high chance of blowing up.

    MCPunk55MCPunk5523 dagen geleden
  • Red Bull's cars are either crashing or breaking down... that team needs to shape up... aside from starting treating humans like humans.

    MCPunk55MCPunk5523 dagen geleden
  • That first one was a puncture because, instead of taking the corner inside the lines, he stepped over the borders. So that tire went boom.

    MCPunk55MCPunk5523 dagen geleden
    • @shreenath nair It's not about sharpness.

      MCPunk55MCPunk5520 dagen geleden
    • kerbs aren't sharp enough to just pop tires on impact

      shreenath nairshreenath nair20 dagen geleden
  • My Dad loves f1 he is watching it right now

    BrutusGaming_YTBrutusGaming_YT23 dagen geleden
  • 2021 be like: hold my beer

    Sebu MksjshajSebu Mksjshaj24 dagen geleden
  • landos crash today is probably gonna be in this year’s video with that crash…

    rivrmoonrivrmoon24 dagen geleden
  • 2:16 I'm sorry. But you said "I got hit" correction. "I hit him"

    Chillzgaming3Chillzgaming324 dagen geleden
  • Скучно смотреть, когда победитель известен.

    БеллорофонтБеллорофонт27 dagen geleden
  • S

    Lasse MarcussenLasse Marcussen28 dagen geleden
  • Georjeon fireball explosion what the worst and most dangerous crash like he went through a barrier and survived a explosion its insane that a human can do that

    MrduckMrduck29 dagen geleden
  • Torpedo (TM) strikes again

    Bonkers StatusBonkers StatusMaand geleden
  • This video just proves how necessary the Halo is

    Billy CrookBilly CrookMaand geleden
  • Im happy the guy in the last clip lived

    JustChillVibesJustChillVibesMaand geleden
  • Anyone else miss Alex Albon loads?

    CityzenEliCityzenEliMaand geleden
  • 70% Lance stroll

    Bolty BoatBolty BoatMaand geleden
  • *Huh!* video not available in the UK ?

    AN0NY M0USE IVAN0NY M0USE IVMaand geleden
  • I feel like the quantity of times an accident has occurred where the drivers head was at risk but saved has increased since the halo was added. In F1 and GP2. See so many accidents where halo does it's job but if this many incidents happened pre-halo we'd be losing multiple drivers a year. Weird irony, coincidence I don't know but the invention works so let's keep it on the cars.

    CallmeRothCallmeRothMaand geleden
  • 0:00 seems like Aiden didn’t have it in control

    nabnabMaand geleden

    Ahmad BaharudinAhmad BaharudinMaand geleden
  • The little frame relevantly bubble because processing delightfully stare amid a thick wallet. spiffy, nostalgic security

    Annette SanchezAnnette SanchezMaand geleden
  • Bahrain has gone from a bang average, mostly boring race into one of the most exciting due to the battles on track and the crashes.

    Darth GilchristDarth GilchristMaand geleden
  • Bad circuit .... Small ways.....incidents those not needed.....

    Anadoluevladi 58Anadoluevladi 58Maand geleden
  • 3 of the 10 in the same weekend

    Bob ZBob ZMaand geleden
  • Iv made the determination that Red Bull couldn’t have afforded albon this year costing them millions in crashes under the cost cap… that was also a factor in there decision to drop him I feel…

    J hat gota gatJ hat gota gatMaand geleden
  • Hello

    Pop CatPop CatMaand geleden
  • I remember watching the last crash the worst one all my family thought roman grojean had died

    DetozupDetozupMaand geleden
  • 8:47 this is gonna by my wallpaper now

    Lxi_zXLxi_zXMaand geleden
  • 2021 silverstone max verstapen

    Evyatar EshelEvyatar EshelMaand geleden
  • Qwolskdkekkdsnvfjknfjdjfhghfmhz I will have to go to the bay tomorrow to get some stuff done before the school day come over

    Study’s gone FishingStudy’s gone FishingMaand geleden
  • Rodger have been in my car for about an hour had

    Study’s gone FishingStudy’s gone FishingMaand geleden

    Just a F1 Safety carJust a F1 Safety carMaand geleden
  • And they doubted the halo, 2020 showed what an important addition it was - Live shaving for Grosjean and possibly others.

    Basia KBasia KMaand geleden
  • Commentator: WE'VE HAD AN ACCIDENT INVOLVING LANCE STROLL !!! Lance: ᵒᵏ ⁱ'ᵐ ʰᵃⁿⁱⁿᵍ ᵘᵖˢⁱᵈᵉ ᵈᵒʷⁿ

    Hugo NongbriHugo NongbriMaand geleden
  • Grosjean: the worst. also Grosjean. yep indycar seems safer? oh im on fore again

    Maand geleden
  • People forget without the halo Charles would've died in Spa 2018 and Monza 2020

    Yoshiuki __Yoshiuki __Maand geleden
  • Norris while crashing like Stroll: "I'm hanging upside down like a rollercoaster"

    SpecialDSpecialDMaand geleden
  • Imagine if Russell would of crashed into Antonio could've been really bad

    Socrates NicolaouSocrates NicolaouMaand geleden
  • @Kabir Considers if you can react to this plz love the content plz keep it up😆😃

    Warren LoynesWarren LoynesMaand geleden
  • The omniscient link embryologically please because squash recently agree against a snobbish llama. pathetic, useless sing

    ken kenken kenMaand geleden
  • Theres more road rage in here than my mom in and intercection

    RayzaRayzaMaand geleden
  • Brundle always brings it down to earth. Unlike Crofty who always overreacts for entertainments sake. 'Horrific' would be seeing Leclerc flying out of his seat and slamming into a swiss alp.

    Mclaren RisingMclaren RisingMaand geleden
  • Don’t worry they can just flashback

    Benjamin ShottonBenjamin ShottonMaand geleden
  • 2:36 It's a DNF for MAX!!!!

    Joaquin Fernandes FerreiraJoaquin Fernandes FerreiraMaand geleden
  • The Monza crash wasn't Charles' fault. The rear is not supposed to go like that. These illogical spins were a common theme with the SF1000

    John SmithJohn Smith2 maanden geleden
  • The dislikes must of been from Hamilton's family membersjust saying that these pple are bad drivers

    fungai musakafungai musaka2 maanden geleden
  • I remember watching that Grosjean crash live and worrying I was watching somebody's last moments.. so glad he jumped out of the flames

    Josh LewisJosh Lewis2 maanden geleden
  • Albon doesn't know how to save a potential spin/crash. He always over compensates the slide.

    Theo DevTheo Dev2 maanden geleden
  • imagine if stroll just stayed on two wheels and landed back on his wheels and won the race

    rolling nowhererolling nowhere2 maanden geleden
  • 2:41 With this ******!!! HONESTLY!!!!!!!

    Joaquin Fernandes FerreiraJoaquin Fernandes Ferreira2 maanden geleden
  • 2:40 This what you get!!!!

    Joaquin Fernandes FerreiraJoaquin Fernandes Ferreira2 maanden geleden
  • 2:39 YEAH I'M STUCK!!!

    Joaquin Fernandes FerreiraJoaquin Fernandes Ferreira2 maanden geleden
  • 5:40 scream.

    Cristian GonzálezCristian González2 maanden geleden
  • I literally love how Lance Stroll just appears so frigging caaaaaaalm after every crash (even if he's hanging upside down lol), what a man

    andrea pellegrinmoandrea pellegrinmo2 maanden geleden
  • The moment Grosjean saw Dagoth Ur.

    Dra GrochDra Groch2 maanden geleden
  • Pico yep 👍🏻

    ChaosJacob_YTChaosJacob_YT2 maanden geleden
    • > Woking A320 Heathrow 🛫 (M4,M1,M3) Basingstoke M25 🛣 (M11,M1), Stansted ✈️ M25 Watford (M1,M40,M4), Watford M25 Heathrow ✈️ M11(S) London (NE & C) -- M11(N) Cambridge Harlow Stansted 🛩 (M25), Camberley A30 Gatwick ✈️ ^ | Heathrow 🛫 (Terminal 4 & Cargo) A3044 (A4) \ \ London (W & C) Hounslow Stanwell A30 (M4) (A40)

      ChaosJacob_YTChaosJacob_YT2 maanden geleden
  • Niki luoda be like

    Bray BrayBray Bray2 maanden geleden
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    Ethan StawksEthan Stawks2 maanden geleden
  • 2:42 With this ******!!! HONESTLY!!!!!!!

    Joaquin Fernandes GarciaJoaquin Fernandes Garcia2 maanden geleden
  • 2:40 This what you get!!!!!!!

    Joaquin Fernandes GarciaJoaquin Fernandes Garcia2 maanden geleden
  • 2:38 YEAH I'M STUCK!!

    Joaquin Fernandes GarciaJoaquin Fernandes Garcia2 maanden geleden
  • For second time in a row its D N F for M A X ..! beautiful

  • What gasly did in the 7

    Vertti HeikkinenVertti Heikkinen2 maanden geleden
  • Every video I watch it's always the redbull car.

    Ricky RickardoRicky Rickardo2 maanden geleden
  • 8:45 never noticed it before but Kyvat checks his mirrors to see if Romain is okay

    Joshua EgenJoshua Egen2 maanden geleden
  • F1F2F3

    Alessandro DecourseyAlessandro Decoursey2 maanden geleden
  • if max didnt say honestly at the end the clip could have been used for a number of things

    InSaNe_TInSaNe_T2 maanden geleden
  • 0:04 "D A D D Y S C A S H"

    nokianonokiano2 maanden geleden
  • Girls: I can’t believe he didn’t cry at titanic! Do boys even have feelings? Boys:

    The Impossible TriangleThe Impossible Triangle2 maanden geleden
  • The halos may look different but you can’t deny that it makes the cars a lot safer

    Luke ZLuke Z2 maanden geleden
  • i feel sad for haas they have been in so many crahes

    Syed Ali AhmedSyed Ali Ahmed2 maanden geleden
  • 5:16 Wow, great perspective/camera! I never knew they had 360° cameras on board!

    ArsenicArsenic2 maanden geleden
  • Wait number 8 you mean lance “roll”

    Vincent AshtonVincent Ashton2 maanden geleden
  • #1 and 2 well deserved. Most horrific crash and the stupidest crash, respectively.

    Charlie PengCharlie Peng2 maanden geleden
  • Imagine crashing a 20million dollar car

    JimP P UJimP P U2 maanden geleden
    • @Arsenic imagine paying 100 million for a car, that doesnt really seem logical

      JimP P UJimP P U2 maanden geleden
    • 20 million? Multiply that by 5 and you're closer to the real number.

      ArsenicArsenic2 maanden geleden
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    Malcom WalrusMalcom Walrus2 maanden geleden
  • Non english speakers raging sound like little children

    Chinese Data HarvesterChinese Data Harvester2 maanden geleden
  • 2021←ぶつぶつ

    玉山航輝玉山航輝3 maanden geleden
  • ヘタクソかよ!

    タカザワDタカザワD3 maanden geleden
  • grosjean the biggest spender of F1

    QUANG ANH LEQUANG ANH LE3 maanden geleden
  • Trying to learn how to play Gran Turismo, the rabbit hole has lead me here.

    Thomas ProutThomas Prout3 maanden geleden