FaZe Clan Recruitment Challenge - Top 20 Finalists

The second stage of the recruitment challenge has ended and only 20 potential recruits remain. Who do you think has what it takes to move on to the top 5 and be apart of FaZe Clan?

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  • I’m here after Stevie didn’t make it and so many people wanted him to it was insane. Next time he needs to get in and try again

    Noah FerinaNoah Ferina8 dagen geleden
  • Bams like that

    Ant ReneoAnt ReneoMaand geleden
  • Hi

    Rxie78Rxie782 maanden geleden
  • Ooooh!

    Im_ON_ ThirtY_ FPSIm_ON_ ThirtY_ FPS3 maanden geleden
  • 12th lowkey got robbed

    KreonKreon4 maanden geleden
  • Faze Hunter

    ZayZay4 maanden geleden
  • Let’s gooooo absorber!!!!!!

    Emily GrahamEmily Graham4 maanden geleden
  • Lmao 😍😍😍

    MrsCheddargetter QueenPinkPop MissVirginCandyMrsCheddargetter QueenPinkPop MissVirginCandy4 maanden geleden
  • where's zubsauce?

    trevor garretttrevor garrett4 maanden geleden
  • To join faze do I got to show my face?

    CloudyyツCloudyyツ5 maanden geleden
    • No.

      invalidinvalid3 maanden geleden
  • im on faze lough side 100% from the beginning to the end

    Jaber AlsabahJaber Alsabah5 maanden geleden
  • Bams rip

    5 maanden geleden

    just LUKAZZjust LUKAZZ5 maanden geleden
  • Rogan

    William DukatWilliam Dukat5 maanden geleden
  • Go organ faze up

    William DukatWilliam Dukat5 maanden geleden
  • FAZE (VIRUS) ON TOP🇸🇦❤️🔥

    Y O U N E SY O U N E S6 maanden geleden
  • I was only here for Rogan

    nightnight6 maanden geleden
    • He is trash He aint never joining

      Shadow XpoShadow XpoMaand geleden
  • Virus

    killer 123killer 1236 maanden geleden
  • So everybody mentioned is in FaZe?

    Kermit on cookiesKermit on cookies6 maanden geleden
    • @Kermit on cookies ya

      DesolveFootyDesolveFooty5 maanden geleden
    • @DesolveFooty good for them

      Kermit on cookiesKermit on cookies5 maanden geleden
    • @DesolveFooty so there all in faze

      Kermit on cookiesKermit on cookies5 maanden geleden
    • Yea

      DesolveFootyDesolveFooty5 maanden geleden

    gusherfn_ytgusherfn_yt6 maanden geleden
  • Where is Lufflur😩😩😩

    ROBEELROBEEL7 maanden geleden
  • Why isn’t lufflur in this

    PoiSoN Python281PoiSoN Python2817 maanden geleden
  • Hey I’m trying what do I have to do to join

    DracoDraco7 maanden geleden
  • Dou this hunterTV

    [ bottaco ][ bottaco ]7 maanden geleden

    Didier DemoulinDidier Demoulin7 maanden geleden
  • Faze Rogan Plzzzz

    Jack TittleJack Tittle7 maanden geleden
    • No

      Shadow XpoShadow XpoMaand geleden
  • I 1v1 laugh in basketball

    DefenseDefense7 maanden geleden
  • Zenooooon

    MartimzMartimz7 maanden geleden
  • Go on stevie the rust community is ready to meet the new faze stevie keep up your story’s and I give you all my luck

    Ash c GamingAsh c Gaming7 maanden geleden
  • faze became a wierd hunger games 😂☢️ the trickshoting shit was cool come back???? pick me up when yall serious😴🥱

    StayingQuickStayingQuick7 maanden geleden
  • I am here for absorber

    ThatMandoKidThatMandoKid7 maanden geleden
  • Stevie let’s go

    simplesimple7 maanden geleden

    CooperCooper8 maanden geleden
    • @RustyVaper [Rust Gameplay] Yea I know rip

      CooperCooper7 maanden geleden
    • He didnt win.

      RustyVaper [Rust Gameplay]RustyVaper [Rust Gameplay]7 maanden geleden
  • HUNTER !!!!!

    Oskar BryśOskar Bryś8 maanden geleden
  • Lets Go Stevie!!!

    BrezlyBrezly8 maanden geleden

    رايزو Riezoرايزو Riezo8 maanden geleden
  • Let'go zenon

    lavaREClavaREC8 maanden geleden
  • Stevie must win this man

    BlackBlack8 maanden geleden

      BlackBlack7 maanden geleden
    • He already lost man.

      RustyVaper [Rust Gameplay]RustyVaper [Rust Gameplay]7 maanden geleden
  • Recruit daksyhd

    Connor MooreConnor Moore8 maanden geleden

    Chouaïb Djibril MohamedChouaïb Djibril Mohamed8 maanden geleden

    Jake DaBrakeJake DaBrake8 maanden geleden

    FG TROLLFG TROLL8 maanden geleden
  • Here for loochy

    CatLord MattCatLord Matt8 maanden geleden
  • lets put f in the chat for absorber

    x xMrWiggelsxx1x xMrWiggelsxx18 maanden geleden
  • rooting for stevie

    nurinuri8 maanden geleden
  • When no Futives ;(

    Toasted BreadToasted Bread8 maanden geleden
  • Why did only men win? Pathetic

    TatTat8 maanden geleden
    • @DesolveFooty can't because they're sexist

      TatTat5 maanden geleden
    • @Tat name me 5 girls in faze

      DesolveFootyDesolveFooty5 maanden geleden
    • @DesolveFooty not dumb and not true

      TatTat5 maanden geleden
    • Because it’s a boy clan LOL r u dumb

      DesolveFootyDesolveFooty5 maanden geleden
  • Faze meu nome é Davi e sou um pro player e tô bombando no Xbox vou gravar live na Twitch aí vcs me aprovao mas 126 mil pessoas do Xbox onde quer que eu seja faze e todos falam q eu sou o melhor q o zenon mas ninguém viu eu jogando por isso n sou um faze

    Renata MenezesRenata Menezes8 maanden geleden
  • no offense but everyone knew ppl who were 9 and below weren't going to get in faze cuz they're young and cant even use discord without parental permission

    Ridwan MohamedRidwan Mohamed8 maanden geleden
  • Can’t believe WASD Mitch didn’t make it, he’d slap most of these guys

    Oj SmooveOj Smoove8 maanden geleden
  • 1:31:51. im sorry but why is you kid playing COD at 3

    KillrReaprKillrReapr8 maanden geleden
  • Hi

    Sharky The GamerSharky The Gamer8 maanden geleden
  • Stevie better win or else

    I Peg NutkickinI Peg Nutkickin8 maanden geleden

    MustafaMustafa8 maanden geleden
  • Did they really just say Lough is 14? Hes like 17 lol

    ExoticDxnielExoticDxniel8 maanden geleden
  • ابلعو فايرسسسس

    yahya tube fortyahya tube fort8 maanden geleden
  • I wanted grant the goat

    SantiGaming_21SantiGaming_218 maanden geleden
  • Zenommm

    Gabriel Languer GL ツGabriel Languer GL ツ8 maanden geleden
  • Bruh how is a 9 year old here lol

    Ibrahim HasanIbrahim Hasan8 maanden geleden
  • YESS FAZE VIRUS 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

    RK 13RK 138 maanden geleden
  • rust blowing up faze missed a bag w stevie

    Keith ReynoldsKeith Reynolds8 maanden geleden
  • Lough is actually 17. Lol

    xdHayd3nxdHayd3n8 maanden geleden

    mohammed saeedmohammed saeed8 maanden geleden
  • Im pissed that Mitch didn't make it. Nor did tmal. They deserve it more than Generic guy #420. Both tried to hard and both are great at cod.

    snopdogg2xsnopdogg2x8 maanden geleden
  • Steeeeeevieeeeeeee!!!

    flizzynyanflizzynyan8 maanden geleden
  • Hunter almost made it 1!!!

    Cash SilverCash Silver8 maanden geleden
  • Yo grant the goat my dude

    PRM BoltPRM Bolt8 maanden geleden
  • People were spamming VIRUS first then Proze now y’all r spamming Stevie But now faze6 challenge is over

    Dal YTDal YT8 maanden geleden

    Emil -eUHEmil -eUH8 maanden geleden
  • Stevie got way more support and didnt get in , im very dissapointed

    WreeserWreeser8 maanden geleden
  • Its so funny to see that flea won when milliam teaches him how to edit, that’s kinda f’d up for milliam now 😂

    Vexah EditsVexah Edits8 maanden geleden

    Art SahatqijaArt Sahatqija8 maanden geleden

    Austin ManaliliAustin Manalili8 maanden geleden
  • Proze ❤️❤️🤞🏻

    Mathieu WaqueMathieu Waque8 maanden geleden
  • Let's goooooo flea

    DontaiDontai8 maanden geleden
  • lets gooo fleaaaa

    txlxntxlxn8 maanden geleden
  • Let’s go flea

    Josh HJosh H8 maanden geleden
  • There are like 3k Steve comments

    Jagger1120 FADEJagger1120 FADE8 maanden geleden
  • U can do it Steve

    Jagger1120 FADEJagger1120 FADE8 maanden geleden
  • Yo temperr be an old man now

    GreymanGreyman8 maanden geleden
  • Faze grant

    NixteNixte8 maanden geleden
  • Who's here after FaZe K1ng

    ZysticoZystico8 maanden geleden
  • Did you see the order it went in it went Flea,Faxuty,Nio,and Virus after that it was Grant so Grant Might Be the 5th recruit 👀(could be hinting)

    iNXBULAiNXBULA8 maanden geleden
  • faze proze

    Médéric Pinel LandryMédéric Pinel Landry8 maanden geleden
  • faze proze please

    Médéric Pinel LandryMédéric Pinel Landry8 maanden geleden
  • Guys I think it might be Grant the goat because all those cards were in order of the faze 5 winners so far and grant was after them, But could just be me :/

    CHAKATSICHAKATSI8 maanden geleden
  • Me: lets see what the ppl are saying in the comments The comments: STEVIE

    Space LimeSpace Lime8 maanden geleden
  • HOLY SH@#

    Pizza SparksPizza Sparks8 maanden geleden
  • Faze lough

    Vortex ClanVortex Clan8 maanden geleden
  • come back to this comment when grant the goat joins today

    Assault BreezieAssault Breezie8 maanden geleden
    • @Assault Breezie basically grant didn't join faze yesterday

      999 Roxy999 Roxy8 maanden geleden
    • @999 Roxy what

      Assault BreezieAssault Breezie8 maanden geleden
    • It was k1ng and scope

      999 Roxy999 Roxy8 maanden geleden
  • team proze

    Leo TroaderLeo Troader8 maanden geleden
  • Lets go prozee the best player!!

    Killer On 60HzKiller On 60Hz8 maanden geleden
  • No other player in this list can be good at rust guarantee his skill is amazing

    BadName 223BadName 2238 maanden geleden
  • 1:18:00 the dream Faze 5 team

    Mr. HumbleMr. Humble8 maanden geleden
  • K 1 N G I S T H E B E T T E T

    Uriel Yazid Mejía HerreraUriel Yazid Mejía Herrera8 maanden geleden
  • Go proze !!!

    Antoine ChenierAntoine Chenier8 maanden geleden
  • Man I wish it was tiko

    Jaire ssnJaire ssn8 maanden geleden
  • Why not tiko

    Jaire ssnJaire ssn8 maanden geleden
  • Faze Stevie gotta happen.... the dude is amazing

    The Adventures with A’sThe Adventures with A’s8 maanden geleden
  • Faze HunterTv and Faze Absorber

    Saber_Beam ytSaber_Beam yt8 maanden geleden