Shark vs. GoPro

We investigated some shark myths like why do Sharks attack GoPros.
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  • Once again I survived... even with all my limbs intact which honestly feels like a bonus at this point. Thanks for watching.

    Mark RoberMark Rober17 dagen geleden
    • You really want to dye through sharks Mark...

      •sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ••sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ•13 uur geleden
    • *shork*

      cuteduploncuteduplon14 dagen geleden
    • Yo

      Robloxdev123Robloxdev12315 dagen geleden
    • Ur so cool

      Sunderman FamilySunderman Family17 dagen geleden
    • Ok

      Mahadev KanodiaMahadev Kanodia17 dagen geleden
  • I love the fact that Mark is just a regular on Shark Week

    JackOfAllTrades 177JackOfAllTrades 17716 minuten geleden
  • Biolume looks like an enlarged McDonald’s chicken nugget

    Mr. AntMr. Ant37 minuten geleden
  • Is that pvz music ?

    Fightdo the wolfFightdo the wolf42 minuten geleden
  • how is that dude an expert exactly? stranger things is just a show?

    Zander SwartZander SwartUur geleden
  • Dude it’s playing the plants vs zombies roof level music at the end

    Chubby FrogChubby FrogUur geleden
  • anyone know what the song is called at 14:10?

    PirateQueenProductions eyebinphartnPirateQueenProductions eyebinphartnUur geleden
  • What da shark doin’?

    TamjidTXTamjidTX2 uur geleden
  • Mark has something like between Johnny Knoxville and Jim Carrey! btw, what if someone farts inside the submarine?

    Helmut LutzHelmut Lutz2 uur geleden
  • Okay but fr why does that look so fun-

    ✨Sabito✨✨Sabito✨3 uur geleden
  • I also like that Noah came along

    Nolin BrownNolin Brown3 uur geleden
  • I love that you put the stranger things song in I LOVE IT!!

    Nolin BrownNolin Brown3 uur geleden
  • This whole video is so epic.

    LeenBeen2016LeenBeen20163 uur geleden
  • We're not just telling stories we're playing with sharks

    Dhar MannDhar Mann3 uur geleden
  • Where can I get biolume, I want to drink some glowing water on camera

    Prism Of Fire TVPrism Of Fire TV4 uur geleden
  • I'm convinced that the "Shark Week" sponsored videos are just an excuse for Mark to show off how nice he looks without a shirt. Where else is a NASA engineer supposed to get the opportunity to flex on them interns lol

    Morgan DavidsonMorgan Davidson4 uur geleden
    • all jokes aside, very informative video. Thanks for the information! I like sharks, but as soon as I learned they could feel your heartbeat from a distance I was much more worried than I should have been

      Morgan DavidsonMorgan Davidson4 uur geleden
  • Everyone came out to be in the video, Baby Shark, Mommy shark, daddy shark, grandma shark, and grandpa shark! Run away!

    Uthman BakshUthman Baksh4 uur geleden
  • 11:28 Me: Chicken nuggets? Mark: It's called biolume Me: Oh

    KrafterzKrafterz4 uur geleden
  • Anyone else thought the glowing rocks were chicken nuggets

    OskarOskar4 uur geleden
  • You can always give a scientific reason for your sake to everything, it does't mean its true.

    mehmudmehmud4 uur geleden
  • The largest turtle I’ve seen by a factor of four! Ahahahaha

    DBOBDBOB5 uur geleden
  • lol I shitted

    Logan HolleyLogan Holley5 uur geleden
  • Ngl I thought the chunks of the bioluminescent stuff was chicken nuggets at first

    Julia LambJulia Lamb5 uur geleden
  • editing and music in this video is top tier

    THE River RossTHE River Ross6 uur geleden
  • 1:20 fat guss

    Hinata HyugaHinata Hyuga7 uur geleden
  • Me hearing the roof theme for pvz 1 nostalgia

    BoBoTheClownBoBoTheClown7 uur geleden
  • Don't biodegradable bags create microplastics?

    Mike WudrickMike Wudrick8 uur geleden
  • Mark Rober's videos is always on fullscreen from me

    Jetro DJetro D8 uur geleden
  • Sharks are pranksters, they like swim full speed at you and then they're just like "haha, I got ya"

    NameName8 uur geleden
  • While I was watching the submarine thing I thought that it would be cool to go like underwater that deep and then I remember that I would probably faint at 100feet

    NameName8 uur geleden
    • you*

      Lebron TheGoatLebron TheGoat8 uur geleden
    • the pressure works crush uou

      Lebron TheGoatLebron TheGoat8 uur geleden
  • i thtought the biolume were chicken nuggets-

    Nooner WeedleNooner Weedle9 uur geleden
  • did i just see noah shnapp on the boat

    Nooner WeedleNooner Weedle9 uur geleden
  • My friend Daniel from Portland was there with you guys! Looks so fun

    Zach ShaferZach Shafer9 uur geleden
  • This. Is. Awesome

    wasi shaikhwasi shaikh9 uur geleden
  • 11:26 lol I thought they were chicken nuggets at first haha

    BiggboyBiggboy10 uur geleden
  • Talks about a tragedy that happens on the island and how scary the locals think it is and i love how mark reacted and said ,"we should go check it out"

    HyjackHyjack10 uur geleden
  • my fatass thought the biolume was chicken nuggets

    icebrandbroicebrandbro11 uur geleden
  • The brave cabinet aboaly box because cloth lamentably announce amongst a jaded cherry. plastic, abrupt dorothy

    loretta mackeyloretta mackey11 uur geleden
  • 17:16 i knew they where going to find at least one ghost shark XD

    sigmasparta21sigmasparta2112 uur geleden
  • This is so cool ....

    privathospitalprivathospital12 uur geleden
  • The innocent crayon distinctly cover because berry iteratively depend above a poised blade. synonymous, envious nurse

    Jason ObrienJason Obrien12 uur geleden
  • was just watching stranger things again and your notification popped up 😀

    SpicxySpicxy14 uur geleden
  • 13:56 "and they we're never seen again"

    aaa æææaaa æææ14 uur geleden
  • Now i know how life of pie glowing ocean scene was made

    ayushi kumariayushi kumari14 uur geleden
  • Please tell me that nobody else thought that the biolume was chicken nuggets at first 🥲

    Maya CreatesMaya Creates15 uur geleden
  • 15:19 Love the German accent there

    Mads HøjgravMads Højgrav16 uur geleden
  • U seem really happy about your 21 go prows😂😊

    India CooperIndia Cooper16 uur geleden
  • Did u tell your wife this time? 😏😅

    India CooperIndia Cooper16 uur geleden
  • Isn’t detecting pressure changes in the water basically the sense of hearing?

    Jonathan TannerJonathan Tanner16 uur geleden
  • There both scared on the inside of the cage. Think of the cameraman!

    Drew MacDonaldDrew MacDonald16 uur geleden

    DudefaceDudeface17 uur geleden
  • Mark Rober: Sharks attacking people with Go Pros Me: Sharks using Go Pros to attack prople? 1:50

    Chen ChrisChen Chris17 uur geleden
  • *sees the submarine* *also me who’s played subnautica* THE SEAMOTH

    Cypher ToonzCypher Toonz17 uur geleden
  • 1:20 we not gonna talk about fat guys there

    mysticl3gend449mysticl3gend44917 uur geleden
  • Totally didnt expect this but it was awesome!

    maxsightmaxsight18 uur geleden
  • Getting really tired of seeing these Stranger Thing's kids everywhere.

    Idc LawlIdc Lawl19 uur geleden
  • The pvz tho?? 🥶🥶🥶

    lunarmelon _lunarmelon _19 uur geleden
  • 11:28 chicken nuggets???

    lunarmelon _lunarmelon _20 uur geleden
  • Mark: "... There's a sizable hole in here. Who built this?..." hahahah Mark being panic and reviewed the cage. I wonder Mark had initiated to make a new one 😂

    lieybeth llieybeth l20 uur geleden
  • the plants vs zombies music is some real vibes

    C CarpenterC Carpenter20 uur geleden
  • love that pvz music lol

    Raged KillRaged Kill20 uur geleden
  • how many backup plans does this guy have?

    ragib rahmanragib rahman20 uur geleden
  • So funny how mark Robert put the plants vs zombies roof battles music while exploring the ghost island

    MegaWolfMegaWolf21 uur geleden
  • What’s 9+10= 5:53

    XpierdツXpierdツ21 uur geleden
  • My thalassophobia (if that’s how you even spell it)

    Shadow FlameShadow Flame21 uur geleden
  • Usually, i don't watch stuff like this, but this was honestly so cool 🦈

    TheYellowJankyTheYellowJanky22 uur geleden
  • 1:21 phat gus

    Duckman games and stuff Duckman games and stuff 22 uur geleden
  • I don’t know why, but the bio-lum low key looked like chicken nuggets

    SqashSqash22 uur geleden
  • This is probobly my favourite yet!!!!

    Madeline BarksMadeline Barks23 uur geleden
  • Ya no that’s a great idea to rile up the Bermuda sharks with meat when your a yard away

    Razy GrayRazy GrayDag geleden
  • When he became hopper he also summoned two people and a dog lol

    Skeleton in a Top hatSkeleton in a Top hatDag geleden
  • That plants vs zombie background music brings nostalgia

    Ron RonquilloRon RonquilloDag geleden
  • This felt like a mini Megalodon movie.

    Aagama PerlaAagama PerlaDag geleden
  • Mark Rober is the best content on youtube. Always look forward to the videos!

    NickafNickafDag geleden
  • When I saw the glow rocks I thought they where chicken nuggets

    Batfishniff Epic gamerBatfishniff Epic gamerDag geleden
  • This video makes me be a marine biologist even more because of the knowledge we currently know and the technology we currently have will make ocean exploring easier and safer (and fun)

    Datdude RequiemDatdude RequiemDag geleden
  • Have you noticed at 1:16 the people and the dog weren't there and at 1:17 they were there??

    Frosty PlayzFrosty PlayzDag geleden
  • That's not why planes and ships disappear. Lol by that logic then there should be more crashes up a little higher on your map you pulled up over land. Lol i dont think theres a supernatural reason but its definitely not because there is more traffic. Pull up the worlds air traffic and then compare crashes. The Bermuda triangle would still have more even with less traffic than other areas. Js..

    daisy's fielddaisy's fieldDag geleden
  • could it just be the flashing light of the lens is like shiny fish scales?

    Thelonious BreskinThelonious BreskinDag geleden
  • i thought the bilume were chciken buggets

    ricky cabreraricky cabreraDag geleden
  • When I first saw the Bio loom I thought it was chicken nuggets

    LIVIE and AubreyLIVIE and AubreyDag geleden
  • Sharks are colorblind an there attracted to bright color contrast gopros shine an such as bright yellow there curiousity will bring them to them that’s why they go after GoPros an such

    Aye JayyAye JayyDag geleden
  • The paltry committee simultaneously watch because clarinet perplexingly note via a brown orchid. painful, aboriginal scanner

    Craig SimpsonCraig SimpsonDag geleden
  • About the Bermuda triangle: Hexagonal breaks in the clouds form air cannons that can crush any boat or airplane. Also there are a lot of waterspouts because of the Hexagonal breaks in the clouds.

    Keagan H.Keagan H.Dag geleden
  • Imagine risking your life for science for a living 🤤

    Joonas VarjoluotoJoonas VarjoluotoDag geleden
  • Plankton better watch out, mark is coming for the chum bucket

    Glacias was the best WebcomicGlacias was the best WebcomicDag geleden
  • yeah

    YellowYellowDag geleden
  • When he played the plants vs zombies music

    Joshua ParsonsJoshua ParsonsDag geleden
  • The uneven measure conspicuously greet because dancer conversly tie apropos a unbiased babies. dull, wanting fine

    Angel LezayAngel LezayDag geleden
  • 11:27 i thought that was nuggets 😂

    Goku just went super saiyanGoku just went super saiyanDag geleden
  • Unsubbed. Get people on the show that can say any other words except OMG!!!!!

    Ronny LittleRonny LittleDag geleden
  • I love your content so much Great work bruh❤️

    NinjaNinjaDag geleden

  • 11:28 I was really questioning why he brought out Chicken McNuggets lmao

    Emily TEmily TDag geleden
  • 10:51 Did anyone see the shark-looking cloud in the backgrond??

    ArionLaboy -978ArionLaboy -978Dag geleden
  • Song at 1:52? It sounds really familiar

    filiberto alejofiliberto alejoDag geleden
  • You should do a go pro give away

    Logan MukaLogan MukaDag geleden
  • Detecting multiple leviathan class lifeforms in the region. Are you certain whatever you’re doing is worth it?

    OneLegendOneLegendDag geleden
  • That makes sences withe the bermuda triagle but there are weird stories out there. Just saying

    Zachary BowdridgeZachary BowdridgeDag geleden