40+ SMART HACKS to fix little problems in your home

0:08 How to unscrew the bolt
0:26 Car hack
0:51 Matches hack
1:04 Pencil hack
1:40 Cable hack
2:37 Wire hack
3:04 Brick idea
3:57 Howe to find a screw with magnet

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  • 9:45 the Pringles one is so wierd

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  • As a craftsman I feel like this is just a joke to see who will waist time trying this stuff.

    Gharrett klawitterGharrett klawitter15 dagen geleden
    • And a waist is a terrible thing to mind!

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  • Do you have the book

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  • How is this online? 90% or better of this is fake as fuck.

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  • 5 min me chutiya banao HAcKs

  • 12:27 is the best

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  • 4:54 here's a top tip, get someone who knows how to use a mastic gun in the first place then you won't end up with a wasteful, hopeless mess like this!

    Paul DaviesPaul Davies21 dag geleden
  • Music is annoying as hell.

    GG22 dagen geleden
  • Please only twist the exposed copper when making electrical joints. It is a nightmare to service boxes full of tornados.

    jacobthehollowjacobthehollow22 dagen geleden
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    Евгений КатаевЕвгений Катаев23 dagen geleden
  • this is so bullshit!!! they teach so many things that make professionals cringe and some are unsafe and so many that are illegal and goes against safety code that will never pass an inspection

    猫連れ狼猫連れ狼24 dagen geleden
  • Half this shit is stupid.

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  • 12:04, how tf is that a hack? It's just a different tool and one you won't even need to do what he's doing. Simply turn turn the filling and scrape sideways.

    NANA25 dagen geleden
  • Cute n' smart

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  • 7:25 that’s a TERRIBLE idea. At NO point should your grounds come in contact with your neutrals ESPECIALLY your hots.

    Skimpii3Skimpii325 dagen geleden
  • I think your a failure wall painter That's now u take revenge with people

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  • Most of these "hacks" are crap. Click bait BS!

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  • Definitely some hacked up work on this vid. Omg bro, have some pride in ur work. Lookn like blind people did this work.

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  • 11:40 No funciono, dejo peor

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  • MOST of these "HACKS" do NOT "FIX" anything!... Most of these are merely decorating ideas... almost clickbait here

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  • This bullshit is painful to watch, folks don't watch this bodge it and patch it vid. Do the work once and do it properly otherwise you'll be doing it again and it will cost you three times as much, firstly the cost for messing about the first time, then undoing the first fuck up, after that paying to have it done properly. Which idiot apart from the one is this video uses wooden chopsticks as wall plugs, hang anything from that and it'll soon be on the floor 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    AlphaSierraJulietAlphaSierraJulietMaand geleden
  • Yeah shady as fuck wiring so you two can burn your house down.

    jimmyiscrazyjimmyiscrazyMaand geleden
  • Anyone who actually does this stuff for a living can tell you all this is unnecessary work and total bullshit

    Sloppy JalopysSloppy JalopysMaand geleden
  • Ni mames esas ideas si que estás horribles, quien devoraría su casa así?

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  • U people are shameless..why ur parents brought you into this world..? U people must have been their mistakes.

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  • I like how 5 minute crafts have turned into remodeling your entire house

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  • These so called "hacks" are terrible and some of them are even twice the effort than doing things in their convential way

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  • 9:57You ’re a wood grain genius, right?

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  • Some of these electrical tips will start a fire in your house... What the hell is this?

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  • Кто нибудь выколите мне глаза, и сломайте руки, как после просмотра этого чуда можно жить???

  • I never thought that id is saying this about 5 minute crafts...but those legs @12:25! hot, hot, hot!!!!..mmm so sexy and womanlike. Wow is all i can think of this moment.

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  • What is the deal with the music? Is your target audience 13-year-old girls or gay men because no straight man would listen to this feminine music. If you are reading this and are about to send a message about how much you love the music my gay brother is sitting here laughing his butt off as I write this. He wants me to let you know that he is single and you can listen to technopop music about butterflies together on your first date!

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  • 99% common sense.

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  • Really excellent job done, with few tools.

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  • Some clever tricks. But it’s hard to see what the application might be.

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  • 3:37 сам прут с резьбой нужно было в шуруповерт вставить, а не ленту портить.

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  • 2:48 - халтура и потолочный плинтус очень не ровно сделали

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  • 2:24 плохой инструмент.

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  • Heaps of screen shots taken of perfect hacks

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  • I love when they do the screw trick. They force the screw close to the edge of the board causing it to split but will then screw the next screw further back so as to not split the edge of the board. genius

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  • Please don't do any of this shit. Unless you're stupid, then you probably will anyway and hopefully you learn your lesson.

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  • This idiot gonna start a fire at 7:26 This are life hazards not life hacks

    J BJ B2 maanden geleden
  • Some great ideas there. When it comes to hammering small pins. I’ve always used a pr of small pointed pliers to hold the pins. Still, I’ll bare those ideas in mind 👍👍👍👍

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  • F the CCP !!!

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  • Double wrenching isn’t smart or safe 😂

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  • Ok, I get you guys are just dumping these videos on here for the revenue, but could you at least make them not dangerous? Most of these are stupid, some make no sense, some are blatant lies, and some are a legitimate danger. Make tips and tricks videos that are obvious to those of us who build/repair for a living, sure! Teach those who don't know yet! Just stop with the misinformation! Especially dangerous ones!

    Mr. NekoMr. Neko2 maanden geleden
  • Is the Pringle thing legit?

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  • What was a 5 minute craft

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  • I dont want to spread hate bit thr most are just useless

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    • Their ridiculous way to level the drill

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  • 7:40 Put the nuts on the bolt, so when you remove them, they will reshape any damaged threads.

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  • Just when you thought 5 minute shits couldnt get any worse then they make 5 minute shits for men

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    • It is for men who never had a tool in their hands.

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  • Enna enna pandra parunga kami katra vela Ella

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  • textured wall surfaces are great dust magnets

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