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  • Loads More to do but this Is my best project i think, so glad you've all enjoyed it and see you in the next instalments, Subscribe so you don't miss a thing.

    colinfurzecolinfurze14 dagen geleden
    • Colin I know you might not see this comment but I'm going to throw out a project idea you might like and I got the inspiration from Ginger Billy on NLflow having turned a truck into riding lawnmower and I thought this would be a furze kind of a build converting a Go-Kart, Mobility Scooter or your Tuk Tuk to the fastest lawnmower for a new world record or something.

      T CT CUur geleden
    • When’s the next video?????

      Steve SymesSteve Symes8 uur geleden
    • Hi Colin great series How long for next episode for the series.

      Daniel CatherallDaniel Catherall9 uur geleden
    • 2 weeks and still no tunnel! Come on Colin, its furzeday

      Lacey bartlettLacey bartlett14 uur geleden
    • When's the next part coming out??? Come on!

      Buster DafyddBuster Dafydd15 uur geleden
  • How do you get building permits for this?

    butch kaminskybutch kaminsky2 minuten geleden
  • Part 5 ??????

    zyper_for_lifezyper_for_lifeUur geleden
  • We want part 5! We want part 5! We want part 5!

    Berny PerezBerny PerezUur geleden
  • I hope everything is okay

    TimMan0TimMan0Uur geleden
  • Has anyone heard from Colin? It’s been a couple weeks. Make sure he isn’t buried.

    Nick CappsNick Capps2 uur geleden
  • I'm in literal awe of this! I mean the amount of work and materials for a job like this is simply insane. I'm quite impressed by you and your crew Colin.

    that_G_EvanPthat_G_EvanP2 uur geleden
  • Next part plsss

    official_kyanokpofficial_kyanokp5 uur geleden
  • Waiting... Surfing... Buffering... Buffeting... Lochdowning... Crashing... Swearing... Critisizing... AN ETERNITY OF WORDS LATER Willmaning... Hammonding... Maying... Clarksoning... TgGting... See‽ Where It began and where it ended? Starting from Britain on NLflow and ending in British forced to pretend like they are American i.e. Amazon prime 😂 Which they are really bad at😂😂😂 Very bad joke🧐 But I can't stop laughing 🤣

    Atharv PatilAtharv Patil5 uur geleden
  • when is it ready

    Lauri MeurasaloLauri Meurasalo6 uur geleden
  • Part 5 🤏

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  • Part 5 🙏🙏

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  • It's official ... Colin Furze withdrawal symptoms have kicked in 🥶 Need my tunnel fix 💉

    Cotswold ConversionsCotswold Conversions7 uur geleden
  • @colinfurze part 5?

    James BurlisonJames Burlison7 uur geleden
  • Part 5 is taking longer than the others. Cave in?

    Conal FawcettConal Fawcett7 uur geleden
    • @GoldenKappa I just read on Twitter that the next iterations will take some time. Not surprised with all the time jumps earlier.

      Conal FawcettConal Fawcett6 uur geleden
    • These were recorded over a year ago he's done it by now, just slowing the uploads

      GoldenKappaGoldenKappa6 uur geleden
  • What about air-supplies? Btw very good video

    Zobi_OkamiZobi_Okami8 uur geleden
  • Nothing less than a genius you are Colin!

    David SDavid S8 uur geleden
  • @colinfurze I dare you to do a 24 hour challenge of being locked in the underground shelter to challenge yourself in how many builds you can invent within the 24 hours. If you can make 5 small to medium or 3 large builds, no sleeping, food is allowed and it should be LIVE!!! WHATS EVERYONE SAY? YA OR NAY??? GO FURZE YA GURU! LOVE FROM TENNESSEE, USA. YOU KNOW THE OLYMPIC LEADERS! WHOOOHOOO. BUT WAY TO GO BRITS ON YOUR GOLD MEDALS!

    Josh HammJosh Hamm8 uur geleden
    • That's what I said, no sleep but food allowed. Must've messed up my comma. 😷🤣😷 But you know furze won't be sleeping during a 24 hour challenge of builds! He is just straight up too hardcore. God I wish I was rich so I could sponsor him to do something like that for everybody.

      Josh HammJosh Hamm3 uur geleden
    • Lets allows him to eat or sleep

      Sherdil NazarSherdil Nazar7 uur geleden
  • Still waiting for part 5

    KA5H 95KA5H 9510 uur geleden
  • When seeing 14:39 i first thought they accidentialy filled the whole tunnel

    h32gbx4 h32gbx4h32gbx4 h32gbx410 uur geleden
  • Colin when u going to bring the next one out ????????

    Brayden McRaeBrayden McRae13 uur geleden
  • Waits for part 5

    Robert GRobert G13 uur geleden
  • here’s an idea, make a turning lock like the ones on a ship in the hatch. “doomsday lock”

    Matthew mashfordMatthew mashford13 uur geleden
  • Get your ass down there Furz and keep digging!

    zimbakinzimbakin15 uur geleden
  • Just Wow ❤️🇩🇰

    Thomas LønskovThomas Lønskov16 uur geleden
  • The bunker needs an escape hatch as well, in case the tunnel collapses, fire or something else. Also what will you use down there to bring in fresh air or purify it? I saw one bunker company offers these hand crank things which provide air for 24 hours.

    Mike SmythMike Smyth16 uur geleden
  • I am a furze and I am digging a hole. Diggy Diggy hole. ⚒️

    Viking RagnarViking Ragnar18 uur geleden
  • perfect now you dont have to walk out in the back garden to get to the bunker when it rains

    Rena LockwoodRena Lockwood19 uur geleden
  • When’s the next partttt I’m dying to see this finished🔥

    CLARIBEL tejadaCLARIBEL tejada21 uur geleden
  • Are under your neighbors house?

    Padauan Brycen FloydPadauan Brycen Floyd23 uur geleden
  • "what do you do for a living?" "I make random shit with a rich guy"

    Seer-of-things endSeer-of-things end23 uur geleden

    lol manlol man23 uur geleden
  • Colin furze 2030: today I'm building an Arcade for my underground shopping mall

    QuannyQuanny23 uur geleden
  • Love your energy and ideas when is part 5 you got me hooked , keep up the good work .

    Malcolm ChaneyMalcolm ChaneyDag geleden
  • Just a british can have a carpet floor in a workshop xDDDD

    Nestor RodriguezNestor RodriguezDag geleden
  • when will part 5 coming out

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  • was there moisture on the metal sheets

    Lachlan HowieLachlan HowieDag geleden
  • I'm back here for part 5.

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  • you should build a mine cart with a drill on the front to bore out the tunnel

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  • So do Brasil . Qundo vai sai a parte 5 ?????

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  • This guy is sorted in a zombie apocalypse

    TCB Rocket LeagueTCB Rocket LeagueDag geleden
  • Brilliant!

    Chris DrakeChris DrakeDag geleden
  • The only problem with digging a secret underground trouble would be finding human remains and having to alert authorities, at which point you would alert them of your "secret tunnel" and they would ask WTF you are doing, and keep an eye on you moving forward.

    Edward [Fast Eddy] TruittEdward [Fast Eddy] TruittDag geleden
    • Not a secret to all of us though! Lol. Colin's like Beerus from dragon Ball, except he's a God of Construction! 🤣 Right on!

      Josh HammJosh Hamm3 uur geleden
  • 13 days later, and this is still #41 trending. Damn, lad! That’s all kinds of impressive!

    Tim ETim EDag geleden
  • Just found your channel Colin …. Your something else true legend 😀🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Phil nimmoPhil nimmoDag geleden
  • Best video series about digging a "secret" tunnel I've ever seen.

    Erwin PommelErwin PommelDag geleden
  • i really like your videos they are very entertaining. The only thing i wonder about is your ventilation system. bunkers need to have a very good ventialtions system for obvious reasons. what are you currently using ?

    Paul G.Paul G.Dag geleden
  • Colinfurze: "I am digging a SECRET TUNNEL" **Uploads it on NLflow NLflow people: Oh a secret tunnel! :)

    Jim HansolJim HansolDag geleden
  • Colin is like phineas from phineas and ferb in real life

    James BermanJames BermanDag geleden
  • Big questions how many beers where Safty consumed during this building

    DeerslayercodmanDeerslayercodmanDag geleden
  • Incredible good stuff

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  • Making a bunker makes the house is more valutable

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  • part 5 !!!! part 5 !!!!!!!! part 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nicolas dubs49nicolas dubs49Dag geleden
  • You spoiled us with one a week and now NOTHING!?! Come on Furze Reel it out!!!!

    Corey RobinsonCorey RobinsonDag geleden
  • Next upload will come out after his break with sunlight. Watch the last part of this video.

    Jeroen-Martijn MastJeroen-Martijn MastDag geleden
  • Why???

    teebosaurusyouteebosaurusyouDag geleden
  • Make me a milky tea

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  • Amazing job, would have like to see some Plexi glass think the rock looks cool

    Jonny BalchJonny BalchDag geleden
  • Colin: "! have top be super quiet sop that the neighbours don't find out." Also Colin: HUGE CEMENT MIXER!

    ArchieArchieDag geleden
  • 😂😂 must have been caught and told to stop as no new videos on it.

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  • red enter in a vent

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  • @colinfurze underground lazy river?

    Chauncey FrendChauncey FrendDag geleden
  • When for part 5 ??

    Vimal SainiVimal SainiDag geleden
    • He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

      Jeroen-Martijn MastJeroen-Martijn MastDag geleden
  • I keep checking every day on this project When's the next installment

    minij hooiminij hooiDag geleden
    • He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

      Jeroen-Martijn MastJeroen-Martijn MastDag geleden
  • To Do something like building a secret bunker would be thought as very far fetched but you have done just that which amazed us, now a secret tunnel! this has to be your best video yet. if this is good i cant wait to see what is coming in the future. Maybe an under Ground racing track or a safe room. You are really stepping up the game on NLflow.

    Tara MannTara MannDag geleden
  • When are you posting next

    Tara MannTara MannDag geleden
    • He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

      Jeroen-Martijn MastJeroen-Martijn MastDag geleden
  • But do you think that you could build an “air umbrella”

    C-stabC-stabDag geleden
  • what happend why dont uplote video

    kang vengsrengkang vengsrengDag geleden
    • He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

      Jeroen-Martijn MastJeroen-Martijn MastDag geleden
  • Sir Colin how about when its finished you give a few lucky subscribers the grand tour? Including me for the idea hahaha keep up the good work, always enjoy your videos 📹😉

    Mr ronMr ronDag geleden
  • You need oxygen to avoid poisonous gas.

    伏挺身伏挺身Dag geleden
  • It's nice to know that I'm around the same age as this channel

    Szymon DemskiSzymon DemskiDag geleden
  • maybe you should make a underground pool

    ryan wooryan wooDag geleden
  • When’s the next video come out. A week between vids is too long 🤙🤙🤙

    The JellyBean DiariesThe JellyBean DiariesDag geleden
    • He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

      Jeroen-Martijn MastJeroen-Martijn MastDag geleden
  • hey you literally look like denji from chainsaw man. looks like you got a big project to do!

    EmtyEmtyDag geleden
  • just imagine being his neighbors amd watching him take all these materials into the building and not coming out

    ruby neoruby neoDag geleden
  • You gave me an idea of something else to do underground. Build a Bunker frame perimeter big enough to be able to lower a Tiny House inside of it and make the walls on the outside of where the windows are, into T.V. /Computer Monitor type of big screens and then have real life looking scenery playing in real time on the screens so when you're in your underground Tiny House looking out your windows it feels like it's outdoors looking out them.

    Natures BeautyNatures BeautyDag geleden
  • Colin, you are literally my idol 🤩

    Jeremy GreenJeremy GreenDag geleden
  • Woooow. Amazing. In time when people like stupid Kardashians is everywhere it's so lovely to see people doing real great things like you.

    Five SixFive SixDag geleden
  • Where's part 5

    Juanmel2008xdJuanmel2008xdDag geleden
    • @Jeroen-Martijn Mast ohhhhhh

      Juanmel2008xdJuanmel2008xd20 uur geleden
    • He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

      Jeroen-Martijn MastJeroen-Martijn MastDag geleden
  • There not gonna let you keep it in the end ." jtny"

    IAm HimIAm HimDag geleden
  • i excited to see the rest i always wanted some like that but with many rooms that are also below

    joe selzerjoe selzer2 dagen geleden
  • Why do I feel like he’s gonna build the Batman cave in the future lmao 😂

    Z0INTZ0INT2 dagen geleden
  • Colin..... Where is our new episode??

    Brad PottBrad Pott2 dagen geleden
    • He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

      Jeroen-Martijn MastJeroen-Martijn MastDag geleden
  • Can we build a tunnel, we would have so much more room to do activities. "Wait did i hear a drill? DALE NO POWER TOOLS!" What? No I was just brushing my teeth! "NO POWER TOOLS!" Oh ok well we're done anyways.

    Loki DurdenLoki Durden2 dagen geleden
  • SUPER FUN to watch!!!!!

    Mike RosbrookMike Rosbrook2 dagen geleden
  • Seeing one big Oopsie. There is no carpet cover reset for hiding the entry once one goes thru the opening.

    Wicked HumorWicked Humor2 dagen geleden
  • This is perfect for a zombie apocilepse

    EliasGeilEliasGeil2 dagen geleden
  • Colin was last seen digging a tunnel beneath the Mexican border working for an unknown drug cartel...

    Designer- GarbDesigner- Garb2 dagen geleden
  • Isambard Kingdom Brunel

    john druryjohn drury2 dagen geleden
  • Colin is building an underground bunker. Then a secret tunnel between the house, workshop, and bunker. What is that Colin knows and not the rest of us? Return of the Triffids?

    willyn1967willyn19672 dagen geleden
  • Does it ever flood in your area? I am wondering how the tunnel and bunker would handle flooding.

    1Bob4All1Bob4All2 dagen geleden
  • When part 5…?

    Caleb lee-smithCaleb lee-smith2 dagen geleden
    • He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

      Jeroen-Martijn MastJeroen-Martijn MastDag geleden
  • He's about to master the NLflow Algorithm.

    Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss2 dagen geleden
  • You still need an elevator.

    Michael BonathMichael Bonath2 dagen geleden

    Pieter Van BaekelPieter Van Baekel2 dagen geleden
    • @Jeroen-Martijn Mast Yet still here I am waiting

      Pieter Van BaekelPieter Van BaekelDag geleden
    • He said at the end of the video he need some sunlight after weeks of work. After his break he returns.

      Jeroen-Martijn MastJeroen-Martijn MastDag geleden
    • I'm So friggin curious to see this !!

      Pieter Van BaekelPieter Van BaekelDag geleden
    • Minecraft op

      Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss2 dagen geleden
  • Dig faster Colin, the suspense is killing me!!

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  • should put in some fake windows with plants behind it.

    1871872 dagen geleden
  • Who's waiting for part 5???

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  • Make a Batman grappling hook

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