GTA 5 - Tuners DLC - AUTO SHOP Business Guide & Contract Missions

The Auto Shop Property & Business is Part of The Los Santos Tuners Update




  • *To Become a Prime Gaming Member:* Click on the following link and follow the steps: (Note that it may take *up to a week* for the Twitch Prime exclusive discounts & bonuses to appear in GTA Online). Instagram: Twitter:

    Digital Car AddictDigital Car Addict2 maanden geleden
    • I'm a prime gaming member and I acquired the Auto Shop in Strawberry for free I only paid for the shop upgrades which was ridiculously over priced for the staff but still got the shop free.

      zema119zema119Maand geleden
    • @Master Gamer ofc, amazon prime membership is needed which cost you something....

      CazherCazherMaand geleden
    • Does this cost real money?

      Master GamerMaster GamerMaand geleden
    • Bogdan runs. Only $3 a run. Hit me up

      High CaliberYT.GHigh CaliberYT.GMaand geleden
    • twitch prime or prime gaming?? for the strawberry shop?

      CazherCazher2 maanden geleden
  • i just logged into GTA after almost 1 year of not playing it and i can tell you that rockstar has outdone themselves on the pure stupidity. "we are going to make a series of heist missions that can be started with 1 person but still not be completed by 1 person" i have to give it to rockstar, there is no limit to how dumb they can be. they give you the same thing of being able to do the missions by yourself but not making it easier or making it to where you are able to complete it at all. they take away most of your weapons and ammo, give you a fe shitty options like pairing a sniper with a pistol. noot allowing you to stop to refill armor or ammo and take away your vehicles leaving you to use the 1 they provide for all players or to steal some very underpowered vehicles. not to mention the non stop amount of enemies coming from all directions with the 1 extra life you are given for the entirety of the mission. why to go rockstar you continue to amaze with how little you care about listening to the people who actually play the game for hours on end when you only listen to the media or streamers whose job it is to play for a few hours and then move on to the next game never picking up the game again.

    repomanrepoman44 minuten geleden
  • What are you talking about? Please stick o customizing cars

    F DenervilleF Denerville4 dagen geleden
  • I have a problem when I go respray the car the color stays on white never turns green how can I fix that issue

    Luis MartinezLuis Martinez5 dagen geleden
  • Personally I really like this update, It’s a good way to make some money while having fun! I just wish there was more contracts to choose from.

    Kenma SimpKenma Simp10 dagen geleden
  • How the Ai drive they drive reckless

    Jar TurnerJar Turner12 dagen geleden
  • Can you repeat the contracts

    Derek DiamondDerek Diamond13 dagen geleden
  • Why don’t I see the auto shop in maze bank foreclosure ?

    holly cowholly cow14 dagen geleden
    • You have to first visit mimi in the ls car meet (purple Minivan), and then you're able to buy it

      Digital Car AddictDigital Car Addict14 dagen geleden
  • Ima sub

    Dodo YTDodo YT16 dagen geleden
  • I hate when people tell others not to buy a staff upgrade or not to buy supplies. Yes you make more profit doing it yourself but if you just let the staff deliver the vehicle you can do other missions in the meantime thus making you more money. Same thing with supplies. You want to buy the supplies for your business and it saves you from doing 3-4 resupply missions and instead you can do other stuff to make money while you wait for your product to fill. I make over 2mil a day EASY by just letting my staff make the money and grinding import/export vehicles while I wait. -impor/ export = 300-400k per hour Weed- 100k profit Bunker - like 500k profit Nightclub- 10k every 48 mins plus self accumulating cargo stock

    TheHippieChase_THCTheHippieChase_THC16 dagen geleden
  • I've been doing the contracts this week because they're paying double money. Get about $600,000 for the union contract. Respectable payout on par with the OG heists

    Michael PattersonMichael Patterson17 dagen geleden
  • I think the contracta are the best addition to the update. I know it doesn’t pay too well compared to cayo perico, but nothing in the game does anymore. I think the contracts are really fun though. They feel a little like the original heists but with less setups and ability to do them alone.

    Martin DjakovicMartin Djakovic17 dagen geleden
  • The payouts are very low but they’re a quick way to earn a little cash if you don’t really feel like grinding cayo p for the billionth time just to purchase one small upgrade.

    AndrewSucksAndrewSucks18 dagen geleden
  • You’re wrong what you do with the car is you take it to the crane and it put it in a crate that’s what’s been doing it for me

    David CurtisDavid Curtis18 dagen geleden
  • I find the tuning and delivering cars therapeutic

    Chish and FipsChish and Fips19 dagen geleden
  • How long does it take to get cars into the service spot

    Firedeamon_mobileFiredeamon_mobile19 dagen geleden
  • These tuner missions sucks because you can't use your own weapons or weaponized vehicles

    Terry HillTerry Hill19 dagen geleden
  • how long is the cool down for the customer cars

    Mr TJ wit da B’sMr TJ wit da B’s20 dagen geleden
  • It’s double money this week hats why I’m doing it 😏😏🔥🔥🙌🙌

    VIXX GamingVIXX Gaming23 dagen geleden
  • How can you get clients to come to your auto shop? Do I need to complete a contract??

    Smiling CerealSmiling Cereal24 dagen geleden
  • I’ve delivered like 10 client cars and the Chalkboard list hasn’t showed up?

    Nate VanKuikenNate VanKuiken25 dagen geleden
    • you need to complete one of the mini heists

      No LimitsNo Limits22 dagen geleden
  • I used the MK ll for all the auto shop heist 😂

    Mathew 562Mathew 56226 dagen geleden
  • Can you do the contracts multiple times

    VxiedVxied29 dagen geleden
  • I've already completed 23 contracts

    Super Thicc BoiSuper Thicc BoiMaand geleden
  • Please tell how to start working on cars please sir

    Life with LjLife with LjMaand geleden
  • I cannot for the life of me figure out what he’s laughing at the whole time

    Dylan ButtDylan ButtMaand geleden
  • Is this only on pc? I’m not seeing the auto shops on my PS4

    NASNASMaand geleden
  • It’s not giving me the option to fix the customs cars smh

    EstNinetyEstNinetyMaand geleden
  • if you put just costums tires if you hit something it wont lower the value and im yet to test it if the staff takes the rides with the costum tires if the value lowers when he hits something as well

    killer_benfica 13killer_benfica 13Maand geleden
  • Its rockstar finishing the game if you start from zilch these features would be amazing i hope their finial gta will have all of these at launch, get to manipulate the world for their riches in any avenue you chose

    Skyler BoucherSkyler BoucherMaand geleden
  • I think rockstar definitely hit it out the park with the tuner update though, even though the payouts ain’t huge, it’s still lots of fun, the cars are just next level, the new amount of items in the customisation section are awesome , and having a business attached to it all is just the icing on the cake, you have to remember all these updates are done for free and you can do other missions to save up to pay for new in game stuff.

    H deeH deeMaand geleden
  • Modders are destroying this game, I still love gta though but just extremely annoying 😡

    H deeH deeMaand geleden
  • Honestly I don't mind so much that you can only use the "tuner" vehicles but honestly they should add a few older vehicles to that list like the mk4 supra or the skyline

    Eddie MacKEddie MacKMaand geleden
  • why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that your CEO office has an auto shop and it’s literally called auto shop i personally think it looks better plus the CEO garage has 3 floors of cars.

    Brandon SimpsonBrandon SimpsonMaand geleden
  • I can’t buy a auto shop is my level not night enough I’m a ***Level 27 new acc***

    GlocBeKillinxGlocBeKillinxMaand geleden
  • The shop staff are a special kind of stupid when it comes to delivering cars

    Elijah MitchellElijah MitchellMaand geleden
  • Can you use the Comet S2 for the contract final missions?

    Blake WoodsBlake WoodsMaand geleden
  • Honestly for people like me who don’t want to make the game a chore this dlc is nice because it’s pretty decent money for what you have to do and it doesn’t have a shitload of prerequisites in order to access it. You just start the game and start doing the contracts, I’ve made almost $7mil with this so far.

    VegamaroVegamaroMaand geleden
  • Stop comparing these Auto Shop Heists to Cayo, nothing can beat Cayo in terms of payout...but stop and think about the fun you have playing these heists, they are super cool to do, it brings back the real meaning of GTA that is robbing and using cars, not nuclear submarines, GTA is all about the cars and the fun of driving them, I love these AUTO SHOP heists even if they pay less... do you play this game to have fun or di you play only to get $$$... think about it...

    Roger LavoieRoger LavoieMaand geleden
  • What’s the point of the total earnings for the contracts?

    KevinKevinMaand geleden
  • everyone putting the pay outs down yet this pays as much as head hunter and sight seer yet all your doing is driving from point A to point B

    Rylie CastilloRylie CastilloMaand geleden
  • When I played GTA online (before my deserved ban) I had the North most arcade, bunker, mc club and office so I travelled hell of a lot.

    Basd_XGT4Basd_XGT4Maand geleden
  • The best part they didnt mention is when you buy the garage and do the setup, you automatically unlock alllll customization options for your personals. That's the only reason I got it, the rest is a bonus. I didnt know about the services that's sick

    JesseJesseMaand geleden
  • What level do you need to be to unlock the autoshop it doesn’t show it for me

    Łofty 74Łofty 74Maand geleden
  • Where is L's customs now?

    KeepItSimple TKeepItSimple TMaand geleden
  • Have to steel two cars to cover the cost of neon light layout

    Jeffs TrainsJeffs TrainsMaand geleden
  • My brother and I have a good routine for cayo perico. we made so much just us two. Thing is, It can get monotonous. Why make money just to make money. You grind so much it doesn't even feel like a game anymore. I like this business because i think the idea of owning an autoshop is really cool and doing Fast and furious missions on the side is good fun.

    Orpheus 010Orpheus 010Maand geleden
  • The auto shop is fully worth it cause you can profit in invite only. Rockstar did wonders with this one

    Bryndon MinniefieldBryndon MinniefieldMaand geleden
  • Why I can’t find the auto shop on my maze bank ?

    Dr KiritoDr KiritoMaand geleden
  • The auto shop is trash ngl I feel like it’s a business that should cost a couple hundred k instead of a mil+ I feel it could have good potential for newer players as an easy yet Grindy property ig u could nerf the payout a bit

    Toasty TakuToasty TakuMaand geleden
  • i bought a staff cause some cars glitch and u cant deliver it so i recommend 1 staff member

    Cold Front 27Cold Front 27Maand geleden
  • Cars are dope everything else pretty stupid

    Jonah FurlongJonah FurlongMaand geleden
  • I get $60k per delivery

    Nikolai the tanker HuskyNikolai the tanker HuskyMaand geleden
  • Is buying an autoshop worth it? Not looking for the most monney potential or grinding 10 hours a day, im looking for something easy simple and no stress, that can do relatively fast. For example i only own the ceo with a faciloty right now so ill do like a cargo mission a day and the first doomsday heist (b/c less preps and set ups) every other day when im on, with only one other person, not the biggest fan of the cargo as i rather earn less money but more often with the heist. Do i buy this autoshop, a sub for that heist, an arcade for that heist, or export/import, bunker, hangar etc? (Also ceo garage is just a garage right no benefit of having it?) Note that i will always be doing the heists and contracts With one other person, just dont care enough to do it solo. And note that i will not be doing any afk strats

    DexterDexterMaand geleden
  • never one got a car

    Johnny Allen IIIJohnny Allen IIIMaand geleden
  • Do you have to buy the auto shop to do the missions?

    Sully QureshiSully QureshiMaand geleden
  • But you’re wrong you get like 80k each time you sell a good car

    Gabriel AlattiaGabriel AlattiaMaand geleden
  • Is the car customization different from the Arena workshop?

    Merryweather SecurityMerryweather SecurityMaand geleden
  • Could I ask how many contracts there are ? Can’t seem to find the answer

    VR- -WaifuVR- -WaifuMaand geleden
  • the small payout is fine considering it can be done solo and in an invite only

    literally stingyliterally stingyMaand geleden
  • "100% rebate" just basically means it's free (For Twitch Prime Users)

    Darkminer86Darkminer86Maand geleden
  • The GTA Economy is doing good 🤧😌

    eric6rockeric6rockMaand geleden
  • After I select deliver myself it does nothing……. Idek where to even go

    Kyle TyraKyle TyraMaand geleden
  • I mean I got the strawberry location for free I’m not a twitch member but for some reason I got it does have something to do with Amazon prime

    Kit RocksKit RocksMaand geleden
  • Why one car I already delivered myself & delivered by staff many times keeps coming back? (I don’t have to upgrade it again n again, i just select deliver)

    Man Bun RiderMan Bun RiderMaand geleden
  • Ok so I have gotten a message saying I have a client but it has been days and there is no car

    Chandler CampbellChandler CampbellMaand geleden
  • its been two days...and still not 1 client? pls help

    IsmokeTHCIsmokeTHCMaand geleden
  • I do cayo a fe times a day. If I get car I stop by. Do the upgrades and have the staff deliver and just go back to doing other jobs. It's just easier that way imo

    Deathspark21Deathspark21Maand geleden
  • Thank you for telling me how to use something besides that Tailgater!

    Zachary ChamberlainZachary ChamberlainMaand geleden
  • if anyone didnt notice the garage is the same layout as the garage in tokyo drift where the rb26 mustang was built

    W MW MMaand geleden
  • It didn’t even see the customers request I’ve been guessing the whole tome

    Can’t FffCan’t FffMaand geleden
  • Heii how unlock auto shops????

    nightmarenightmareMaand geleden
  • Typical rockstar garbage

    AlexAlexMaand geleden
  • bruh its the easiest solo income. a payout doesnt have to be millions to be fair

    Austin GostomskiAustin GostomskiMaand geleden
  • since no one else seems to fnd it imprtant to mention the shop has 2 bugs 1 of which wont let you make sale unless you drop 385k on a staff member

    Austin GostomskiAustin GostomskiMaand geleden
  • My first car delivery mission is glitched. There's no blip to deliver it to.

    Saber is love, Saber is lifeSaber is love, Saber is lifeMaand geleden
  • Contract costs 178k to start and the payout is 160K smh

    H-MAN 0209H-MAN 0209Maand geleden
  • You do not, I repeat, do NOT deliver those exotic export cars to Simeon. There will be an anchor symbol on your map and when you get to the docks there will be a yellow circle you drive the vehicle into. You know when you have an exotic export when it doesn't require you to respray it to deliver it! Sometimes an exotic export vehicle can also be a Simeon vehicle at the same time.

    SmallfryRieSmallfryRieMaand geleden
  • Lol "Gayo Pedito"

    CrazedArmadill0CrazedArmadill0Maand geleden
  • Right, those payouts suck lmao

    Cathy A WCathy A WMaand geleden
  • Rockstar hasn’t been creative in a long time. I wouldn’t consider this update creative lol. The words “copy & paste” come to mind tbh

    Colin CColin CMaand geleden
  • No one knows exactly how to get the "satisfaction bonus"? I only got it once and know one has mentioned it yet.

    Alberto AyalaAlberto AyalaMaand geleden
  • am i the only one who thinks being paid $30,000 to deliver a car in 2 minutes is actually pretty fucking sweet? Like whats the catch? Is this dude just completely detached from reality with his hundred million dollars? LOL

    The Crazed ManiacThe Crazed ManiacMaand geleden
    • @Digital Car Addict how about fun?

      The Crazed ManiacThe Crazed ManiacMaand geleden
    • VIP work is more consistent

      Digital Car AddictDigital Car AddictMaand geleden
  • Upgrade staff. Upgrade payouts. Remove moodeyman. Increase garage space And give me a another hanger ffs

    Emirsonn AliEmirsonn AliMaand geleden
  • How do I unlock it I don’t see it on my map ?

    Enrique RenteriaEnrique RenteriaMaand geleden
  • Does it have to be in a public session?

    A JA JMaand geleden
    • No. The whole auto shop business even the mini heist can be done invite only session and if you didn't know already even the casino heist and cayo perico heist setups also can be to

      Jesse HassellJesse HassellMaand geleden
  • Anyone else having the issue where you drive the car into the circle but it won’t deliver it ?

  • Rockstar screwed us on this one

    ChiefChiefMaand geleden
  • Rockstar should really come out with new profitable bussines. I am bored of the current money making methods and this method is fun, but terrible.

    DawnDawnMaand geleden
  • Yea the only issue I figured was the pay outs as usual lol. It’s 1.5m roughly for any of the new cars so it’ll take a lot of missions to get that amount from it. Fun but could use a better payout

    JnaDayyJnaDayyMaand geleden
  • 3:10 haha I think that car might need some more service man, or did the customer want it to look like it's melting? 😂

    Cole McCrayCole McCrayMaand geleden
  • U get a bonus if u go off script n the customer likes the changes u make 2 the car

    will fwill fMaand geleden
  • Has anyone finished the list of cars to steal what do you get...?

    Frankie ForzaFrankie ForzaMaand geleden
  • Why when i became a twitch prime member i cant get the free auto shop? I became one on Tuesday and linked my account

    GUNPLAY [GP]GUNPLAY [GP]Maand geleden
  • what does the first employee do lmao??

    Sam MartinSam MartinMaand geleden
  • I do agree that the payouts are a bit low, but I mean if you look at Cayo Perico that's an ACTUAL Heist meanwhile these are "miniature" heists so I understand why the payouts are so low but I nearly made 1 Mil in under an hour so I'm happy tbh. They are quite fun and actually quite good some are quite difficult but some are quite easy for 1-2 people. The legitimate money earning with delivering cars is kind of lackluster, I would have liked it, if you got more money like maybe let's say the more expensive the car the more cash you earn

    stephen mutkestephen mutkeMaand geleden
  • Staff member is good because there is a bug where you can't deliver the car but the staff is the only way around this bug

    Joseph TuckerJoseph TuckerMaand geleden
    • @Digital Car Addict good to hear thx

      Joseph TuckerJoseph TuckerMaand geleden
    • Rockstar fixed it today actually. Just restart your game and it will work 👍

      Digital Car AddictDigital Car AddictMaand geleden
  • Can u do these contracts with ur friends

    Sampumps MjSampumps MjMaand geleden
  • Not only you man i am angry when i think about that payout, i have 2.000 hour in game and i know 100 % that money for that amount of time its a *JOKE* Shame because i like the idea about this missions but that pay makes me cringe.

    ⸻ ⸻⸻ ⸻Maand geleden
  • Also Cayo Perico i can do solo ... in one hour i get aprox 1.500.000 ... here in one hour *MAX* aprox 450.000 i am angry when i think about this update ... In this update the npc, in this new missions spawns like mosquitos at nitght with an open window, its anoying, its easier to do Cayo Perico, if you want something solo no stress, maybie for new players its ok but for old players only one time missions, i do only once for experience and no more after that.

    ⸻ ⸻⸻ ⸻Maand geleden