Destroying FaZe Adapt’s Room Prank

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  • Is high sky part if faze I’m new by the way

    Emily FareiEmily Farei17 dagen geleden
  • i stopped watching the second high sky talked

    TümayTümay19 dagen geleden
  • If I was faze adapt I would be proud

    Baby_boy2192Baby_boy2192Maand geleden
  • I remember when faze sniping was a thing and it has change so much

    M HM HMaand geleden
  • This shit had to be rigged😂

    SkiesSkies2 maanden geleden
  • M

    NotlucNotluc2 maanden geleden
  • I kinda like his room better now

    Puppy lovePuppy love2 maanden geleden
  • 😮

    Chem_ 691Chem_ 6912 maanden geleden

    MukkeMukke2 maanden geleden
  • Can I join

    Taylor SwawTaylor Swaw2 maanden geleden
  • Bro the room is fire

  • Why did the art change???

    Serpant Au69YTSerpant Au69YT2 maanden geleden
  • "Someone has to take the blame for this" Me: you know u can just get white paint and paint over it right????........

    justIn_justIn_3 maanden geleden
  • The end result looked good

  • i miss faze rug there

    Prince AdventuresPrince Adventures3 maanden geleden
  • his room looks so good at the end

    Anas SalimAnas Salim3 maanden geleden
  • They ruined the whole shit while challemging for blames 😂😂 thas HIGH IQ BROOO

    Hanu 360Hanu 3603 maanden geleden
  • Wow

    Brawl stars Devin lin miniBrawl stars Devin lin mini3 maanden geleden
  • Adapt is the best actor

    Mohanad EraghubiMohanad Eraghubi3 maanden geleden
  • Last boys

    Lex 679Lex 6793 maanden geleden
  • Wow

    King jayKing jay3 maanden geleden
  • it looks nice

    Ricky PluckRicky Pluck3 maanden geleden
  • Hi sky what are you doing it’s clear right there are you oh my god you’re so zero IQ looooooooooool

    Jayson GrantJayson Grant3 maanden geleden
  • You got is Jarvis

    Muhammad YassinMuhammad Yassin3 maanden geleden
  • It was kind of weird because your drivers was it doing kind of kept going

    Caleb DavisCaleb Davis3 maanden geleden
  • Bro at this point at the end I don’t know why he is angry that actually looks sick I would have that room bro

    QAZZYQAZZY3 maanden geleden
  • Fave for life

    G.D AnimationsG.D Animations3 maanden geleden

    Faze renegadeFaze renegade4 maanden geleden
  • Yooo can I join faze hit me up if I can I will make a montage for you guys I want to join I am really good on fortnite I have played call of duty and have a faze name it is faze drip and please nobody steal it so yeah plz replay to this I want to join so yeah have a great day homies

    Hansen FamilyHansen Family4 maanden geleden
  • Highskys dumb

    FαZє PrєdαtørFαZє Prєdαtør4 maanden geleden
  • I would've just prayed a dot lol 😂

    Logan ScottLogan Scott4 maanden geleden
  • when you did that china dietmarket or idk it lookd just like the smosh intro in 2014

    Birgers WorldBirgers World4 maanden geleden
  • This is Adins room now

    JeoqJeoq4 maanden geleden
  • Yo i want to join FaZe so much yo friend me on fortnite kay not jarvis your banned because you had to use aimbot because you were to bad but my fortnite username is Zursstt so add me!

    Sweat AutiiSweat Autii4 maanden geleden
    • lol no

      BrendansOnFireBrendansOnFire4 maanden geleden
  • faze jarvis: puts x fazekay: thats crazy how did he do that

    YOJADYOJAD4 maanden geleden
  • 0:03 I swear I heard v@gina town market

    firezfirez4 maanden geleden
  • H

    Shlok PatelShlok Patel4 maanden geleden
  • No that’s litttt

    Duane TylerDuane Tyler4 maanden geleden
  • Adapt’s room look fire ..sheeeeeeesh

    Kasem-_-Kasem-_-5 maanden geleden
    • Adins*

      JeoqJeoq4 maanden geleden
  • Faze adapt bustin bustin

    Rodolfo Jr TovarRodolfo Jr Tovar5 maanden geleden
  • I love how they got mad at Jarvis then draw more

    Alyssa CareyAlyssa Carey5 maanden geleden
  • Taggers are looking at this like 😫😣😬😨

    Adrian VenosaAdrian Venosa5 maanden geleden
  • I am also the best Tiktak player

    Mahmoud AMahmoud A5 maanden geleden
  • I thought they were kicked out of the Faze house

    periodicperiodic5 maanden geleden
  • Should’ve just blamed jarvis

    Maeva  JavierMaeva Javier5 maanden geleden
  • Faze Jarvis is stupid

    Maeva  JavierMaeva Javier5 maanden geleden
  • 6:33 he just wipe his hand after doing that 😂😂

    c!ark tv’sc!ark tv’s5 maanden geleden
  • Really good prank love u guys stay safe and hyped stay fazed

    Charlie gamingCharlie gaming5 maanden geleden
  • Ngl adapt's room looks cool

    Asad WinkAsad Wink5 maanden geleden
  • lowkey wouldn’t care, that shi fire 💯

    Diante UnasaDiante Unasa5 maanden geleden
  • Teos

    Teos CrofskeyTeos Crofskey5 maanden geleden
  • Whoever is reading this god bless you and your family ❤️❤️❤️

    VFXSP4MVFXSP4M5 maanden geleden
  • Tommy has does this before

    Noe GoveaNoe Govea6 maanden geleden
  • The final project looked done👌

    David FilerDavid Filer6 maanden geleden
  • bruh why

    ryosuke.ryosuke.6 maanden geleden
  • That is the room of hiskay

    Matys LacombeMatys Lacombe6 maanden geleden
  • I’d really like it, if whoever did the rest (cover up) for the piece to make a vid on it. It actually looks pretty nice I wish I had a couple of friends to help me do it with me but they don’t know how to lol.

    ImOnTopImOnTop6 maanden geleden
  • Let’s go Faze kay

    Mateo MaldonadoMateo Maldonado6 maanden geleden
  • Shit

    Nancy GinettNancy Ginett6 maanden geleden
  • 4:00 bruuh why id fraizer happy he lost 😂

    Pred4torPred4tor6 maanden geleden
  • My birthdays coming up and u guys are my favorite clan so I might get some merch

    iizen exoticiizen exotic6 maanden geleden
  • Yo sub to GamerBoys United pls sub and it will make the worked to me

    BlackheartFlBlackheartFl6 maanden geleden
  • It slit man save it its better

    Sergio VazquezSergio Vazquez6 maanden geleden
  • It actually looks dope. I hope he keeps it like that!

    dylshydylshy6 maanden geleden
  • Why for the busted one did no one write Jarvis

    Harley LettsHarley Letts6 maanden geleden
  • Jarvis should get the blame he prank Alex

    Saima BegumSaima Begum6 maanden geleden
  • They said that they are not supposed to actually Spray paint the wall as they do the challenchallengeseson them😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Charlie RayCharlie Ray6 maanden geleden
  • Riggeded

    Aden AndersonAden Anderson7 maanden geleden
  • Why the hell is a little kid up in this?!

    Alohavibez808Alohavibez8087 maanden geleden
  • To be fair, Jarvis was the one to put spray paint on the wall first.

    Maddox HafnerMaddox Hafner7 maanden geleden
  • Well Jarvis started it and that’s why Alex always says he was busted

    Mr. GamerMr. Gamer7 maanden geleden
  • I thout they were gonna ruin the treehouse lol

    Blue BeastBlue Beast7 maanden geleden
  • 21st

    claw wolfclaw wolf7 maanden geleden
  • They should not have ruined it in the thumbnail! Otherwise great vid!

    LXjb123LXjb1237 maanden geleden
  • Dawg highsky is like 13 and he’s as tall as Jarvis. Man Jarvis be pretty short tho

    Liam CumminsLiam Cummins7 maanden geleden
  • When there was temporerr and jarvis and kay i said Jarvis is gonna lose🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂!!!!!+

    jxsłn TH€ 🐐jxsłn TH€ 🐐7 maanden geleden
  • The edits are so cool

    Matthew PotterMatthew Potter7 maanden geleden
  • Someone was spying on u guyd

    Fortnite BruhhFortnite Bruhh7 maanden geleden
  • In fornite highsky1 200IQ in i real life 2IQ

    ALEXALEX7 maanden geleden
  • That rooms fire bro oh my gosh

    Spencer ChristensenSpencer Christensen7 maanden geleden
  • I knew Jarvis would lose

    Keegan FishKeegan Fish7 maanden geleden
  • Wtf has faze clan become sad to see this shit

    No CommentNo Comment7 maanden geleden

    Rahmah MohammedRahmah Mohammed7 maanden geleden
  • What song is this

    Kay HartzKay Hartz7 maanden geleden
  • I love the editing

    IvikRBLX ClipsIvikRBLX Clips7 maanden geleden
  • Not gonna lie his room looks kinda fresh

    gamer Beavesgamer Beaves7 maanden geleden
  • They suck at tic tac toe

    X0tiic ツX0tiic ツ7 maanden geleden
  • What I would of done for busted I would of put alexes head

    Hazardz AJHazardz AJ7 maanden geleden
  • When is dream joining faze tho

    Forty LoganberryForty Loganberry7 maanden geleden
  • Wat the f

    Thinker BellaThinker Bella7 maanden geleden
  • how to join faze

  • i have the feeling i cant agree whith banks sry dude

    Dion-Davar Randjbar MoshtaghinDion-Davar Randjbar Moshtaghin7 maanden geleden
  • Dude I love seeing Banks and Tommy interact with each other idk why.

    DemiZeそ ManiaDemiZeそ Mania7 maanden geleden
  • is this what faze has become were are the og crazy plays, no scopes and other amazing things. Jarvis ruined faze

    Mr FanMr Fan7 maanden geleden
  • ovcorse jarvis had to take the blame right. lol 😂

    Quinn DabneyQuinn Dabney7 maanden geleden
  • Please keep making videos as a group! Y’all are so lit and can make some really good content especially for us in quarantine with nothing to do!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼 please consider to make more videos

    Shavonna SandovalShavonna Sandoval7 maanden geleden
  • I feel so bad Jarvis sorry

    Ismail isiktanIsmail isiktan7 maanden geleden
  • 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡. WOW

    Red wowRed wow7 maanden geleden
  • This isn’t adapts room

    Young Boy VeedYoung Boy Veed8 maanden geleden
  • 9:03 you can see the *pain*

    Zachary YangZachary Yang8 maanden geleden