FightHype.com was on hand in Miami, Florida where Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather and NLflow sensation Logan Paul faced off in their anticipated June 6 showdown. You don't want to miss what went down during and after the fight. Check it out!




  • I hope he doesn’t do another exhibition. As much of a Floyd fan as I am. Just go away already. Before you end up losing.

    Tyler HennessyTyler Hennessy19 dagen geleden
  • Nice camerawork...NOT!

    MrWicked61671MrWicked61671Maand geleden
  • I’m just here to keep scrolling

    Andrew OngAndrew OngMaand geleden
  • Floyd is a smart black business man. Took his destiny into his own hands and quadruped his wealth. #TBE

    Joe AsheJoe AsheMaand geleden
  • I can see that legacy is clearly eating him inside, that is why he keeps bragging how much he accomplish and how much he is earning.. LOL!!

    GreatVidzGreatVidzMaand geleden
  • Yes your going to lose fight a girl

    Hecto ArzagaHecto ArzagaMaand geleden
  • Floyd better not fight Jake because, unlike Logan, Jake is malicious and has better hands than Logan. If that side show ever happens, Floyd taking his first L (though it wouldn’t affect his record)

    Lars LeeLars LeeMaand geleden
  • Wack ass fight. Boxing isn’t quite what it used to be.

    MJ GeeMJ GeeMaand geleden
  • That’s a whole lot of explaining for a man who is sure of himself. “What doth it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? “ ….Ring, Ring..your phone is ringing Floyd..I think..maybe God has been calling…

    Saint NouveauSaint NouveauMaand geleden
  • Mafias happy, Lloyd is happy and the youtuber got to have some fun plus cash... everyones happy.. except for viewers who were looking for a boxing fight but instead viewed an actual "exhibition".

    james Pjames PMaand geleden
  • This nigga went on a long ass tangent that really had nothing to do with the question he was asked and kept bringing up his family and kids

    Bernie MakaveliBernie MakaveliMaand geleden
  • This man isn’t as dumb as people think. He is setting himself up for a bigger legal bank robbery. With the younger Logan

    Sammy LopezSammy LopezMaand geleden
  • Why take a chance and damage your health 30 mill to entertain WHO WOULDNT TAKE IT EASY ?!. Floyd went from arrogance to elegance maturity on display.

  • Floyd's a genius

    rkumar3000rkumar3000Maand geleden
  • Could have you knocked him out? Floyd: I could have but I wanted to put on a show for the crowd What is he talking about? The crowd wanted a knockout!

    Oliver420Oliver420Maand geleden
  • It will always be remembered, Floyd fought a non-boxer for his 50th Win. Also he doeant have a boxing record of his own, Jimmy Barry had 58-0 & Ricardo Lopez had 51-0. Now he's fighting yoitubers, some legacy the futrue boxing fans will remember

    MACMACMaand geleden
  • Not bad for a guy who can't read.

    Omnipotent OneOmnipotent OneMaand geleden
  • I can’t stand Floyd he even said it was a heist and talks about all the money he made during a pandemic when people are not able to work what a dick we need to stop paying for his fights

    Stephen MurphyStephen MurphyMaand geleden
  • “money is everything” this guy is so stupid

    OfficialChannelLeoOfficialChannelLeoMaand geleden
  • That was thunderlips vs mayweather

    Lord BLord BMaand geleden
  • Typical Mayweather interview is when you have no clue what the damn question the reporter asked 😂😂.

    Nik IvoryNik IvoryMaand geleden
  • A message to Floyd Mayweather: ""For what shall it , if he shall the whole world, but lose his soul". (Mark 8:36)

    Vic LukeVic LukeMaand geleden
  • Floyd is an embarrassment and his fans are the biggest sheep in the world. He openly talks about making fools out of his followers and they eat it up.

    BearCat HamptonBearCat HamptonMaand geleden
  • Im pretty sure yal gon give me my money back bc the showtime app wasnt working

    StandOnMine SwishStandOnMine SwishMaand geleden
  • its true, he gets richer because people pay to see his stupid exhibitions yet complain about them. Stop paying for floyds exhibitions, retire properly because in the end the people who pay are the fools. He has smart investments let him live off of that, you heard the man.

    Jay CrisJay CrisMaand geleden
  • Much respect for his accomplishments but that mfr constantly bragging about his money. Like he’s trying to prove how rich he is like we don’t already know

    Yune_Kno_Me_CuhYune_Kno_Me_CuhMaand geleden
  • "When the history books is written, Leonard will read it to me and tell me I'm TBE"

    8/10 was an inside job8/10 was an inside jobMaand geleden
  • Floyd a real boxer 🖤💯

    Westside BoyWestside BoyMaand geleden
  • Dude u guys fought don't let him fool u am a Floyd Mayweather fan to but it's too easy to be ko but really hard to k.o someone and some of them shots could have k.o.ed Floyd you can't fake that. please stop Floyd Mayweather yeah heist but at the same time it was a match

    Mark WaldbilligMark WaldbilligMaand geleden
  • suckers keep paying 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Mr ArroyoMr ArroyoMaand geleden
  • These folks is gonna make Mayweather soo Irrelevant in tha Sport of Boxing makin this man Richer & Richer dont matter what he do i need to have a MasterMind like Mayweather💯

    Outcold FellaOutcold FellaMaand geleden
  • TBE at cherry picking opponents and lying about his purse but if you really gots all those millions you not fighting nobody, LOL.

    Scott BishopScott BishopMaand geleden
  • Floyd came along at the right time. He is a great fighter for his generation. There is no way in hell, he comes out undefeated in the era of Leonard, Hearns, Pryor, and Duran.

    reg4321reg4321Maand geleden
  • Mayweather never gives credit to anybody. he so self centered, hate that about him .

    Javier MoraJavier MoraMaand geleden
  • Now he is riding Canelos name once again. It will never make up for this bs. Floyd got exposed by a youtuber

    Jonathan CorneliusJonathan CorneliusMaand geleden
  • Floyd seem to be complaining about holding? 🤣 He held pacquiao the whole night. Paul exposed him. He is clearly embarrassed Forget that could of would of stuff he is talking. Nobody gets beat up on purpose 🤣

    Jonathan CorneliusJonathan CorneliusMaand geleden
  • TBE my Ass 🤣

    Jonathan CorneliusJonathan CorneliusMaand geleden
  • Camera man stop sleeping on the job

  • What about god? Do money is everything but not the creator who made you?

    rated raw truth and world knowledge Bryantrated raw truth and world knowledge BryantMaand geleden
  • Floyd is telling y'all he's making a mockery of the sport for only his gain and making a fool of his fans and they still praise him, smh.🤦

    flippinferdie1flippinferdie1Maand geleden
  • ❶ *The only one got who Mayweather RIGHT was Logan Paul himself:* 📌"I mean, you never know with this guy," Paul said. "I'm going to go home thinking, 'Did Floyd let me survive?' It's an honor to grace the ring with him. This is the coolest thing ever." 😇 I've been wrong about him too many times to take him, his retirements, pundits, know-it-all boxer predictions, or Floyd's OWN words seriously. 📌 *Top 4 grossing fights of all time are Mayweather fights (go figure!),* So, as it stands: ❷ *Floyd wins MORE 🤑🤑🤑 IF (win or lose) he takes Canelo II or Jake Paul bait nEXT. 📌 Why? Because he plays a game called *Leverage* (ask successful entrepreneurs or strategists). It really is MONEY first. 📌Plus, as his numbers PROVE: *Like Usain Bolt, he knows HOW to win, WHEN it matters most.* So, let the herd and emotional haters think he's done. Me? I'm watching, and learning. DETACHED. I'll believe it when I see it.

    Security FirstSecurity FirstMaand geleden
  • Probably not😂😂😂😂 those punches hurt

    feefyfoofumfeefyfoofumMaand geleden
  • Kids can't eat of legacy

    VGPVGPMaand geleden
  • I don't wanna them fight again it's not worth watching, got to stop it was boring

    Io MaaloIo MaaloMaand geleden
  • Damn

    Isaiah DeleonIsaiah DeleonMaand geleden

    PsychedelicMusicGeneralPsychedelicMusicGeneralMaand geleden
  • Floyd was a mastermind in the ring, most cerebral. Superior defense. But he did duck guys and he did fight canelo when canelo was NOT in his prime and Mayweather was. But give the man his credit he made the most money he deserves it for getting screwed in the Olympics I guess. All his fights were boring AF. Biggest Cherry picker, and richest man in boxing.

    Saul DuranSaul DuranMaand geleden
    • Mayweather was in his prime at 36 years old??

      Bernie MakaveliBernie MakaveliMaand geleden
  • I see bruise in his face. People still think this script

    Y.O.I SANY.O.I SANMaand geleden
  • One thing you got to say about Floyd he always make it look good

    Spill DogSpill DogMaand geleden
  • Probably my favorite press conference he has every done. Kept it 100 the whole way through. Gotta respect that. 👏👏👏

    Isaiah ScaggsIsaiah ScaggsMaand geleden
  • You are TBE! That's why this is beneath you. PLEASE FLOYD from your biggest fan enough is enough I paid for every event you had the party is finally over champ!

    Spill DogSpill DogMaand geleden
  • Floyd 6 weight division after fought Logan heavyweight, respect to Floyd forever 💪

    Oreste Di FuriaOreste Di FuriaMaand geleden
  • Come on. We all know Floyd would fight Flo from Progressive if the money was right.

    timomomomotimomomomoMaand geleden
  • Floyd got old ..., it happens

    Gun Play GamingGun Play GamingMaand geleden
  • Probably not unless the money right

    Big MikeBig MikeMaand geleden
  • Fight for money is real.

    AbdullahAbdullahMaand geleden
  • Love for you Champ for being smart. Congratulations to your daughter graduating high school.

    Marlene PeterkinMarlene PeterkinMaand geleden
  • If it was a 12 round fight Floyd would’ve got him out of there

    Drec00k Billion Dollar ChaseDrec00k Billion Dollar ChaseMaand geleden
  • People suck off mayweather too hard, he didn't hold back. He got held a lot and didn't have enough knock out power for a guy way heavier, it makes sense. You could literally see him close in with anger that he kept getting held but he's just not as strong offensively as people think. Counter puncher and best in the world at defense.

    DeadlineDeadlineMaand geleden
  • I can tell you one thing floyd goes over the same thing in different ways to explain it so many times 🙄🤣😂

    no contentno contentMaand geleden

    AK the Hometown HeroAK the Hometown HeroMaand geleden
  • Floyd will 100% fight an exhibition again. Specifically Jake Paul. There's no way he turns that money down.

    Tyler FrohlichTyler FrohlichMaand geleden

    Add ValueAdd ValueMaand geleden
  • Do you guys think he meant robbing all the people who paid to watch with this 'heist'? xD

    Cas LammerinkCas LammerinkMaand geleden
  • we all know deep down Mayweather is Hurt inside and so are his fans lol

    K_September soloK_September soloMaand geleden
  • I didnt want a show, I wanted a knockdown

    Isaac BarraganIsaac BarraganMaand geleden
  • I've made this, I've made that, I'm tbe,blah blah blah.If he would just be humble he would not be so direspected.If he's made so much then show how you help the less fortunate,maybe that will get more people to think differently of him.

    Tony TorresTony TorresMaand geleden
    • And McGregor ain't on Floyd's level,not even close when it comes to representing their sport.

      Tony TorresTony TorresMaand geleden
    • @Jeffrey Alexander I agree he doesn't have to be anything,but he basically is the face of boxing and claims to be the best ever but will never get respect by being that way.I know that's how he makes his money is from haters that pay to see him get knocked for the first time but respect needs to be earned in and out of the ring.

      Tony TorresTony TorresMaand geleden
    • why does he need to be humble? Why can't he be cocky? I'm not a cocky person but everyone don't need to be like me and I don't feel the need to like every single thing about a person. I Like Floyd's and McGregor's cockiness. It brings character to the sport. that's why they sell so many fights all the fans rooting for and against their bad guy. Honestly think about it.

      Jeffrey AlexanderJeffrey AlexanderMaand geleden
  • whoever paid for this fight got got !!! A BULLSHIT FIGHT!!

    Lonnie MeyerLonnie MeyerMaand geleden
  • Mayweather need to find a cause bigger than himself...try adopting a village in...AFRICAN 🌍...it's so sad he still defend himself by a watch and gold chain... ⛓

    Dwan AndreDwan AndreMaand geleden
    • Jealousy is an illness, get well soon

      Marlene PeterkinMarlene PeterkinMaand geleden
  • Could have gone to the body more.

    SuperKpillSuperKpillMaand geleden
  • The man put his life on the line everytime time he stepped in the ring. Floyd didnt invent the term "prize fighting", he just followed the rules yall laid down. Pay black americans reparations for slavery in the trillions, and you dont have to worry about us in the "coloseium" anymore.

    What You Gonna Do About It?What You Gonna Do About It?Maand geleden
    • Matter of fact, pay the indigenous negritos of the Phillipines reparations as well.

      What You Gonna Do About It?What You Gonna Do About It?Maand geleden
  • Floyd gets paid 10 to 15million dollars n Logan 3 to 5 million dollars.

    Melroy LoboMelroy LoboMaand geleden
  • He almost got knocked.

    Keith S. HeatherKeith S. HeatherMaand geleden
  • Somethings are better left unsaid.

    Carl RileyCarl RileyMaand geleden
  • When he said ‘FOOTBALL’ is he referring to the American sport Or does he mean football? As in soccer ⚽️

    Prince BreezyPrince BreezyMaand geleden
  • Mayweather fought like garbage

    Stocks guyStocks guyMaand geleden
  • wait floyd.:..your whole goal was to not knock out fighters, for many bouts. But just to survive... so don't criticize logan. your just the greatest defensive and evasive fighter ever.

    Anthony BarnesAnthony BarnesMaand geleden
    • @McGirt he definitely tried to survive manny pacqiaou. He was a runner, at a certain point, he was all about protecting his 0 losses. If you agree at least one time he was just in there to protect his record, than you can blame logan for doing virtually the same thing...surviving.

      Anthony BarnesAnthony BarnesMaand geleden
    • His goal was to outbox his opponents, not to survive. He dominated the majority of his opponents, and rarely git hit clean. The sweet science, as they say. That being said, this was never a fight. Nor was it advertised as one

      McGirtMcGirtMaand geleden
  • anyone making 20 million dollars would have had fun lol

    Coulter SmithCoulter SmithMaand geleden
  • But he chose to fight Maidana twice....come on Floyd. Why not Manny twice? What’s the saying: It was so nice I had to do it twice!!” Come on Floyd you could’ve ran it back with Manny. Manny don’t have to fight-he wants to fight the best till he’s done. That more respectable that what your doing as a fighter. That’s why he’ll be considered the best fighter ever.

    kevin wallacekevin wallaceMaand geleden
  • We all know it’s not age, he’s mighty sayian, they age very late. He just wants to protect his no loss record.

    bkit5bkit5Maand geleden
  • Wiesel

    Barbie powerBarbie powerMaand geleden
  • Floyd is the Goat 🐐 ALL AROUND. Hardest working, smartest businessman, most effective tactician 💯💯💯

    Parthenogenesis ViaPhilokaliaParthenogenesis ViaPhilokaliaMaand geleden

    Allister HallAllister HallMaand geleden
  • F'n jokesters boxing, and the people I met helped save my life and gave me lifelong discipline; I'm so glad I didn't grow up watching bs like this. Terrance "Bud" Crawford the people's champ.

    Bruh-Shah Dust Of The GroundBruh-Shah Dust Of The GroundMaand geleden

    Allister HallAllister HallMaand geleden
  • Best I've heard from Floyd pretty humbling.

    Andrew Goodwin Sr.Andrew Goodwin Sr.Maand geleden
  • Let’s Go Champ 💯

    Clifton LottClifton LottMaand geleden
  • Hold that camera still.

    300zxdriver300zxdriverMaand geleden
  • Hey Floyd I’m So happy u made 30 million on the patches in ur shorts 🙄

    Power ExtremePower ExtremeMaand geleden
  • He really need to get one more really fight so people won’t say later he never got to 50 wins because it was exhibition. My count is 49

    Prophet Sammy The NaziriteProphet Sammy The NaziriteMaand geleden
  • make ya money floyd i feel that

    The daddydaddyThe daddydaddyMaand geleden
  • This guy talkin' bout generational wealth without realizing his dumb ass kids will squander his wealth faster than the Vanderbilt's.

    Mike HansenMike HansenMaand geleden
  • Dammm Floyd get your money man!!!!!!Robbed the bank

    R3LL DerrellR3LL DerrellMaand geleden
  • Congrats on fighting a clown.Mr. Clown King

    Eric delos SantosEric delos SantosMaand geleden
  • Big respect to u floyd

    Bart SimpsonBart SimpsonMaand geleden
  • He should of fought both brothers in one night.

    Sevven TymesSevven TymesMaand geleden
  • Cameraman getting sleepy. Droop. Droooooop. Droooooooooooop

    OnlyKUDZAIOnlyKUDZAIMaand geleden
  • Logan retired Floyd once again

    Real StevensReal StevensMaand geleden
  • Floyd looks slow as hell

    Q4LifeQ4LifeMaand geleden
  • TBE - the best entertainer, the best ego, I wouldn’t say the best ever. Other boxers I would out on that list.

    anchoragesalsaanchoragesalsaMaand geleden