Feeding My Venus Flytrap Candy Instead Of Flies

I feed my Venus flytrap candy

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  • Mario and Luigi must be flies 😂

    Silly Mario bro’s ♥️ BellaSilly Mario bro’s ♥️ Bella4 minuten geleden
  • Did you just kick plant saliva?

    LuLu4 minuten geleden
  • 😭

    Siri FSiri F7 minuten geleden
  • She doesn't look healthy

    LarrypintLarrypint8 minuten geleden
  • No they want to make plats diabetics. Its no good enough with pets

    Fredgol01Fredgol0113 minuten geleden
  • So how long did it take to die?

    B.B.14 minuten geleden
  • Put your finger in it 😁

    Sana SohailSana Sohail21 minuut geleden
  • I want a veneer man that is Sade wait wha

    Luna aftonLuna afton23 minuten geleden
  • Guy: hes drooling Me: its fuckin D. E. A. D. That fly trap was limp

    TheFroge CakesTheFroge Cakes25 minuten geleden
  • That plant really do be say’n “why is is spicy”

    Piper WeaverPiper Weaver26 minuten geleden
  • One of my buddy’s fed his and entire Wendy’s chicken strip...

    Anna Borshin Jr.Anna Borshin Jr.31 minuut geleden
  • Get beenboozled

    Vitam AeternamVitam Aeternam37 minuten geleden
  • this plant looks and has animal vibes, it isnt even a plant at this point

    Adel khair AldinAdel khair Aldin38 minuten geleden
  • this is plant abuse…

    Miguel the MoisturizerMiguel the Moisturizer42 minuten geleden
  • Hey that's that plant from Mario world awwww

    Randy MassengillRandy Massengill43 minuten geleden

    JellyBeanJellyBean51 minuut geleden
  • You shouldn’t do this the flies they eat give them energy that use all of it closing there mouth you can kill them it’s very harmful

    Baby YodaBaby Yoda56 minuten geleden
  • My venus fly traps turned black and died when they would eat a fly.

    ꧁ Robin Quick ꧂꧁ Robin Quick ꧂Uur geleden
  • I used to have a venue fly trap and then it died

    Johnie WilliamsJohnie WilliamsUur geleden
  • I've never thought that this plants actually exist, what a discover !

    Yuki BloomYuki BloomUur geleden
  • So gross!!!!!!! Omg

    Matt StoneMatt StoneUur geleden
  • Bro why

    Ravioly ッRavioly ッUur geleden
  • Zetsu

    Daniel GeorgeDaniel GeorgeUur geleden
  • I'm sorry to inform you, your plant has diabetes.

    Tony MondolaTony Mondola2 uur geleden
  • Vegans 😶😳🏃🏃🏃

    donyamalak lolodonyamalak lolo2 uur geleden
  • You just killed this thing

    At this momentAt this moment2 uur geleden
  • It looks like he was about to feed it his finger

    Rena miraculousRena miraculous2 uur geleden
  • You're an idiot! Stop hurting these plants!

    l shawl shaw2 uur geleden
  • What the jelly bean colors are made from?🤣😂

    steve meansteve mean2 uur geleden
  • looks dead af now

    sunchild -sunchild -2 uur geleden
  • Wow dude you have ants at home! 😂

    Cassie ToterCassie Toter2 uur geleden
  • This man is dead he's just slumped over

    Shirley ConradShirley Conrad2 uur geleden
  • Don’t taste it

    Spetnite {FNAF}{among}Spetnite {FNAF}{among}2 uur geleden
  • And now your plant has diabetes.

    mojostevomojostevo2 uur geleden
  • she's dead

    shyshy2 uur geleden
  • What happen if you kill it

    SHXDOW -RobloxSHXDOW -Roblox3 uur geleden
  • I don't think those beans are good for fly traps

    ~•Zeleny •~~•Zeleny •~3 uur geleden
  • Venus Flytraps are so neat! You make really fun videos!

    TheThumbIsAFingerTheThumbIsAFinger3 uur geleden
  • Flytrap: *EAT!* Action Lab: I got some jelly beans. You like jelly beans?

    Mateusz AbramczykMateusz Abramczyk3 uur geleden
  • Ok so what happened

    Shaunlee BabineauxShaunlee Babineaux3 uur geleden
  • My mom had a venus fly trap and fed it a small bit of hamburger. It died

    Connor McCrearyConnor McCreary3 uur geleden
  • Weirdo

    Lisa LisaLisa Lisa3 uur geleden
  • Bye, my Venus fly trap died like a week after I bought it

    xurshido4kaxurshido4ka3 uur geleden
  • Did.... did he just taste a Venus fly trap's SPIT?!

    Puppet ExpertPuppet Expert4 uur geleden
  • 😳😳

    flyroni68flyroni684 uur geleden
  • Zetsu

    Kaniz FatemaKaniz Fatema4 uur geleden
  • How did you get your Venus flytrap so big!? Mine is just a lil guy. I trap fruit flies and put them in with it then cover it so they can catch them on their own. I’m too nervous to try and feed it like you did.

    TaylorTaylor4 uur geleden
  • It’s a plant not a puppy lol why ya gotta man handle it 😹 That one’s gonna die lol

    ErikaRespondingErikaResponding4 uur geleden
  • Poor thing...

    {Amelia Gacha}{Amelia Gacha}4 uur geleden
  • This is so fucking ridiculous man

    João VitorJoão Vitor4 uur geleden
  • Mr Jelly Bean is presenting in the A&E... for unnaturally High glucose levels

    RenzanRenzan4 uur geleden
  • Here before 1M Likes (999.263)

    •Carolina••Carolina•4 uur geleden
  • I think he killed it

    CaramelloCabelloCaramelloCabello4 uur geleden
  • #killing my pet plant

    Lina MohammedLina Mohammed5 uur geleden
  • I hate the cinnamon one. Every time I feel like harry when are the vomit flavour candy.

    VienelliumVienellium5 uur geleden
  • From where in the core of hell do these ants find a way to show themselves

    Ame ZenAme Zen5 uur geleden
  • I'm mad because my venus fly trap died after it ate a fly like it was meant to do and here you are feeding it a daggone cinnamon jellybean

    Ab EllisAb Ellis5 uur geleden
  • Why you got ants

  • I already started getting nightmares 🙃

    Akhilesh GuhaAkhilesh Guha5 uur geleden
  • Hate to break it to you but I think that fly trap dead

    Yellow chickiYellow chicki6 uur geleden
  • Day number 3 of feeding my pet Venus flytrap to gain its trust.

    Mazia JoharMazia Johar6 uur geleden
  • A diabetic Venus Fly Trap😂

    hwd71hwd716 uur geleden
  • I remember then when I was little I would put my finger in the plant’s mouth or whatever but it would never move so I thought it was fake

    hobi-is-my- sunshinehobi-is-my- sunshine6 uur geleden
  • Whos gonna tell him

    Jibrael azlan ShahJibrael azlan Shah6 uur geleden
  • Plant abuse. Call the plant social services

    Levee Was BriLevee Was Bri6 uur geleden
  • hed pe sand mine RTR(respect the Republic) nlflow.info/white/m3qK0c1ppI-KrqU/video

    GoodSmOKeGoodSmOKe6 uur geleden
  • For a mouse problem you get a cat so for a fly problem you get a Venus flytrap.

    Emmanuel PetitEmmanuel Petit7 uur geleden
  • So it's only gonna get its carbon oxygen and hydrogen from the glucose no phosphate or nitrogen in that molecule

    Hoopfan83Hoopfan837 uur geleden
  • This guy dont know what he doing

    Darksolar7Darksolar77 uur geleden
  • How to kill a planet 101

    Julia BenaviderJulia Benavider7 uur geleden
  • I know nothing about Venus Flytrapd but I do know gardening and I have always found them fascinating. Wouldn't feeding them anything else besides water and flys be bad for it?

    TheLostLenoreTheLostLenore7 uur geleden
  • Dude, You have ants in your house. Call an exterminator or get a can of Terro.

    StinkyButtonStinkyButton7 uur geleden
  • *I can taste it on my fingers* Um anyways-

    Bundy ♡Bundy ♡7 uur geleden
  • This thing cant be still alive

    oo8 uur geleden
    • @The Noisy Spectator he said nope

      oo6 uur geleden
    • Maybe. Let's ask him.

      The Noisy SpectatorThe Noisy Spectator7 uur geleden
  • Is it just me or do you also wanna see him feed the nasty jelly beans.?

    IsabelIsabel8 uur geleden
    • That would be a good way to get rid of the flavors of jelly beans that nobody likes. 💡 And, use them to lure bugs in your house to the Venus fly trap, at the same time .

      The Noisy SpectatorThe Noisy Spectator7 uur geleden
  • That's so racist

    mitchell amitchell a8 uur geleden
  • Look at the slobber 🤤

    Tamara BradshawTamara Bradshaw8 uur geleden
    • Yes, I noticed the ants were attracted to it, I wonder if they could be lured into the 'mouth" by following the trail of slobber?

      The Noisy SpectatorThe Noisy Spectator7 uur geleden
  • That's so racist.

    mitchell amitchell a8 uur geleden
  • Woooooooow😳

    Ash VenturraAsh Venturra9 uur geleden
  • I can't help imagining that the jelly bean contained a secret government formula that made the Venus fly trap turn into a giant with legs and it gobbled this guy up after he made this video. Legend has it, that is still running around today.

    AJ Rockin Shockin WilliamsAJ Rockin Shockin Williams9 uur geleden
    • Get help, A.J. 🙄 Or better yet, get a word processor, a portfolio binder, type out ideas like that one, and apply to write story lines for D.C. comics! 💡😃

      The Noisy SpectatorThe Noisy Spectator7 uur geleden
  • Where can one buy a Venus Fly Trap?

    Leslie GibbonsLeslie Gibbons9 uur geleden
  • Why would you touch it then lick your fingers?

    Liana LottLiana Lott9 uur geleden
    • Curiosity, and guts (bravery). You have not been a kid in too long, if you don't understand that. 😞

      The Noisy SpectatorThe Noisy Spectator7 uur geleden
  • And here we have what not to do with Venus fly traps. Should never touch them cuz the oils could kill them. Also, candy wtf is wrong with this guy?

    J SJ S9 uur geleden
  • Funny how people make comments here Who cares about the plant?

    Peter EziagorPeter Eziagor9 uur geleden
  • I mean, why? Dude what was he thinking?

    SomeoneSomeone9 uur geleden
  • Yea a great way to kill a Venus Flytrap, thanks.

    Drew UDrew U9 uur geleden
  • No ones gonna mention that he said "i ca. Taste it on my fingers

    unverified verifiedunverified verified9 uur geleden
  • Wasn't it dieing?

    Uncle CreedUncle Creed9 uur geleden
  • Dude that's killing!!! How can you!!! Plants also have life!!!! Wth???!!!😡😡😡

    Moon KingstoneMoon Kingstone9 uur geleden
    • Are you sure that was enough to kill it? Maybe he was experimenting to find out if he could feed candy to his other plants.

      The Noisy SpectatorThe Noisy Spectator7 uur geleden
  • Mine wouldn't eat a beatle

    TJ SPARKLETJ SPARKLE9 uur geleden
    • @TJ SPARKLE After the plant died, did the beetle survive long enough to escape, or did it dying take long enough that the beetle died, too?

      The Noisy SpectatorThe Noisy Spectator6 uur geleden
    • @The Noisy Spectator it closed but then it died

      TJ SPARKLETJ SPARKLE7 uur geleden
    • Any idea why not? Did it not digest it once it enclosed the beetle, or did the Beatle just not trigger it to close up?

      The Noisy SpectatorThe Noisy Spectator7 uur geleden
  • Interesting in trying something new with the plants, but you brought in a problem. Ants can be so neat but such a pest sometimes.

    Cow CrazyCow Crazy9 uur geleden
    • First of all, I am very sure he had ants before he did this. 🙄 Second, either way, the sugary "drool" will lead them up to the plant's "mouth', and it will eat the ants, too. ✔️

      The Noisy SpectatorThe Noisy Spectator7 uur geleden
  • So did it live? I hate shitty endings.

    CornPopNeverDiesCornPopNeverDies10 uur geleden
  • Yeah bro dead 🤦🏽

    dre jacksondre jackson10 uur geleden
  • Venus enjoying jelly bean is so wholesome Edit: read comments you just killed a venua

    Cxrrupted Studios.Cxrrupted Studios.10 uur geleden
  • Are you ever scared it while eat your finger

    Evelyn HelderEvelyn Helder10 uur geleden
  • Se puefe considerar una perdida de tiempo el curiosear estos vídeos pero en realidad, con mirada profunda son cortos De socio antropologia, tecnología y zoología así como otras muchas disciplinas y analítica cultural...todo depende de la profundidad de la mirada

  • Plant lives matter dude.

    FinalGirlFinalGirl11 uur geleden
  • Yeah me too I don't think it was a good idea because at the end it looks like the plant is dead

    shimmer horse lover 600shimmer horse lover 60011 uur geleden
  • Waa me i thought it was open

    infinitygalaxyinfinitygalaxy11 uur geleden
  • actually when it moved it scared me

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya11 uur geleden