LOL! floyd mayweather sr explodes on conor mcgregor during the mayweather vs mcgregor press conference as mayweather sr shows conor his speed and conor laughs at him as we see mayweather sr conor mcgregor going back and forth as conor spreaks to media and press

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  • The mayweathers are like the diaz brothers they speak english like it's their fifth language

    LUMA NATELUMA NATE4 jaar geleden
    • Because their brains too much shock take punches (soon effect Mohamet Ali and slow die..). Brains=jelly shit... .

      PROMilleniumPROMillenium9 dagen geleden
    • i would also rather speak not as clear and win fights than being an obnoxious fighter that relies on disrespecting people to have a chance to win...

      Poke A BrainPoke A Brain11 dagen geleden

      YehYeh15 dagen geleden
    • 😂😂🤣 💀

      Vince BlasVince BlasMaand geleden
    • They also kick ass so damn 😅

      Machi BethellMachi BethellMaand geleden
  • Floyd played with him then knocked him out cold. Cant believe people really thought MacGregor could beat Floyd. What a bunch of idiots

    RougaLyfeTVRougaLyfeTV30 minuten geleden
  • Floyd Sr. discusses boxing with John Fury. What a legendary interview. Someone make it happen please.

    ImOnlySpectatingImOnlySpectating55 minuten geleden
  • When ur friend starts telling you roasts.

    Sascha OliveiraSascha Oliveira4 uur geleden
  • Real talk though, Mayweather wouldn't have done too good in a MMA fight.

    Robert GallardoRobert Gallardo7 uur geleden
  • Back when conor was cool and had banter... insyead of being humbled by losses hes gone the other way its sad man

    PJR7PJR713 uur geleden
  • That reporter saying connor had been knocked out lol never before dustin

    Hugh JeavonsHugh JeavonsDag geleden
  • This shits way too funny

    Beto BohorquezBeto BohorquezDag geleden
  • Take that Flip Flop out of your mouth....😂

    David EscoDavid EscoDag geleden
  • Im jus tell an you da troooth

    Gavin broGavin bro2 dagen geleden
  • I can't understand anything Mayweather's dad says.

    Don RossDon Ross2 dagen geleden
  • This was all a show.

    JohnJohn4 dagen geleden
  • Classic

    Jay 914Jay 9144 dagen geleden
  • I think anyone now can beat Conor.

    Anthony BantonAnthony Banton4 dagen geleden
  • Mayweather ain't shit

  • Notorious = #1. F the rest. mayweather Sr can barely speak, and is a dumb*ss. Fact.

    NathannRaquels DaddyNathannRaquels Daddy5 dagen geleden
  • Is it nessecary floyds daddy defends him? 😂 what a shame

    extreme dutchmanextreme dutchman6 dagen geleden
  • Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon……..

    WavyyWavyy6 dagen geleden
  • Matthew 3:2….

    WavyyWavyy6 dagen geleden
  • Conor is just talking,,now he is done for good

    MNMN6 dagen geleden
  • “He gone knock your ass all over your head” mayweather sr

    DamianTheBeholderDamianTheBeholder7 dagen geleden
  • They had senior throwing jabs 😭😭

    MR.CRACKEDMR.CRACKED7 dagen geleden
  • This brings me to my next topic kids don't smoke crack

    WtfpleasehlpWtfpleasehlp7 dagen geleden
  • This is a certified "don't mess me or with son" moment

    NikoNiko8 dagen geleden
  • Moreno getting power tips from the greatest. Can't wait for the next championship flyweight fight.

    Carlos CruzCarlos Cruz8 dagen geleden
  • He the funniest man in boxing

    julie all-night longjulie all-night long8 dagen geleden
  • Is the guy with the white shirt by Floyd Snr not Busi from The Longest Yard?

    Prenolin Linsei NaidooPrenolin Linsei Naidoo8 dagen geleden
  • Today we can all agree... Mayweather Sr. Speaking truth!!

    Daniel ConklinDaniel Conklin10 dagen geleden
  • He's definitely more entertaining than his son😂

    Sid BSid B10 dagen geleden
  • so glad mcgregor got beat thanks to the champ! I'm just sad he didn't get knocked out, that little disrespectful b.

    Poke A BrainPoke A Brain11 dagen geleden
  • Conor is a troller

    EKRONEKRON12 dagen geleden
  • Show me one time Conor strangled anyone except his wife 😂😂😂

    Carley PatrickCarley Patrick13 dagen geleden
  • Entire world can learn a thing or two from khabib.

    Elwin SmithElwin Smith13 dagen geleden
  • "it's your fault"🤣

    H I QH I Q13 dagen geleden
  • Looking back at old Connor like 👁 👁

    LiamLiam14 dagen geleden
  • Imagen how Sr would be drunk at the family BBQ

    Jose PlateroJose Platero15 dagen geleden
  • This is like a movie

    MrMr17 dagen geleden
  • Who's here after the notorious lost 😭

    MhMh18 dagen geleden
    • Dr stoppage man, he'll be back surely 😔

      Aaryan 0604Aaryan 06046 dagen geleden
  • McGregor found out that boxing is a different animal

    Jesse GJesse G19 dagen geleden
  • I love floyd sr man

    papi ciarian Tb 14papi ciarian Tb 1420 dagen geleden
  • Yo ass in in trouble 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    papi ciarian Tb 14papi ciarian Tb 1420 dagen geleden
  • 1:42 When my 16 month old daughter ain’t getting a ice cream sandwich before dinner.

    Don CDon C21 dag geleden
  • All white folks thought it was funny when the white man spoke

    Keep it realKeep it real22 dagen geleden
  • Conner don't ever be disrespectful to your elders

    RickboiRickboi22 dagen geleden
  • If Floyd Mayweather go to ufc, he is ⚰💀

    SDK; 005SDK; 00523 dagen geleden
  • All the fighters that Floyd beat would beat your ass...lol So true!

    Michael MyersMichael Myers24 dagen geleden
  • No American can trash talk cos English and Irish rib each other better

    ParkEnder18ParkEnder1824 dagen geleden
  • Mcgregor hasn't been knocked out before prior to Dustin's second bout tho..

    Mustafa AlhusseinyMustafa Alhusseiny25 dagen geleden
  • Real talk, anyone else that floyd has ever beat could try to step to Conor Mcgregor in public and would get easily demolished and sent to the ER. MMA fighters are real fighters, boxing is just a sport. It's an amazing sport, but they are not protecting or fucking anyone up outside the ring.

    En1gmatic1En1gmatic125 dagen geleden
  • That guy in back ground say you cant fuck with Sr hell hes has 5 guys telling him what to say.I will say Mayweather is a badass boxer but if steps in the octagon he wouldn't stand a chance it's a whole different game

    Chris RatliffChris Ratliff26 dagen geleden
  • My favorite part will always be Conor's "Take that flip flap out of your mouth!" 😫😫😅😅

    Macmittens411Macmittens41126 dagen geleden
  • Surprised Conor didn’t go over and punch him Wouldn’t be the first time he hit an old man. Lol

    Michael SalaryMichael Salary27 dagen geleden
  • So do anybody have anything to say about this fight the actual fight.....crickets........ .........

    Brando Cortez IsraelBrando Cortez Israel28 dagen geleden
  • I'm a Floyd Mayweather fan4life but Conor McGregor was funniest as s*** in this segment. 😂 love you too Sr

    Flights and FitnessFlights and Fitness29 dagen geleden
  • It's your fault 😂

    Le QuackLe QuackMaand geleden
  • Sorry but a boxer can never beat an MMA fighter in a real fight. He will get taken down and get chocked out

    Notorious MiksNotorious MiksMaand geleden
  • Conor needs to shut up he's been getting his ass beat for the last few years

    Revolutionary No.2 Chief Of StaffRevolutionary No.2 Chief Of StaffMaand geleden
  • If Conor pulled this off - all this and the whole thing would have looked magical. But, as a fan of Conor... anyone who knows shit about boxing knows he had no chance.

    Nick SullivanNick SullivanMaand geleden
  • Connor was too cocky for this one, I'd avoid disrespecting a man that has a record like that.. your mouth can only carry you so far in fighting and he learnt his lesson. He set himself up to be crumbled as soon as that bell rang... I get that he entertains young audiences with his loud mouth but stay in the octagon mate. He does seem more reformed now so good on him 🍻

    Curtis.Curtis.Maand geleden
  • Easy work for mayweather..... McGregor is a mouthpiece

    James GoingJames GoingMaand geleden
  • Rewatching this it warms my heart to see how respectful he was to floyds father

    tommaso Marktommaso MarkMaand geleden
  • I can’t believe Conor talked all of that and got his ass whooped😂😂😂😂

    TT 4TT 4Maand geleden
  • Just like those disney muppets,goofy and pluto,big shitty mouth full of faeces,and talked it for weeks,and on the day, beatin like a bitch.

    Trevor ClausenTrevor ClausenMaand geleden
  • 3:25 "take that flip flop out of your mouth." hahahahhahahhahaha

    Antonio SciaraAntonio SciaraMaand geleden
    • 😭

      Ajaay ShharrmaAjaay Shharrma24 dagen geleden
  • Oh Floyd had to bring his daddy. Hey Daddy put your son in the UFC ring he wouldn't last one round did Connor would knock him out or kick him in the head kick him in the legs and your little wimpy son would be done. You better wise up boxing doesn't compare to UFC. I can guarantee you that much. You're lucky your son was in boxing in the UFC he wouldn't even be ranked sorry why don't you let your son talk you have to take up for him that's a pretty bad way to do things

    Don RossDon RossMaand geleden
  • Hope they all laughed @ CONNER & made him eat all his words after he got his ass kicked senior should of put 100 mill on floyd

    Turanga TohiarikiTuranga TohiarikiMaand geleden
  • Top banter from McGregor funny man

    J TJ TMaand geleden
  • all I heard was Beat yo ass

    Aarnav GandhiAarnav GandhiMaand geleden
  • Is that Shane sitting there? He deserved a notice by Conor and Sr. as the most popular youtuber.

    Elvis TaiElvis TaiMaand geleden
  • One of my favourite videos from the fight build up,,the press conferences and rallies they did were just class entertainment from Conner and Floyd Jnr, they should do something together outside boxing, ,they both were a class act together.

    Gert BucketGert BucketMaand geleden
  • Wooooooow is that Shane faze

    Jeremiah JacksonJeremiah JacksonMaand geleden
  • I think floyd SR is Mike Tyson's father.

    Gary pattersonGary pattersonMaand geleden
  • Haha brilliant May weather sr

    camilo martinez grezcamilo martinez grezMaand geleden
  • When was the last time Conor choked anybody out loooool. Maybe he’s talking about that time Khabib almost ripped his head off?

    ruhelmiah10ruhelmiah10Maand geleden
  • Sr will beat conor

    papa chulopapa chuloMaand geleden
  • Hold up is that brucy from the longest yard

    Dymiante LoftonDymiante LoftonMaand geleden
  • God is good

    noah franknoah frankMaand geleden
  • When you have to help your uncle out with some cold words cuz he drunk and can’t argue

    Kamran FulkersonKamran FulkersonMaand geleden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😇😇😇😇😇🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    A AA AMaand geleden
  • His brain cells are obvs damaged

    Steven OrourkeSteven OrourkeMaand geleden
  • Conor's charisma just wins over the audience and no matter how good your comebacks are you'll never win a trash talk against him

    Aseem SinghAseem SinghMaand geleden
  • This is a who can make no sense fight

    AsianWTFAsianWTFMaand geleden
  • the guy with mic has the edge compare to oldman with translator✌️

    Michael NabloMichael NabloMaand geleden
  • Why is Brucie there haha

    Bootsie BootsieBootsie BootsieMaand geleden
  • Best line “floyd has never been in a fight” 🤣

    Bootsie BootsieBootsie BootsieMaand geleden
  • Senor knew wasup

    William Kurbante SamsWilliam Kurbante SamsMaand geleden
  • Mayweather sr is also a goattttt

    BAMBAM JacksonBAMBAM JacksonMaand geleden
  • jake paul should fight him

    Snowpiercer2Snowpiercer2Maand geleden
  • Conor fans are narcissists and conor is nothing without his trash talk. You need proof 😂 Diaz, Khabib and Mayweather is proof. With them his trash talk did not work 😂 and this idiot lost. I bet anything if he stop using trash talk anyone can beat him.

    MUGANMUGANMaand geleden
  • Take that flip flop out ya mouth 😂

    Ryan WilliamsRyan WilliamsMaand geleden
  • Wherever Sr. gets into trash talks he ends up showing off his jab 😂😂 it looks good though 👀

    User 2User 2Maand geleden
  • şhit like like theatrical art :D:D

    Emre KaraçamEmre KaraçamMaand geleden
  • McGregor what a wanker

    Shaun AngellShaun AngellMaand geleden
  • I want May weather to keep his word and come to MMA to face Connor

    Mxs MMxs MMaand geleden
  • Leave the old man aln hes gonna get a heart attack😭

    Andrew GarciaAndrew GarciaMaand geleden
  • In an actual fight Conor would put Mayweather to sleep in 2 minutes. You can’t compare boxing to mma.

    You TuberYou TuberMaand geleden
  • Is Sr talking English

    rick bastubarick bastubaMaand geleden
  • Lmao the mayweathers are trash . Grand rapids trash trouble makers

    rick bastubarick bastubaMaand geleden
  • lol, ol man was right tho

    m 88m 88Maand geleden
  • lets be honest, conor did very well for fighting in a ring for the first time in front of the greatest boxer of all time. If Floyd was to be in an octagon against mcgregor, floyd was ripped.

    TocSickTocSickMaand geleden