How Hard Can FaZe Jarvis Punch?




  • You said “an utter”

    Flashh ♪Flashh ♪2 dagen geleden
  • sO hARd

    VeyttrVeyttr4 dagen geleden
  • Woah frazier is soo power full

    TRULY_REDTRULY_RED4 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    ItzKianItzKian4 dagen geleden
  • These scores don’t make sense

    Tokyo RemyTokyo Remy6 dagen geleden
  • Lol

    Hi I like your momHi I like your mom7 dagen geleden
  • Jamal clean the dishes 😂

    Adamfarrell123Adamfarrell1237 dagen geleden
  • team Jarvis

    Royal Jesse Home DriveRoyal Jesse Home Drive7 dagen geleden
  • Me

    Turbo912Turbo9128 dagen geleden
  • 8:14

    Alexis DiazAlexis Diaz9 dagen geleden
  • That little kid definitely doesn't do boxing

    CormacsfootballchannelCormacsfootballchannel10 dagen geleden
  • Oh my gosh! Frazier has that natural, freaky punching power! Very impressive. You can't teach that.

    TexasGuitaristTexasGuitarist10 dagen geleden
  • My Name Kevin wow

    ael troll2415ael troll241511 dagen geleden
  • ITS OVER 9000!

    UltraUltra12 dagen geleden
  • Jarvis u vs jaje paul

    Jodie StantonJodie Stanton13 dagen geleden
    • Jarvis0 vs jake pauld

      Jodie StantonJodie Stanton13 dagen geleden
  • Faze Kay VS Mr.Beast

    Lyft DoomLyft Doom14 dagen geleden
  • He one on my bday LOL

    Mike FletcherMike Fletcher15 dagen geleden
  • i never realised how huge Nikan was…

    Ryan NeziriRyan Neziri16 dagen geleden
  • Nice frenchie fries is here

  • Jarvis ended his fortnite career

    theo regan boitheo regan boi17 dagen geleden
  • I like how of all people FaZe Kay Won LMAO

    TopNotchKidTopNotchKid17 dagen geleden
  • Me

    Geo AcostaGeo Acosta17 dagen geleden
  • Me

    God slayer Fortnite godGod slayer Fortnite god17 dagen geleden
  • Let me just say. That Jamal guys punch sucked. It was so wide. You could see it coming from a mile a way

    HeisenbergerHeisenberger18 dagen geleden
    • It’s a punch machine it’s not gonna hit them back is it

      Sean ;]Sean ;]14 dagen geleden
  • Dude

    HeisenbergerHeisenberger18 dagen geleden
  • He should be strong he knocked some one out

    Rick LanhamRick Lanham19 dagen geleden
  • I noticed that Kevin is frenchyfries

    Gym Leader DeagGym Leader Deag19 dagen geleden
  • GG Jarvis

    Ihaspros LeeIhaspros Lee19 dagen geleden
  • Next up is nikan Me: nikan zuzuzu zuzuzu

    Michael AdelekeMichael Adeleke19 dagen geleden
  • Me

    BigggiberBigggiber19 dagen geleden
  • F*ck Jarvis just bec he knocked Michael le out doesnt mean hes the champ hes the only person he fought:/

    AlexTheGreat714AlexTheGreat71419 dagen geleden
  • J

    Ky-Mani JeffersKy-Mani Jeffers19 dagen geleden
  • Is that Frenchi

    Kisa's GamingKisa's Gaming19 dagen geleden
  • Calm down jamal

    ZT SparkyKyleZT SparkyKyle20 dagen geleden
  • do i look like EAZY-E???

    YBN_nachiYBN_nachi20 dagen geleden
  • sup guys lol

    YBN_nachiYBN_nachi20 dagen geleden
  • Legend says Frazier is the strongest boxer in LA

    silent master playzsilent master playz20 dagen geleden
  • How much can jarvis scam

    Real-PixxyReal-Pixxy20 dagen geleden
  • "Let's see how hard Jarvis can punch" *punches the faze part of his name out by how hard he scammed people*

    Heman TheMightyHeman TheMighty20 dagen geleden
  • Jarvis is weak he just got lucky

    J SingerJ Singer20 dagen geleden
  • Just put some more muscle on jarvis and he'd be deadly

    Chill xChill x21 dag geleden
  • michael le had to learn this the hard way

    Benicio PinaBenicio Pina21 dag geleden
  • I thought 1000 was the highest

    DW Brawl StarsDW Brawl Stars21 dag geleden
  • Can we talk like when jarvis is about to go there is a cut

    chmurathcchmurathc22 dagen geleden
  • The average mirror rahilly succeed because landmine paradoxically dust near a medical goldfish. private, amusing muscle

    Kim Sinh Nhat PhiKim Sinh Nhat Phi22 dagen geleden
  • Who’s that faze member click read more for awnser when done with your guess 😶🔫🛑😭 If you read this the awnser is Jarvis after getting banned of course

    ClapClap22 dagen geleden
  • wait.. frenchy fries name is kevin?

    demetrius saltellidemetrius saltelli23 dagen geleden
    • it is

      patasticpatastic23 dagen geleden
  • Jarvis 200 pump hit mike le

    Olga BoisteanOlga Boistean24 dagen geleden
  • You should do a video with Ksi

    Hellå HallåHellå Hallå24 dagen geleden

    omar tameromar tamer24 dagen geleden
  • How hard can Faze Jarvis punch? Hard enough to knockout an Asian tiktoker apparently.

    WadsterWadster24 dagen geleden
  • I thought he stop hacking...why does he hack the machine?

    Medic TubeMedic Tube24 dagen geleden
  • harder than his face

    VL DitroVL Ditro24 dagen geleden
  • Jarvis I will hack epic games and get u unbanned

    glitchmaster903glitchmaster90325 dagen geleden
    • Well, I don't get your joke

      patasticpatastic23 dagen geleden
  • how hard can Jarvis Scam

    CorruptCorrupt25 dagen geleden
  • Professional boxers lost to someone who never boxed

    Doyouknowmyname026Doyouknowmyname02625 dagen geleden
  • Frazier is built different lmao

    Xander 4469Xander 446925 dagen geleden
  • 2:50 calm down jamal

    Xx_Lucid_xXXx_Lucid_xX25 dagen geleden
  • That Freezer guy is OP

    Birds Aren't RealBirds Aren't Real26 dagen geleden
  • Who remembers when Kay would get Jarvis to dress up as an old man and play Fortnite

    TMONEYTMONEY26 dagen geleden
  • Pog

    EmcytherEmcyther27 dagen geleden
  • i love how faze kay said he was going to get destroyed and then he won haha

    Bethany LynchBethany Lynch27 dagen geleden
  • Nikan looks like he’s from Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan

    nibinibi27 dagen geleden
  • Hey

    G like like the cut faze FogG like like the cut faze Fog27 dagen geleden
  • Me

    Tony ManzanaresTony Manzanares27 dagen geleden
  • Kay and Jarvis got some crazy genes for them to have power like that 😳

    SquiggaSquigga27 dagen geleden
  • How do I manage to get more than all of you and I’m 12

    Unspeakable GamingUnspeakable Gaming27 dagen geleden
  • wait a sec so frenchie fries is kevin? name reveal?

    Yash MehtaYash Mehta27 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    Olav BergfjordOlav Bergfjord28 dagen geleden
  • You liar

    Luis Garcia-ToncheLuis Garcia-Tonche28 dagen geleden
  • Me

    Terry StsurinTerry Stsurin28 dagen geleden
  • Isn’t that Kevin guy frenchiefries

    Mannat SinghMannat Singh28 dagen geleden
  • When teawap earraped "SUBSCRIBE" i felt that

    LatentrLatentr28 dagen geleden
  • The strong playroom substantively serve because hoe naively produce but a capable freeze. fantastic, lazy plough

    suhcege tagihticsuhcege tagihtic28 dagen geleden
  • Beat u all got 9999

    Anthony MichaelAnthony Michael28 dagen geleden
  • JARVIS is an EDITH ... if u know u know

    Shreyank SShreyank S28 dagen geleden
  • The three step-grandmother conservatively fancy because feather unlikely drain failing a ultra selection. safe, scary rod

    Lauren JLauren J29 dagen geleden
  • You are a goat Jarvis

    XXwarriorXXXXwarriorXX29 dagen geleden
  • Me

    ITS.DAVID.ITS.DAVID.29 dagen geleden
  • Your are monster

    Kelly AdionaKelly Adiona29 dagen geleden
  • Frenchie fries

    Paul VinczePaul Vincze29 dagen geleden
  • Aaron was the best bro

    Nathan LekNathan Lek29 dagen geleden
  • Mechel have win

    King ArangilanKing Arangilan29 dagen geleden
  • So I got 9559 😳 Lowkey wanna upload it lol

    Music By KerwallMusic By Kerwall29 dagen geleden
  • Hard enough to ko Michael le

    SGC_ShadowSGC_Shadow29 dagen geleden
  • Frazier is secretly Thanos

    The Gaming ChannelThe Gaming ChannelMaand geleden
  • Micheal Le can prove this

    The AHA GangThe AHA GangMaand geleden
  • 1:08 try shouting that out loud in indonesia 😏😏😏

    Joseph FangJoseph FangMaand geleden

    Skool EXESkool EXEMaand geleden
  • world want to know how hard ksi punches jarvis

    lord grimorlord grimorMaand geleden
  • Enough talkng S̆̈M̆̈Ă̈C̆̈K̆̈

    ahmed Bahlooqahmed BahlooqMaand geleden
  • Faze jarvis became a boxer apparently

    Jad CelineJad CelineMaand geleden
  • Who is watching this after Jarvis knocked out micheal Le?

    ZaxreyZaxreyMaand geleden
  • Why is Frenchy fries the cameraman?

    Isaac plays game’sIsaac plays game’sMaand geleden
  • 0:29 'I've haven't been boxing,these guys will destroy me. -FaZe kay then he ends up winning!

    Nhan LeNhan LeMaand geleden
  • 2:31 calm down Jamal!

    KlosekRBKlosekRBMaand geleden
  • Now we know how much damage he hit to his face during the fight

    tara koizumitara koizumiMaand geleden
  • Tewap talks funny not finna lie if u see this tewap u should become a comidean

    MxriMxriMaand geleden
  • Calm down Jamal lmao

    Amanda MackeyAmanda MackeyMaand geleden
  • I dont like Jarvis he to aggressive

    Martin RosalesMartin RosalesMaand geleden