Memphis Depay Barcelona Debut (24/07/2021)

Memphis Depay made his debut for Barcelona in the second pre-season match of the 2021/22 season. The Dutchman came on at the end of the first half and looked sharp with his first touches. He also scored the team's third goal via penalty in the second half.




  • Memphos, lazy player

    Deddy Capella AkustikDeddy Capella Akustik6 dagen geleden
  • Mbape vs depay futuro rivalidad

    poolcito rey castropoolcito rey castro20 dagen geleden
  • DEPAY ES MUY EGOÍSTA; con sus compañeros!!!

    Ariel yurquinaAriel yurquinaMaand geleden
  • He just needs to improve the small moves in the centre involving passing and his crossing otherwise he’s good rn

    Khalid PopalzaiKhalid PopalzaiMaand geleden
  • Barcelona need Lord Bretwet, He's play and score 27-0

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiMaand geleden
  • *IMAGINE THIS TRIO Aguero Depay Messi* *but it is still not better than msn*

  • Great player I’m glad he’s in Barca but is no one gunna talk about how beautiful that kit is? Like holy shit it’s so sexy

    Disobey CaligulaDisobey CaligulaMaand geleden

    Koeba footballKoeba footballMaand geleden
  • I cant wait to see how aggressive they are this year. They all look hungry.

    Stillhdz (Stillakilla)Stillhdz (Stillakilla)Maand geleden
    • Memphis can do something Special for Us 🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️ Visça El Barça

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiMaand geleden
  • Memphis displaying some needed speed in the Barcelona forward

    Luvo MeliLuvo MeliMaand geleden
  • mempis and oxlade chamberlain look alike

    Fazrin MegatFazrin MegatMaand geleden
  • como juega el pive es un ckas soy natanael

    Juan BolañosJuan BolañosMaand geleden
  • Mhepis skill nya sama kaya naiymar jr

    Muhammad faiz Muhammad faizMuhammad faiz Muhammad faizMaand geleden
  • He will be good at recovering the ball in the final third

    Soinas DoyiSoinas DoyiMaand geleden
  • MSM

    Mustafa MustafaMustafa MustafaMaand geleden
  • menphis un tres grand joueure tous comme a lyon

    Chimène TelboisChimène TelboisMaand geleden
  • Plz make a dest one🙏

    Anas KhanAnas KhanMaand geleden
  • Good one there memphis 🔥🔥🔥💯

    lior yunfhlior yunfhMaand geleden
    • Good one there memphis 🔥🔥🔥💯

      Soinas DoyiSoinas DoyiMaand geleden
  • Depay Aguero Messi😱

    ErayErayMaand geleden
  • Badannya gendut.. cuman jadi beban tim... menghadapi tim besar gk layak dengan tubuh seperti itu

    CR SEVENCR SEVENMaand geleden
  • Es un tronco

    Rafa VillaRafa VillaMaand geleden
  • Memphis can do something Special for Us 🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️ Visça El Barça

    Bolia FopsBolia FopsMaand geleden
    • telah membangkitkan Dia dari antara orang mati Dia akan memberi Anda hidup yang kekal (lihat ke atas dan tanyakan padanya)

      lior yunfhlior yunfhMaand geleden
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    HappeningTVHappeningTVMaand geleden
  • Podría decir que predeci las cosas hace unos 5 meses atrás y pues era ya su era de darce antes que tarde , saludos a todos los colegas que están activos en medios

    Jasson QuitoJasson QuitoMaand geleden
  • Bad

    babayuba kuybabayuba kuyMaand geleden
  • Good one there memphis 🔥🔥🔥💯

    Whgu ybnmWhgu ybnmMaand geleden
  • If he wasn’t hungry for a goal so much he would’ve had a lot of assists

    KingTon357KingTon357Maand geleden
    • I totally agree with this. He was trying to much to score a goal instead of also taking advantage of moments others we better positioned to score the goal. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to score goals but when you someone on your team has a better chance, make the move.

      Obande ObandeObande ObandeMaand geleden
  • He will be good at recovering the ball in the final third

    dueeh nyyudueeh nyyuMaand geleden
  • 👚✈💛🦓🐼💮💗🎋🌟🌠🎦💙👙🎄✨🎄🌙 *Allah menunjukkan kasih-Nya kepada kita dengan mengirimkan Anak-Nya Yesus Kristus, yang telah mati dan bangkit dari kematian untuk Beri kami hidup kekal.* *Dia juga berjanji untuk menyembuhkan tubuh Anda.* *Jika Anda mengaku dengan mulut Anda Tuhan Yesus dan percaya dalam hati Anda bahwa Tuhan telah membangkitkan Dia dari antara orang mati* *Dia akan memberi Anda hidup yang kekal* *(lihat ke atas dan tanyakan padanya)*

    Genni GlassglowGenni GlassglowMaand geleden
    • ديباي

      Whgu ybnmWhgu ybnmMaand geleden
  • Hola Messi

    Mirza SurianoMirza SurianoMaand geleden
  • y aguero pa cuando

    Lucas CalistoLucas CalistoMaand geleden
    • Whoever picked the bright blueish kits for both teams in broad daylight is a complete GENIUS!!

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyuMaand geleden

    Gaby Altamirano MndivGaby Altamirano MndivMaand geleden
  • Depay Balon de Oro

    No FearNo FearMaand geleden
  • Gordo

    Wilmer ZuritaWilmer ZuritaMaand geleden
  • Let's see if messi likes him lol

    MexiscoolMexiscoolMaand geleden
  • Memphis lookes like a fresh light Barca needs in there squad. Memphis and Messi would be a dream. especially for me as a dutch guy. Give Memphis some time to adjust to the Barca Squad and he will be awesome!

    Ruben AmsterdamRuben AmsterdamMaand geleden
  • ميسي

    الأرجنتيني ليونيل ميسيالأرجنتيني ليونيل ميسيMaand geleden
  • ميسي

    الأرجنتيني ليونيل ميسيالأرجنتيني ليونيل ميسيMaand geleden
  • id like all you guys who is leaving comments here to come back next may and explain why the champions league isnt in spain

    Brent BoojhawanBrent BoojhawanMaand geleden
  • ديباي

    الأرجنتيني ليونيل ميسيالأرجنتيني ليونيل ميسيMaand geleden
  • El tiene que bajar por lo menos 5kg.. Muy gordito

    Papa EmmaPapa EmmaMaand geleden
  • GG🐃🐃

    It allIt allMaand geleden
  • Do you guys think we can win laliga?

    JamalJamalMaand geleden
  • Whoever picked the bright blueish kits for both teams in broad daylight is a complete GENIUS!!

    Ap YtAp YtMaand geleden
  • he doesn't play in unity, he looks too pushy and doesn't want to share the ball in front of the opponent's goal. His finishing also need to be improve. but it's his first match, so it's still good ✌

    Sigit SSigit SMaand geleden
    • Lol its a pre-season match played for the sake of fitness and chemistry. He barely even knows his teammates at this point. Making this statement even after the first league game of the season would be too early much less a pre season warm up match.

  • Looks good

    Jimmy HarlowJimmy HarlowMaand geleden
  • Mempis the next neymar keren😘👍👍👍

    sasuke rinesasuke rineMaand geleden
  • Visça el Barça

    jose antonio García Martinezjose antonio García MartinezMaand geleden
  • Come on Memphis Depay cule with this player we won

    jose antonio García Martinezjose antonio García MartinezMaand geleden
  • These comments are so exaggerating.

    Real RetainerReal RetainerMaand geleden
  • Seems like a good signing

    Bagar BillaBagar BillaMaand geleden
  • He's too fat ....

    Dr Lalchamliana Dr ChamaDr Lalchamliana Dr ChamaMaand geleden
  • Nymer തടിച്ച പോലെ ആണ് me mphis ഇനെ കാണുമ്പോൾ

    Jamsheer TkyJamsheer TkyMaand geleden
  • Memphis is world class.

    BiofeelsBiofeelsMaand geleden
  • Good one there memphis 🔥🔥🔥💯

    Bawa Eric SkylarBawa Eric SkylarMaand geleden
  • Lookin like neymar

    Tareek MekonnenTareek MekonnenMaand geleden
  • Dude looks like Neymar...😂

    Akono SeighaAkono SeighaMaand geleden
  • Horrible equipación

    mario RAYA ATIENZAmario RAYA ATIENZAMaand geleden
  • Visça Barça 💙❤️💛💪🏾

    Leonardo González 0791Leonardo González 0791Maand geleden
  • One of the best of this generation, good player

    Jason BrownJason BrownMaand geleden
  • Barcelona y sus fichajes frustrados.

    Esteban JeanEsteban JeanMaand geleden
  • Memphis should stop romancing the ball shoot 🔫

    Felix RichyFelix RichyMaand geleden
  • his skills so cool

    Goals Of The DayGoals Of The DayMaand geleden
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    samu elsamu elMaand geleden
    • 🙏😔

      Dogbe Kwame BlessingDogbe Kwame BlessingMaand geleden
  • He will be good at recovering the ball in the final third

    Kimbadaaa OpKimbadaaa OpMaand geleden
  • Memphis welcome, it is the best club in the world

    cynthia kiptoocynthia kiptooMaand geleden
    • Haha lol good joke

      Omar FigueroaOmar FigueroaMaand geleden
  • depay skilfull👍👍

  • depay bagus kerja keras👍👍

  • bien Memem !

    HUJAMBO KorodaniHUJAMBO KorodaniMaand geleden
  • Memphis is good

    ChimukaChimukaMaand geleden
  • Couthinho 😔

    Zaki New game&football Zaki New game&football Maand geleden
  • Barcelona!

    Walter MuchangaWalter MuchangaMaand geleden
  • No matter who is playing up front as long as Puig ,Langlet and Sergio are on the pitch ?? we are fucked .

    Jon SekanderJon SekanderMaand geleden
  • Koeman out.pep in..!hahaa

    Toan NguyenToan NguyenMaand geleden
  • He's the type of player barcelona needs right now. Someone who can step up when Messi has been marked out. Someone that can pick the ball up and do some magic without always having to look for Messi.

    Uzoma NellyUzoma NellyMaand geleden
    • @Just Chris I like to see Memphis shooting cuz he is eager & brave to do a shooting & not passing around the penalty box

      Amirul Haziq F1032Amirul Haziq F1032Maand geleden
    • Completely agree

      Kyle RamabenyaneKyle RamabenyaneMaand geleden
    • 💯/Catalan

      Bara DiopBara DiopMaand geleden
    • Ikr In big games every1 look at Messi to do everything Now we have other players to take over🔥🔥🔥

      Just ChrisJust ChrisMaand geleden
  • if messi was there in memphis side then it would have been more goal, memphis griezmann messi would be good trio this season if griez stay

    AlishAlishMaand geleden
    • @Maxi ya

      AlishAlishMaand geleden
    • aguero is also an option

      MaxiMaxiMaand geleden
  • mempphis looks like a fat neymar

    Abhilash VsAbhilash VsMaand geleden
  • Fifa 17

    sergio albertosergio albertoMaand geleden
  • Bro whats with his hair hahahah whatever i love depay

    ChqnksChqnksMaand geleden
  • Barca attack this season Memphis - Aguero - Messi 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    bujugeorgebujugeorgeMaand geleden
  • Whenever I see him, I feel like I can't breathe. Because his shirt is too small. Damn tight.

    Reza PReza PMaand geleden
    • Omll

      mompremier philogènemompremier philogèneMaand geleden
  • Is R Sanchez coming?

    Jirmea HinokeJirmea HinokeMaand geleden
  • 🌴❣️ *From iraq with love 🕊🇮🇶🦅* بارسا بارسا

    To ReĐaTo ReĐaMaand geleden
  • Poquinho gordinho...ya en serio, hay esperanzas en Memphis

    Leo PintoLeo PintoMaand geleden
  • Say Depay

    Ball VisualsBall VisualsMaand geleden
  • he deserve the number 9

    Fatwa SikruddinFatwa SikruddinMaand geleden
  • Garande memphis

    Mahamadou HydaraMahamadou HydaraMaand geleden
  • Buen penal y eso que no retrocedió mucho

    USUARIO7USUARIO7Maand geleden
  • Que Gawande memephis

    Mahamadou HydaraMahamadou HydaraMaand geleden
  • For a first game very good, but we shouldn’t expect too much.

    WaylonWaylonMaand geleden
  • in the end when pjanic made that run and memphis trapped it, he should have layer it off for pjanic bc pjanic would have scored and memphis would have got an assist.

    t a r i k dt a r i k dMaand geleden
    • @Chqnks Cool story bro.

      nkoonkukoonkoonkukooMaand geleden
    • Form outside its easy to analyze and say whats the best in the situation. But when you in the situation by yourself you have always less than a second to interact

      ChqnksChqnksMaand geleden
  • Griezman and Memphis will be a better combination. Messi is a team player, but in the long run, Messi only cannot do it. If you ask my opinion, with Messi in the team our team is easily predictable because all balls go to him and this paralysis the system. Just allow Messi to leave.

    Hassan AyoadeHassan AyoadeMaand geleden
    • @Ako Maxwell What are you trying to say buddy?

      Priyangshu NarzaryPriyangshu NarzaryMaand geleden
    • U guys should chill

      Ako MaxwellAko MaxwellMaand geleden
    • After he wins the Copa America,he automatically becomes best player in the world

      Ako MaxwellAko MaxwellMaand geleden
    • Who made him still the best player in the world

      Ako MaxwellAko MaxwellMaand geleden
    • Messi still has alot to give. He's still the best player in the world. When the time comes, when he isn't able to do what he does anymore, he'll leave himself.

      Priyangshu NarzaryPriyangshu NarzaryMaand geleden
  • Great first game. Whenever he gets the ball, he has one objectier: 'how can we get to the goal as quick as possible'. Very result oriented, something Barcelona needed. I hope he gets lots of playing time

    JaspertjessJaspertjessMaand geleden
    • @riser what

      YadukrishnaYadukrishnaMaand geleden
    • Trash

      riserriserMaand geleden
    • @RanitXtr3m3YT ( Rxgaming ) hope upcoming seasons will be ours

      YadukrishnaYadukrishnaMaand geleden
    • @RanitXtr3m3YT ( Rxgaming ) players are fail to shot on target🎯, miss passes... We need beautiful attacks🔫👊

      YadukrishnaYadukrishnaMaand geleden
    • @RanitXtr3m3YT ( Rxgaming ) yaa very bad

      YadukrishnaYadukrishnaMaand geleden
  • Good

    Mukunzi EricMukunzi EricMaand geleden
  • Memphis is overrated

    Yash KYash KMaand geleden
  • I can see Memphis destroying big teams in the future❤️❤️

    Furqan BashirFurqan BashirMaand geleden
    • @Ana Herrera He always had that kind of mold what aspect of his play doesn't fit in with camp Nous brand of attacking football? I wanted him at Arsenal because we play the same type of tiki-taka football (at least during the Wenger days) with a winger that can cut inside and score. Memphis has been that type of player at Lyon.

    • @Furqan Bashir he doesn’t fit in camp nou

      Ana HerreraAna HerreraMaand geleden
    • @Nick L I think he will get good support from great players

      Furqan BashirFurqan BashirMaand geleden
    • Lol no

      Nick LNick LMaand geleden
  • Berat amat kek nya yak

    muji Mujimuji MujiMaand geleden
  • Depay Aguero mesi semoga kalian bisa membawa Barcelona juara Champions

    SINYO ETESINYO ETEMaand geleden
  • Semoga mempis depay bisa sesuaikan permainan dengan mesi dan grismen

    SINYO ETESINYO ETEMaand geleden
  • Goed bezig Memphis depay

    ricardo verkadericardo verkadeMaand geleden