These Musical Illusions will Make You Question Everything

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  • the shepards tone was fake :-[ i skipped forward and backwards and it got higher and higher rather than staying the same. When i went backwards it went lower, meaning its fake...

    Ellis AdjeiEllis AdjeiUur geleden
  • I actually saw the dog instantly, was a bit surprised

    Евгений БулгаковЕвгений Булгаков3 uur geleden
  • I watched just 10 seconds and then went to practice

    Panagiotis KanellopoulosPanagiotis Kanellopoulos4 uur geleden
  • They picked one of the hardest piano songs for a background. Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody no 2

    William AftonWilliam Afton5 uur geleden
  • Is there anyone else here who realized that your preception of tempo completely changes when your quite very drunk? Sometimes when I walk home absolutely drunk I feel like the songs I listen to sound like they are played on 1.5 times the speed or even faster and Im like "what the fuck? Has this song always been so fast? That doesnt sound right it sounds way to fast." And then I listen to it the next day and everything sounds completely normal again.

    Jan MischaJan Mischa9 uur geleden
  • When it said it could have psychological effects I was like "yeah of course haha". I mean music always has a psychological or mood effect on you and I thought this was what they meant but man that thing made me feel so uncomfortable after like 10 seconds already.

    Jan MischaJan Mischa10 uur geleden
  • The right ear left ear one freaked me out. When I listened to it with one earphone, there was no alternating, just one constant octave tone. Then I listened with both, heard the alternating, and now even with one earphone I can’t hear it how I did before.

    PrincessLelouchPrincessLelouch18 uur geleden
    • Nevermind, turns out my earphones mash sounds from both sides together when only one earphone is on.

      PrincessLelouchPrincessLelouch18 uur geleden
  • I think a lot of us heard it going down… me included.

    Ginger ALGinger AL19 uur geleden
  • So uhhh, whats it called when im listening to the headphone one and i dont hear any on and off just a consistent pitch? Even after hearing it so many times?

    Cadewynn TTVCadewynn TTV20 uur geleden
  • wait... when they played the tritone paradox, the two clips they played were completely different clips, right? i heard up on the first play/clip and down on the second play/clip and I can't for the life of me make them switch....

    Kristen BOOKSKristen BOOKS20 uur geleden
  • Eddy: What if this real world is an illusion. Kurzgesagt: Reality is flat.

    Lid🖤.Lid🖤.Dag geleden
  • 13:18 If you remember what they're saying you'll hear it.

    Lid🖤.Lid🖤.Dag geleden
  • So interesting, I hear the second tritone going down.

    Joshua Weisbrod-TorresJoshua Weisbrod-TorresDag geleden
  • Was it really hard? The black blobs on white picture? Asking for research!

    GerinoMornGerinoMornDag geleden
  • Both tritones went down. 😬

    Nancy SwindlerNancy SwindlerDag geleden
  • At 2:06 when he plays the paradox tones does anyone hear two totally different notes the second time when he pkays it for the person off camera?!

    JeanGray218JeanGray218Dag geleden
  • for the tritone i heard it up the first time and down the second time tf. its probably cuz i listen to the “do you hear this or this” things until i can hear both at the same time

    ChristinaChristinaDag geleden
  • The Octave trick really messes with me. I am left handed in a lot of ways but technically right hand dominant, as i only write and eat left handed. My brain can't make up it's mind about whats going on. First i heard two octaves that were bouncing left and right in alternate directions, then i couldn't tell which was high and which was low, and then it just blended into a mono sound of octaves mixing in and out of one another. very weird.

    Bobby EngelBobby EngelDag geleden
  • The talking piano makes the formants (vowel sounds) But not the plosives (consonants) or sibilant sounds (s sounds)

    CaptnSeraphCaptnSeraphDag geleden
  • Brett getting excited about the dog is amazing.

    Tasman WhitingTasman WhitingDag geleden
  • I cannot hear the scrambled melodies at all, even after I hear the actual tune. How tf did eddy do that????

    Madison HokstadMadison HokstadDag geleden
  • on the tri-tone..I heard down

    ParmesanaParmesanaDag geleden
  • For the piano, I actually heard the word social and it was right. I'm not sure whether I just got lucky but I gave up after that :P

    Joshua ChoiJoshua ChoiDag geleden
  • Auto Pan

    Everything EditedEverything EditedDag geleden
  • Eddy’s assumption of the Shepard tone was entirely correct

    Panicks28 Main 【Games & Tutorials】Panicks28 Main 【Games & Tutorials】Dag geleden
  • the faster one, just makes u think its getting faster by making the note at the start of the rhythm higher every single time... i think

    kuramakuramaDag geleden
  • For the one in the middle, that they seemed the most different about, I hear a high G and a low G (I'm taking Eddy's word that it's a G); the difference is that the low G is *steady*, while the high G goes on and off. And when the high G goes off, people hear the low G, and think the low G came on, when in fact the low G is always on, it's just that the high G went off. If you listen closely, you can hear the low G steadily present thruout the entire clip, but the high G going off tricks people into thinking the low G comes on, even tho it was already on. I don't hear any motion, only a steady low G and a beating high G, but then I'm using two shitty speakers, not headphones. I have no idea what Eddy hears when he describes a semitone below the high G, as far as I can figure it's only the two Gs, in an octave.

    UnshavenStatueUnshavenStatue2 dagen geleden
  • 13:25 - this IS an illusion ;)

    T IsaacT Isaac2 dagen geleden
  • The one where you need to use headphones, I can actually hear both. Sometimes what Eddy's hearing, sometimes what Brett's hearing..

    Hyper Shadow Sniper 176Hyper Shadow Sniper 1762 dagen geleden
  • The way I couldn’t hear Ode to Joy even after it was revealed

    Ryan NattressRyan Nattress2 dagen geleden
  • The second scrambled melody in the "Scrambled Melodies" part of the videos reminded me of the theme of Slimy Spring Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2...

    Donkey KongDonkey Kong2 dagen geleden
  • I heard the pitch go down

    d deed dee3 dagen geleden
  • The first one started off pretty trippy but then just sounded like I was in an airplane

    TristanTristan3 dagen geleden
  • I'm ambidextrous and I can hear that they're octaves alternating but I have no idea which ear they go to.

    ꧁Jack Minto꧂꧁Jack Minto꧂3 dagen geleden
  • Lower note, in the centre of my head, switching between G and G# Higher note, alternating between ears, but in the left ears with clearly less volume

    Gau28Gau283 dagen geleden
  • But if you play slow there is obviously 2 octaves right? So eddy is wrong?

    RevRev3 dagen geleden
  • I love how different everyone is. I could tell with the first two illusions that they were layered. Couldnt get the beep-boop ones at all, and the picture of the dog in the garden popped out to me immediately. Like I was seeing a complete picture not blobs. Had the same result as the guys for the octave illusion. Heard up for the paradox. Couldnt hear the piano words without subtitles which was a cool one.

    IngeniousOutdoorsIngeniousOutdoors3 dagen geleden
  • What's the title of the song after ode to joy?

    the mogulthe mogul3 dagen geleden
  • Why is it I sucked at everything but saw the dog instantaneously

    promocoslayerpromocoslayer3 dagen geleden
  • I heard both the up and the down tritones. The up is more prevalent, but I still heard the down as well.

    Corbin RasmussenCorbin Rasmussen3 dagen geleden
  • The tritone one is weird, if i try to focus on the lower notes, i hear it going down, but if i follow the high notes, it goes up

    NiclaniNiclani3 dagen geleden
  • I heard it on the left side higher but right handed flawed

    DrCrazyEvilDrCrazyEvil3 dagen geleden
  • eddy: it was already obvious me: still can't figure out after i know it's ode to joy*

    a dude on the interweba dude on the interweb4 dagen geleden
  • When the first one played, I actually heard the moment, they restarted with the low pitch, I think. Or i noticed at some point, that it was there and not getting even higher

    hisnameshallbesqishy andheshallbeminehisnameshallbesqishy andheshallbemine4 dagen geleden
  • Intill they said it was a dog. I thought the picture was a crocodile

    XIHIXXIHIX4 dagen geleden
  • Me the octaves thing if you are watching on your phone put it an arms out and u can hear what eddy hears and up to you ear Brett

    Void-ZardVoid-Zard4 dagen geleden
  • The octave illusion did throw me off, but the dalmation I saw right away. Maybe I chose the wrong job xD

    Nikki van ZanenNikki van Zanen4 dagen geleden
  • What's the piece playing at 11:15? I'm pretty sure it's a Tchaikovsky but can't remember which one.

    Juan GarciaJuan Garcia4 dagen geleden
  • 11:49 i heard both o.O

    Joshua BeresfordJoshua Beresford4 dagen geleden
  • Should have used the Allen Iverson interview clip for the intro

    Rowan GravesRowan Graves5 dagen geleden
  • Ok, that tritone paradox got me good, the first time I heard it go up, the second time I heard it go down, I rewatched it and the same thing happened, eh!?

    GapphireGapphire5 dagen geleden
  • Therapist: talking alien piano isn't real, it can't hurt you. Talking alien piano:

    Vau RienVau Rien5 dagen geleden
  • At 8:14 the spiral is off center ;-; (I cant unsee it now)

    Misty the potatoMisty the potato5 dagen geleden
  • With the octave, I’m a lefty and that’s real messed up

    Nathaniel CachemailleNathaniel Cachemaille5 dagen geleden
  • For the "talking piano" - seeing the words certainly helps - but the sounds are pretty much actually there. It's just a Fourier transformation of the speech recording (i.e. finding the amplitudes of different frequencies in the overall sample over time) mapped onto the (relatively coarsely gained) notes on a piano. Amazing stuff.

    Michael BauerMichael Bauer5 dagen geleden

    mimikkyumimikkyu6 dagen geleden
  • is it weird that for me my head just naturally reset each of the "cycles" from the first two so i never the increasing tone / speed??

    mimikkyumimikkyu6 dagen geleden
  • i'm right handed and hear it in my left ear...

    CloudierCloudCloudierCloud6 dagen geleden
  • The octave one- Me: *describes what it felt like* Ite felt like a room with tension What it said: *about how some hear high pitch in one ear and the lower pitch in the other Me:😀

    ImissRengokuImissRengoku6 dagen geleden
  • Actually Shepherd scales are not really that much an illusion to trained ears. Because although they imply the notion of falling or rising their nature creates a periodic chance in tone color. So for the trained ear that so called illusion does not actually work.

    TheVoitelTheVoitel6 dagen geleden
  • i kinda expected benedetti's puzzle

    John KevinJohn Kevin6 dagen geleden
  • For the back and forth one (I'm left handed) I heard the low note as more of a drone and the high note switching back and forth between the ears

    Eliot The AceEliot The Ace7 dagen geleden
  • I heard "Protecting" before I read it.

    Malachi ColeMalachi Cole7 dagen geleden
  • I didn't hear the alternating tones in different ears at all. It just sounded like a train crossing tone to me?

    KaiseaKaisea7 dagen geleden
  • Joan Cusack the talking piano

    RootDude68RootDude687 dagen geleden
  • The octave illusion sounds like a Japanese train crossing if it were in the Tron universe.

    BnioBnio7 dagen geleden
  • The high-low octave headphones reminded me of sovietwave music and I was distracted, and therefore did not recieve the illusion

    Mike RoggeMike Rogge8 dagen geleden
  • Wait, that Tritone Paradox is freaking me out. The first time I heard it up, vut the second I heard it down, I didn't realize it was the same. Why is it switching for me???

    Sapphy SparrowSapphy Sparrow8 dagen geleden
  • 11:41 The first was down and the second was up Am i build diffrent then yoooo

    aso-chan aso🌚aso-chan aso🌚8 dagen geleden
  • I heard tritone going down,

    jove.evransonjove.evranson8 dagen geleden
  • 11:40 you guys are wrong. With practice you can hear it going in both directions at will.

    Dino SpumoniDino Spumoni8 dagen geleden
  • I heard up and down so whaddo i do?

    BeautifulCrapBeautifulCrap8 dagen geleden
  • great illusions. the first one was calming to me. but the second one! would drive me nuts. the Dalmatian pic was incredible!! but i’m more of a visual person, while you guys are aural. Thanks - this vid was really fun! :) 😋🤨🎻🎸🎹🥁🎺/ 🎬🎭🎨👩🏻‍🎨

    Alexa PennAlexa Penn9 dagen geleden
  • It did not go faster, it just kept adding more beats into it :)

    CrowCrow9 dagen geleden
  • That first one is just a musical fractal

    H DervishH Dervish10 dagen geleden
  • i heard down but ok

    Pigeon FlamePigeon Flame11 dagen geleden
  • 2:55 - _"fractals"_ were bound to come up, on this! Cheers-

    Marka OsloMarka Oslo11 dagen geleden
  • Idk y bu't i got freaked when i heard the piano talked...i can relate to what they were saying that if u dont read the subtitle it's just playing disturbing keys

    JennyJenny11 dagen geleden
  • 6:33 “yea it’s a garden” … sooo I see dead bodies and a bomb. I should be worried about my mental health.

    BananaabBananaab11 dagen geleden
  • The octave one is that both side is repeating

    leo lileo li11 dagen geleden
  • So for part of the video I was listening through a Bluetooth speaker, but it’s only one of a 2-speaker set. They each play one of the 2 different channels of sound that make up surround sound (the right channel and the left channel.) During the octaves illusion it sounded like it only played one note the whole time, no going on and off like with my earbuds, it was consistent. And I just thought it was cool that sound can get split up so weird

    Blade Darker, HallelujahBlade Darker, Hallelujah11 dagen geleden
  • I can definitely hear two defernet notes I don't have perfect pitch so I can't tell if it's octives or not but the way the notes sound it's more like that the one is constantly over lapping the other maybe that's why Eddy is getting confused. But what do I know.

    ΝτιάναΝτιάνα12 dagen geleden
  • Guys... here's a challenge. Try to play the shepard tone with two violons! First one of you would play from note X and slowingly slide to the upper octave Y while playing decrescendo. The second of you will do the same, but starting a bit later. I'm pretty sure it can be done, though it may require some PRACTIIIIIIICE 😆

    GaladhonGaladhon13 dagen geleden
  • The first one says it can have phycological affects, which means it can affect algae?

    Obvious MathsObvious Maths14 dagen geleden
  • I'm right handed. I heard the higher tone in the right ear. Then I heard the explanation, and went back and listened again, but with my ear buds swapped right to left ear - and I still heard the higher tone in the right ear. Amazing.

    Mike CollinsMike Collins14 dagen geleden
  • That octave one messed me up. At first I heard the same as Brett, with the high note in both ears, then I couldn't unhear Eddie's one. Wtf.

    Mairi van SchoorMairi van Schoor15 dagen geleden
  • I also hear those alternating octaves as if it drops a half tone or something

    mirawenmirawen15 dagen geleden
  • i hear the tritone thing going down

    eric stockeric stock16 dagen geleden
  • 5:54 Eddy: its like some folk song Me: 👀👀👀👀 isnt that the Barney Song? When Barney song became a folk song is their another version? ?.?

    Saphire CrossSaphire Cross16 dagen geleden
  • Have two set consider the fact that as violinists, your hearing in your left ear, particularly it's ability to hear higher pitched sounds, might just be worse than your right ear?

    GentleTaipanGentleTaipan17 dagen geleden
  • The Yankee doodle one got me. I kept hearing Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, because that was the scrambled one actually sound it.

    GentleTaipanGentleTaipan17 dagen geleden
  • The last one has a lot more musical ones that can be found on NLflow. My favorite one is the Bohemian Rhapsody one, by the time you reach the operatic section you can hear the voices, including Roger Taylor's falsetto "meeeeeeee". I can hear that with no subtitles. I think it also doesn't translate well in spoken format as you need the subtitles to hear the illusion of the piano "talking".

    Pink AgaricusPink Agaricus17 dagen geleden
  • When you're right handed and you still can't tell where the high sound is coming from

    Genderless WitchGenderless Witch18 dagen geleden
  • These two are the Asian version of Mike Myers & Dana Carvey

    wurzel aus cwurzel aus c18 dagen geleden
  • Forget illusion, it's rather a delusion that that Shepard Tone = music.

    Std DisclaimerStd Disclaimer18 dagen geleden
  • it's called acid guys

    GMoneyGMoney18 dagen geleden
  • The first time they played the tritone sound, I heard it go up. The second time they played the tritone sound I heard it go down. TRIPPY

    Music KeeperMusic Keeper18 dagen geleden
  • Bruh i heard it go down

    Zahra SaghirZahra Saghir18 dagen geleden
  • i think eddy's perfect pitch helped with that mystery melody one cuz i was lost

    SaLoNiSaLoNi18 dagen geleden
  • 11:44 yo I heard it up the first time and down the second??? I feel like that's not how it's supposed to be

    Kaylea MorrisonKaylea Morrison19 dagen geleden