Itachi DEATH (Reaction Mashup) Sasuke vs Itachi [4/4] | Shippuden 138 🇯🇵 🔥 [ナルト 疾風伝 ]

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👁️ Itachi death vs Sasuke 😱 Reaction Mashup [4/4] | Shippuden 138 (JAP Version 🇯🇵)🔥 [ナルト 疾風伝 ]

🇯🇵 Japanese Version 👉🏻▶️

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- Part 4 👉🏻▶️

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    React of FandomsReact of Fandoms5 maanden geleden
    • They didn't watch the show

      Chicken PopChicken Pop7 dagen geleden
    • 000

      7azoom7azoomMaand geleden
    • 000

      7azoom7azoomMaand geleden
    • 000

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    Sayan Ghosh Sayan GhoshSayan Ghosh Sayan GhoshDag geleden
  • Super disappointed that NO ONE realized the importance of Itachi's final action towards Sasuke -___-.

    Isabella SteffensenIsabella SteffensenDag geleden
  • Orang Inggris asli apa orang Inggris palsu coy

    okkay channelokkay channel5 dagen geleden
  • Itachi: *summons susanoo* Everyone: WHAT IS THAT?

    Gyiuu TomiokaGyiuu Tomioka5 dagen geleden
  • The way they made he's head nock on the stone is just disrespectful😭😭

    kingmildspicekingmildspice6 dagen geleden
  • Can the guys in the left stop laughing about everything ? Bloody hell

    MrSoty12345MrSoty123456 dagen geleden
  • ☹️😓😢

    ايتاشي اوتشيها♡ايتاشي اوتشيها♡6 dagen geleden
  • None of them know what's going on, unless they would be emotional. I was

    Chicken PopChicken Pop7 dagen geleden
  • Botttom left is mad annoying someone mute her

    D _D _7 dagen geleden
  • I'm alone 90% of the time watching something I sit with a poker face?

    ИсторииИстории7 dagen geleden
  • The episode where the power even beyond the 5 kages showed up. How nostalgic.

    MoonNekoMoonNeko8 dagen geleden
  • The true hero

    Kevin Gene Tjon A PauwKevin Gene Tjon A Pauw8 dagen geleden
  • *Эх… Представьте, если бы у Итачи был ВМШ и выносливость узумаки. Так же завершенного сусано с этими артефактами. Еще на ряду с талантом и интеллектом - чисто машина для убийств* P.s: размечтался -_-

    RectRect8 dagen geleden
  • the one who truely killed itachi WALL

    SHARKEY StudiosSHARKEY Studios8 dagen geleden
  • the middle left tells the dog to be quiet

    Ahmad PrasetyoAhmad Prasetyo8 dagen geleden
  • The reac tells the dog to be quiet, you can't hear the noise

    Ahmad PrasetyoAhmad Prasetyo8 dagen geleden
  • Where is clone😭

    cezincezin8 dagen geleden

    Garud ProductionsGarud Productions8 dagen geleden
  • After so many months and years of finishing naruto watching this makes me emotional

    Prayul✔️Prayul✔️10 dagen geleden
  • When they see itachi touching sasuke forhead before his dead be like: 👁👄👁what just happend

    Hpone KoHpone Ko10 dagen geleden
  • They seeing susano frist time and seeing orochimaru again be like: 👁👄👁omg!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hpone KoHpone Ko10 dagen geleden
  • yeah nice reaction when 10 people are speaking at the same time

    Ali RaschidAli Raschid11 dagen geleden
  • I was so happy on Itachi's death, untill i know the real reason behind his death.

    Shubham RawatShubham Rawat12 dagen geleden
  • everyone when itachi died: noo, :( , and what but the guy at the top WHAT WHY DID HE DIE?????

    swag monkeswag monke13 dagen geleden
  • Baby back aye couple rex aye

    ga tauga tau13 dagen geleden
  • Coi lại mà như coi lần đầu vậy mấy cha

    Hoàng NhânHoàng Nhân13 dagen geleden
  • big silence at the end lol

    jameslizottejameslizotte13 dagen geleden
  • The good old days when u couldn’t absorb every attack by getting a device

    Jeds ツJeds ツ14 dagen geleden
  • did no one see itachi did that to take out oruchimaru

    Big island anglerBig island angler14 dagen geleden
  • Did y’all get it spoiled or sum how were u said when u didn’t know about him lying the whole time?

    RonibeloniRonibeloni16 dagen geleden
  • can the white guy in the middle left stfup

    D-jai_ vlogsD-jai_ vlogs17 dagen geleden
  • Wtf 😂 he didn’t have to say anything. If you guys are real naruto fans their body language means everything. He basically is saying you pass little bro.

    Zhimond ColemanZhimond Coleman18 dagen geleden
  • Y’all obviously don’t watch nor read the manga.

    Zhimond ColemanZhimond Coleman18 dagen geleden
  • 11:19 remove that damn laugh

    HimanxuHimanxu19 dagen geleden
  • I don't know why the fuck is that pink headset guy is laughing

    AbhyuAbhyu20 dagen geleden
  • sasuke frightened like scaredy cat in the corner but calm down at the end to itachi's final word

    crispincrispin21 dag geleden
  • Cada vez que veo esto me duele, me quema

    SasoriSasori22 dagen geleden
  • Ese coreano que se rie por cada cosa la caga

    Lunacy BoyLunacy Boy23 dagen geleden
  • I hate how some of them don’t shut up

    Envy_UziEnvy_Uzi26 dagen geleden
  • 😂😂😂

    Nazareno GutiérrezNazareno Gutiérrez26 dagen geleden
  • There should have been only one video's reaction

    Sis JaySis Jay26 dagen geleden
  • Itachi muted voice is He said :: sorry sasuke but this is it 😭...

    Siddharth GowdaSiddharth Gowda26 dagen geleden
  • Itachi 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️

  • He was saying I'm sorry sasuke I love yoy and did the forehead tap. He had tubucularosis and was sick from over use of ms. He died to give sasuke his eyes so he doesn't get the same fate as itachi.

    Ceayon JohnstonCeayon Johnston27 dagen geleden
    • Also gave sasuke amatarsu

      Ceayon JohnstonCeayon Johnston27 dagen geleden
  • that 2nd guy on the video reacts like he haven't read the manga. he looked like an idiot.

    SantoPappy GamingSantoPappy Gaming27 dagen geleden
  • Hello, I opened an anime channel for legendary fights. I hope you will encourage me

    Sense MnSense Mn28 dagen geleden
  • I have never watched naruto in my whole life but i have heard my friends say that itachi is legendary and he is the best , and now i watched this vid i now feel bad idk why lol

    Nganing ZimikNganing Zimik28 dagen geleden
  • sasuke is so low to me that he couldn't beat Itachi with almost 0 vision, if itachi hadn't been sick he would have had the strength to fight madara head to toe

    Berkay ZeytunBerkay Zeytun29 dagen geleden
  • Do people really though itachi was evil??. When i used to watch i knew that itachi isn't bad.

    Satou KazumaSatou Kazuma29 dagen geleden
  • This world can not offer enough for good that is why there is an afterlife and people will be granted what they deserve in the afterlife either good or bad according to their deeds and the good ones will enter Paradise(Jannat).

    techdawahtechdawah29 dagen geleden
  • Não Gelo

    Guilherme LeãoGuilherme LeãoMaand geleden
  • Kishimoto already told us that Itachi never used his true power

    Guilherme LeãoGuilherme LeãoMaand geleden
  • I just started watching shippuden now this comes up on my recommended. I don't even need to watch the video it says it In the title. Well shit

    Jayden DunstoneJayden DunstoneMaand geleden
  • Them:°_° Me:trying not to cry

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto UzumakiMaand geleden
  • El chico con los audifonos rosados se nota a leguas que vió antes la pelea o se leyó el manga😂😄

    Moisés RivadeneiraMoisés RivadeneiraMaand geleden
  • He passed the amaterasu to sasuke before he die

    Reimar CedricReimar CedricMaand geleden
  • I will never understand how people watch other people react to things

    Devashan NaidooDevashan NaidooMaand geleden
  • Fakeeeee

    rabenpfoterabenpfoteMaand geleden
  • Itachi; Totsuka blade Sasuke; Indra arrow What will Sarada’s susanoo ability be?!😱

    oofer_RBXoofer_RBXMaand geleden
  • 😭

    Shaikh MotiShaikh MotiMaand geleden
  • "Hay que darle mérito a sasuke que se lo cogió"

    Lion Master84Lion Master84Maand geleden
  • Time travel

    96 MirrorWan2796 MirrorWan27Maand geleden
  • they didnt knew that itachi was good until donzo obito itachi told sasuke the truth about itachi why are they sad then

    Abeer AroraAbeer AroraMaand geleden
  • Those people who react in this scene and earned lot of views actually never watched whole naruto episode..they are totally confused by thinking why itachi touch his forehead with his finger? They actually don't know the meaning of this 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Manoj Rana magarManoj Rana magarMaand geleden
  • "every jutsu has a weakness, and yours jutsu weakness is my existence". : Itachi Uchiha

    aryan raoaryan raoMaand geleden
  • I love how they didn't understand how he died if I recall Itachi used practically all his chakra which in Naruto is either a death statement or just you pass out for long time but usually death statement and maintain susan'o you have to have chakra as well as keeping it up means your draining your chakra over time so him using that move and keeping it up as he's going closer to Sasuke is draining what little chakra Itachi had left thus bringing his life that much closer to an end plus the fact I'm pretty sure a bit of the move Sasuke used (already forgot name lol) hit Itachi since even for Itachi a move that fast couldn't be countered nor blocked fully only mostly if his reaction and chakra management is extremely strong and fast the only way Itachi could avoid that move is if it wasn't his first time seeing such a devastating attack which it was so yea

    GSE ÆnbuñåヮGSE ÆnbuñåヮMaand geleden
  • I feel like the dude on the middle top ruined the reaction

    Please NoPlease NoMaand geleden
  • era tan bueno que se murio solo

    tuailet elparquetuailet elparqueMaand geleden
  • Y sasuke took his eyes but not his necklace

    caltheiiicaltheiiiMaand geleden
  • itachi: forgive me sasuke

    no nameno nameMaand geleden
  • Itachi Is sick. He already plan all, he die cause of his sick,

    Rosman RosmanRosman RosmanMaand geleden
  • میدونم ایرانی نیست چنلتون ولی ماهان گوزید

    Parsa JamshidiParsa JamshidiMaand geleden
  • 0:30 all eye in blood

    Boom! You are gayBoom! You are gayMaand geleden
  • dunno why itachi is such a overhyped character... I mean ye he's cool but his story and the plot is absolutely ridiculous and makes no sense... one of the worst story's in anime in my opinion and i really can't understand why everyone is hyping him up that much. ( and I'm not hating, I really enjoyed Naruto Fillerpuden, but the itachi storyline is beside of the kaguya plot just so bad writing )

    F.K.F.K.Maand geleden
  • You can tell most of them haven’t watched any of the previous episodes to know that’s how itachi touched sasuke’s forehead pre-uchiha annihilation. The moment he touched his forehead I realized he still loved Sasuke and there was more to the story.

    Tjet 612Tjet 612Maand geleden
  • Itachi

    Itachi_UchihaItachi_UchihaMaand geleden
  • I would hate to watch any tv show with any one of these because I’ll be silent and then they’ll be screaming at a sad scene

    Samatar OmarSamatar OmarMaand geleden
  • Bro the reactors are all noobies who just started watching naruto. These guys don't know jack shit of how deep this battle was and how emotional we fans got while watching this scene. They all laughed so annoyingly

    Yash WahengbamYash WahengbamMaand geleden
  • 11:20 that cringe asian guy reacting was awful. When itachi poked sasuke's forehead it was very deep and emotional and this guy laughed on it.

    Yash WahengbamYash WahengbamMaand geleden
    • he just stupid lmao I reacted like damn bro he did the headbump he must care Am also Asian

      meme memememe meme15 dagen geleden
  • She rhe fuck up and watch you ass

    kiba Inuzukakiba InuzukaMaand geleden
  • The meme that has gone down in history the wall killed itachi

    Kingslime the1stKingslime the1stMaand geleden
  • Imagine everyone screaming "ohh my God" at the cinema "let's go OHHHHH MYYYYYY GOOOOODDD"

    dattebayodattebayoMaand geleden
  • Shut up man

    LemLemMaand geleden
  • Sorry Sasuke, There is no next time.

    Daniel 3598Daniel 3598Maand geleden
  • When Itachi dead. I cry 30’ ....😔

    Phuong Phan HaiPhuong Phan HaiMaand geleden
  • he drained his chakra to save his likkle bro. 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Christian DavidChristian DavidMaand geleden
  • Sorry Saske...

    MurashMurashMaand geleden
  • These kids are sooooo annoying!!!!

    jeffmcc93jeffmcc93Maand geleden
  • so many fake reactions... amazing

    PraydoxPraydoxMaand geleden
  • When he dies u dnt know that he did it 4 him

    kingnator_NZkingnator_NZMaand geleden
  • Orochimaru's second time being one shot by Itachi😂

    x4x D. Grizzlyx4x D. GrizzlyMaand geleden
  • please dont include the clowns on the middle left in another video bro,they are so annoying it hurts

    Milán SoósMilán SoósMaand geleden
  • Where can I watch this in English dub ?

    APEXxAPEXxMaand geleden

      React of FandomsReact of FandomsMaand geleden
  • By the way this is an over-reaction video.

    Daniel DarneiDaniel DarneiMaand geleden
  • That guy screaming was rlly annoying

    IlReality -IlReality -Maand geleden
  • Is this the first time Susano'o has been shown? Everyone is like wtf is that? ! 😂🤗

    Milos KokotMilos KokotMaand geleden
  • When you realize that Itachi use his remaining chakra to take the curse mark out of Sasuke?😭

    Janelle PorteeJanelle PorteeMaand geleden
    • Who told u its his last remaining chakra

      Kyle Xander SabenianoKyle Xander Sabeniano26 dagen geleden
  • You are not happy you bastard . I have been crying for you for years now and yet you are not happy 🥺🥺🥺 And making me cry again and again 😭😭 I fking hate you Itachi .

    Relaxing Music videos by RayRelaxing Music videos by RayMaand geleden
  • Can the guy in the legt just just stfu, pleaaase

    Tiago MonteiroTiago MonteiroMaand geleden