INSIDE STORY: Mercedes' Strategic Masterclass | 2021 Spanish Grand Prix

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In this F1 TV original film, go behind the scenes with Mercedes to unveil the secrets of the tactical plan that helped Lewis Hamilton overhaul Max Verstappen to take a superb victory at the 2021 Spanish Grand Prix...

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  • I thought this was gonna be like hit max verstappen

    BildBild6 uur geleden
  • Pretends to be shocked about Verstappen forcing Hamilton off the track in the first corner

    Matt PascoeMatt PascoeDag geleden
  • This is incredible editing. Rollercoaster emotions

    MertMertDag geleden
  • This video is amazing. More please!

    deadlyduncdeadlyduncDag geleden
  • Anybody knows what is the background music used right at the end?

    benjyawbenjyaw3 dagen geleden
  • I see only that Bottas is never getting a chance, to get on pole… and now they are letting him away. yea pretty unfair

    dannydanny3 dagen geleden
  • This is a true testament of how you win as a team and lose as a team. The critical decisions that goes on behind the camera is truly what defines victory or runner up. Then again, Lewis is masterclass. Very well done F1!!

    DaWhat79DaWhat794 dagen geleden
  • This didn't age well. 😂😂😂

    Adi KuruAdi Kuru4 dagen geleden
  • Verstappen should also have been pitted the next lap after Lewis pitted for the second time. He might be able to catch him with 15 laps remaining with new hard tyres.

    Shrey MishraShrey Mishra5 dagen geleden
  • It’s this music that’s playing the mindgame. Seriously one of the best executions of a plan with promising & determined drivers, team director, race engineers & that Mercedes HQ shot was just goosebumps! Better than Netflix!

    Sushil GhonseSushil Ghonse5 dagen geleden
  • Two Red Bulls took out in Hungary race - that was the best strategist choice

    Марк СтепаненкоМарк Степаненко7 dagen geleden
  • 9:02 ah gianpiero lambiase is the race engineer for vettel 😂

    Li HuaLi Hua7 dagen geleden
  • 5:29 Maxs engineer is bono now

    Karthik RamprakashKarthik Ramprakash7 dagen geleden
  • We all know that Leo at Mercedes HQ got a raise for that call💵💰💰..

    》 SNYL 《》 SNYL 《7 dagen geleden
  • These guys are incredible

    kameron steelkameron steel8 dagen geleden
  • Marc strategy = buy maFIA

    walt czarmanwalt czarman9 dagen geleden
  • SuperMAX champ

    Savvas MarksSavvas Marks10 dagen geleden
  • Strategic Masterclass in Hungary 2021 😂

    BastorroBastorro11 dagen geleden
  • Love him or hate him... He is a world class driver.

    Leon AthavanLeon Athavan12 dagen geleden
  • Leo should get all the credit here, this was his plan NOT Rosie's. She was busy trying to find holes in it, and Vowles was against it initially as well. Yet those two are senior to Leo, no-wonder Hamilton has questioned their tactics this season now that they have a competitor in a better car

    Jack 'The Lad' StevensJack 'The Lad' Stevens12 dagen geleden
  • I just don't get tired of watching this.

    IgorIgor13 dagen geleden
  • Funny how Red Bull reversed this strategy in France but we don’t get a video! You Brits

    southpawsouthpaw14 dagen geleden
  • Wow superb stratergy

    Charaka Amayantha_CACharaka Amayantha_CA14 dagen geleden
  • Big Shout to Netflix! For making new fans of F1, and those who disagree can DRS dis ... Across your face.

    Drone UASUAVDrone UASUAV14 dagen geleden
  • Perez and Verstappen team work

    William MorozovWilliam Morozov14 dagen geleden
  • Formula1 taking the example of FLoz for making better inside stories with better editing etc. Awesome work

    LunarvrrLunarvrr16 dagen geleden
  • What a mater plan

    USHA MALACHEUSHA MALACHE17 dagen geleden
  • I can watch this all day! Mercedes is in a world of their own.

    Steve BosmanSteve Bosman18 dagen geleden
  • Leonardo De Silva is the hero! 🖤💙

    Kushal DasKushal Das18 dagen geleden
  • Awesome

    Intel comIntel com18 dagen geleden
  • Please more of these and please Netflix learn from this.

    MrOooKillEmMrOooKillEm19 dagen geleden
  • Such a great video. Thanks for sharing

    HK1HK120 dagen geleden
  • He will be remembered as a goat when he retires and someone else dominates the game just like shumi and vettel

    sol teasol tea21 dag geleden
  • Get in there Lewis

    Brian AnyanzwaBrian Anyanzwa21 dag geleden
  • Why can't max also pit to keep the pace up with Lewis??

    Sri KiranSri Kiran21 dag geleden
  • Does anyone know the name of the music at 10:43?

    JamesJames23 dagen geleden
  • Since when is Matt commentation F1 Races live on TV?

    Jan ZumsteinJan Zumstein24 dagen geleden
  • 5:27 Nice that bono also informs verstappen.

    Ludvic FreireLudvic Freire24 dagen geleden
  • On rails

    Bhushan TharejaBhushan Thareja25 dagen geleden
  • I love it

    ron slingerlandron slingerland26 dagen geleden
  • Mercedes strategy is to crash their opponents lol

    Andres RAndres R27 dagen geleden
  • Tyres are OK.

    Deli VahitDeli Vahit27 dagen geleden
  • that strategy from mercedes was incredible.

    JayyyyyyyyxxJayyyyyyyyxx27 dagen geleden
  • Just watched this for the 10th time or so

    Lloyd MzieLloyd Mzie27 dagen geleden
  • Can teams hear each other on the radio? I'm new to F1 lol.

    Aaron ShattuckAaron Shattuck27 dagen geleden
    • Yes, teams have access to each other's radio communications

      GNrangerGNranger14 dagen geleden
  • Verstappen want to go up against the best in the business sounding like a big "cry baby" on the radio.

    Hubble HostingHubble Hosting29 dagen geleden
  • this video also reflects why people don't like redbull and its fans. after this race, max and horner blamed it on merc having a 'faster car' when the rb is level, if not faster than mercedes in terms of race pace. this video clearly shows that the spanish gp was won by a strategic masterclass on the mercedes side, but rather than giving them credit for being the better team, they just pitted all their problems on the speed of the cars. combined with the drama at silverstone on red bull's part, its clear they care more about whining and PR rather than being sportsmanlike and conceding they were not as fast on the day

    Jun HaoJun Hao29 dagen geleden
  • These strats only work with Hamilton in the car. He’s quite simply unstoppable. He’s the best there has ever been behind the wheel, and if you argue that - I question how informed you are.

    Zac BlakelyZac Blakely29 dagen geleden
  • We need to see Ferrari strategic®™ master🅱️lan™™®

    Francesco 2DFrancesco 2D29 dagen geleden
  • This is why I love's like war... strategies...but let's be real Mercedes is faster by 2 percent...that's enough to get this strategy happen...bc they came up from behind bc of pace lap by lap...and off course redbull is avg thinkers and the tires effected Max's ability to hold Mercedes did last year but they bhad a better car and won the rwce...

    Mohammad AzimMohammad AzimMaand geleden
  • Red Bull end up looking like students taking notes!

    John JohnJohn JohnMaand geleden
  • Netflix should come and take notes😂

    Rugare RugareRugare RugareMaand geleden
  • If Lewis didn't lift off, Max would have crashed out due to aggression, he somehow got taste of his own poison in Silverstone, glad he is okay, it was q racing incident

    Abishek JAbishek JMaand geleden
  • Nice lie from Lewis to get Max to pit.

    Alex FAlex FMaand geleden
  • Hamilton chefaoooooooooooo

    Thiago RodriguesThiago RodriguesMaand geleden
  • Redbull telling 2nd driver to not hold up the 1st one. Some People:- It's racing strategy and team work man. Mercedes doing same. Same people:- Lewis crying.... See he can't do anything with help. What's this double standards? I don't get it.

    Avijoy Das BhowmickAvijoy Das BhowmickMaand geleden
  • WoW 🤩

    Hugo Cyr ThebergeHugo Cyr ThebergeMaand geleden

    GrrMeisterGrrMeisterMaand geleden
  • 9:18 *I am much afeared this could cost **-Bottom-** Botas his job in 2022 - Held up Lewis against Team Instructions on Lap 52 - Elephants have a long Memory as also does Toto !*

    GrrMeisterGrrMeisterMaand geleden
  • *Amazing what goes on miles away behind the Race !*

    GrrMeisterGrrMeisterMaand geleden
  • Merc doesn’t have “much more grip” Max, they have Lewis Hamilton

    Dalisu NgobeseDalisu NgobeseMaand geleden

      arindham aggarwalarindham aggarwal21 dag geleden
  • Red Bull need money and a new leader in the Pitts

    edward toneredward tonerMaand geleden
  • Hamilton's elbows have learned to expand ,thank The Lord .

    edward toneredward tonerMaand geleden
  • its funny how guys in the garage had to remain seated till the last second so as not to draw attention from the red bull garage

    opolot philipopolot philipMaand geleden
  • amazing!

    Condomínio CofermatCondomínio CofermatMaand geleden
  • They should put this scene in the braking point in f1 2021 between akkerman and butler...I hope next year'll be on the game😉😉

    Valerio GattoValerio GattoMaand geleden
  • Imagine if drive to survive was like this

    Ferrariboss098Ferrariboss098Maand geleden
  • Everyone hates Mercedes for winning so much; but they are doing all the things that your favorite team should be doing. They’re benefitting from years of experience and development from people like Michael Schumacher, Niki Lauda, Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff.

    Tony FondacaroTony FondacaroMaand geleden
  • France belike

    André De ManAndré De ManMaand geleden
  • This championship battle is so intense, I’m a red bull fan so probably a bit biased but this was an amazing strategy by Mercedes. Few weeks later we see red bull pull something similar in France. Two incredible teams, two incredible drivers. And it’s still mathematically possible for Nikita mazepin to win the championship

    Searing FlameSearing FlameMaand geleden
  • 9:08 apparently now vettels engineer

    nations eunations euMaand geleden
  • This is insanely interesting please do a lot more of these.

    DreamsDreamsMaand geleden
  • Lewis é o melhor. Torcedor brasileiro está com ele. Brazil 🇧🇷✌🏿

    Robson AntonioRobson AntonioMaand geleden
  • I just want to hear Christian it's james

    dav banksdav banksMaand geleden
  • Tactical masterclass...

    Lerato MawelaLerato MawelaMaand geleden
  • Ngomong apa kelean

    Arif JohansyahArif JohansyahMaand geleden
  • this is by far the best video f1 has made and posted, worthy of an oscar if you ask me. big shout to the actors as well 👏 👏 👏

    mihai 123mihai 123Maand geleden
  • I hate Lewis Hamilton.And i love Max Verstappen.

    Ramesh TRamesh TMaand geleden
    • And nobody likes u (:

      Oliver HalvarssonOliver HalvarssonMaand geleden
  • What a masterclass! A bit like covert movie

    FrancisFrancisMaand geleden
  • It would have been a masterclass if they got a 1-2. But still I enjoyed the breakdown.

    twiggyinc1twiggyinc1Maand geleden
  • Their only strategy?. Execute order 66. Take out Verstappen.

    jhonbop Gjhonbop GMaand geleden
  • Pov:You're waiting for the 2021 Hungarian GP strategic masterclass of Mercedes

    McHMcHMaand geleden
  • Master Class ,Team Drivers and Car all Synchronised 👏

    Chris EzeChris EzeMaand geleden
  • no hate, but at the hungary grad prix they made a funny mistake

    Schanau BabanSchanau BabanMaand geleden
  • Wow!. It's even better than a racing movie

    Phúc VũPhúc VũMaand geleden
  • Here after the Hungarian GP, fantastic strategic play by Bottas.

    SkritzlySkritzlyMaand geleden
  • We Want Same For French GP 🤩🥺

    SaQiB AmirSaQiB AmirMaand geleden
  • The meek cloakroom pragmatically paint because rocket iteratively haunt from a combative rooster. gifted, extra-large extra-small exuberant hope

    Moses NettlMoses NettlMaand geleden
  • No señor. NO son estrategias... Son ayudas que les brinda la FIA ... Isieron el deporte de la f1 un asco 👎👎👎👎

    Yeiison BalcazarYeiison BalcazarMaand geleden
    • Cry more

      GNrangerGNranger14 dagen geleden
  • Seeing it this way man, you realize how much courage and just how granular these calls are. When they work you you look like gods, but when they don’t you look like buffoons.

    Roy MwaleRoy MwaleMaand geleden
  • I think there should not be team radio's just a light in the cockpit to tell you to box. no team orders we just see who the real racers are

    LTAC turn1LTAC turn1Maand geleden
  • Lewis Hamilton is one of the greatest drivers that has ever stepped into a F1 car all thanks to the late great Sir Niki Lauda Mercedes Benz and Lewis Hamilton are a match made in heaven.

    John ConnickJohn ConnickMaand geleden
  • Some F1 fans don't have kind words for Hamilton but the guy is legendary like it or not

    Paul LukaPaul LukaMaand geleden
  • Does anyone know where I can find those Mercedes Puma sneakers at 06:50? I need those in my life. Google search unsuccessful.

    maddchatter30maddchatter30Maand geleden
    • I think it’s from Mercedes themselves, it’s like a team-wear.

      CAP- 24CAP- 24Maand geleden
  • Strategy masterclass in how to crash your way to the championship, when you are behind..

    Mille DøngartMille DøngartMaand geleden
  • what abt france with redbull oh wait f1's biased towards mercs ofc

    Shyam RajShyam RajMaand geleden
  • The economic patch laterally interfere because salmon morphologically glow circa a childlike store. aboriginal, blue mouth

    Edwon RodriguesEdwon RodriguesMaand geleden
  • What's the music theme? Title?

    Karol ChołujKarol ChołujMaand geleden
  • Who else is here after two latest “sTraTeGiC mAstErcLaSSes” from Mercedes.

    Nejc FurhNejc FurhMaand geleden
  • Lewis : tyres are dropping Next lap Engineer: that was the fastest lap lewis keep pushing

    PRBRP91PRBRP91Maand geleden