John Mayer - Last Train Home (Official Video)

“Last Train Home” from John Mayer’s upcoming album ‘Sob Rock’ out now:

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Directors: Cameron Duddy \u0026 Harper Smith
Producer: Jeremy Sullivan
Prod. Co: Hound
EP’s: Missy Galanida \u0026 Isaac Rice
DP: Santiago Gonzalez
Art: Elizabet Puksto
Stylist: Nra Kudelka
Editors: Jen Kennedy / James Fage / Cameron Duddy
Color: Marshall Plante


If you wanna roll me, then you gotta roll me all night long
And if you wanna use me, then you gotta use me til I’m gone
I’m not a fallen angel, I just fell behind
I’m out of luck and I’m out of time
If you don’t wanna love me, let me go
I’m runnin for the last train
I’m runnin for the last train home

If you wanna know me, then you gotta know me through and through
And if you’re gonna hurt me, then you gotta hold me next to you
No matter how you work it, things go wrong
I put my heart where it don’t belong
So if you’re comin with me let me know
Maybe you’re the last train
Maybe you’re the last train home

I’m on the last train runnin
I’m on the last train runnin
And I surrender
And I surrender




  • This like 80's. really good.

    ウマキンウマキン14 minuten geleden
  • John Mayer..Iove you so much

    Sneha BodoSneha Bodo17 minuten geleden
  • Wait a minute...This isnt the ending from JoJo's bizarre adventure part 3!

    DIODIOUur geleden
  • The guitar is back Thanks John.

    What's The Facts ? !What's The Facts ? !Uur geleden
  • How is John Mayer getting younger everytime I look at him

    Stephen LeeStephen Lee2 uur geleden
  • love the late80s/early90s feel of the video and music

    Clint JurgensClint Jurgens3 uur geleden
  • Everybody hears Africa from Toto..... Why I am hearing 'Islands in the stream' from Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton....:-D

    haititulaerhaititulaer4 uur geleden
  • Why do I want all of his songs to be the soundtrack to my life

    Nikki BarrowcloughNikki Barrowclough5 uur geleden
  • These sounds shouldn't be considered "retro" anymore. They work, they're good, and I think everyone is finally realizing that's the case.

    Daniel HornbeckDaniel Hornbeck8 uur geleden
  • Get yourself back to New Orleans ASAP!

    Jesse LoescherJesse Loescher8 uur geleden
  • The intro sounds like “Somebody to you-The Vamps”

    Devam SonigraDevam Sonigra8 uur geleden
  • hell yeah! you and Ryan Adams bringin' back the 80's, i dig it.

    Ross HurtRoss Hurt9 uur geleden
  • Now that was crappy. John, PLEASE stay playing in the "Bad Clapton era" where you genuinely belong and not blues music. Can I go barf? The whole hair thing..the double fisted keyboard dude.. I'm greatful you did this. Now the blues can permanently forget you.

    Jay KafcasJay Kafcas10 uur geleden
  • musica legal

    canal dovinicanal dovini12 uur geleden
  • Steve Winwood!

    okraitsTVokraitsTV12 uur geleden
  • Song of 2021.

    Justin LorisoJustin Loriso16 uur geleden
  • Where is the jojo's reference

    link boolink boo16 uur geleden
  • Speak Now 😳👌🏻

    Karlinchi CastilloKarlinchi Castillo16 uur geleden
  • música viciante, clipe me lembra uma mistura de "your love-the outfield" e "never gonna give you up", essa vibe do John Mayer dos últimos anos pra cá é mt gostosinha de ouvir e passa um ar de nostalgia

    Alexandre PorciunculaAlexandre Porciuncula17 uur geleden
  • Love seeing Greg Phillinganes there!

    Tomas StavikTomas Stavik17 uur geleden
  • I think his stylist loves Johnny depp XD

    Pika ChuPika Chu17 uur geleden
  • How on earth am I just discovering the talented John Mayer though ?😍🔥

    Aashley KishAashley Kish18 uur geleden
  • I’m getting SUCH a Pretending by Eric Clapton feeling all through this song. It’s definite it’s own master piece but it’s influenced for sure.

    Alexander BootheAlexander Boothe18 uur geleden
  • Oh wow. Just knew that Jhonny Depp is a big fan of Toto 👍

    Daratan Timur ✅Daratan Timur ✅19 uur geleden
  • does anyone relate to the lyrics or is it just me?

    Marcy MarcyMarcy Marcy20 uur geleden
  • The dark grape contemporaneously wreck because beat formerly choke minus a unarmed carpenter. overwrought, gaudy microwave

    Harber AveryHarber Avery21 uur geleden
  • I see you Maren 🤠 💋

    Ashley LylesAshley Lyles22 uur geleden
  • It's been about 3 weeks since the release of this song and I have been blasting it on repeat every day since, and it still feels like a brand new song every time. Oh and the video and this whole look is FIRE. July 16th - I'm ready!!!

    Elin FHElin FH23 uur geleden
  • I thought it was going to be the Lostprophets song lol

    bubbacallingbubbacallingDag geleden
  • The guitar spin around is the most important and valid move happening in music today. I surrender to that tone John. Guitars UP.

    Alex BowdenAlex BowdenDag geleden
  • We do a Reaction video this song. You can see it right here:

    DAMmusicshowDAMmusicshowDag geleden
  • Just like a bottle of fine wine, John just gets better with age! I've been a fan since day one. Keep rocking Johnny cause I'm wearing out your records!

    Ricardo HernandezRicardo HernandezDag geleden
  • I'm imagining this as an outro song for back to the future 3.

    J CJ CDag geleden
  • Pink silver sky doe

    All My Thoughts Are ScreamsAll My Thoughts Are ScreamsDag geleden
  • I'm getting Toto vibes..

    marki markmarki markDag geleden
  • Everyone is hearing Toto's "Africa", and they're not completely wrong, but this song and video were scientifically engineered to sound and look like the missing track from Steve Winwood's 1986 album "Back In The High Life".

    Neil TerryNeil TerryDag geleden
  • whos the girl

    Madison HangMadison HangDag geleden
  • Cool 90's looking Video ! Nostalgic

    Shiran MatherShiran MatherDag geleden
  • 💥👍👍u should be called John Legend tho...the only thing,the only that i don't like about this is ur pink guitar..that all.

    Hilo B25Hilo B25Dag geleden
  • This reminds me a lot of Clapton's 80s output

    Russell WestonRussell WestonDag geleden
  • Love this song. Very Genesis and Toto. And I love that Maren was on it

    Jhas WilliamsJhas WilliamsDag geleden
  • John Mayer is the greatest musician/guitar player alive.

    maye adammaye adamDag geleden
  • this is a cover right?! cause if not I feel he may get sued haha

    ShumanShumanDag geleden
  • I once saw John Mayer live ... with my ex girlfriend ... I miss her!... What a concert it was! Sometimes you just wish you could rewind time!

    Simon NielsenSimon NielsenDag geleden
  • Awesome song, but I need to know.... Will we be seeing "I just remembered that I didn't care" with Chris Stapleton on the new album? It needs to happen, we need to be able to belt that song out loud in our cars and sing along terribly!

    Stephanie BrownStephanie BrownDag geleden
    • No, it won't be on the album

      Jerry ChiemekeJerry ChiemekeDag geleden
  • Love this song 🤩

    AlexandraAlexandraDag geleden
  • Até que fim o luan Santana tá fazendo música Boa

    Jean SantanaJean SantanaDag geleden
  • Jonh Mayer é a cara do Luan Santana. Meu Deus do céu...

    Indianara MattosIndianara MattosDag geleden
  • John is slowly morphing into Depp

    Ryan Edeson De VeraRyan Edeson De VeraDag geleden
  • It’s as cheesy as 80”s Clapton.

    JuanluGuitarJuanluGuitarDag geleden
  • Where jojo

    James XervofJames XervofDag geleden
  • Emm but last train home is song from jojo wtf bro think before u Name your song

    Cover CatCover CatDag geleden
    • 🤦‍♂️😆

      Gabriel AddisonGabriel AddisonDag geleden
  • My summer anthem

    crotaismeancrotaismeanDag geleden
  • 🎸+ 🎤 = 👱‍♀️👩👸👩‍🦰👩👩‍🦰👱‍♀️👱‍♀️👱‍♀️👱‍♀️👱‍♀️👱‍♀️👧👩‍🦳👸👩👧👩‍🦰👱‍♀️👼👼👩‍🦰👱‍♀️👧👩👼👸👩👸👸👧👩‍🦰👱‍♀️👩👩‍🦰👱‍♀️👸👱‍♀️ (There is only one John Mayer!) 👍

    Phil NicolPhil NicolDag geleden
  • #John Mayer is an example of 'one' extremely well Evolved/Evolving Artist. From ' Room For Squares' 2001 - to Last Train Home (Sob Rock) 2021 Springsteen, Billy Joel, and Clapton look up to him! 🏴‍☠️*Screw Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom* , John........ #Sob Rock is going to Sink Their Ship! 🌊⛵ 🏴‍☠️ 🎸📀💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💸 👏

    Phil NicolPhil NicolDag geleden
  • Love this song so much, beautiful!

    Ana LeonardoAna LeonardoDag geleden
  • He lost me in the first 5 seconds - so disappointing. He looks like Rick Springfield 2.0 this is not the 80s I relate to at all.

    Lori ShanksLori ShanksDag geleden
  • ❤️

    Esther FinkEsther FinkDag geleden
  • I thoroughly enjoy his ability to make songs that aren’t necessarily happy, be so upbeat and catchy.

    Teddi AllenTeddi AllenDag geleden
    • Yea

      gift giwagift giwa11 uur geleden
    • It's the magic of musical influences 🙂

      paolo-1283paolo-1283Dag geleden
  • I like it. But just an observation, even Stevie Ray Vaughan didn't do syth-pop in the 80s when he was alive.

    Steven ThomasSteven ThomasDag geleden
  • When John Mayer had a long hair and he's about to release a new album, you can be sure that it's going to be a fantastic one, take Continuum and Born & Raised to be instant

    Garin AkbarGarin Akbar2 dagen geleden
  • Not the best mix effort really

    Gustavo D'luyzGustavo D'luyz2 dagen geleden
  • I love this guy sooo much but not like love love love

    november silversxnovember silversx2 dagen geleden
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    greenant2002greenant20022 dagen geleden
  • 🙌🙌

    Francesco GranieroFrancesco Graniero2 dagen geleden
  • ❤ Hairstyle 👍👍👍with the PINK Guitar 😍😍😍

    D evolved HarleyD evolved Harley2 dagen geleden
  • Toto?

    Giordano SantiagoGiordano Santiago2 dagen geleden
  • Wtf John Mayer trying to underperform on purpose ? … even his random jam sessions are better than this song. 😅

    Haris JavedHaris Javed2 dagen geleden
  • anybody singing Africa...?

    J MaxxJ Maxx2 dagen geleden
  • Kinda wish this song came out when i was in college taking the train to school.

    Sonder (Web series)Sonder (Web series)2 dagen geleden
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    Del HubbardDel Hubbard2 dagen geleden
  • John cougar Mayer I'm 💯here for sob rock

    AmandaAmanda2 dagen geleden
  • 2.5k people who thumbs downed this missed the last train home

    Yung SushiiYung Sushii2 dagen geleden
  • u are always worth the wait. esp your music. :) :) :) hugs xoxo

    Janice KJanice K2 dagen geleden
  • Something nostalgic about this song , like every time you hear it will be the last time . Can’t explain it but o can’t stop listening to it

    Joseph FergusonJoseph Ferguson2 dagen geleden
  • Love it. He’s channeling 80s Clapton - check out Forever Man, No Alibis & It’s In the Way That You Use It. Everything from film clip, synths, guitar tone and playing style.

    baubles78baubles782 dagen geleden
  • Toto+Genesis+80s-Eric Clapton

    Death By OstrichDeath By Ostrich2 dagen geleden
  • 2582 deaf idiots.This is the greatest song since 1989. John Mayer is the 🐐.

    JayGeeJayGee2 dagen geleden

    Nicolas VizquelNicolas Vizquel2 dagen geleden
  • this song reminds me a lot of "if i could fly" by one direction in terms of rhythm and tempo

    Gloria stylesGloria styles2 dagen geleden
    • @bibos ma ciao benedetta

      Gloria stylesGloria styles2 dagen geleden

      bibosbibos2 dagen geleden
    • Well...maybe the song reminds you that...but never the composition level of satch

      Gustavo D'luyzGustavo D'luyz2 dagen geleden
    • i thought i was the only one lol

      SanjhSanjh2 dagen geleden
  • I wish that John never grows old. May he be forever young

    Thaiswkang DebbarmaThaiswkang Debbarma2 dagen geleden
  • Took the title of the song from a known guitarist from Berklee

    Christian MedinaChristian Medina2 dagen geleden
  • So a basic chord progression ...... and random licks in between lol 😂 ....... and everyone thinks he’s the greatest guitarist lol..... f John and this song and everyone who likes this rip off song

    Christian MedinaChristian Medina2 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful song... love the eighties sound so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Dannyenesther essoDannyenesther esso2 dagen geleden
  • i just found summer anthem 🥰😍

    ngenzi portraitngenzi portrait2 dagen geleden
  • The common creditor biosynthetically stuff because hate undesirably switch around a embarrassed tugboat. measly, watery tank

    Del HubbardDel Hubbard2 dagen geleden
  • I think the amount of fear John's guitars feel is directly proportional to the length of his hair lol

    64wing64wing2 dagen geleden
  • ♥️

    Elis TiernoElis Tierno2 dagen geleden
  • Shyrine Valenzona EjemShyrine Valenzona Ejem2 dagen geleden
  • Bravo!

    storytelllerstorytelller2 dagen geleden
  • Reminds me of that Toto vibe. That is indeed a good thing

    ranadanaddranadanadd2 dagen geleden
  • Gay

    Saul HenrichsSaul Henrichs2 dagen geleden
  • Is this Johnny Depp?

    Aaron ChaffeeAaron Chaffee2 dagen geleden
  • I hear the synth over guitars in this one and getting Steve Winwood vibes which I don't mind at all.

    Gloria MoncadaGloria Moncada2 dagen geleden
  • o único defeito dessa música é que acaba muito rápido!!

    Tathiany BritoTathiany Brito2 dagen geleden
  • hot. look how he plays that guitar.

    Once Upon An Activist SmurfOnce Upon An Activist Smurf2 dagen geleden
  • Love it!! Awesome !!

  • Even when it seems like the whole world is turning against him he belts out this classic song

    trapez77trapez772 dagen geleden
  • This the left one of OST. Tarzan of Disney version

    Bonès SarbunisBonès Sarbunis2 dagen geleden
  • I have been listening to this everyday all day since it came out and my sister is going crazy lol.

    Kathel Mc GinleyKathel Mc Ginley3 dagen geleden