GTA 5 - DLC Vehicle Customization - Annis Remus (Nissan Silvia S13)

Annis Remus
Base Price - $1,370,000 (Trade Price: $1,027,500)
Class - Sports
Drive-train - RWD
Primarily Based Off - Nissan Silvia S13
DLC Update - Los Santos Tuners Update




  • Annis Remus Base Price - $1,370,000 (Trade Price: $1,027,500) Class - Sports Drive-train - RWD Primarily Based Off - Nissan Silvia S13 DLC Update - Los Santos Tuners Update Instagram: Twitter:

    Digital Car AddictDigital Car Addict2 maanden geleden
    • @Chance Lewis you can upgrade you car in the meet 1 time per day. You can do races (the ones in the meet) and buy clothing from the meet think there is other ways too but they're the ones I can think of off of the top of my head 👍

      TRICKY_RCTRICKY_RCMaand geleden
    • @Chance Lewis do the new races and do things like time trails and head to head in the ls car meet, also there are test vehicles in ls car meet, i recommend going in those cuz u get some reputation from that too

      ttv_ scottswinnyttv_ scottswinnyMaand geleden
    • @KaiSparrow i say the one closest to the LS Car Meet ( IMO!! )

      VegasMikeVegasMikeMaand geleden
    • @Frank starr1 its definitely a silvia s14

      Gary StumpGary StumpMaand geleden
    • Sounds like a turismo r

      Gary StumpGary StumpMaand geleden
  • Okay, seriously, what were they on when they made these Exhaut??

    tailsdafox90tailsdafox904 dagen geleden
  • This car is clean clean I love it 😁👍i has lots of options so when u customize it trust me I put it all white including the rims and led lights on the bottom I was gonna get the livery but I kinda was broke

    raino Is rain : Draino Is rain : D8 dagen geleden
  • You didn't put the drift tires on?

    DelboyDelboy17 dagen geleden
  • Gets every car ever but never makes a ridiculous set up just have fun with it for the one time

    Matt BishopMatt Bishop19 dagen geleden
  • U suck at customizing

    Juan SantosJuan Santos23 dagen geleden
  • That car is so ugly it’s incredibly,it look like a rice out taxi in gta San Andreas

    Mean GravyMean Gravy28 dagen geleden
  • yes thank u, thats the one i want

    BenkeBenke29 dagen geleden
  • Definitely a cross

    Gifted HandsGifted HandsMaand geleden
  • Finding a unmolested bone stock S13 is the prettiest thing a person can see with their own eyes.

    edwin benitezedwin benitezMaand geleden
  • Show this to EA NFS developers

    g cloudg cloudMaand geleden
  • Sir it’s based off a AE86 Levin

    D DuncanD DuncanMaand geleden
    • Hahahaha

      VeloxyVeloxyMaand geleden
  • Taking it to Simeon. No, I’m kidding.

    MotherFuckerJonesMotherFuckerJonesMaand geleden
  • the fact that cant put a single big bore exhaust straight or angled on the s13 is a huge disappointment

    Toyota IncorporatedToyota IncorporatedMaand geleden
  • you could also make it look like an old school Acura integra tbh

    JChingyJChingyMaand geleden
  • They shouldve added the 15 instead of the 13

    Near VoidNear VoidMaand geleden
  • Gonna go with a crazy customization with this one, it’ll make my auto shop garage look more versatile & creative. Dual hearts it is 😂

    Spider TingleSpider TingleMaand geleden
  • Why are we forced to have dual exhaust, not everyone likes dual. Super disappointed

    Alexander GrullonAlexander GrullonMaand geleden
  • 3:59 *visible confusion*

    Cyber SwiperCyber SwiperMaand geleden
  • Well i really dont like front lights in that remus annis. Front looks more like mitsubishi Galant than s13

    ʇisuʇisuMaand geleden
  • Real life price: $900-$6,000 depending on condition, some may even go higher if they're in really good condition. GTA price: $1.02-$1.37 million... Because shark cards.

    soulassassin0gsoulassassin0gMaand geleden
  • How do I make money in gta I haven’t played in 2 years and no one wants to do bogdan heist with me

    Ethan PartainEthan PartainMaand geleden
  • Im kinda sad that they chose to add the silvia variant instead of the 240sx, i would love to have some popup headlights.

    SpacemilianSpacemilianMaand geleden
  • Would reccomend doing wheels and low first before adding a kit or anything else cosmetically.

    Isaiah AckermanIsaiah AckermanMaand geleden
  • how do you have so many custom plates

    Ganesh PhutelaGanesh PhutelaMaand geleden
  • Han's Mona Lisa from Toyko Drift

    Afro SamuraiAfro SamuraiMaand geleden
  • best youtuber evaaaaaa ❤️ like you're always entertaining us , keep up the amazing work king and one day you'll make it to the top inchallah

    FoxxyFoxxyMaand geleden
  • Is this the Mona Lisa?

    Miguel Moreno PastorMiguel Moreno PastorMaand geleden
    • Nah that’s an s15

      Angel AcostaAngel AcostaMaand geleden
  • was kinda hoping they’d give us Brian’s livery from 2 Fast 2 Furious for this car since it kinda looks similar

    a rag44a rag44Maand geleden
    • try the elegy retro custom

      Flynn TysonFlynn Tyson14 dagen geleden
  • When you recognize annis was nissan read backwards

    Fabio YanuarFabio YanuarMaand geleden
  • gta is a joke with price it's a game y soo exspensive

    C4 194C4 194Maand geleden
  • That isn’t the exhaust clipping into the back number there are cut outs

    Kombat127Kombat127Maand geleden
  • Laughs at the no bumper option, and you say youre a car addict smh my head

    TotalFuzeTotalFuzeMaand geleden
  • Ps3

    DJ MARIANDJ MARIANMaand geleden
  • Can you buy another one of this car and take as many things of as possible (hood, bumpers, etc)

    Nick JNick JMaand geleden
  • The only thing I don't like is the lack of louvers. Seriously, it would've made it more useable for the contracts as louvers give you some cover from NPCs shooting you from behind.

    Mario Kaiba - RG07 Gaming & NovelsMario Kaiba - RG07 Gaming & NovelsMaand geleden
  • That’s not a air filter lmao, that’s a throttle body

    2J WrLD2J WrLDMaand geleden
  • cmonnn majority of the body is honda prelude

    Xiomi_ AmiXiomi_ AmiMaand geleden
  • You truly are the Bob Ross of GTA vehicle customization sir.

    Tony HendersonTony HendersonMaand geleden
  • Remus looks like Mako Sato's Sileighty from Initial D Half Sileighty, Half S13

    Jon OrilsJon OrilsMaand geleden
  • Is it possible to do a rocket bunny build on this car if not oh the rocket bunny part

  • Dislike for saying a stock silvia isnt attractive

    Christian VenturaChristian VenturaMaand geleden
    • Lmao

      Digital Car AddictDigital Car AddictMaand geleden
  • This car in my opinion has the right weight to it. A bit heavy, so you don’t go flying off corners, but not too heavy, that it affects its acceleration.

    SnowyThePyroBearSnowyThePyroBearMaand geleden
  • does anyone know how much does it cost to fully upgrade this car??

    Cbmp20Cbmp20Maand geleden
  • An interesting detail: If you change the accent colour the colour of the front badge changes too, but only with the last grille :D

    2ral2ralMaand geleden
  • Keep it up your growing on NLflow and helping us with cars👍👍👍👍👍

    PsycoAndres RipPsycoAndres RipMaand geleden
  • I wish that the RS classic spoiler came with a primary color :[

    -_-ThisNameIsCreative AsFuck-_--_-ThisNameIsCreative AsFuck-_-Maand geleden
  • you could not see the text of the intercoole because you used a bumper xD Remove the bumper and you see the intercooler

    BangerramaBangerramaMaand geleden
  • I love that the car name is "Annis" It is so obvious.

    Miłosz. KMiłosz. KMaand geleden
  • I was literally a day away for free from getting this from the challenges but my system got bricked and couldn't do day three 🥲

    Tezca JesusTezca JesusMaand geleden
  • 16:56 yeah the handling is great. Traction on this thing is maxed from the start

    Babatunde Soyeye Jr.Babatunde Soyeye Jr.Maand geleden
  • For the Illiminate fans you could now replicate the 240s that they have 🤣

    Dominic MDominic MMaand geleden
  • Wish this car had single exit exhausts

    Txtally LegalTxtally LegalMaand geleden
  • I wanted that star exhaust to have a chrome version to bad it didn’t

    BD Litty_ejBD Litty_ejMaand geleden
  • Yo if y’all didn’t know, the Remus is cracked at the new street races it takes corners better than anything else that dropped this update

    AustinNgbeAustinNgbeMaand geleden
  • I just got it today it's my first tuner dlc car

    ㄹㅁ X ㄹ = ???ㄹㅁ X ㄹ = ???Maand geleden
  • We need more wacky upgrades like the exhaust choices.

    Bamassacre GamingBamassacre GamingMaand geleden
  • Took a while to notice but, the camera is further forward for thisp car specifically

    Collins MakauCollins MakauMaand geleden
  • this new dlc is lit 🔥 i hope rockstar put bosozoku body kit on annis remus they have exhaust perfect

    ISA TAHIRISA TAHIRMaand geleden
  • I think I will get the car specially because I have one of those in real life and the big exhaust so keep going with the car collection i have in gta with big exhaust

    storm foxstorm foxMaand geleden
  • wish there was a s14 or a 180sx

    Ocelot_ZzOcelot_ZzMaand geleden
  • I currently have the s2000 and the Remus, this car has very good handling while the s2k doesn’t, still good cars tho, every car in this new update is just wow, amazing job Rockstar

    The finder Of glitchesThe finder Of glitchesMaand geleden
    • @The finder Of glitches sultan rs classic for me. Average player would call it lazy but the real life 22b is my dream car

      Flynn TysonFlynn Tyson14 dagen geleden
    • Flynn Tyson honestly my fav is the calico, good handling, and good speed without the glitch

      The finder Of glitchesThe finder Of glitches14 dagen geleden
    • @The finder Of glitches well you must have one of those on. Its probably the most fun to drive in the whole update. Remus is pretty good still.

      Flynn TysonFlynn Tyson14 dagen geleden
    • Flynn Tyson not for me🤷🏻‍♂️

      The finder Of glitchesThe finder Of glitches14 dagen geleden
    • s2000 with default stance and normal tires drives amazing. what u on

      Flynn TysonFlynn Tyson14 dagen geleden
  • I like that recently they've made it actually possible to afford the new vehichles like with cayo perico and the car repair shop or what ever its called

    jimmypoonslayer555jimmypoonslayer555Maand geleden
  • How do you get free resprays? 🤔

    Saddest PandaSaddest PandaMaand geleden
  • Idk what you're talking about the stock S13 is beautiful imo

    Mark TakahashiMark TakahashiMaand geleden
  • I would say thanks to rockstar but I’d rather have a 240sx for dem damn headlights lol

    CrimsonCrimsonMaand geleden
  • Why can’t I enter my mod shop in my auto shop? Anyone else have that bug? I always have to go to LA Customs And yes I purchased the mod shop.

    Cartier Solar ☹Cartier Solar ☹Maand geleden
    • @Owen Barnes I’ve actually tried that bro, I’ve even tried to drive out and back in. Glitchers ruin everything 🤦🏻‍♂️

      Cartier Solar ☹Cartier Solar ☹Maand geleden
    • You have to walk out then walk back in to mod because ppl were doing the dupe glitch

      Owen BarnesOwen BarnesMaand geleden
  • i like how digital car addict doesn’t rice out his cars unlike other players

    GHOUL FACE_01GHOUL FACE_01Maand geleden
  • Honestly If you don’t have a the submarine for Cayo why are you even playing gta 1 million ain’t nothing no more

    Jumanji FishblistersJumanji FishblistersMaand geleden
  • How u get so much money

    Matthew KrallMatthew KrallMaand geleden
  • I'm glad they stayed away from licensing. That way they don't have to bow to big auto goons telling them what to do. They can still make the cars

    Battle ChrisBattle ChrisMaand geleden
  • Now it's possible to recreate Iketani's S13

    Sultan NiziSultan NiziMaand geleden
  • Still feels kinda lame. 3 to 5 different parts for a category is a bit few. Give me some extreme body modifications

    Law RenceLaw RenceMaand geleden
  • No s15 :(

    SaintsBoss 88SaintsBoss 88Maand geleden
  • The accent color changes the camo and skulls engine color and it changes the emissive grill color

    Shone DixonShone DixonMaand geleden
  • Might steal few ideas from your build.

    Oskari AhoOskari AhoMaand geleden
  • that's a fucking car and a half, can't wait to buy this one

    BeeshaBeeshaMaand geleden
  • Wow what a car 😣😣😣😣😣😣😭😭😭😭😭I am a ps3 player 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😣 I want this cars 😢😢😢

    Game lover by Zaviyar and AlyshaGame lover by Zaviyar and AlyshaMaand geleden
    • @ima nub you work for rockstar I AM 100 % SURE

      Game lover by Zaviyar and AlyshaGame lover by Zaviyar and AlyshaMaand geleden
    • @Game lover by Zaviyar and Alysha rockstar do know what they are doing They stopped updating ps3 games bc they dont wanna waste their money on something old but they do wanna waste it on something new, bc the new one is what everyone wants and may get Literally every game that was on ps3 hasnt updated it bc they have a new version on ps4 For example gta, minecraft, call of duty games, fifa games, nba 2k, and etc Alot of ppl understand why they do it The same thing will happen to ps4 bc ps5 is out

      ima nubima nubMaand geleden
    • I played gta online on ps3 today but many people still plays on ps3

      Game lover by Zaviyar and AlyshaGame lover by Zaviyar and AlyshaMaand geleden
    • But I have ps4 But I wrote for to be funny

      Game lover by Zaviyar and AlyshaGame lover by Zaviyar and AlyshaMaand geleden
    • @ima nub you are right but rockstar games need to understand That every buddy can not afford ps4

      Game lover by Zaviyar and AlyshaGame lover by Zaviyar and AlyshaMaand geleden
  • Every gta NLflowr has to have a lot of money how?

    Whyy TryhardsWhyy TryhardsMaand geleden
    • Either modded accounts, money glitches, just with some of the money they earn of youtube, or they actually spent their time grinding, which many do (for example, 'theprofessional' got 1 billion in gta from actual grinding from 2013 or 2014)

      ima nubima nubMaand geleden
  • Sadly it's not the one with pop ups

    Unnamed SkulldogUnnamed SkulldogMaand geleden
  • i bought that for 956k

    shadow brosshadow brosMaand geleden
  • as someone who owns two schassis i can assure you the prices are accurate these days to the real life counterparts 😂

    HanHanMaand geleden
  • how to get custom plates?

    DieuWolfDieuWolfMaand geleden
  • Tbh not worth the money

    ExcruciateExcruciateMaand geleden
  • They don't even bring a S14 Uhg

    jeff Neelyjeff NeelyMaand geleden
  • Im winning it tomorrow! If i get top 3

    Netherite AxeNetherite AxeMaand geleden
  • Can I join the DCA crew in gta?

    antonyl978antonyl978Maand geleden
  • Every car in this update is flawed in my opinion. The tires do not pivot the full amount to match the turning radius. Small thing but it bugs tf out of me

    Meika's RoomMeika's RoomMaand geleden
  • ur build is so nice i have something similar i got it from the price win

    2 geeked2 geekedMaand geleden
  • red at all! 😅

    Lord ShenLord ShenMaand geleden
  • didnt get low grip tires

    Charlie n MatesCharlie n MatesMaand geleden
  • I'm shocked no one brought up the Red Lightning livery basically being Letty's S13 livery yet. Yet another F&F car to add to the collection

    Jesse SmokeJesse SmokeMaand geleden
  • Me and friends just let each other to win so we all get it

    Jd JdJd JdMaand geleden
  • i bought all of new cars and buy this one last interestingly this one is my favorite for some unknown reason

    Sepehr MobarhanSepehr MobarhanMaand geleden
  • It's a great car. But I just hate that I cannot lower it more...can't make it look as aggressive..

    レイレイレイレイMaand geleden
  • The only thing Nissan about this is the ass-end. 3/4s of the car is a 1987 celica GT-S

    Rusty ShackelfordRusty ShackelfordMaand geleden
  • i think stock-plain-Jane is best look.

    Gabens SnickersGabens SnickersMaand geleden
  • You need the new autoshop to modify the engine, right?

    Master GamerMaster GamerMaand geleden
  • Really appreciate the simplicity of this build. Changing from brushed steel for sure 👍

    anthony sotoanthony sotoMaand geleden
  • When you have a s13 in real life and in gta 😳

    Ozone S13Ozone S13Maand geleden