I Tested Clickbait DIY Soap "Hacks"

Hello friends! So, after a long break from testing out & reviewing clickbait hack videos (I think the photo and video hacks broke me), we decided to make a comeback into the genre by testing out these viral clickbait soap hacks that lots of hackers seem to love making - from Blossom to 5-Minute Crafts to Craft Factory and back. And you know me, I can't resist me some nice soap :). We tried a cloud soap hack, a gummy bear soap hack, and a cinnamon roll soap hack, and shenanigans ensued.

What do you guys think of these soap hacks??

Also, a heads up - though we mention it in the video - cinnamon can be dangerous to use on your skin and ivory soap can release fumes when being microwaved (I guess that's why it smelled so bad), so definitely be careful if you take on any of these soap art "hacks" yourself!!

You can check out Katie from Royalty Soap's video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UDhS...
You can check out the Blossom video that contains our hacks here:
And you can check out Jenna's soap hand video here:

This video is NOT sponsored!!

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  • hello friends!! hope you all are doing well & staying safe! in this video, we test out 3 ~viral~ soap hacks and regret it soon afterwards, hehe. what do you think of our attempts?? also, if you want to keep up with us in between videos you can check out my youtube or instagram stories (@safiyany)!! we try and post on there every day! xoxo, saf EDIT: also, a heads up - though we mention it in the video - cinnamon can be dangerous to use on your skin and ivory soap can release fumes when being microwaved (I guess that's why it smelled so bad), so definitely be careful if you take on any of these soap art "hacks" yourself!!

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  • Why does the fluffy soap look like an egg to me...

    Sen AsSen AsDag geleden
  • Ohhh

    miii.miii.2 dagen geleden
  • Tyler: it's like the end of a saw movie. Me: Snorts out the water I was drinking.

    Christina McLeanChristina McLean3 dagen geleden
  • nlflow.info/white/p4eNr7GEd6-BfKE/video

    BudgetSimmerBudgetSimmer4 dagen geleden
  • I know the ivory soap would work

    Kaylee HentzKaylee Hentz5 dagen geleden
  • Isn't there cloud soap Dangerous Due To chemicals or Something like that

    idk what to put so I put thisidk what to put so I put this9 dagen geleden
  • These 2 have a cute relationship

    Twice ShyTwice Shy11 dagen geleden
  • Tyler is The Man for going thru hack#2 frame by frame. Bravo, Tyler.

    Marti ThorntonMarti Thornton11 dagen geleden
  • =)

    Elna DavilaElna Davila13 dagen geleden
  • saf: problem child dish shop: why you gotta be so rude

    Dino-Mite squadDino-Mite squad13 dagen geleden
  • saf: problem child dish shop: why you gotta be so rude

    Dino-Mite squadDino-Mite squad13 dagen geleden
  • saf: problem child dish shop: why you gotta be so rude

    Dino-Mite squadDino-Mite squad13 dagen geleden
  • saf: problem child dish shop: why you gotta be so rude

    Dino-Mite squadDino-Mite squad13 dagen geleden
  • The vanilla thing is real bc I don’t know where you get it but it is deffenatly in australia

    Posting stuff I feel likePosting stuff I feel like14 dagen geleden
  • The ancient motorcycle lastly pull because fireplace postnatally cry except a blue-eyed belief. ruddy, classy sail

    Lola CoxLola Cox14 dagen geleden
  • Do you make soap?

    Ana DobreAna Dobre15 dagen geleden
  • You know, for the gummy bears, I think you needed more GeLaTiNe, right¿¿¿

    Candy and me gamingCandy and me gaming17 dagen geleden
  • Can We wash our hands of these bad crafting channels

    Denise WallaceDenise Wallace17 dagen geleden
  • Sofia is the only NLflowr that I can watch for hours without getting distracted because of my adhd. Not only because of the way she talks but she is actually her interesting and genuine 🤍🤍🤍

    Ravenz PhoenixRavenz Phoenix18 dagen geleden
  • she's like a clickbait mythbuster

    alayne annalayne ann18 dagen geleden
  • The reason also why the bear one didn't work was that they weren't thick enough The ones in the video are much thicker and compressed while Safiaya's are not that thick Though, yeah, they really shouldn't have used dish soap

    cat& gamescat& games19 dagen geleden
  • The people who bought this house watching like 👀

    Lindsey BrownLindsey Brown20 dagen geleden
  • Rolling for "roll pastries" roll at a small angle to create the "peak/muffin" top. giving maybe 1/8 inch or 1cm edge above the next roll.

    Raven SaintRaven Saint20 dagen geleden
  • 20:12 and 21:42 when Tyler and Safiya said "oh yeah" They reminded me of a very disturbed kool-aid Man 🤣

    🥖YungIsangKapitBahay👒🥖YungIsangKapitBahay👒21 dag geleden
  • At least she won't be caught red handed🙃😏

    DonnieDonnie21 dag geleden
  • I remember in the 1st grade we did the Cloud soap thing

    •Pan Bee••Pan Bee•21 dag geleden
  • I don't believe anything from blossom

    Mozel MartinMozel Martin22 dagen geleden
  • Why do you drag out your vowels? It makes it difficult to watch. I feel like I'm watching a TV evangelist.

    Tony TomatoTony Tomato23 dagen geleden
  • safiya's side profile with her hair up looks like hange

    drooling humandrooling human23 dagen geleden
  • The gummy bear "hack" took me down a rabbit hole of jello shot recipes on NLflow, and boy howdy there's A LOT

    Ted SchwartzTed Schwartz24 dagen geleden
  • 13:24 girl u meant “Nearly Headless Nick”. As you can tell I like the Harry Potter sieries

    Rebecca WattsRebecca Watts25 dagen geleden
  • This could turn into a dildo review channel and I'm pretty sure everyone would stay subscribed just for the personality of Safiya... Or just me??

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    • pretty sure more ppl would subscribe

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  • vanilla essence oil exist

    ELEN_V.I.P.ELEN_V.I.P.26 dagen geleden
  • Why did this video make me hungry

    Mia SaarMia Saar26 dagen geleden
  • I takes more power to turn coal into diamonds than it takes to run a oven for a month

    Jessica BarrettJessica Barrett27 dagen geleden
  • Just say ur cinnamon rolls are chocolate and cinnamon flavored

    Holly WilliamsHolly Williams28 dagen geleden
  • Medam...i have seen a vedio of plan D making gummy bears..as i remember she mentioned more informations and she even stored them in bottles to gift her friends...i am prettty sure you can make it work..just watch that too...am not sooo sure...just suggesting ya...btw you are sooo cuute....i love ya.❤️‍🔥

    CORNEY🐨🌼💐CORNEY🐨🌼💐28 dagen geleden
  • When I look at all the create soaps I can’t help but think how uncomfortable they world feel when your trying to lather it all those pokey parts

    Dianna CrossatoeDianna Crossatoe28 dagen geleden
  • The blackpink reference ahaha I see you :D (29:43)

    Adroxs91Adroxs9128 dagen geleden
  • The microwave soap hack works if you use whipped soap! We did it in chemistry. I think the brand was ivory or dove.

    Emily ScharfEmily Scharf29 dagen geleden
  • It's better 2 cut the ivory soup up so it will blow up but as time goes on jt will deflate if y do cut it it will 2 minutes there is a whole story behind it its supper cool

    Rebel BlackcloudRebel Blackcloud29 dagen geleden
  • Abbigail NelsonAbbigail Nelson29 dagen geleden

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  • MV rất hay, i like it 😛😐😒

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  • I hate how Americans Waste So Much Stuff

    Clown FishClown FishMaand geleden
  • 13:28 the bg song us from escape the night s1 right but u dont know the title of the song

    Gacha MilkyGacha MilkyMaand geleden
  • i did he cinmoin roll but i put in coinmin seneted oli

    loljuju saintilloljuju saintilMaand geleden
  • Blossom has peaks because you can see on the video they roll at an angle while you go straight

    Perel PeckPerel PeckMaand geleden
  • 5:22 “oh my god and its pungent!” 5:25 “oh my god.” *“it’s like the blob!”* 5:27 “oh my god it stinks over here.”

    Pillagerslay3r 64Pillagerslay3r 64Maand geleden
  • Im gonna make that ivory soap bar my science presentation

    MokumiiMokumiiMaand geleden
  • 9:12. Dont waste the water close the tap when you are rubbing the soap on your hands.

    Chandni MehekChandni MehekMaand geleden
  • nooooooooooooo cinnamon is harmful for your skin

    Rachel disusaRachel disusaMaand geleden
  • do you have a merch shop? I'm going on a youtuber merch shopping spree and i would love to have your merch

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  • Always trust the lizard brain

    Definitely not a lizardDefinitely not a lizardMaand geleden
  • The way she said "5 minutes crafts"

    Pinky GalPinky GalMaand geleden
  • No troom troom? Good.

    Natalia SzymanekNatalia SzymanekMaand geleden
  • i wish these were all in a playlist the click bait tryouts cause im not about to scroll through all the uploads 😭

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  • RIP that cloud Ayyyyyyyyy

    Rose AnimationsRose AnimationsMaand geleden
  • Anyone think she looks like Laurenzside or just me?

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  • This is an soapy video

    MaddieMaddieMaand geleden
  • are you a virgo by any chance?

    Malini KarMalini KarMaand geleden
  • I remember the first time I saw the microwaving ivory thing. It was on a resin video! You can cut just a tiny corner off, zap that till it poofs, and once it cools add it to resin for “clouds”.

    NightValeBunnyNightValeBunnyMaand geleden
  • Too easy!

    KKMaand geleden
  • Forbidden cauliflower.

    Aide Jaya-OntanedaAide Jaya-OntanedaMaand geleden
  • Why didn’t you show yourself making the cupcake soap?

    NemDragonNemDragonMaand geleden
  • The ivory soap thing is actually really cool. My chemistry teacher used it to help demonstrate the relationships between pressure, heat, and density (I think it was those 3. Might've been mass or something instead. Actually could've been air. It's been a while so I'm not certain) with certain types of matter.

    Kayla A. StephenKayla A. StephenMaand geleden
  • The head slumping on the last set of gummy bear soaps make them look like they’re sad lol

    _Moon Moon__Moon Moon_Maand geleden
  • You should make a slime video

    ❤Rosie❤❤Rosie❤Maand geleden
  • I feel like they don’t give measurements and stuff cuz they know they don’t work well or at all and if there it not measurements it prevents you for doing the hack and if it doesn’t work they can just say you put too much of not enough of this ingredient

    Catly ChinCatly ChinMaand geleden
  • in case yall didnt know, channels like blossom intentionally dont put specific instructions like amount of certain ingredients to use because people like Safiya and other youtubers give them publicity by making videos about them. then people will go to their videos to see if there is really no specific instructions in any of their videos.

    eqsonxeqsonxMaand geleden
  • I kind of wonder if the Ivory soap experiment would work with soap frosting, because the frosting is whipped

    DaarkDaarkMaand geleden
  • Guys is it just me or I think Tyler looks a little 🤏 like nanai from a girl from nowhere

    HarshitaHarshitaMaand geleden
  • I cannot spell

    Valtteri CousineauValtteri CousineauMaand geleden
  • So I can not use grat

    Valtteri CousineauValtteri CousineauMaand geleden
  • Omg saf is using the 1920s soundtrack from escape the night

    Miri🔮Miri🔮Maand geleden
  • if i ever try the ivory soap cloud, im going to put it in a bowl to get my desired shape at the bottom, it might be more fluffy since it’ll expanse upward and not outward

    Kylie BoboKylie BoboMaand geleden
  • Please never put cinnamon in soap it will burn your hand

    Erin HailesErin HailesMaand geleden
  • My mom (a soap maker) had a stroke where saf added the cinnamon

    Robin the DobbinRobin the DobbinMaand geleden
  • forever loving the snake discovery nearly headless nick joke!!!

    EmEmMaand geleden
  • Isn't a double boiler also called a Bain Marie? (A B-Anne Marie-)

    Samantha TSamantha TMaand geleden
  • I think the soap bears were gummy bears because they got smaller

    Carlee AnneCarlee AnneMaand geleden
  • Anyone who watched totally spy as a kid knew the microwave soap worked

    SpiralxBulletSpiralxBulletMaand geleden
  • 16:00 I think they used smaller moulds for the gummy bears and that’s why they’re more strong

    Blobble fishBlobble fishMaand geleden
  • Seriously, I was laughing loud in a crowded train like hell watching specially listening to you guys.... Awsome, subscribed you.....

    shailesh agrawalshailesh agrawalMaand geleden
  • I just keep hearing Katie saying "No no no no noooo" 😆

    Eden WilliamsEden WilliamsMaand geleden
  • When you didn’t realize you were losing your hearing for years because Saf enunciates every word

    Mango OverlordMango OverlordMaand geleden

    AhmedJaishaan JaufarAhmedJaishaan JaufarMaand geleden
  • 4:48 SAFIYA SPEARS L.O.L🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    AhmedJaishaan JaufarAhmedJaishaan JaufarMaand geleden
  • The ivory soap hack with the microwave I knew worked from an episode of totally spies where Alex had to try and expand molecules or some shit in order to stop a villain with a slow mo hairdryer. If this rings a bell for anyone let me know

    ʟᴇɴᴀʟᴇɴᴀMaand geleden
  • i was just thinking im pretty sure the cinnamon roll "hack" couldve at least looked like a cinnamon roll by cutting the soap how you would a croissant or something aka long triangles

    pengwinpengwinMaand geleden
  • Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll. ... It, was made of soap? You're a madman.

    Vega The Mega????Vega The Mega????Maand geleden
  • Ivory soap definitely fluffs up like that so far believe it will work!

    MissBdmayMissBdmayMaand geleden
  • Tyler really said he enhanced that b*tch 😭😭😭😭 that made me laugh for minutes

    ELIBESTIE♥︎ELIBESTIE♥︎Maand geleden
  • Everyone is getting the cloud soap wrong you need the ivory. If you don't have ivory soap you need ivory soap for this hack

    Carmen SlettenCarmen SlettenMaand geleden
  • I was drinking water when Tyler said, “Yeah, I enhanced that bitch.” Well, I snorted that right back up!

    Ava WarrenAva WarrenMaand geleden
  • The clip of the watermelon soap was just foreshadowing of the livestreaming channel making it 👀

    Kelsey WeivodaKelsey WeivodaMaand geleden
  • "Where does that leave us?" Well I won't be making any of these soaps LOL

    Marabelle BlueMarabelle BlueMaand geleden
  • 28:13 I got jumpscared!

    The Noobed GamerThe Noobed GamerMaand geleden
  • Pepole these days will laugh at anything Watch. A, b, 💿 e, f,

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