Calico GTF Is The New Fastest Car? GTA Online - Los Santos Tuners DLC

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  • I think ubermacht cypher is faster when its lowered and low grip tires

    Aro RyanAro RyanDag geleden
  • Without speed glitch , which car is fastest?

    HamzaHamza11 dagen geleden
  • That shit is slow , the Cyclone & neon are faster possible the neo

    Bunny NomBunny Nom17 dagen geleden
  • Its so hard to controll

    K1A GamEZK1A GamEZ21 dag geleden
  • I'm sick. I've spent 50 million on cars just to get dick slapped by this thing. Thanks rockstar.

    Joe DavisJoe Davis22 dagen geleden
  • Give Rockstar a while but I can see this buffed and lamed-out substantially.

    snarlingrabiddog5150snarlingrabiddog515022 dagen geleden
  • You pay nearly 2 million for a 20+ Toyota Celica when a real one cost below 7 grand.

    Señor-Chill NY-ESSeñor-Chill NY-ES24 dagen geleden
  • what build do i need for races tho? everyone in first always has a calico but it's impossible to control in race.

    Kurt Van TienenKurt Van Tienen25 dagen geleden
  • This dude actually called himself a 'Founder' of a glitch... lmfao.

    Pineapple SmooveyPineapple Smoovey27 dagen geleden
  • Does this glitch still work bc when I add the tires and stance it, it wasn't really any faster.

    OogOog27 dagen geleden
  • rally car- fastest this does make me happy

    Seres Róbert / woodooSeres Róbert / woodoo28 dagen geleden
  • Patched

    Keven MDKeven MD28 dagen geleden
  • comet s2 is faster lol

    ArtturArtturMaand geleden
  • ah yes straight lane speed the stuff that noobs think means fast just remember that when its all the way down and has slippi boi tires you basically have to stop in order to take even the slightest corner

    HECKproductionsHECKproductionsMaand geleden
  • How is this or the pariah the 'fastest vehicle'? Everything I've checked still says the Tezeract is

    MoribundMoribundMaand geleden
  • Comet is best

    Sr. PiñaSr. PiñaMaand geleden
  • Rx7 needs a buff speed and traction especially for the price

    le dingdongle dingdongMaand geleden
  • It needs a nerf it ruins the race series

    le dingdongle dingdongMaand geleden
  • Naah pariah is faster

    x araixx araixMaand geleden
    • 🧢

      Felix NibberFelix NibberMaand geleden
  • Dominator asp goes 120

    NebulaNebulaMaand geleden
  • Pariah in the video is not actually it’s full capability cause I’ve beaten every calico I’ve raced

    Just some guy with a mustacheJust some guy with a mustacheMaand geleden
  • The elegy speed glitch is faster

    ShineeeShineeeMaand geleden
  • Pfister comet s2 isn’t it faster?

    wildexpertwildexpertMaand geleden
  • Bruh do you ever try to control your launch at the start? Cuz with pariah it is Important to give half of gas and then clutch it so it gets nitro boost like speed but calico is killer anyway xD

    Channa SnakeheadChanna SnakeheadMaand geleden
  • The car is cheating, using a non FIA compliant moving restrictor plate in front of the turbo

    Alex RibAlex RibMaand geleden
  • 6:23 for the glitch

    RudroRudroMaand geleden
  • This is the same as the comet classic

    S T U B B L YS T U B B L YMaand geleden
  • No it’s not the new Lexus they put on there is faster then this cAr I did the text today

    touch dust2xtouch dust2xMaand geleden
  • What about the comet s2?

    dante martinezdante martinezMaand geleden
  • At 6:22 is when he starts explaining how to do it

    ZippZippMaand geleden
  • Thats nice calico is ugly af tho

    Tru Knowledge ProductionsTru Knowledge ProductionsMaand geleden
  • my friend use that car but i beat him with a jester classic with small wing

    Zackirawan HDZackirawan HDMaand geleden
  • The new mustang Cobra does 160

    Nicholas SmithNicholas SmithMaand geleden
  • I wish this car was the supra

    CandleCandleMaand geleden
  • I did 185 mph on the meter in the Comet s2

    Jonas WRLD 999Jonas WRLD 999Maand geleden
  • i’ve been dusting everybody in my GTF 😂😂 only car that beat me is an F1 so far

    Mass AffectMass AffectMaand geleden
  • Umm but how do i lower my tires like by shooting them because calico always explode before it it lower any tire???

    P3koniP3koniMaand geleden
    • @P3koni yeah, you can only use it with the new tuner cars but it's basically the same as lowering normally but quicker and more safe

      DomDomMaand geleden
    • @Dom oo so that work too thanks

      P3koniP3koniMaand geleden
    • It's in the interaction menu/ quick menu. You go into vehicle and go to stance, switch to lowered and press x/a or whatever you are on to confirm it

      DomDomMaand geleden
  • Try this with the Comet S2, for me it hit 143 mph by just lowering it, not even havinf low grip tires on

    Scorpio.Scorpio.Maand geleden
  • carlins?

    RibiRibiMaand geleden
  • Scotty Kilmer approves

    Epic PlaysTVEpic PlaysTVMaand geleden
  • guys my calaco was going max speed for a while and now can’t even hit 140 what happened???

    balls mclovinballs mclovinMaand geleden
    • maybe it got nerfed. did u try the glitch?

      John DoeJohn DoeMaand geleden
  • Where to buy this car

    CipherzCipherzMaand geleden
  • Bennys banshee upgraded goes 145

    Bryson JenkinsBryson JenkinsMaand geleden
  • Car name real life? ❤️

    maxmaxMaand geleden
  • The imperator would smoke the calico

    CasualBvXCasualBvXMaand geleden
  • 1994 celica over a supra anyday

  • What percentage armor do i need for this?

    Daniel DiazDaniel DiazMaand geleden
  • Someone in R* is a Scotty Kilmer fan.

    talibus22talibus22Maand geleden
  • "I dont want to drag this video for too long" - makes a 8min video which is exact minimum requirement for youtube to monetize your video

    sayochi kunsayochi kunMaand geleden
  • I have a glitch that go’s 300 mph

    Lachlan WalshLachlan WalshMaand geleden
  • Theres 1 thing we can all agree on We dont care if its the fastetst were still gonna use oppresors and sparrows for travel

    MattheLordMattheLordMaand geleden
  • Can you do this in the races?

    Jamesthebond 007Jamesthebond 007Maand geleden
  • Well it's not a secret anymore only a weeks gone by and legit every race I go into thsy have this car so annoying but it's crazy most the new dlc cars are faster then all the others witch insane

    Jamesthebond 007Jamesthebond 007Maand geleden
  • The fact they think this piece of shit would ever beat a lambo or Ferrari is just dumb as hell. This car is so broken. Definitely should not be the fastest car in the game period

    Holden IrvingHolden IrvingMaand geleden
  • 2zz kicked in yo

    HD FurryHD FurryMaand geleden
  • Isn’t the new comet the fastest?

    Émile MarquisÉmile MarquisMaand geleden
    • Comet got nerfed

      DomDomMaand geleden
  • can new commet use smash method

    Eric DemasiEric DemasiMaand geleden
  • Do offroad tires help or hurt the calico?

    • I use them and they kinda help as I'm not spinning out on turns and I have more control

      DomDomMaand geleden
  • Race against Krieger then lmk

    slidewaysslidewaysMaand geleden
  • Is this faster than the progen f1 car?

    Curtis KingCurtis KingMaand geleden
  • Sometimes I can beat the calico in a clique if I get a super strong wheelie

    DJ HartfordDJ HartfordMaand geleden
  • Truly this is a joke from rockstar games itself.

    Joshua TicaJoshua TicaMaand geleden
  • Is the vigilante faster?

    Mr IncognitoMr IncognitoMaand geleden
    • Nope

      DomDomMaand geleden
  • New porche has a slighty faster top speed

    L_DoppioL_DoppioMaand geleden
    • Comet s2 got nerfed

      DomDomMaand geleden
  • the only thing that can make this car pass from "boooriiing" to "meh"... Can it go faster then a missile? If not, I'll prefer my scramjet, hands down.

    Éric CardinalÉric CardinalMaand geleden
  • The closer to death it gets, the stronger it is.

    AbysalAbysalMaand geleden
  • I hit 170 in calico

    mg mikemg mikeMaand geleden
  • "I'm gonna lower it" (pops tires)

    J_JamesFJ_JamesFMaand geleden
  • I drive a celica irl, I promise you they're not this fast

    Caleb De jongCaleb De jongMaand geleden
  • So it’s so fast that it sucks at everything else

    justin brownjustin brownMaand geleden
    • Useless

      justin brownjustin brownMaand geleden
  • So the low grip tires make this faster? They sure make the truck slower, and what suspension do you use to make it fastest? It will sit lower if you choose competition suspension and lower it in the vehicle menu as well, just not sure if you keep stock suspension or what

    Sticky Indica89Sticky Indica89Maand geleden
  • Calico WTF

    Prenger_boiPrenger_boiMaand geleden
  • What tiers are low grip?

    matthew plubellmatthew plubellMaand geleden
  • Says don't wanna drag this video for to long .. proceeds to go on for 8 more minutes

    JaChronic_710JaChronic_710Maand geleden
  • 140 klh lo tengo con trucos 🤣

    El maje HN 504El maje HN 504Maand geleden
  • You put on low stance and low grip and crash both sides into a wall?

    Pc RashfordPc RashfordMaand geleden
  • Rockstar must be part of the “ 12 year olds “ who thought supras come stock 1500bhp 😂😂😂😂

    Aqib FREEDAqib FREEDMaand geleden
  • Shit he is fast!

    MARMAJE69MARMAJE69Maand geleden
  • The speedometer in the car isnt accurate btw

    T BeT BeMaand geleden
  • I got 175 yesterday in a top speed open world challenge, stanced, low grip, curb boosting the runway lights.

    Darren RDarren RMaand geleden
  • Yeah that glitch is called stancing , its been around for ages

    BrandoFoxxyBrandoFoxxyMaand geleden
  • please, please, PLEASE stop looking at the dials, they aren't even close to accurate.

    IcetankerIcetankerMaand geleden
  • It needed to be nerfed.

    Deadly NightkidDeadly NightkidMaand geleden
  • rat truck is fastest besides the hermes

    BiscuitsBiscuitsMaand geleden
  • comet s2 is the fastest car

    SaiiboSaiiboMaand geleden
  • My personal opinion, don’t use the low grip tires, you can’t turn at a speed over 10 mph

    MicroBod 345MicroBod 345Maand geleden
  • Is it really supposed to be that fast or is this a glitch

    LukasLukasMaand geleden
  • LMAO that things got the e36 tachometer 😂😂

    Nontas GeorgouliasNontas GeorgouliasMaand geleden
  • it doesnt beat the scramjat , THATS CAP

    RobAaronCrossRobAaronCrossMaand geleden
  • This is actually so cap , it doesnt beat the scramjet , and i did more than 20 Runs

    RobAaronCrossRobAaronCrossMaand geleden
  • Why do I spend millions on cars I think are fast but a celica can beat every car in game

    GRIM MakoGRIM MakoMaand geleden
  • "This is not a speed glitch" idk man kinda seems unintended to me

    Jess BallJess BallMaand geleden
  • So I’m new to gta and all is this really the fastest car? It doesn’t seem as fast as some other nice cars. Is it fastest of the ones you can get on the street or what

    Pavedog 4 lifePavedog 4 lifeMaand geleden
  • Let's do the awd drag glitch

    David K.David K.Maand geleden
  • Imagine driving your F1 car,and you get your ass blasted by a Celica.

    BrawlerBrawlerMaand geleden
  • pariah wasnt the fastest car in a airport drag race before, wtf is this comparison?

    TheBerg366TheBerg366Maand geleden
  • Ima be honest but this car deserves a huge nerf

    Dominic TorettoDominic TorettoMaand geleden
  • Comet s2 is faster

    eXom 1eXom 1Maand geleden
  • Does it beat the rat truck?

    ADRIAN 1800ADRIAN 1800Maand geleden
  • I like the quick start straight to the point instead of 10 minute intro.

    Mikael Svartrud ØdegaardMikael Svartrud ØdegaardMaand geleden