Become A Millionaire FAST & EASY - GTA 5 Online Los Santos Tuners DLC Business Money Making Guide!

Become A Millionaire FAST & EASY - GTA 5 Online Los Santos Tuners DLC Business Money Making Guide!
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In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video - I'll be showing you guys how to make money FAST and EASY with the NEW content from Los Santos Tuners!
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Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻




  • Ive been having fun doing the prize ride challenges first every week and then rinse and repeating the superdollar deal, fleeca bank heist the most cause to me, they are the easiest. With the ocasional lost contract or prison assasination.

    Thechileno007Thechileno007Maand geleden
  • Has anyone else gotten an error when delivering a custom job car yourself? I got a BF Weevil and every time I deliver it it says something like "transaction failed due to invalid inventory stock", is there a way to fix this or do I just wait? I already contacted R*, but haven't heard back

    TheSonic_Arrow01TheSonic_Arrow01Maand geleden
  • You won't become a millionaire fast by any means by these hiests lol 152k each mission lol 😂😃 you can sell 2 high end cars for more than that

    Ribo 0042Ribo 0042Maand geleden
  • No hard mode in these missions (« Heist ») ?

    GT5rslamboGT5rslamboMaand geleden
  • But I can do the island and get 2mill

    Shawn SanduskyShawn SanduskyMaand geleden
  • I couldn't complete data contract finale alone, took me two hours still not done. Thank you rockstar.

    Murali KrishnaMurali KrishnaMaand geleden
  • im on one where i physically cant do it solo, the enemies constantly respawn so you dont have time to heal up or anything, its really annoying edit: the one youre doing at 4:44 have you got any tips?

    Lieu_Lieu_Maand geleden
    • Lots of armor, hustler loadout, be sure to shoot them many times each. I made it to the interview room after about 20 or more tries, but had trouble shooting my way out. Park your car parallel to the stairs so it is partially covered from the cops that spawn. I got one nice fella who helped me and we finished together on the 1st try. The yellow beams don't save you at that place if you fail, so its back to square one. Rockstar NEVER should have made this contract a requirement to run a business you already bought and paid for to the tune of 4 million dollars - just to wind up with low payouts. Good luck man.

      snarlingrabiddog5150snarlingrabiddog5150Maand geleden
  • It takes about the same time to complete the cayo perico 45 min solo and get paid 8x more doing cayo perico

    WC- Wandering CoupleWC- Wandering CoupleMaand geleden
  • So i have a question an i wanna know if it’s just me or someone else has had this, Basically when i’m delivering a car i go to where you need to go an the little circle thing i drive in it an nothing happens i’m just curious to see if it’s just me or someone else has had this

    xRLBx-xRLBx-Maand geleden
  • What is better Cayo or this (for fast money)

  • The ECU is actually the best because it's the only one you get the full payout, every other mission you have to give sess and kdj a cut

    GalaxiARCIA ZTTSZTGalaxiARCIA ZTTSZTMaand geleden
  • I’m not wasting my 12million on that shit thank u maybe other players might waste their money n regret it later on

    Ortonfangirl2015Ortonfangirl2015Maand geleden
  • I’m not wasting millions on lame auto shop to start robbery no thanks I’ll wait little longer until I have enough money

    Ortonfangirl2015Ortonfangirl2015Maand geleden
  • Its a 17,000 dollar pay cut

    Roderick DossRoderick DossMaand geleden
  • Get off the internet and become a millionaire 😮

    erickbooster1erickbooster1Maand geleden
  • where is the cash you said rockstar was giving out i watched both vidieos on that

    brandon hallbrandon hallMaand geleden
  • Hey man thx for this it was helpfull for me vause i was thinking should i buy autoshop now my daught is clear buddy thank you so much!

    Candid 2930Candid 2930Maand geleden
  • When will the new cars drop cause its tuesday? Does anyone know

    Brad WeechBrad WeechMaand geleden
  • How come when I get a five stars and there is no police by me and can’t get rid of them how do I fix this

    YourBoyDEEBOYourBoyDEEBOMaand geleden
  • I just want to point something out you don’t make max of 60 grand for delivering a car I’ve gotten 100 grand it was a $70,000 upgrade with a $30,000 delivery

    Dylan CraneDylan CraneMaand geleden
  • I screamed YEEEEESSSSSSS! When you said it could be done solo

    ballie smakballie smakMaand geleden
    • noice

      LOLOLOLLOLOLOLMaand geleden
  • Pretty informative 👍

    Riki Tiki TaviRiki Tiki TaviMaand geleden
  • I noticed that I received $10,000 after each prep mission. Maybe that is counted into the total?

    Midnite ClubberMidnite ClubberMaand geleden
  • Ngl bad ive done 19 contracts and only gotten 67 grand im mad bad update they just wanna steal my takis

    communistcommunistMaand geleden
  • Hey good vid FTW your content has improved, 👍🏾

    Mvi BMvi BMaand geleden
  • Ecu technically pays the most since there is no cut out of that compared to the others

    The_Bot_King101The_Bot_King101Maand geleden
  • But you get 1.2 to 1.6 mil solo in cayo perico heist in 1 hour with all missions done, after 10 to 15 min you can start it again

    Porsche911Porsche911Maand geleden
  • 2:27 Because Sossanta and K get a $17,500 cut. Also, every contract you do for the very first time, you get a bonus $75,000.

    MotoCentralMotoCentralMaand geleden
  • 1.6 million in 3 hours isnt too bad... except for the fact I can get 3-7 million in that amount of time just for running cayo perico 3-4 times..

    Carter RutherfordCarter RutherfordMaand geleden
  • No the max payout is $80,000

    Shane CroweShane CroweMaand geleden
  • I found a car and sold it that wasn’t on my list

    Joe BencosmeJoe BencosmeMaand geleden
  • If you ever want to spawn alone in in public lobby every time go to internet setting and change your MTU to 750 don't forget to put it back at 1500 when you're done playing solo😁😁😁😁

    ZEUS ProgodsZEUS ProgodsMaand geleden
  • Do the duplication glitch

    J2 NeatJ2 NeatMaand geleden
  • If rockstar double the tuner payout even still Cayo perico much more better.

    Khushal Singh sainiKhushal Singh sainiMaand geleden
    • Its probably meant to be played by a group of people for more fun because theres no cut option and low payout

      Odd OneOdd OneMaand geleden
  • 10.32 lie everyone knows you want to be a millionaire is by cayo an bogen heist

    gregory k jones#DUKEBONEgregory k jones#DUKEBONEMaand geleden
  • More lies its mr.lies for the llss

    Antimax_officialAntimax_officialMaand geleden
  • Those missions make you lose money

    Th0ma513 gamesTh0ma513 gamesMaand geleden
  • KDJ and Sessanta take a cut that’s usually around 17k-18k so thats why you get a lil less money than you’re supposed to

    JizzleJizzleMaand geleden
  • The flecca bank did takt me about 25 min

    Din MammaDin MammaMaand geleden
  • I got one of the cars bugged, when you deliver the car it doesn't work so you got the car stuck in your autoshop

    Carlos MiramontesCarlos MiramontesMaand geleden
  • 10:32 best part your welcome

    Dustin WunderDustin WunderMaand geleden
  • Cayo easy

    Adrian JohanssonAdrian JohanssonMaand geleden
  • 3 hrs to make over a million that’s bad

    SDIZZ TVSDIZZ TVMaand geleden
  • I can t go find any of those damn cars

  • what do i need to buy before i can play the missions? sorry im just coming back from the game and i thnk this update is nice

    MarckyMarckyMaand geleden
    • An auto shop on maze bank foreclosures not worth it but if you like it go ahead your spending nearly two million to get a auto shop cheapest 1.6million

      ultimate goalultimate goalMaand geleden
  • I'm still with the diamond casino heist.

    Hello thereHello thereMaand geleden
    • nah cayo where it’s at

      Ayden SherlockAyden SherlockMaand geleden
  • *IncScooby on ⚠️XBOX⚠️* NOT -ps4- OR -pc- *200m and modded car acc giveaway end of this month JULY*

    ےͼ҉҈Ͼ҉҈꧁匚҉҈Ħ҉҈Σ҉҈Σ҉҈Ͳ҉҈Ө҉҈꧂Ͽ҉҈ͽ҉҈ڪےͼ҉҈Ͼ҉҈꧁匚҉҈Ħ҉҈Σ҉҈Σ҉҈Ͳ҉҈Ө҉҈꧂Ͽ҉҈ͽ҉҈ڪMaand geleden
  • Double money will be about 300k maybe more, so three of these will be a million, and that’ll take around the same amount of time for you to do a casino or perico heist, so...when that week comes. You’ll get 10-20 mill no problem

    Darth VaderDarth VaderMaand geleden
  • Total earnings on thumbnail=75,000,000 and total earnings in reality =0 😂😂😂

    Harry HughesHarry HughesMaand geleden
    • I mean.. 75mil in 17 contracts? Seems sus to me 😂

      Odd OneOdd OneMaand geleden
  • i need help making money !!!! im on pc

    Deray JonesDeray JonesMaand geleden
  • Not as valuable as cayo perico but it feels less grindy and less repetitive

    Mike TurdMike Turd2 maanden geleden
  • Robbing the 6 banks mission is my favourite

    Manic Xbox GamerManic Xbox Gamer2 maanden geleden
  • “I’ve heArd reports there’s a 10% cut”, bitch look at yo fuckin screen when it says Contract complete🤣

    KoltKolt2 maanden geleden
  • A summation of this video so you don’t waste your time: Do the contract missions in your auto shop. They have 2 preps each and the finale pays 6 figures. You can do it solo.

    Alexander WinnAlexander Winn2 maanden geleden
  • Mr boss still callin buzzards lol

    cheesignoiacheesignoia2 maanden geleden
  • Just search up gta duplication glitch you donuts why watch this guy

    Harrison NichollsHarrison Nicholls2 maanden geleden
  • Nobody cares

    Sevastian GomezSevastian Gomez2 maanden geleden
  • How did you change your crosshairs

    Christian BoggsChristian Boggs2 maanden geleden
  • Money is not an issue in gta anymore

    NM GamingNM Gaming2 maanden geleden
  • 🤥🤥😐

    JohnBoy05 MacMillerJohnBoy05 MacMiller2 maanden geleden
  • Just do the exotic exports as you go. "Oh look blue dot, lemme grab that" easy

    RVKITRVKIT2 maanden geleden
  • I usually don't hit like, because NLflow thinks you want to see every comment from that video if you do, but I did enjoy.

    Tina RashTina Rash2 maanden geleden
  • The video games in the new garage are hard to start playing. You have to stand by them just right.

    Tina RashTina Rash2 maanden geleden
  • For the middle part data mission, if solo its easier to stay inside with the guy downloading and shoot the bad guys as they come in to shoot him.

    Tina RashTina Rash2 maanden geleden
    • @ultimate goal yeah the helicopters gave me trouble too. My husband helped with that. Maybe have at least two people. One for inside shooting and the other for the helicopters.

      Tina RashTina RashMaand geleden
    • Yeah slight problem they have helicopters and literally they are in a spot where you can't get them so not really did you mention you have to clear everyone before finishing also it might be easier inside but still those helicopters gave me trouble more then anything I had a turret couldn't get to it

      ultimate goalultimate goalMaand geleden
  • It didn't make it easier for non-flyers

    Tina RashTina Rash2 maanden geleden
  • I don't care what I use MC or CEO because I never use abilitys/functions as I got the sparrow to get to long distances and ain't gonna spend money on ghost when it's cheaper for off radar

    Colwyn WilliamsColwyn Williams2 maanden geleden
  • I like these mini heist. I like this DLC period. It's fun. It doesn't feel like work. I can do a heist, a VIP mission, steal a car and flip a car and get money. The other stuff made it feel like a real grind. Buy or steal supplies, make product, figure where to sell, do it all over again. Lol.

    Le'William HeathLe'William Heath2 maanden geleden
  • It literly says daily for the exotic board right when your talking about it lmmfao, open your eyes or 2 brain dead! This is def not the way to get rich lmao stop lieing to your community

    Mr SmithMr Smith2 maanden geleden
  • How do you get the auto shop

    vbjonasen Jonasenvbjonasen Jonasen2 maanden geleden
  • I feel like mc is better if you have an oppressor mk2

    Jordan TerryJordan Terry2 maanden geleden
  • Just saying that with the Cayo Perico heist you wil get at least a mil in 1 hour, so in my opinion this business doesn’t return that well

    BRG 4funBRG 4fun2 maanden geleden
  • When you do more do the rewards get higher

    Popzom 44Popzom 442 maanden geleden
  • The pay out mission should be higher then what cars and customization are worth cause the price on cars are fckin ridiculous, just saying.

    alejandro monrealalejandro monreal2 maanden geleden
  • Do not send your worker's you will lose 15 to 20k because they will damage the car

    Randen RaganRanden Ragan2 maanden geleden
  • Frfr I sold all my cars for an auto shop & 3 missions an setups later I had 1.4 million 😂 prob one of the best investments, in my opinion.

    OTB HUNVHOOTB HUNVHO2 maanden geleden
    • bro thank you so much

      Anthony GarciaAnthony GarciaMaand geleden
  • In the trailer they rob the Union Depository, when will that happen?

    Ri0T MANIACRi0T MANIAC2 maanden geleden
  • That's not much

    ShadyShady2 maanden geleden
  • I paid 50,000 bucks to modify and I got 82,000 bucks back not 60,000

    red maskgamer378red maskgamer3782 maanden geleden
  • bro gtao is so bugged rn idk why

    mr guccimr gucci2 maanden geleden
  • Thanks for the info 😁😁😁

    My World By GMy World By G2 maanden geleden
  • any PlayStation players willing to help me get some money?im.onlh level 30 i need to get the sub for cayo perico and im currently on 600k after a day

    jobbiejobbie2 maanden geleden
  • I don’t have any friend anyway

    X0T1CX0T1C2 maanden geleden
  • I haven't seen any video talking about the new media player icon located at the very bottom left of the radio channel wheel that is turned off because it needs files to be found that become usable but nobody is talking about the what and how to get,

    Anton BradleyAnton Bradley2 maanden geleden
    • I know 3 location one at arcade 2 at casino roof 3 in kdj white hellcat trunk which is in ls car meet

      reddit vina skyreddit vina sky2 maanden geleden
  • Completing each once is enough to get you 1 car seems a bit absurd

    GingerBreadMan !GingerBreadMan !2 maanden geleden
    • And you can get like 10mil in that time with cayo perico

      yoshi tummersyoshi tummersMaand geleden
  • My friend got 50k which I wish I could a change how much he made

    GingerBreadMan !GingerBreadMan !2 maanden geleden
  • What's the fastest new car?

    jambo8442jambo84422 maanden geleden
  • first u need the shop which is like 1.7 dont u

    binned itbinned it2 maanden geleden
  • R they repeatable

    FLIX _250FLIX _2502 maanden geleden
  • Bro I am on Xbox but haven’t got the new one 😢 and really want to play this update

    adam fairbrotheradam fairbrother2 maanden geleden
  • U know whats even better grinding on the cayo perico heist and doin the tuner missions 💵💵💰

    JDM LEGENDJDM LEGEND2 maanden geleden
  • Cayo perico is still best

    Rui PTXRui PTX2 maanden geleden
  • There’s a new money glitch with auto shop just do that and have tons of money

    Brandon SamarooBrandon Samaroo2 maanden geleden
  • You still need at least $3M to start the entire shit tho!!!! ridiculous

    PrometheuzReturnsPrometheuzReturns2 maanden geleden
  • You can also become a millionaire fast by doing the cayo perico heist one or two times

    A AA A2 maanden geleden
  • or just do the Bogdan glitch in the same amount of time or less once and boom 1m

    Hot CerealHot Cereal2 maanden geleden
  • How do you even find the cars on the list?

    BCTD Marketing & DesignBCTD Marketing & Design2 maanden geleden
  • Some missions require giving Sessanta and KDJ a cut which is why you got slightly less.

    Iakeem VassilopanagosIakeem Vassilopanagos2 maanden geleden
  • Some of those mission finales are not easy. On one of them I haven’t even beaten it and haven’t been able to get passed the second room

    Phil FowlerPhil Fowler2 maanden geleden
  • "1.6 million in 3 hours, that's not bad at all" I can literally spend an hour setting up and getting through a cayo perico heist and have at least that much by the end up it, this isn't viable compared to just running heists.

    DeathTheAnarchistDeathTheAnarchist2 maanden geleden
    • About 1mil on avg on that hiest bro

      BigD101BigD101Maand geleden
    • Yeah we can literally do 6M in 3 hours with the Caio perico haist in 3 hours.

      Rui PTXRui PTX2 maanden geleden
  • The reason why you got 160k instead of 180 is bcs Moodyman and Sessanta take around 10-20k from the payout

    Dávid NagyDávid Nagy2 maanden geleden