Trump lashes out at Fox News after report on Arizona's recount

Former President Donald Trump lashed out at Fox News in a written statement after the network reported that an Associate Press investigation found only 182 potentially fraudulent ballots out of 3 million votes cast in Arizona during the 2020 presidential election. Former Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt shares what has surprised him the most about the reaction from Republicans and Trump supporters that Fox News called Arizona for President Joe Biden.




  • I wouldn't say that Tucker Carlson is killing anybody by encouraging people to not vaccinate or to not wear masks, that's giving him wayyyy too much credit. Those grifters get paid to tell people what they want to hear. Nobody made the decision to not get vaccinated based on what Tucker Carlson has said on TV.

    Alex NicholsAlex Nichols36 minuten geleden
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    Bible BelieversBible Believers46 minuten geleden
  • 😜😜😜😜😜😅😅😅😅😅😅🙄

    Richard OlsonRichard Olson3 uur geleden
  • 60 times? That orange loser can't handle losing like a normal person.

    Zombie KrakenZombie Kraken4 uur geleden
  • I think AZ should sue trump for the bs and what he’s costing us.

    carrie richardscarrie richards6 uur geleden
  • We do not support trump here in Az. Biden won! Now trump is making fellow Republicans and demos pay in our taxes, hos, ect for the ignorant lie.

    carrie richardscarrie richards6 uur geleden
  • Making another person wear a mask because someone else became sick is corporal punishment! Corporal punishment is again the law...

    Damian HallDamian Hall6 uur geleden
  • Mike Lindells symposium! August 10th11th12th!

    Damian HallDamian Hall6 uur geleden
  • Yeah

    Damian HallDamian Hall6 uur geleden
  • If you are truly concerned with election integrity?! Watch Mike Lindells symposium! August 10th11thand12th! Amy computer expert that proves his symposium false?! Gets 5 million dollars!!! What do you have to lose?! Everyone show up and try to prove him wrong!!! Buy a my pillow if he is right!!!

    Damian HallDamian Hall6 uur geleden
  • Tech

    BOEING 747 FLIGHTBOEING 747 FLIGHT6 uur geleden
  • CNN's recent NLflow feed contains no clips about Biden, the "most popular president in history". Instead, every story is about President Trump (they know he's the real president), CONvid, CRT, and other BS.

    Dr. Bunter HidenDr. Bunter Hiden7 uur geleden
  • Trump is falling deeper and deeper into the hole of ignorance and stupidity he has created for himself !!!

    Lynn AscheLynn Asche8 uur geleden
  • Once again, President Trump is 100% correct and propaganda media got it wrong.

    Dr. Bunter HidenDr. Bunter Hiden8 uur geleden
  • Lol this was before the audit , from someone who haves family in Arizona, Trumps flag was everywhere and everyone was with President Trump that’s why they are so mad 😡 no one likes biden period

    Monze GalindoMonze Galindo9 uur geleden
  • Trump did win Arizona The Audit shows the truth.

    MobyDick725MobyDick7259 uur geleden
  • CNN is so full of shit they Haven't told the truth in years. Not once.

    MobyDick725MobyDick7259 uur geleden
  • Note that the report states “POTENTIAL”, not verified!!! 🤡 TRUMPS long line of business failures is more clear now from his lack of understanding basic arithmetic!!! Actually, tRUMPS LACK OF UNDERSTANDING of most basic every day dealings is really NO SURPRISE,! With his head 🤡 so far up PUTINS PUTTY, he is blinded to reality!!!!

    from Clarkfrom Clark12 uur geleden
  • Trump lashes out… does that even matter anymore? the man’s wings have been clipped, hopefully permanently, unfortunately millions of his cult followers are still out there waiting, so I guess it does matter, can’t take an eye off the f•cker for a minute

    Matt DohertyMatt Doherty14 uur geleden
  • trump lost texas and Alabama and every red state. I want a recount...whaaaaaaa!!!!!

    Carol SteinCarol Stein18 uur geleden
  • Also, how many of those 182 were of the ex-president's own party?

    Jon RoeslerJon Roesler23 uur geleden
  • Fake news!

    Christopher Last NameChristopher Last NameDag geleden
  • One thing they can do to not discourage people from getting the vaccine is....STOP SHOWING LONG ASS NEEDLES PLUNGING INTO ARMS EVERY NIGHT AND DAY ON THE NEWS!!!!

    Timmy NeeleyTimmy NeeleyDag geleden
  • trump lost it’s over no matter how many times trump shits his diaper. Biden is president no matter who likes it or not. tRUMP LOST GET OVER IT.

    GloriaGloriaDag geleden
  • cnn r. F. A. K. E. S.

    OMOMDag geleden
  • cnn r. F. A. K. E. S.

    OMOMDag geleden
  • Trump won fare and square. Lol By a lot. 75 000 “mail in ballots” never sent out/mailed. How is that possible? Oh…

    John DeeJohn DeeDag geleden
  • try reporting real news CNN, then maybe your ratings wouldn't be in the shitter.

    James SparksJames SparksDag geleden
  • Scared much. I guess your ratin s say it one believes you----LOL, LOL, LOL,

    Karen JamaiKaren JamaiDag geleden
  • The people showing up with guns to polling places to intimidate voters and vote counters into stopping the count are worried about election integrity.

    TorstenHakonsonTorstenHakonsonDag geleden
    • CNN will tell any lie to help the Marxists in our country. Trump won. The evidence is overwhelming and the audits are showing this. The Atlanta audit will be juicy. Mmm hmmm ☺️

      Benjamin LevineBenjamin Levine11 uur geleden
    • They're probably mad they didn't scare people away.

      M DM D11 uur geleden
  • This whole "audit" BS is an act of treason. Time to charge them with it already. They aren't interested in integrity of the vote, they decided it was stolen and now are trying to get the "evidence" to support it. That's not how grown-a55 adults come to conclusions and also not how you have a functioning society.

    TorstenHakonsonTorstenHakonsonDag geleden
  • When are the Arizona voters going to sue the living hell out of the Arizona Republican Party or the county party for handing their votes over to a hyper-politicized far-right group to handle in an attempt to overthrow an election?

    TorstenHakonsonTorstenHakonsonDag geleden
  • Counting past midnight with both Democrats and Republicans signing off on the numbers on election night is suspicious. People who decided it was stolen without any evidence and are desperately looking for it behind closed doors and taking months to do it, not suspicious at all.

    TorstenHakonsonTorstenHakonsonDag geleden
  • Anyone else actually look at what the recount showed? This is an absurd "news" report

    buck nadobuck nadoDag geleden
  • That's 182 fraudulent ballots is one too many in my opinion. Though I guess CNN agrees with Trump that it's not enough fraudulent ballots.

    James SamfordJames SamfordDag geleden
  • I love seeing trump stressed out because stress kills.

    Mark WelchMark WelchDag geleden
  • He's delusional as well as his followers!!!

    Alex VirellaAlex VirellaDag geleden

    Kevin HolleyKevin HolleyDag geleden
  • You know the truth always comes to light. Just saying.

    fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhhDag geleden
  • As a teenager I used to volunteer in a retired persons care home. I saw many old people like Trump. Out of touch with reality. Some could be belligerent and entitled.They were old dears but you wouldn't let them lead a country or take their advice on vaccinations.

    Anita HerbertAnita HerbertDag geleden
  • How can his FOLLOWERS not see how this guy works? He turns on anyone that doesn't agree with him. FOX got him elected in the first place. Please Republicans, don't give this man your nomination in 2024. Hell< I am independent. Give me someone else then tRump, I I might vote Republican in 2024.

    Kent DeFossetKent DeFossetDag geleden
    • Two lawyers already in court for a lion Trump actually lost OK can y'all believe it now 🙄🥱👈🚔🚔🚔🔗🔗..

      fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhhDag geleden
  • Trumps a nazi

    ThxThxDag geleden
  • With all the irregularities that have surfaced since election night, a person would have to be a damned fool not to realize that the election was questionable at best.

    HarpoHarpoDag geleden
  • This how I see it, a guy (Biden ) never campaigned had small rallies, told everybody he was going to eliminate oil and gas jobs, had tons of scandal with his son before the election and couldn’t put a sentence together to save his life. You tell me why people think the election was stolen, moreover why don’t they want people to investigate it so The public doesn’t think it was?

    EEDag geleden
  • CNN is a joke 👎

    EEDag geleden
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      Vincent BobbyVincent BobbyDag geleden
  • Why do you care if this SOB lashes out at Fox? Compared to Benedict Arnold, Benedict is a patriot! This SOB has violated every norm, every law, man made or God made! You love him why? You respect him why? You will follow him to hell? He and this Fascist Cult did perpetuate and still perpetuate Godless behavior in the halls of Congress! This is the party of ‘ Lie, Cheat and Steal! How did we get such a party in our government? The Far Right White Supremacist Republican Think Tanks armed with the dark money of the wealthiest and Hitler’s Blueprint for taking over a government. Lies, Character Assassination, Unfounded Accusations and political terrorism committed by individuals and The Far Right Fascist Media that laces the real news with poisonous false claims and stories! They are Fascists, they are liars and even killers! We, the American People, are living as German Citizens lived in the 1930’s. Read your history leading up to The Second World War! It took our greatest generation to defeat them! It cost the lives of many of our loved ones during the late 1930’s and through the 1940’s to save Democracy and the Free World from the Fascists of that time! I find it unbelievable that the love of God has been replaced with the love of money in these United States! When asked if they are their brothers keeper they emphatically answer No! And they call themselves Christians!

    David FinnertyDavid FinnertyDag geleden
  • LIARS 🤥

    Alice YoungdellAlice YoungdellDag geleden
  • The truth will be discovered shortly. One thing I firmly believe is Biden and deep states cheated Americans. Fake news like cnn, cbs, fox....will regret what you guys are doing against Americans.

    Sim ClaireSim ClaireDag geleden
  • Dr anegbejie guérit tout type de maladie

    Joseph AnabelJoseph Anabel2 dagen geleden
  • Now they can see Biden letting everything from vivid countries in it called pandemic for a reason the whole world has it enjoy that Delta virus!

    Donna LittleDonna Little2 dagen geleden
  • Only in America Mr.President do we have a n election day but turns into election week so the SOAR loser could win! YOU KNOW YOUR GOING TO LOSE BUT KEEP IT GOING TO YOU WIN THAT CALLED ELECTION FOUL!

    Donna LittleDonna Little2 dagen geleden
  • Just wait. Once the Arizona audit finds massive voter fraud and cheating, Trump will waltz back the white house by October! (Joke).

    Nav1 PINav1 PI2 dagen geleden
  • So Biden has made imagration even worse, Harris told them they're are not welcome in America but it's ok. Biden picks reporters he wants questions from but it's ok. He snaps at reporters but it's ok. Has done nothing to make the KKK a terroist org. You continually attacked Trump for this but because it's Biden it's ok. Biggest hypocrits ever.

    James CousinsJames Cousins2 dagen geleden
  • still pushing the fake news

    mike D'mike D'2 dagen geleden
  • Two lawyers already in court for a lion Trump actually lost OK can y'all believe it now 🙄🥱👈🚔🚔🚔🔗🔗..

    Ivan AbdullahIvan Abdullah2 dagen geleden
  • If you say it enough dare believe it 🙄🥱👈👁️👁️))..

    Ivan AbdullahIvan Abdullah2 dagen geleden
  • And just think there is still millions of people who think this con man can lead a country....ha ha he can't even run his own businesses without putting his lawyers and accountants in legal jeopardy. Keep sticking with him and you'll keep losing, he keeps this big lie going because people are sending him money. Can't fix stupid.

    ArrowslingrArrowslingr2 dagen geleden
  • The relationship between 45 and Fox is like the relationship between ex's who had a messy breakup.

    CassieCassie2 dagen geleden
  • If I could flush CNN I surely would

    Monica CrottyMonica Crotty2 dagen geleden
  • 182 *potentially* fraudulent votes = ZERO fraudulent votes. Trump, himself, is the REAL fraud. His 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton was ALSO a fraud. Hillary Clinton beat him by a landslide. She would have won if the election wasn't RIGGED by the Russians in Trump's favor. Everybody knows it and everybody is talking about it. Trump is a fraud. That's what everyone is saying. They are all talking about how Trump was an illegitimate president serving criminally as America's President for 4 full years. Everybody with a brain knows that Trump, who was colluding with the Russians, STOLE THE ELECTION from the American people who overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton. That's not a "belief", that's a "fact".

    The Orange Pekoe Teabag BandThe Orange Pekoe Teabag Band2 dagen geleden
  • Adolf D.J. Trump is DANGEROUS for Humanity!

    Benoit CorbeilBenoit Corbeil2 dagen geleden
    • Stinks of coward 'round here!

      CassieCassie2 dagen geleden
  • I know where you stand Jim, the same as where you have always been. Never wavered.

    Jake BakerJake Baker2 dagen geleden
  • Why isn't Media & BLM outraged with the mutation and amputations the jab has caused to this black lady ???? & Not rallying against the toxic jabs that caused it, not covid'!!!

    Pauline RadPauline Rad2 dagen geleden
  • Well......hopefully the 2022 midterms will not be in dispute like the 2020 elections.....this country is Very Divided over that election.....this needs to be fixed because it has destroyed this country.....people want to have confidence and they do not have it now.......hopefully both sides will run better candidates.....because the country is split in two pieces right now.

    John GaltJohn Galt2 dagen geleden
  • Wla nga aq alam anu involvement nian dito anu pinglalaban nia. Nd q kilala yan pati anak q hinarng nia maihatid sken.

    Joy LucasJoy Lucas2 dagen geleden
  • When is Trump Not in a rage! He is the most colicky Senior citizen on a public news campaign of infamy I have ever seen.

    Freyja WiredFreyja Wired2 dagen geleden

    OMOM2 dagen geleden
  • load of BS spewing from Jim Acosta's lying lips.

    Kevon MasonKevon Mason2 dagen geleden
  • 🤣🤣

    Always 1904Always 19042 dagen geleden
  • The beauty of this vaccine is that all the idiots around the world will be wiped out voluntarily, and most of them will be Demon-crat voters 👍

    dodazadardodazadar2 dagen geleden
    • I got the jab in January and I am still alive. Will I die soon?

      SchronkSchronk2 dagen geleden
  • That's the old news fools. Who you think you fooling?

    car cucar cu3 dagen geleden
  • who would have thought that having a feud with John McCain would have cost you votes in Arizona

    bofooit gojobofooit gojo3 dagen geleden
    • @Benjamin Levine I hope you will be able to return to reality one day. I feel sorry for you.

      SchronkSchronk9 uur geleden
    • CNN will tell any lie to help the Marxists in our country. Trump won. The evidence is overwhelming and the audits are showing this. The Atlanta audit will be juicy. Mmm hmmm ☺️

      Benjamin LevineBenjamin Levine11 uur geleden
    • @Zug75 and McCain died in 2018 yet Trump went on abusing him at every turn. Arizonans were willing to overlook his initial statements about McCain but by 2020 they had realized he lied constantly and was a draft dodger who saw nothing wrong with dissing a war hero. Perfectly relevant.

      BandomemeBandomeme2 dagen geleden
    • @Zug75 and in 2021?

      SchronkSchronk2 dagen geleden
    • that was in 2015, trump won arizona in 2016, irrelevant.

      Zug75Zug752 dagen geleden
  • Psychology Students.. I guess u can See the peculiar behaviour ...

    Isagae HegesIsagae Heges3 dagen geleden
  • Truck Fump.

    HeWentThattawayHeWentThattaway3 dagen geleden
  • Stinks of coward 'round here!

    thousand milesthousand miles3 dagen geleden
  • Is Trump lying or does he actually believe his rants? Which is worse?

    Stephentheobdurate Van BuskirkStephentheobdurate Van Buskirk3 dagen geleden
    • Both.

      John M. GreinerJohn M. Greiner3 dagen geleden
  • Get your god damn facts straight cnn!!!

    tommy Brown jr.tommy Brown jr.3 dagen geleden
    • So for once Fox not the news gets something right?

      bofooit gojobofooit gojo3 dagen geleden
  • Fox is bullshit!!!!!!!

    Simply MagsSimply Mags3 dagen geleden
  • Latinos para Trump.🇺🇸

    UnivisionUnivision3 dagen geleden
  • How many of the fraudulent votes were for Trump?

    Stephentheobdurate Van BuskirkStephentheobdurate Van Buskirk3 dagen geleden
  • Those Republicans know it was not stolen I wish people stop playing on that, they think everyone else is stupid ,the true responsibility Republicans the three of them know the truth

    May ChestMay Chest3 dagen geleden
  • We all know it was rigged

    Brendan O'GormanBrendan O'Gorman3 dagen geleden
  • So in a nut shell, Trump wanted them to lie about the election results. He knew he lost but wanted to stay in office to use it to protect himself against legal troubles. The Arizona Voters spoke loud and clear and he can't stand that he can't pressure officials to change the results. Trump voters, you voted for a liar. If he will lie and steal, yes steal, in business by not paying businesses for the products and services he bought from them how can we trust him with our tax monies? He has already milked us for approximately $151 million in visits to his own golf resorts. He can still over charge us for his security details hotel bills, food bills and golf carts, etc. Our lives? Covid came and he didn't take it seriously and people died because he would not back the CDC guidelines. I may not always agree with Biden on everything, but he is trying to do right for the American People, while still cleaning up the mess Trump left.

    Helen WoodrumHelen Woodrum3 dagen geleden
  • Watch the trolls come out about this great reporting calling it fake news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what they learned from their messiah DT and i wouldn't doubt some may be Russian trolls!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reggie TReggie T3 dagen geleden
  • Paul Boyer is the sole reason why the AZ Senate has not been able to take further action against the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. He is the only Republican to vote against enforcement of the subpoena. You know what to do. ⬇️ 📍Paul Boyer Phone : (602) 926-4173 📍Email:

    CarammCaramm3 dagen geleden
  • Excellent reporting CNN. I knew it was actually possible. Of course, Acosta just had to get his little jabs in or he wouldn’t be his normal aloof, condescending self.

    I say Which way do we goI say Which way do we go3 dagen geleden
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    Olalekan AkinfenwaOlalekan Akinfenwa3 dagen geleden
  • So for once Fox not the news gets something right?

  • I don't want the government telling me what I have to do. Except for wearing seat belts, except for not taking drugs, except for not driving while inebriated, except for not killing other people, except for not stealing, except for taking vaccines against polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella, except for, except for. except for.

    Yves DelageYves Delage3 dagen geleden
  • Imagine id everyone who lost an election claimed fraud and demanded a recount?

    Stephentheobdurate Van BuskirkStephentheobdurate Van Buskirk3 dagen geleden
    • @Benjamin Levine Yea, and OZ is real. Why is it you don't hear of challenges when a Republican wins?

      steve van buskirksteve van buskirk2 uur geleden
    • @Benjamin Levine Dream on. How is it that elections are fraudlent only if your Candidate doesn't win?

      steve van buskirksteve van buskirk3 uur geleden
    • Well Biden did lose.

      Benjamin LevineBenjamin Levine11 uur geleden
    • @Stephentheobdurate Van Buskirk That might work. But not with donald. He just doesn't pay his bills. He still owes several cities for his security during his hate rallies.

      Diego FlynnDiego Flynn2 dagen geleden
    • @Diego Flynn Shouldn't the one demanding a recount have to pay for the recount if it doesn't change the results? Otherwise couldn't just tye up the election with endless recounts.

      Stephentheobdurate Van BuskirkStephentheobdurate Van Buskirk3 dagen geleden
  • Love to see tRump in a rage because that means trump supporters are in a rage too 😂

    StraightUpTruthStraightUpTruth3 dagen geleden
    • @StraightUpTruth things have definitely been better, leave your bubble and look at prices and other things for once

      Sean HoseySean Hosey17 uur geleden
    • I don’t like them in a rage. That’s how the mess at the capital happened:( Sure wish we could start getting along better but it’ll probably never happen

      Joe SmithJoe SmithDag geleden
    • @Sean Hosey to hell? Things have never been better. You must be speaking as a trump supporter, lol.

      StraightUpTruthStraightUpTruthDag geleden
    • No not rlly, we’re just hoping things stop going to hell at this point

      Sean HoseySean HoseyDag geleden
  • More like 18,200 phony ballots.

    Ryan TRyan T3 dagen geleden
    • I need to find 150000 more votes just 150000 clowns deal with reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Reggie TReggie T3 dagen geleden
  • Fake news

    Nuumau NaeaNuumau Naea3 dagen geleden
  • Trump lashes out ? Again ooooh big shocker

    Jack DethJack Deth4 dagen geleden
  • you have to admit would they say if the vote was WRONG in Az / NO it wouldnt

    William CurryWilliam Curry4 dagen geleden