Inside Cara Delevingne's Fantastical L.A. Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Today AD is welcomed by supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne for a tour of her exuberant and fantastically decorated Los Angeles home. Cara went maximal with
architect/accomplice Nicolò Bini of Line Architecture to curate a collection of vibes from room to room. “My work requires me to put on many different hats and costumes. I love slipping into these various characters, so I wanted my home to reflect lots of different themes and moods.”

See more of Cara's home here:

Select artwork:
Jonathan Yeo, Cassiopeia, 2008, 20 colour screen print, 102cm x 74cm
Jonathan Yeo, Wallpaper Edition (Teal), 2014, digital print on mica ground, 1000cm x 52cm

Shop Cara's home style!
Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash:
SunnyLife Mega Jumbling Tower:
Zamora Grey and Ivory Handwoven Tufted Pouf (similar):
David Yarrow Photography: Americas Africa Antarctica Arctic Asia Europe:
Jonathan Adler Georgia Orb Box:
Jonathan Adler Full Dose Box:
Lightning Bolt Marquee (similar):
Dior Fierce Blanket:
Gucci Heron Print Wallpaper:
Jonathan Yeo Leaf Wallpaper:
Jonathan Yeo Cassiopeia Print:

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Inside Cara Delevingne's Fantastical L.A. Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest




  • Shop Cara's home style! Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash: SunnyLife Mega Jumbling Tower: Zamora Grey and Ivory Handwoven Tufted Pouf (similar): David Yarrow Photography: Americas Africa Antarctica Arctic Asia Europe: Jonathan Adler Georgia Orb Box: Jonathan Adler Full Dose Box: Lightning Bolt Marquee (similar): Dior Fierce Blanket: Gucci Heron Print Wallpaper: Jonathan Yeo Leaf Wallpaper: Jonathan Yeo Cassiopeia Print: When you buy something through our retail links, we earn an affiliate commission.

    Architectural DigestArchitectural DigestMaand geleden
    • Peoples that would buy this crap are possible as nuts as she is. 🤣

      RippenhengstRippenhengstDag geleden
    • @Ekaterina EH 🤣👍👍👍

      RippenhengstRippenhengstDag geleden
    • @Ekaterina EH ok virgin

      shitneyshitney12 dagen geleden
    • It is a disgusting house with her woman's part obsession! I want to vomit after watching her house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Ekaterina EHEkaterina EH13 dagen geleden
    • @yonchrr jeaoulsy

      Elizabeth TurnerElizabeth Turner13 dagen geleden
  • you could tell she grew up a coddled rich little girl

    LukasLukasUur geleden
  • the way she knows everything about the house

    lissylissy2 uur geleden
  • She really said MAXIMALISM !

    U don't know me lolU don't know me lol3 uur geleden
  • 2:19 bruh moment

    Omega0002Omega00024 uur geleden
  • Бесит!

    Tatyana NeznasovaTatyana Neznasova4 uur geleden
  • Imagine all the thieves in LA watching this video 😂😂

    Shoibbb5Shoibbb57 uur geleden
  • Wait, was that art piece blurred out? Or that was the art? If it was... I hate modern art so much

    Y BY B7 uur geleden
  • Bonkers!...I love it!🤣🤣

    Charlie MoondorCharlie Moondor8 uur geleden
  • 13:38 if you know this face, you came from pewdiepie

    Psycho KramberryPsycho Kramberry8 uur geleden
  • her house is like a ghibli film

    alexalex8 uur geleden
  • Is that a house or a Playground Mansion for ......well Cara.

    Christopher YajeevChristopher Yajeev9 uur geleden
  • pls wtf is that song she plays at the end on piano IK IT BUT I DONT KNOW IT

    Isabella SIsabella S9 uur geleden
  • ma quanto guadagna una modella?

    marialuisa dellagramaticamarialuisa dellagramatica9 uur geleden
  • This house!!!!!!!

    Glory OnyinyeGlory Onyinye10 uur geleden
  • Always curious how much of the unique design ideas/personal style comes from the actual person living there or the interior decorator they paid for…

    lolly poplolly pop11 uur geleden
  • "It's quite scary for the gardener who sees me stark naked"??? Yeah, I can just imagine the poor guys trauma and how hard it would be to find someone to take his place. Postman;- Hi Miss Delevigne, we've got 4 truckloads of mail just from people applying for your gardeners position, 45 million in total, there'll probably be double that amount tomorrow!!!

    george porteousgeorge porteous11 uur geleden
  • She's my dream girl... 😓

    LunaticLunatic11 uur geleden
  • Hahaha following the tiger up the staires 😅 its a lepord cara darling

    Abi Lauren farthingAbi Lauren farthing11 uur geleden
  • It was not until I saw cara delevinge that I know I like girls too

    𝓼𝓵𝔂𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓼𝓵𝔂𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓷13 uur geleden
  • I so love the arcade machine!

    Charmaine AlbertoCharmaine Alberto13 uur geleden
  • What if the dogs like pees on her ball pit

    woo weewoo wee14 uur geleden
  • my dream house

    Cryptic LordCryptic Lord15 uur geleden
  • this house is absolutely beautiful but Cara is trying a little too hard to be quirky. like, girl, relax!

    Mae WillowMae Willow15 uur geleden
  • Finally a celebrities house where money has been well spent.

    Taky CTaky C15 uur geleden
  • I’m going to pursue architecture to promote that vagina tunnel to my clients

    fujoshi_potatoheadfujoshi_potatohead17 uur geleden
  • 0:32 except this part everything else is pretty good

    9J07Asir Tawsif9J07Asir Tawsif17 uur geleden
  • so psychedelic

    alien saurusalien saurus18 uur geleden
  • love secret pathways/rooms :D

    GamarletonGamarleton18 uur geleden
  • If the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland had a house, this would be it

    Ioana TeodoraIoana Teodora19 uur geleden
  • Came here from Pewds

    PinkusPinkus20 uur geleden
  • It’d be better if she had 10 of her children running around in it.

    Ana VasquezAna Vasquez20 uur geleden
  • The dog doesn't care about house it is just roaming

  • Now I understand how cool and creative she is.

    FrostFrost21 uur geleden
  • She has a beautiful house with so many elements in it....

    Jagriti MajhiJagriti Majhi22 uur geleden
  • I am watching the impossibly beautiful Cara in her impossibly beautiful home while doing the washing up and I just find myself smiling. A lot. What a gal.

    Jacquie GalvinJacquie Galvin22 uur geleden
  • If she really thinks she's Alice, we're gonna have to talk lol

    Slothy387 PoohSlothy387 Pooh22 uur geleden
  • Omg all the simps in the comments are ridiculous. This chick is a snob and cringe to even mention the word Alice. Seems like she really need to prove herself lol

    Slothy387 PoohSlothy387 Pooh22 uur geleden
  • To be honest this is one of the coolest homes I’ve seen and it’s so much better than any youtubers house I’ve seen

    PessimisticDiabeticPessimisticDiabetic23 uur geleden
  • thats so cool

    AnimatuAnimatu23 uur geleden
  • Anyone who says money can’t by happiness is an idiot. Money can allow you to do so much like live in a house like this where you can literally just do and design it however you want with no worries about if you can afford it. Financial burdens is allot of the time why people are so stressed and unhappy with there lives because they are unable to escape the situations they are in because they cannot afford to do so.

    Josh BishopJosh Bishop23 uur geleden
  • There are so many drug parties in this house

    CindyCindy23 uur geleden
  • I love her house and would love to be one of the friends that she invites over to teach me poker or play pool together lol.

    Andrea DavisAndrea Davis23 uur geleden
  • Who is this person?

    Michele BorlandMichele Borland23 uur geleden
  • I was amazed when I saw this house on Pewds video so I came here to watch it all. So cool. Where you never feel bored.

    KayBeSkyKayBeSkyDag geleden
  • She is definitely a stand user.

    JeshiJeshiDag geleden
  • It's a cool house but it's so ugly lmao

    Bennett24Bennett24Dag geleden
  • I remember when she was blowing up in 2013/2014. I'm sure she's still popular but it was wild back then

    Byrd EByrd EDag geleden
  • Alright so uhh Cara definitely seems like she would be annoying to hang out with... but I can respect the drip of her house so its aight she doesn't seem like a bad person... just a little cringe and that's okay 👍

    Evan DienEvan DienDag geleden
  • This is like when you’re building a house with legos but you don’t have the amount of similar blocks for a consistent theme

    NoMonogamyNoMonogamyDag geleden
  • Stress is stored in the balls

    HumminqHumminqDag geleden
  • Pewds should've rated this one higher

    Akash RanaAkash RanaDag geleden
  • If they told me this was Emma stone…… I wouldn’t question it

    Isabelli YumeIsabelli YumeDag geleden
  • She's like the Female Willi Wonka except her factory makes candy flavored menstrual pads.

    Ernest PierceErnest PierceDag geleden
  • "So, this is my vagina tunnel" me: *furiously taking notes*

    rhaegnarokrhaegnarokDag geleden
  • Dang this is goals

    Lauren ChuLauren ChuDag geleden
  • You couldn’t do this in a communist country……..aren’t you glad your in USA???

    redcoralstrandredcoralstrandDag geleden
  • Beautiful!!

    Greenz1100Greenz1100Dag geleden
  • celebrities have no taste

    Sen9733Sen9733Dag geleden
  • 1:20 I can say at least that I have some food containers similar to Cara's

    Francisca IgnaciaFrancisca IgnaciaDag geleden
  • rich people are ridiculous and annoying

    iiDag geleden
  • Hate the house hate the decor hate the fivolous immaturity she displays. Hate Her.

    T DT DDag geleden
  • 4:25 no comment, just door 🚪😂

    Sara •Sara •Dag geleden
  • This house just oozes personality and good vibes, every room is so unique and fun

    Ejixiy Ejixiy Dag geleden
  • Anyone else getting Katherine Hepburn from "The Aviator" vibes??

    Kain DosilKain DosilDag geleden
  • LOVE this house! Perfect cross between functionality, art, and sheer joy! This house is amazing

    Arnold KArnold KDag geleden
  • Haha here from pewdiepie

    Audrey WilsonAudrey WilsonDag geleden
  • "Fear is the biggest obstacle in life and if you can get over that, you can really do anything."

    Lola the dreamerLola the dreamerDag geleden
  • What's up with that Wurlitzer? Fake? Spelled Wurletzer 🤨 2:08

    Gorp pGorp pDag geleden
  • My new dream in life is to have a house with a vagina tunnel.

    Linda TelevangelistaLinda TelevangelistaDag geleden
  • this house is so clustered literally made me sick lol

    Mihail M AMihail M ADag geleden
  • Who is here after Pewdiepie review?

    AHMADAHMADDag geleden
    • MEH

      Alex Alex Dag geleden
    • Meeee

      vinay aaroonvinay aaroonDag geleden
  • Okay sick house, but why does the Jenga have 4 blocks in a layer?

    Joshua PlattJoshua PlattDag geleden
  • Any GTA V players wondering she sounds familiar? Yeah, she is indeed the DJ from Non-Stop Pop radio...

    Deepak PawadeDeepak PawadeDag geleden
  • After reading the article I thought WTFfffffff. But you know what, I want to totally hang in that house, it is beyond bonkers, it is crazy as a box of frogs but with some serious class. And of course Clara can only be the perfect person for such a home to hang with too, a true British beauty.

    Lisa LightfootLisa LightfootDag geleden
  • best hous ever

    lucas andersenlucas andersenDag geleden
  • This is pretty overwhelming im really happy for her its great if she finds hapinness there and im sure she deserved it but its so crazy seeing a maybe like 15 room house empty because she lives alone and seeing 15 homeless people/ a street in the us

    Mathilde AldMathilde AldDag geleden
    • @Lee50 yes of coirse i realise... its a really sad reality i wasnt trying to propose an idea or something its just overwhelming and crazy to know reality and to watch her with that mansion, to know there must be 10000000 mansions like that

      Mathilde AldMathilde AldDag geleden
    • You do realise homeless peoples lives in majority would not make a difference if you moved them into a mansion......alot are drug addicts, mentally ill so its not about mansions its about health care

      Lee50Lee50Dag geleden
  • This is actually depressingly sad. Does she need any of these things? Is this dissonance of the useless and the tasteless really that important? All I see is wealth and luxury that one does not need. It's ugly - inside and out.

    Andreas DarioAndreas DarioDag geleden
    • If wealth and luxury trigger you, I would avoid this channel.

      ChristinaChristinaDag geleden
  • This is the reason I want to be a model but its just that I don't have what they have, and a lot of people have told me don't give up and a lot have told me I won't make it, but I guess if I want to be a model, rich and live in my dream house, I gotta work hard to make that dream come true👏🏼💸🙌🏽

    Tianna MccoyTianna MccoyDag geleden
  • The Michael Jackson shoes are killing me 😂😂😂😂

    Taytahni TorraTaytahni TorraDag geleden
  • The blue kitchen is amazing. Even the lattice ceiling. I love the different decor themes in every room. This is interior gold. Love the piano

    Taytahni TorraTaytahni TorraDag geleden
  • Can someone tell me how exactly does she have that much money? Considering this isn't her only home. It just doesn't make sense to me. That all because of modeling from early age for companies like H&M? Wtf. I'm surprised at how people yell "eat the rich" at other rich people, yet no comments about Cara's greed LMAO. Only "amazing personality" BS. Crazy how we have so many underpaid people in the world and then models like her.

    MILD ManneredMILD ManneredDag geleden
    • Wealthy family, was the worlds leading model for a good while and now Hollywood....Work hard play hard.

      Lee50Lee50Dag geleden
  • Alfie's stairs. 🥰

    lethargiclethargicDag geleden
  • Love her leo energy. Lots of lion stuff and her even her dogs name

    Camila CorriolsCamila CorriolsDag geleden
  • How can she clean the huge house?

    Ayu Sekar RiniAyu Sekar Rini2 dagen geleden
  • In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested.

    Laura BrownLaura Brown2 dagen geleden
  • After this amazing home and Owner, who can possibly be bothered to check other celebrities'homes?!

    Mimi LallaMimi Lalla2 dagen geleden
  • My Mother always said, "If you're bored, you're boring." LOL.....So did mine. Sidenote (to anyone who cares): I am attracted to literally all things Cara

    Linda WhiteLinda White2 dagen geleden
  • My apartment is the size of her pantry…

    Austin S.Austin S.2 dagen geleden
  • 03:23 Imagine she stuck

    DATA SATADATA SATA2 dagen geleden
  • she seems sad like michael jackson

    Tyson WinterTyson Winter2 dagen geleden
  • I feel like she wouldn't make empty money for this house

    Kayla SKayla S2 dagen geleden
  • This house is perfect

    Gabrielle CoelhoGabrielle Coelho2 dagen geleden
  • Her taste in Style is really dope !

    Goddess OyaaGoddess Oyaa2 dagen geleden
  • OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH. No one might believe me but I had a really bizarre dream last night that this really eccentric rich guy my fiance worked for once would sleep surrounded by ball pit balls. 😳😍 oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thaaaanks for visiting my dreams + making them come true!!! :):) You're way too cool/fun. :)

    Honeybee's Art Happy LifeHoneybee's Art Happy Life2 dagen geleden
  • Minha nossa essa mina é uma adolescente na puberdade

    Henrique JuvenilHenrique Juvenil2 dagen geleden
  • Does her house have a bunker in case of a nuclear war? She should think about it, we may never know what could happen in the next few years or at least a panic room

    Vlad DillerVlad Diller2 dagen geleden
  • Cara having Gucci wallpaper in her home is the ultimate subtle flex.

    Luke KnizleyLuke Knizley2 dagen geleden