How 1 Man Survived Being Lost 438 Days at Sea

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  • If this story was published in only Spanish it would be one of the best Mandatory Reading books for Spanish class.

    MrCODEMaster00MrCODEMaster0020 uur geleden
  • What did he eat and drink for over a year ? The video named turtle blood he drank but blood has the same salinity level as seawater .

    Dave HDave HDag geleden

    Stefan MarcelaStefan MarcelaDag geleden
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    Gislene ToledoGislene ToledoDag geleden
  • imagine if he landed in north korea

    LongTuberLongTuber2 dagen geleden
  • Who is indian here?? Jay bhim Jay hind..💙🇮🇳

    Abhay JangamAbhay Jangam3 dagen geleden
  • They have to make a movie on this...

    Anthony StejanAnthony Stejan4 dagen geleden
  • So he spent more than a year lost on a sea and then got sued. Great.

    antonioantonio4 dagen geleden
  • Where do those assholes live again? Also, can I borrow a pump shotgun?

    RondaruRondaru4 dagen geleden
  • Where do those assholes live again? Also, can I borrow a pump shotgun?

    RondaruRondaru4 dagen geleden
  • Where do those assholes live again? Also, can I borrow a pump shotgun?

    RondaruRondaru4 dagen geleden
  • I want to fucking kill those sons of bitches who fucking sued him

    RondaruRondaru4 dagen geleden
  • The boat that passed him was absolute disrespect 😩

    The Cousins ForeverThe Cousins Forever4 dagen geleden
  • Music is way too loud

    Reboot RequiredReboot Required6 dagen geleden
  • Camera man can survive anything he is IMMORTAL

    Leno VoLeno Vo8 dagen geleden

    Naar_de_griepNaar_de_griep9 dagen geleden
  • I'm detecting some bullshit here..

    Jesse SwaneyJesse Swaney9 dagen geleden
  • One WHOLE man?

    Simo KaruseSimo Karuse9 dagen geleden
  • how could you drift right across the pacific for over a year and not encounter a storm that would swamp that little boat? 🤨

    Rat_kinGRat_kinG9 dagen geleden
  • I love your videos thank you keep up this great work

    Tania LubnaTania Lubna10 dagen geleden
  • Why not use your legs and push the boat, take turns.

    Joshua KavanaughJoshua Kavanaugh10 dagen geleden
  • What a pair of dumbasses though

    lucas gaudiolucas gaudio11 dagen geleden
  • *Ah yes! I'm finnaly back on land after more than a year being lost in the Pacific Ocean!!* _eyyy did you eat our boy?? that deserves a sue!!_ _nvm i like the ocean more_

    Dog FoodDog Food12 dagen geleden
  • Jesus,I can't even stay on a boat for less than 12 hours that is less than a kilometer yet these guys were there for almost a year

    PumpkinPumpkin12 dagen geleden
  • But what did he eat and drinked

    Jeet ChoouhanJeet Choouhan12 dagen geleden
  • i wonder how they celebrated their birthday in that little boat

    aItarlxghaItarlxgh12 dagen geleden
  • Broo imagine if he survived the whole pacific to arrive in North Korea

    sanjay krishnasanjay krishna13 dagen geleden
  • Got sued by the family because they thought he ate him

    колдунья обезьянаколдунья обезьяна18 dagen geleden
  • This guy didn't need to eat his friend to survive.The body of his friend would have rotten in few days and this dude spent over 400 days out there and he survived.Clearly the were other means of survival he took,instead of this horrable assuption that he eate his friend.

    mabhodlela JJmabhodlela JJ18 dagen geleden
  • Holy shit. I can't imagine. I would kill myself instantly. I wish my will to live was that big.

    ㅤ18 dagen geleden
  • raft irl

    ㅤ18 dagen geleden
  • The tangible operation biophysically desert because bee enthrallingly scatter absent a belligerent russian. cynical, bitter wave

    Irene StephensIrene Stephens19 dagen geleden
  • What a story to tell

    BouLeVarDBouLeVarD19 dagen geleden
  • Lost at sea for a year. You would do ANYTHING to survive. Absolute idiots to sue him.

    R RR R19 dagen geleden
  • Well damn I would have eaten my friend too! We as a society need to stop treating survival cannibalism as a crime or even something to be looked down on. If a companion dies of their own accord, that's it, they're meat now! 🍖

    Clare TravelsClare Travels19 dagen geleden
  • How did he take a shit

    Carlos FigueroaCarlos Figueroa19 dagen geleden
  • It’s not called South China Sea you fucking dumbass! 😃

    Felix the kitten GamingFelix the kitten Gaming20 dagen geleden
  • What.........really?

    HondariderHondarider20 dagen geleden
  • His friends family can burn in hell after being eaten themselves

    DubAADubAA20 dagen geleden
  • the family that sued him are officialy the biggest assholes alive on earth rn, change my mind

    Homem OvelhaHomem Ovelha20 dagen geleden
  • The two comparison basally lighten because psychology likely wreck save a waggish pants. black, cynical hubcap

    Aisha BobbiAisha Bobbi22 dagen geleden
  • It’s was John B’s dad

    Toro 10Toro 1022 dagen geleden
  • Thanks to that commercial ending, I'll not share this.

    tangledivertanglediver23 dagen geleden
  • this is unfathomably scary

    qq24 dagen geleden
  • I don’t believe this story

    Samuel TukamushabaSamuel Tukamushaba24 dagen geleden
  • The lawsuit is about as real as being just afloat for a year and a half and actually living. I’d bet there’s less than 1% of people on this planet with these types of survival skills.

    Donald DiamondDonald Diamond25 dagen geleden
  • My god, I did 566 days in prison..and I thought that was hard..

    Nick RoseNick Rose25 dagen geleden
  • "frustrated" more like panicking in tears, frantically trying to maintain my breathing lmfao

    Benjamin RobinsonBenjamin Robinson26 dagen geleden
  • He probably did eat his buddy lol

    jordanwyajordanwya26 dagen geleden
  • If you sue him...

    fr_eddfr_edd28 dagen geleden
  • He lives in my country El Salvador 🇸🇻

    Adrian MineroAdrian Minero29 dagen geleden
  • 24km aint that hard to just swim bro

    FightingLight65 - Gaming and moreFightingLight65 - Gaming and more29 dagen geleden
  • You could have just swam if you were close

    ㅜㅔㅔㅣㅑㄷ   ㅈㅐㄱ아ㄹㅜㅔㅔㅣㅑㄷ ㅈㅐㄱ아ㄹMaand geleden
  • even if he ate his friend that was the biggest food source out there

  • Naaaaaaaaw I think it's fake

    waterwaterMaand geleden
  • If I were him, the second the motor died I would just jump overboard and swim to the coast

    ZippierZippierMaand geleden
    • You cant swim 24km in the OCEAN

      IkkunaIkkunaMaand geleden
  • Barbara

    Barbara SavičBarbara SavičMaand geleden
  • He played raft in real life

    KazooKidKazooKidMaand geleden
  • "No I did not eat him!" Says guy while wearing necklace with his friend's teeth..

    Stelvio del BravaStelvio del BravaMaand geleden
  • Hi

    Gaming RapidVlogger2004Gaming RapidVlogger2004Maand geleden
  • Hi

    Gaming RapidVlogger2004Gaming RapidVlogger2004Maand geleden
  • wtf else is he gonna do but eat him!? as unfortunate as it is, that was his only choice

    Lost SpiderLost SpiderMaand geleden
  • Totally fake

    Jamie GottiJamie GottiMaand geleden
  • They played Raft for too long 😂😂😂

    Ivan GeorgievskiIvan GeorgievskiMaand geleden
  • "On accident"? I thought only 3 year olds say that?

    Songs In 60 SecondsSongs In 60 SecondsMaand geleden
  • I hope he used the other guy's flesh to get more fishes at least

    Seb P.Seb P.Maand geleden
  • Ye

    Tom BaggaleyTom BaggaleyMaand geleden
  • My great grandpa had been doing it for 94 years

    konrad the humankonrad the humanMaand geleden
  • How small a human is but look how smart his brain is,beautiful.

    CheesydeezyCheesydeezyMaand geleden
  • Fantastic story!!

    LAF filmfestLAF filmfestMaand geleden
  • he eat whatttttttt??????

    Elias EluElias EluMaand geleden
  • Yep I’m with you the ocean is terrifying I got stung by 2 jelly fist last time I was in the ocean

    LavenderPlayZLavenderPlayZMaand geleden
  • he killed his friend and ate him

    Dave NelsonDave NelsonMaand geleden
  • Dude, he was stranded for A YEAR AND SO MANY DAYS and they sued him?? Even if he did eat the guys body, that should be morally okay, shouldn’t it? Like the guy was starving. If I died I’d happy let my friend or whoever is there eat me!

    Aila WilliamsonAila WilliamsonMaand geleden
  • Man I always get so annoyed when survivors drink their own pee. Like that’ll dehydrate you even more and hurt your kidneys.

    Aila WilliamsonAila WilliamsonMaand geleden
  • Dude if I was stranded with another person and like, I died and they ate me I would NOT be mad I can't vouch for everyone but c'mon it's something different then raw seagull in the middle of nowhere

    wolfgangwolfgangMaand geleden
  • I'd counter sue them back.

    hygtfrde vgdsehyhygtfrde vgdsehyMaand geleden
  • When they were close to the mountains why couldnt they just swim?

    Shallowed_wasxdShallowed_wasxdMaand geleden
  • The alleged trunk methodically live because schedule marginally hope about a wicked dedication. spiteful, lively pisces

    Grace DaltonGrace DaltonMaand geleden
  • There's probably someone lost at sea right now for months and we don't know about it.

    ViperViperMaand geleden
  • "last person to get seasick wins 1,000,000,000 dollars"

    defatyltie FSSASDdefatyltie FSSASDMaand geleden
  • 6:36: “Fortunately for him though” *bruh*

    elijahschelijahschMaand geleden
  • imagine if he had drowned after jumping out of the boat

    mrbuddyro - roblox&moremrbuddyro - roblox&moreMaand geleden
  • I know it may sound stupid but once I saw mountains disappearing I would’ve jumped out and swam

    Brady LewisBrady LewisMaand geleden
  • they go out in a storm 75 miles away from the shore in a small boat. no paddles, the radio battery is flat, no flame guns. just die imao All I see is a story about two idiots

    H84GaborH84GaborMaand geleden
  • Should have tried swimming those 24km...

    Filip PetrovicFilip PetrovicMaand geleden
  • My dad: this is how I went to school back in the old days

    Ahmad zanbuaAhmad zanbuaMaand geleden
  • Raft irl

    EpiclyEpicEpiclyEpicMaand geleden
  • Anyone know the background music??

    Shannon ConnollyShannon ConnollyMaand geleden
  • wow what a will to survive.. incredible

    Mark BlokzijlMark BlokzijlMaand geleden
  • he ate him for sure... but who cares XDXD

    jinredjinredMaand geleden
  • I would just swim the 24km

    Yeenok ZhangYeenok ZhangMaand geleden
  • I would’ve brought oars and paddles!

    Daniel SugarDaniel SugarMaand geleden
  • no one could know if he actually starved to death, they probably both started to go insane

    ArakaArakaMaand geleden
  • this is cap

    Biny AyeleBiny AyeleMaand geleden
  • Imagine the island he finally stranded on turned out to be North Sentinel Island...

    Ay CarambaAy CarambaMaand geleden
  • hava yall seen those guys on tiktok where they pretend they are in the ocean alone.

    becksbecksMaand geleden
  • Bro imagine the sunburn

    sixsixMaand geleden
  • i will drink my pee but i will not harm a turtle i mean how could i not feel bad for them

    Penguin guy 9526Penguin guy 9526Maand geleden
  • Is the speaker the same guy from audit the audit?

    - Furkan -- Furkan -Maand geleden