Flywheel Battery

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  • you are wasting so much energy not having the pins fixed in convex ends

    Mystic Point Water SportsMystic Point Water Sports39 minuten geleden
  • Why not attach magnates around flywheel? And bottom, that's give better push to flywheel, same idea to begin with.

    R YR YUur geleden
  • Curious how much faster it would go if you use some gears to spin the shaft

    amalawawaw 2amalawawaw 22 uur geleden
  • An interesting wind turbine idea.

    FatiTank ErisFatiTank Eris4 uur geleden
  • Hook the motor to the shaft boom infinite power

    Jackie GibsonJackie Gibson5 uur geleden
  • Very curious as to the amperage you were getting. 10V but ?A

    Jyle GabelJyle Gabel5 uur geleden
  • Browser wars 1993 - 2021

    Quy PhạmQuy Phạm6 uur geleden
  • The nicest video in a long time. thx.

    MrGerdbrechtMrGerdbrecht6 uur geleden
  • Hey, that's such a great idea! How many watts does this generate? Could you convert the output to stable 5V and dynamic current and then charge your phone with it? I would totally buy such a thing!

    Tobias WTobias W7 uur geleden
  • This is what I want to do with my life.

    Grant McMeekinGrant McMeekin7 uur geleden
  • shorten the axle to lessen the runout

    JT ChandlerJT Chandler7 uur geleden
  • 👍

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  • So instead of having that Pivot Point at the end where it has slight friction why not mount a magnet on the end of the shaft and then another magnet on the end of the pivot joint so they oppose each other and the magnetic force keeps that you points from having any friction sideways. Hopefully I've asked that fairly clear

    kenny mcquinkisskenny mcquinkiss8 uur geleden
  • The eddy currents and the friction at the tip of the shaft together with the bending and flexing of the axle probably provides twice the friction torque than roller bearings would.

    Christian ErikssonChristian Eriksson15 uur geleden
  • Bit of room there to add more coils and magnets there.

    ZendukaiZendukai17 uur geleden
    • Could you have added another set of coils on each end?

      ZendukaiZendukai17 uur geleden
  • Can this be made for a bicycle connected to chain and work as a charger for lithium battery pack. Connected to brush motor. Would love to see that project if possible However there could be limitatiions to my thoughts But really think that if its possible then will make a revolution to ebike industry

    Amit BhanushaliAmit Bhanushali17 uur geleden
  • and you didn't bother use a hand drill to spin it up. that would've been amazing to see how much power it could make, and for how long at those speeds

    BluFox_ABluFox_A18 uur geleden
  • what if you make the flywheel bar thicker and hollow out the end of it with an end cap that has a larger chamber lined with magnets on the tail end wall with a small opening and then run a steel wire into the chamber anchored to a magnet of opposing side facing the end cap so that instead of a tip pressing and making contact on the front, you have a magnetic anchor pulling on the opposing side of the bar wants to move and eliminate all friction and function like a magnetic spring. You should be able to reach insane velocity with less contact. Let me know how it works out?

    Exile ManExile Man22 uur geleden
  • What happens if you twist the wire when you wrap the coil wire?

    Exile ManExile Man22 uur geleden
  • 05:30 "we also need something to turn the alternating current into direct if we want to power something like a lightbulb or electric motor." Nick Tesla would argue this point.

    WeWereYoungandCrazyWeWereYoungandCrazy22 uur geleden
    • I was hoping he was going to spin it fast enough and put a motor to turn the flywheel, just need to work out what revs or geared turns it needs to keep itself going

      ZendukaiZendukai17 uur geleden
  • These aluminium bars really look like FischerTechnik, which I loved as a kid!

    Steve_ISteve_I23 uur geleden
  • Great video! Thanks for making it available!

  • cool

    galleon30000galleon30000Dag geleden
  • How feasible would it be to send the output of what you have through a small transformer and from there into some capacitors to create a stored buffer? And instead of relying on magnetism to create a declining spin, use the power of water which would be more constant, and as well provide more spin. The theory is that water falls from a height creating velocity which hits a paddle, causing a spinning motion, the water is moved back upstream.

    Harold McBroomHarold McBroomDag geleden
  • would powering a mini air compressor, and putting flaps on your wheel you could up your voltage enough to run the blower and a light source . You could also hook up more than 1 flywheel in series to amply your power .

    Carlos ArayaCarlos ArayaDag geleden
  • Until this point, I never really understood how an alternator works. Excellent video!

    William DeJeffrioWilliam DeJeffrioDag geleden
  • Cool! Leds are current driven. White leds like between 3.6 and 4 volts. 20 -25 ma max. So 20 leds at 0.02 A=.0.4A-or 400 ma! I would wire a 7805 voltage regulator as a current regulator. Easy to do- just connect it differently. Have you tried a Supercapacitor? Say two 1farad caps wired -in series? That would result in a 500,000 farad capacitor actually rated for 5v. Also, silicon diodes have a 0.6 volt drop across the junction. Germanium diodes have 0.3 volt drop. But-Super hard- to find any with a high current rating. Mine only handle about 10 ma.(the old crystal radio diode- In34 in America) I have paralelled a bunch in solar projects. Efficency!

    Jim CharltonJim CharltonDag geleden
  • 13:10 Next step : fly the whole thing with propeller !

    simsarabinsimsarabinDag geleden
  • Interesting thing would be to settle it on wind power plant to make it spin longer :P

    wookie0dudwookie0dudDag geleden
  • Awesome mate really enjoyed that thanks 👍

    budget pond keepingbudget pond keepingDag geleden
  • Bro add some gears for more volt

    Craft MuseumCraft MuseumDag geleden
  • to ile strat energii jest na tym gownie

    zenek dudazenek dudaDag geleden
  • Magnets are a wonderful thing, we know what magnets do but just don’t know how or why they do what they do Keep doing real practical demonstrations, now that’s science

    Andrew CalvertAndrew CalvertDag geleden
  • Usless as it can be. Waste of materials.

    Petrezen1982Petrezen1982Dag geleden
  • connect wind vane to the edge of the motor and the output to charge battery and from that to dc to ac inverter

    kb bekb beDag geleden
  • Do you member when yt was full of videos of people showing off this stuff as perpetual motion machines? I member..

    Ryan LillieRyan LillieDag geleden
  • Put a well balanced permanent magnet 🧲 where you have the needle, and repell it with another magnet on the other side, and then put the device in a vacuum and I think it would last much longer.

    781 NoMeNaP781 NoMeNaPDag geleden
  • Oi, you need to get into air bearings mate.

    BillBillDag geleden
  • Can you add gears 10,000/1

    Mr AmericaMr AmericaDag geleden
  • I think you are ready to dive in 'magnetic free energy motors', there is a lot of information on internet, much of which is trash, but you can do it

    Fernando IllescasFernando IllescasDag geleden
  • Can you please experiment on a flywheel connected to a spiral spring that eliminates the jerk completely and transmit the moving enegry created by inertia? It would be awesome. I can't try because I just have this idea but nothing.

    Shaik KareemShaik KareemDag geleden
  • what would happen if you put the flywheel on a motor, hooked the motor up to the output of the flywheel, then spun it up?

    Ganheso LasoGanheso LasoDag geleden
  • I learned something new! Thanks!

    The drewThe drewDag geleden
  • Dremmel time! Get that thing spinning FASTER !

    Andrew NyeAndrew NyeDag geleden
  • you should build one upwards with coils on the flywheel and a little servo motor keeping it up to RPM with a automatic gearbox

    Janko ŠukljanJanko ŠukljanDag geleden
  • Use a carbon fiber, plexi glass rod as a shaft - seems obvious

    Johnny BJohnny B2 dagen geleden
  • Wow

    Kamrul IslamKamrul Islam2 dagen geleden
  • You should add a transmition to kick the big wheel or a strap.

    Davit.G Dukart.MDavit.G Dukart.M2 dagen geleden
  • That battery looked like a spinning propeller or should I say "SPINNING PROPERTY"

    Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousieBoeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie2 dagen geleden
  • That was good. Cause we made A DC motor (DC meaning "Direct current" or "District of Columbia" if you account Washington DC )

    Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousieBoeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie2 dagen geleden
  • North and South are also two hemispheres which are Imaginary lines to run up and down or "north and south" which is followed by east to west

    Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousieBoeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie2 dagen geleden
  • I usually think of magnets for energy - can magnets 'run out' like a battery? EDIT: also, you've had to spin it a bit faster - would it be possible to spin it at a consistant rotation powered only by itself? Or am I missing the point.

    LaxDOTexeLaxDOTexe2 dagen geleden
  • to keep the moving parts from touching each other, this can be sufficiently-addressed by a very simple but very effective solution: magnetic repulsion/magnetic levitation. just make damn sure the contact points are of the same polarity (both positive or both negative) and that they are perfectly-locked in place (to address contingencies in wobbling, in case the parts touch together, gouge each other out and your heavy engine part self-destructs), if your magnets are strong enough like neodymium, theoretically your moving parts should "float." the result: absolutely-frictionless moving parts, zero wear and tear.

    idol tanakaidol tanaka2 dagen geleden
  • Make the flywheel depleted uranium, heaviest densest material on earth. It adds to the rotational momentum, which is conserved, the principle of capacity in this application. Operate in vacuum, a further optimisation.

    Erik VynckierErik Vynckier2 dagen geleden
  • make a battery flywheel

    solidsolid2 dagen geleden
  • You can make a superconductor

    prathima Rprathima R2 dagen geleden
  • Imagine somehow making it self sustaining making the flywheel with magnets around the bottom in a v shape make it generate its own power to spin itself with repulsion😯

    DjSmileyofLasVegasDjSmileyofLasVegas2 dagen geleden
  • Everyday is a chance to learn.. Thanks for the video

    Joe AbadJoe Abad2 dagen geleden
  • I wonder what happens when there is a tesla turbine instead of the flywheel

    st4nisl4vst4nisl4v2 dagen geleden
  • Coils ilke those in series all together Is a waste of voltage because of the phase shift. You would had to connect them like a star, then a 3fi rectifier

    NicozStratNicozStrat2 dagen geleden
  • Now put it in a vacuum chamber and see how much power you can get out of it.

    Emm N.Emm N.2 dagen geleden
  • What if you added a gearbox and clutch to increase the rpm?

    DavenDaven2 dagen geleden
  • I want this and a usb port

    Travis ChristensenTravis Christensen2 dagen geleden
  • Thought of joking that up to an old fashioned treadle table and maybe charging your phone, tablet or something with it?

    kato lifekato life2 dagen geleden
  • Why don't you try making a handle with a 2 to 1 gear ratio so you can spin it and let it go faster

    joseph mathisjoseph mathis2 dagen geleden
  • its a sad state of engineering when ppl still build closed loop systems with no negative recovery. guess living in the 1890 is fun.

    Guardian EngravingGuardian Engraving2 dagen geleden
  • Parabéns pelo projeto...

    Clovis Técnico em eletrônicaClovis Técnico em eletrônica2 dagen geleden
  • Suggestion can you put it on a tesla turbine? It may solve the problem of a tesla turbine?

    focus tvfocus tv2 dagen geleden
  • you should try a hamster wheel next to see if it could power those LED's 😄

    Dgibb 38Dgibb 382 dagen geleden
  • add a 5-1 ratiio on a hand crank driving a belt on the end of the shaft

    Gary GesellGary Gesell3 dagen geleden
  • you should add offset coils on the back of the flywheel. make 3x the power

    Gary GesellGary Gesell3 dagen geleden
  • Very interesting. Do you think this principle could be implemented as a power station?

    Sticky SteveSticky Steve3 dagen geleden
  • What would happen if more "alternators" were added to the shaft thus multiplying the power achieved here by however many more were added? then a switchable electromagnet to keep the flywheel spinning

    John WalegaJohn Walega3 dagen geleden
  • Amazing video!

    DouzeDouze3 dagen geleden
  • Should’ve put batteries on it and charged the batteries

    Earl The ThirdEarl The Third3 dagen geleden
  • what if we have a big flywheel of about 10 feet in diameter and 500 kg weight and if we run it by human power lets say be cycling it, how much power can be produced?

    Gajula GopinathGajula Gopinath3 dagen geleden
  • You might want to know that the mounting magnets that are off-axis, induce eddy currents in the spinning Aluminium Disc. This slows down the Disc. You can see this most effectively if you spin up the disc and bring a strong magnet near the rim. You can feel the drag on the magnet in your hand. A better option would be a non-conducting disc.

    Tik NeslaTik Nesla3 dagen geleden
  • How much? I want this on my desk!!! So cool, great video!

    Rob ArkseyRob Arksey3 dagen geleden
  • Does the increase of power consumption (more LEDs) cause the flywheel to slow down faster? How long till the flywheel only produced half of the initial power (rotates half as fast) when using 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 LEDs?

    Larn RegisLarn Regis3 dagen geleden
    • Yes is the answer to the first part. The rest I don’t know.

      LordGabenLordGaben2 dagen geleden
  • Make one of those with enough power to run a washing machine, and rig it up to an exercise bike, it would be a winner.

    Madison AddamsMadison Addams3 dagen geleden
  • Commenting because I want to see more of your content

    Jai GarciaJai Garcia3 dagen geleden
  • I noticed that it stops earlier when you connect anything to it. Is it because of Eddie current?!

    Amro HindiAmro Hindi3 dagen geleden
    • There probably is an eddy current element but the primary reason is the increasing load, requires more energy so the wheel slows down faster.

      LordGabenLordGaben2 dagen geleden
  • tom try making an vacuum powerd engine car or aircraft

    ralph radaralph rada3 dagen geleden
  • I don't know much about electricity but but couldn't you use it to charge up a battery?

    James CalbertJames Calbert3 dagen geleden
  • Something like this was done a century ago in Switzerland.

    Jeremiah Lyles : EditorJeremiah Lyles : Editor3 dagen geleden
  • This is the first time I have fully understood ac and dc current. Thank you so very much. It all makes sense now

    John R. TimmersJohn R. Timmers3 dagen geleden
  • did tom just explain magnets to me

    Brendon FelixBrendon Felix4 dagen geleden
  • Das will die Automobilindustrie nicht!!!! Der Staat dann sowieso nicht!!!! Wer verdient dann hier noch?! Solche Projekte dienen der Menschheit! Werden aber für nicht umsetzbar hingestellt!! Das ist die Zukunft und nicht der Batterieblödsinn in Kfz's, was der Staat ja so fördert!!! Warum?! Weil gut bezahlte Wissenschaftler - abhängig von Industrie und Bund, dies so begutachten, wie sie es brauchen!!! Elektrosmog ist der Menschenkiller!!!!

    Manfred AignerManfred Aigner4 dagen geleden
  • TOP 💪👍👍👍👍

    Manfred AignerManfred Aigner4 dagen geleden
  • @5:35 You do not need direct current to power a light bulb, at least not an incandescent bulb. Similarly, you don't need direct current to power a motor. In fact, most motors require alternating current to run. Even a brush-type motor will run off either AC or DC.

    GeorooneyGeorooney4 dagen geleden
    • LEDs do though and seeing as that was the first thing he ran, makes sense to add a rectifier.

      LordGabenLordGaben2 dagen geleden
  • I have two question about your system : how much amperage you get ? and what is the diameter of the copper wire you used ?

    chewinggum3chewinggum34 dagen geleden
  • Great job man! Super cool video!

    Markus PaloheimoMarkus Paloheimo4 dagen geleden
  • Please, Tom. I will build bicopter Avatar. I watched yours part 1+2 on this theme. Is possible use this controller...?. KK2.1.5 LCD Flight Controll Board V1.17S1PRO 6050MPU 644PA Thanks for reply. (Or anyone reply)

    Ken TherapyKen Therapy4 dagen geleden
  • You could have stacked the magnets and coils next to each other like 3 times to generate more power

    Lets get to 1mill without vidsLets get to 1mill without vids4 dagen geleden
  • 1:38 That's not a toilet!

    T-RollerT-Roller4 dagen geleden
  • i like the project they are great, would be cool to see something on wind power generation and dop something pretty different and see what results come in

    kinightsblisskinightsbliss4 dagen geleden
  • Sounds a bit like rad racer on NES

    KR WorksKR Works4 dagen geleden
  • Can we scale this up to the size of the moon? Of course some aliens will have to come round with a drill to get it going

    KR WorksKR Works4 dagen geleden
  • Attach the electric motor to sprocket to help spin the wheel. You spin the wheel by hand or a crank and let the electric motor take over eventually with larger capacitors.

    Donald SteeleDonald Steele4 dagen geleden
  • Nice animation explaining a full-bridge rectifier.

    Truth HolderTruth Holder4 dagen geleden