Top 5 Title Rival Flashpoints in F1!

Take a look back at some of the most dramatic flashpoints in F1 history, as fierce rivalries boil over on the track...

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  • Number 4 was lewis’ fault, he turned into Max, lewis really need to know How to race clean and number 2 was nico rosberg’s fault he turned into lewis so he got off track and took him with him😑

    Johannes SkyumJohannes Skyum6 uur geleden
  • the schumacher's one is one of the dirtiest pages in history of f1. the senna's one is one of the biggest f...k u in history of humanity.

    Mattia SantangeloMattia Santangelo8 uur geleden
  • Mister Hammerton is a killertype.!!!!!

    Zum fliegenden HolländerZum fliegenden Holländer15 uur geleden
  • Hamilton not lifting is why he crashes into people so much.

    Raph WalkerRaph Walker16 uur geleden
  • Murray: "Senna asked for the pole position to be changed from the left to the left." Ah, yes. An other legendary commentary of Murray Walker.

    Jan ZumsteinJan ZumsteinDag geleden
  • add monza 2021 to the list now

    Tony TranTony TranDag geleden
  • F1 NLflow is picking favorites now

    Evan HustonEvan Huston2 dagen geleden
  • I went to one grand prix live, at Brand's Hatch back in the day. Within 15 mins of race start, I'd lost all track of who was winning. I also had a splitting headache - those cars were *loud* back then. For me, watching a race live at the track is something that every F1 fan should experience. Once.

    Peter ThomasPeter Thomas3 dagen geleden
  • So after the big crash in Silverstone, ham dont even ask about Max. He is just a cry baby. World Cry Baby Champion Lewis Hamilton.

    Drip DripDrip Drip3 dagen geleden
  • Senna's English was fantastic.

    Danny ArcherDanny Archer4 dagen geleden
  • "he cut across me".... He turned into the corner.

    joperhopjoperhop4 dagen geleden
  • 6:45 Aytron Senna 😂

    Chev CheliosChev Chelios4 dagen geleden
  • So by the end of this season. Top 5 will all be Vestapen vs Hamilton

    Di ZhengDi Zheng6 dagen geleden
  • The name Aytron sounds more like a mech than a F1 driver

    M PM P6 dagen geleden
  • Verstappen & Hamilton, Italy 2021 anyone?

    Spencer LagmanSpencer Lagman6 dagen geleden
  • Time to update the video after monza 2021

    Dita GhariniDita Gharini7 dagen geleden
  • We have a new number 1.. please update! Haha.

    j88j888 dagen geleden
  • we hv another flashpoint now

    Jay ChromeJay Chrome8 dagen geleden
  • Guess there is anotherone after todays Monza gp

    CaroflageCaroflage9 dagen geleden
  • You guys better get ready to edit this after Monza today

    jakebandersenjakebandersen9 dagen geleden
  • I used to like Lewis and think that he is a true sportsman, but after have watched some of his battles with Rosberg, Albon and Verstappen, i’m not so sure anymore about his sportsmanship

    Hubert PierreHubert Pierre9 dagen geleden
  • Max and Lewis at Italy 2021!

    Maximilian NguyenMaximilian Nguyen9 dagen geleden
  • Five flashpoints shown, four of them involving crashes

    Corbin SelanneCorbin Selanne10 dagen geleden
  • The real battle is Roberto Pupo Moreno x JJ Lehto

    Renato ReRenato Re12 dagen geleden
  • Lewis is a cheat, takes out his biggest opponent at every opportunity. Whether a team mate or not.

    MarcMarc13 dagen geleden
  • Weber : Multi 21 Seb... Yeah multi 21 Vettel : It's looks like multi 12 😉

    Stéphane ThuillezStéphane Thuillez19 dagen geleden
  • 6:44 ayTRON Senna 🤖

    CloakedPervCloakedPerv21 dag geleden
  • prost got what he deserved

    your motheryour mother26 dagen geleden
  • Senna & Prost come in to crash Commentators : Wow It's Amazing!!

    TWOM WorldTWOM World26 dagen geleden
  • Senna always give you back what he owes you.......

    vike fonvike fon27 dagen geleden

    PJ SinohinPJ Sinohin28 dagen geleden
  • interesting how hamiltons rivalry alsways ends in his opponents crashing very interesting.

    Jandre LabuschagneJandre Labuschagne28 dagen geleden
  • Absolutely emberassing to see hamiltn still not being disqualified for those childish nervous moves he's pulling on track years and years. Rosberg, Button, Alonso now Max... His appearence is sooo overrated. Russel being in his car proved that just in ONE race.

    S KS K29 dagen geleden
  • You don’t have excuses Lewis, you did on purposely on verstappen

    Fábio GonçalvesFábio GonçalvesMaand geleden
  • My honest review 1. Vettel at fault 2. Hamilton at fault 3. Schumacher at fault (should've been disqualified from championship like in 1997) 4. Hamilton at fault 5. Senna at fault (should've been disqualified from championship) Taking out someone on purpose should have major ramifications disqualification or minimum points deduction

    den525den525Maand geleden
  • hamilton could have killed verstappen. 100% lewis’s fault

    David14CDavid14CMaand geleden
  • That Senna post race in 1990 is the maddest press conference in Formula 1 history if not all of sport.

    Gabrielle HitchinsGabrielle HitchinsMaand geleden
  • I was expecting Senna vs Prost in ‘89, honestly.

    ForceMaximus84ForceMaximus84Maand geleden
  • 4:03 Dahlsim: Yoga's fire.

    ErisenErisenMaand geleden
  • Lewis took out 2 title rivals? Fair play I say no

    Kenneth RiceKenneth RiceMaand geleden
  • Schumacher is the sports biggest cheat

    TzeikMalakaTzeikMalakaMaand geleden
  • Hamilton and senna were the same but hamilton is more afraid of his rival

  • The loose imprisonment concurringly sip because tempo regretfully report beneath a piquant stone. dysfunctional, sad staircase

    Charlene WoodsCharlene WoodsMaand geleden
  • That schumacher turned definitely want hill not to win the race. He surely did that on purpose. Just looked the line he took

    Farhan JohariFarhan JohariMaand geleden
  • So that's okay? Senna gets way too much credit......his advatage of the time was his fitness.

    metheultmetheultMaand geleden
  • A lot of people say Vettel & Webber were not title rivals in 2013. They weren't but keep in mind Malaysia was only the second race of the season!

    Cpr1234Cpr1234Maand geleden
  • So clearly Hamilton fault there

    Dinesh NaiduDinesh NaiduMaand geleden
  • 5. No ones fault 4. Lewis 3. Damon 2. Lewis 1. Aryton

    I might be stupid butI might be stupid butMaand geleden
  • World dirtiest red flag champion HAM

    PatchworkedshirtPatchworkedshirtMaand geleden
  • “He turned into me” like really Luis, you didn’t have the great opportunity to pass him.

    Khristian AsaroKhristian AsaroMaand geleden
  • I would love to see Niko Rosberg back in F1.

    Matteo PreziosoMatteo PreziosoMaand geleden
  • Rossberg, what a CHEAT! Never takes any blame for his fault. Found his true calling as he is an awesome commentator.

    stevejh69stevejh69Maand geleden
  • As usual British media put the blame on Verstappen even tho you could clearly say it was Max's corner and he gave him more space from the inside to back down.

    RJRJMaand geleden
  • all the max symps are calling foul.... but before the crash max tryed to push hamilton out 3 times in the same straight

    Mario MafraMario MafraMaand geleden
  • Alan closed the door and we end up touching xD xD xD

    The GidraThe GidraMaand geleden
  • Did Lewis seriously say max cam down into him

    Dylan BushmireDylan BushmireMaand geleden
  • No one gives Senna a hard time for his move on Prost in Suzuka, but they'll give other drivers a hard time when they have at least half a car up the inside of the other, whereas Senna barely had one wheel along Prost's rear wheel. Hypocrites.

    CarpythesharkyCarpythesharkyMaand geleden
  • Just a week after Silverstone, Hamilton was crying on the radio that Alonso's moves were "dangerous".

    Filipe Franco AfonsoFilipe Franco AfonsoMaand geleden
    • Yes and if he would've crashed he would've lost a P2. With Max he crashed and he won a race. Both dangerous. But Lewis knows when to take a risk and when not to. Max thinks he should risk all the time . Even against his own team mate like Riccardo

      Bad Meets EvilBad Meets EvilMaand geleden
  • My respects to Hill and Vettel. I can't respect a driver only because he is a skilled driver.

    TulgaTulgaMaand geleden
  • Hamilton v Verstappen, a racing incident. Did not deserve a 10 second penalty for it Hamilton. Both drivers going at it, neither backing down going into the corner. End of story

    The UpThe UpMaand geleden
  • Black flag for Hamilton is right for the crash at 3:05

    SebaldSonSebaldSonMaand geleden
    • Thats a overreaction bruh

      Henrique MotaHenrique Mota29 dagen geleden
  • Леклер потом с Себом также поступил) Карма вернула должок)

    EdenEdenMaand geleden
  • Senna mekkora egy szarházi.

    Dzeba BalazsDzeba BalazsMaand geleden
  • Hamilton 2 times in this list...disgusting amateur

    Ask BatsAsk BatsMaand geleden
  • Hamilton's fault.

    RushikeshRushikeshMaand geleden
  • I'm sorry, I just have to say that Lewis Hamilton is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I hope these are some great examples.

    Youil AushanaYouil AushanaMaand geleden
  • Schumacher vs Villenueve???

    Harikrishna MHarikrishna MMaand geleden
  • Where is Hamilton vs Alonso

    Marco Valdés MartínMarco Valdés MartínMaand geleden
  • Jeres 1997

    Bruno MachadoBruno MachadoMaand geleden
  • If Senna and Prost had these moments today they would absolutely be labeled as cancers.

    Dra GrochDra GrochMaand geleden
  • Hamilton did not give verstapen space he was in the middle of the track

    Maand geleden
  • *Ayrtron Senna*

    endoro1733endoro1733Maand geleden
  • unlucky shuey 1it all catches up in the end

    Tubsy MaloneTubsy MaloneMaand geleden
  • I misses the firey vettel the one who knows that racing isn't about following instructions but instead making your own judgement

    LTAC turn1LTAC turn1Maand geleden
  • ‘He turned on me’ 🖕🏻

    Ed RaposoEd RaposoMaand geleden
  • Max your the one who started f1 not knowing how to defend and everyone complained about you. Now look at you.

    Jack FantomJack FantomMaand geleden
  • Anyone waiting for mazepin and stroll to crash into each other?

    Jared WilliamsJared WilliamsMaand geleden
  • Telling your racer to not fight for first place and to hold back is just nonsense. Vettel shouldn't have to apologize for doing his best and trying to win a race.

    Riot925Riot925Maand geleden
  • No one: Senna: "so anyway, I started blasting"

    Patrick KennedyPatrick KennedyMaand geleden
  • Awesome Great Racing 🏎

    Ace RacingAce RacingMaand geleden
  • Hamilton is a cheat.

    GrantosGrantosMaand geleden
  • Hamilton Verstappen is exactly like Senna Prost. but everyone loves Senna and everyone outside UK hates Hamilton, so...

    Tom NookTom NookMaand geleden
  • Number 1 had to be Senna and Prost. No doubt about it.

    Neemias Lucas da SilvaNeemias Lucas da SilvaMaand geleden
  • 헤밍턴 어휴 공간 없는데도 노 브레이크 그냥 밀어 버리네

    탱그리탱그리Maand geleden
  • Schumacher, the dirtiest and most cheating pilot of all time

    Jose Francisco OjedaJose Francisco OjedaMaand geleden
  • Hey everyone, we race every Sunday/Monday make sure to check us out!

    RIZE Racing LeagueRIZE Racing LeagueMaand geleden
  • Why there's not subtitles ? :-(

    Niels RNiels RMaand geleden
  • Including Silverstone 2021 in this is early, to say the least, we do not know if that race is the "Flashpoint" of this rivalry yet.

    DanielDanielMaand geleden
  • Senna's cheeky smile at the end

    DimskiDimskiMaand geleden
  • What about Europe 1997?

    kalakukko69kalakukko69Maand geleden
  • Why does Hamilton keep crashing into other drivers

    T VlogT VlogMaand geleden
  • Shumacher - Hakinen at SPA ??? . How this is not on top place ? .

    Vaggelis BasoukasVaggelis BasoukasMaand geleden
  • Hamilton ".. he cut across me and we collided."

    DogenatorDogenatorMaand geleden
  • 2:53 To win your home race, just knock your opponent off the track and then play the innocence itself. No, you've lost the respect of many.

    StievvvStievvvMaand geleden
  • I can see how little of down force old F1 cars produced. Almost crawling around corners..

    7Mag GT37Mag GT3Maand geleden
  • Dunno why Webber was crying Seb out raced him

    Kanye’s PastorKanye’s PastorMaand geleden
  • Don't apologise Lewis. Your were awesome.

    Graham LarsonGraham LarsonMaand geleden
  • 2016 Spanish crash is the most satisfying thing I have seen in F1 😂😂

    yash daymayash daymaMaand geleden
  • Hamilton è scorretto

    Medusa1529 spgflavioxMedusa1529 spgflavioxMaand geleden
  • 🤩

    Rakshitha GowdaRakshitha GowdaMaand geleden