What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

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  • Yo buzzfeed MU you gotta see thus

    justaguywatchinyoutubejustaguywatchinyoutube13 uur geleden
  • At the same year, MH 17 was shot down in Eastern Europe. Not a great time for Malaysian Airlines

    CankCank14 uur geleden
  • saya tidak tau lah

    GlassDerpGlassDerp18 uur geleden
  • I really think this is a suicide by the captain... He took a turn in his hometown at the Penang island... Thats why i suspected hes comitting suicide... If that's true hes a selfish man. A murderer of many in a second

    Adam AmmarAdam Ammar20 uur geleden
  • I don't care no more, well ask the NA to rush your nasty plan of the NWO, they are mad, they wanted to show you how ya was gonna explain what happened, ' Aliens" are around us people!!!¡¡!

    ORGULLO BORICUA#27¡¡¡ORGULLO BORICUA#27¡¡¡22 uur geleden
  • 11:50 For B.), you wrote the same thing instead of a power interruption.

    MitchellTheFurryFan2001MitchellTheFurryFan2001Dag geleden
  • 1:18 He said “7 hours, 31 minutes” instead of “7 hours, 41 minutes.”

    MitchellTheFurryFan2001MitchellTheFurryFan2001Dag geleden
  • Someone knows. I know someone knows.

    Barney MatthewsBarney MatthewsDag geleden
  • Get Jimmy McNulty on it

    John HamiltonJohn Hamilton2 dagen geleden
  • Fun Fact : My Birthday Is On January 17th And I Just Happened To Notice That In This Video - 👀

    𝐄 𝐋 𝐄 𝐀 𝐍 𝐎 𝐑𝐄 𝐋 𝐄 𝐀 𝐍 𝐎 𝐑2 dagen geleden
  • A and B seem oddly similar.

    jeremy toutainjeremy toutain2 dagen geleden
  • @13:44✈️I think the old man ditched the plane in a suicide 💀

  • The moment last transmission,transponders stops disappeared from radar...it vanishes. Change direction avoid radar are lies and diversion to tell everyone go look elsewhere..

    ZaghaniZaghani3 dagen geleden
  • Someone with a Infinity Gauntlet 🔮 really erased all the passengers and crewmembers on the plane. So the plane Auto piloted till the fuel exhausted.

    Dnyan JadhavDnyan Jadhav3 dagen geleden
  • I think it was the Iranians.

    StudzStudz3 dagen geleden
  • The thing understand is for all those hours not a single message nor a single call????No electrical signal??

    AA3 dagen geleden
  • unfair if some people just claim all this because its pilot suicide. In Malaysia pilot is high class job with expensive salary.u also can buy house in high class neighborhood. no pilot in low cost neighborhoods

    Fi SophiaFi Sophia3 dagen geleden
  • This is truly real life lore 😧

    Miguel MagañaMiguel Magaña3 dagen geleden
  • There should be some closure for this mystery.

    Vijay poolaVijay poola4 dagen geleden
  • My theory is that cabin pressure was lost intermittently. During the times that the cabin was pressurized, the pilots attempted to steer the plane back to Malaysia, but then pressure was lost again. Ultimately the plane flew until it ran out of fuel.

    Marc W.Marc W.5 dagen geleden
    • Doesnt explain the transponder being turned off and the plane turning around almost

      Cathal SheehanCathal Sheehan3 dagen geleden
  • The background in this video is soooo cool. What is it called? I want to use it lol. If you know what the background music in this video is called. REPLY TO THIS COMMENT PLS. I can't find it anywhere.

    Mart1nMart1n5 dagen geleden
  • Manifest in real life

    Josh 1706Josh 17065 dagen geleden
  • Anyone see the show manifest?

    ExplosiveLizardExplosiveLizard5 dagen geleden
  • It went to spongebob’s place

    RondaruRondaru5 dagen geleden
  • It’s flight 828 from manifest

    Michael CastanedaMichael Castaneda6 dagen geleden
  • Very Erie those poor people

    scenicroute dValscenicroute dVal6 dagen geleden
  • the exact plane type that disappeared under mysterious circumstances here, was the exact same model as the one shot down at the beginning of the whole ukraine conflict, and this shot down plane opened almost the same amount of questions as this incident. they said a missile shot it down, i saw pictures with bullet holes in the plane, everyone died but luckily all passports were found in a neat plastic bag and there was way more stuff to find when you were searching in the right playces. all a big coincidence? maybe, maybe not, only thing certain is we dont know nothing for certain.

    udo lenkudo lenk6 dagen geleden
  • I believe that MH370 was shot down by the US military and was covered up.

    The LiamsterThe Liamster6 dagen geleden
  • I also believe that this mh370 aircraft will never found.because Indian ocean is so big unexplored and undiscovered. The size of indian ocean is 70.56 million square kilometers that is so huge area and average depth of the ocean is 3miles or 3 kilometers top and below to the ocean surface.and southern indian ocean that probably the crashed site of mh370 aircraft is too remote deep and dark. And any wreckage of the plane will be difficult to find because the depth of the ocean,thats the reason.And i think captain Ahmad shah make sure that this aircraft and its passengers will never found in the Indian ocean by his attempt by murder-suicide.

    Erickson Jay JarabaErickson Jay Jaraba7 dagen geleden
  • What about another dimension,sounds far fetch,.but how do you explain disappearance. To much speculation without imperical data .

    Wayne BaldwinWayne Baldwin8 dagen geleden
  • Oceanic 815

    ChanchexChanchex8 dagen geleden
  • I think they had some sort of malfunction that lead them to manually fly the plane, made a wrong slight right and way over corrected then the pilots ended up lost trying to find land, or decompression event after going out to the open ocean.

    James MajereJames Majere8 dagen geleden
  • How is this almost 7 years ago? Time goes so quick. I thought it's been 3 years it's still fresh in my mind

    NursyazNursyaz9 dagen geleden
  • 3 things that could’ve possibly happened: 1. the passengers / pilots passed out or smth 2. terrorist attack 3. it was done purposely by the pilot or someone on the plane so it could disappear ( keep in mind, these are just my opinions, you don’t have to agree with me )

    sadiasadia9 dagen geleden
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    • His availability is on WhatsApp👇?

      𝗣𝗶𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗱 𝗯𝘆 Ishan Sharma𝗣𝗶𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗱 𝗯𝘆 Ishan Sharma9 dagen geleden
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      Martins SmithMartins Smith9 dagen geleden
  • I think someone knows the truth. They just don't want us to know.

    FanstezFanstez9 dagen geleden
    • Maybe the ex wife of the main pilot after it’s been said they had a falling out and he might have been suicidal

      Miguel MagañaMiguel Magaña3 dagen geleden
  • The families and freinds of the pilots and crew are not being honest, it just seems like someone from the crew or pilots had a bad week and decided that’s it , I’ll check the mental health of everyone on board especially the crew , also relationships of crew and pilots

    faruk celikfaruk celik10 dagen geleden
  • Don't underestimate the depth and size of our ocean. Almost 71% of entire earth is covered with ocean saltwater. And 29% is land surface. See the difference? Ocean floor- 5% is only discovered and 95% is mystery, undiscovered, unexplored and not seen by humans.

    Erickson Jay JarabaErickson Jay Jaraba11 dagen geleden
  • I have a theory. So maybe someone on board took over the flight and was flying, and did that on purpose. And they wanted the people and that flight to go missing. Maybe when the took that first turn, the original pilot realized something was wrong and went to land in an airport, and then someone took over the flight. Maybe the pilot wanted all of that to happen.

    - Leø Has Been Summøned -- Leø Has Been Summøned -11 dagen geleden
  • Best explanation is by JEFF WISE in his book THE PLANE THAT WASN'T THERE. See his NLflow videos too. It was hijacked by Russians thru 3 GRU agents to UKRAIN. Russians shot down another MH17 4 months later in URKRAIN. Only UKRAIN AND RUSSIA refused to do background check on their 3 passengers.

    Jo BaxterJo Baxter11 dagen geleden
    • No, that’s not possible

      Fragile CrystalFragile CrystalDag geleden
  • It would probably take like 20-30 years to find just like the pan am flight on 1937

    TheAngryTrashCanTheAngryTrashCan12 dagen geleden
  • It's so infuriating how these “investigators” always manage to put the blame of such incidents on Muslims. Like seriously, Iran ? Find a mysterious incident and just put everything on your enemies. Wow.

    Mystery Box XDMystery Box XD12 dagen geleden
    • What are you talking about?

      Fragile CrystalFragile CrystalDag geleden
  • imagine them and the plane coming back one day and it bcomes manifest part 2

    Khanak shahKhanak shah12 dagen geleden
  • I'm malaysian. 2 years ago? WHY I HAVEN'T SEEN THIS VIDEO- 😳

    SherybelleGabbySherybelleGabby13 dagen geleden
  • im going on a flight on friday and im watching this bruh, wtf is wrong with me💀

    theotheo13 dagen geleden
  • I remember manifest series lol

    Allaiza AwidAllaiza Awid13 dagen geleden
  • background song>

    • @Tobias L tysm Lmao

    • Piper Ezz - Securing the City You're welcome😉

      Tobias LTobias L8 dagen geleden
  • For me this have 2 answers 1.- The flight was caughted by a military plane of other country and made it crash 2.- The Captain was crazy and decided to crash the plane somewhere Someone have other answers? I would like to read them cuz pie

    NoobDePerúNoobDePerú13 dagen geleden
    • doubt it would be caught by a military plane , military planes would probably shoot it down if it wanted the plane to crash, not make it turn around and fly for 6 hours then crash, but yeah its either captain went crazy or hijacking

  • gonna be a bomb one day

    Joe YocomJoe Yocom14 dagen geleden
  • The Australians shot it down

    Joe YocomJoe Yocom14 dagen geleden
    • @NORTH EXPRESS AURORA Heat seeking boomerangs

      Joe YocomJoe Yocom13 dagen geleden
    • Lmao wtf

  • I think whatever happened, it happened when the plane initially changed course, maybe as one of the pilots went to the toilet. What they found on the flight simulator begs the question of why would a pilot set a course into an area with no land, and then the real plane followed an almost identical path into "nowhere". Sorry about the plight of the passengers, but I think one of the pilots is responsible.

    john shawjohn shaw14 dagen geleden
  • Message To investiagtor's: I Think you should go to near morocco sea because i see some remain of Mh370.

    Fnaf Vhs TapesFnaf Vhs Tapes14 dagen geleden
  • Not much of a mystery. Obviously got hijacked and dumped

    Grow BigSDGrow BigSD14 dagen geleden
  • Simple yet not politically correct truth. Suicide/mass murder.

    Proton NeutronProton Neutron14 dagen geleden
  • may those souls on board rest in peace. their final moments must have been utterly terrifying. things like this are always in the back of my mind whenever i take a flight. :(

    Rat_kinGRat_kinG15 dagen geleden
  • "Aviation's greatest mystery'' Amelia Earhart: *Halt.*

    Muez AregaMuez Arega15 dagen geleden
  • Im Malaysian i still dont know what happen

    Q4S ★Q4S ★16 dagen geleden
  • Macedonia is not a country u moron

    Georgios PapageorgiouGeorgios Papageorgiou16 dagen geleden
    • Greek spotted

  • Maybe they went to Indonesia idk-

    starrystarry17 dagen geleden
  • The next replace specially undress because sardine allegedly prevent out a ritzy occupation. pushy, efficient bean

    Aisha BobbiAisha Bobbi17 dagen geleden
  • Stop tryna figure with science just expect the fact that aliens and the universe are mad as us bro

    Roman_Reeds101Roman_Reeds10117 dagen geleden
  • If this had happeded a few years prior, it could be taken in consideration to have been a promo stunt for the series "Lost"

    clr_flclr_fl17 dagen geleden
  • I reckon it was hijacked, headed towards Australia and then ran out of fuel. It takes around 8 hours from KL to Perth, and there was 7hrs 41mins of fuel.

    StergoboyStergoboy17 dagen geleden
  • its just Crashed into pieces and Kraken Eat the plane and The passengers

    Isa AlFarel SafarudinIsa AlFarel Safarudin17 dagen geleden
  • Speaking as a malaysian and knowing just how corrupted the government was around that time (with 1mdb and all that), some shady shit probably happened that we won't know about

    darwisdarwis18 dagen geleden
  • Damn tho, real life lore is deep af

    GiorwayGiorway18 dagen geleden
  • The first time I found this video I was in KLIA waiting for a Malaysian Airline flight.

    Lowell FinLowell Fin18 dagen geleden
  • Me if I missed the flight Me: "oh crap I missed my flight." The next day TV: flight MH370 has disapared with no explanation. Me: I'm so lucky

    Jordan LamJordan Lam19 dagen geleden
  • Who lives in a pinapple under the sea Malaysians airline-303

    Sky IamSky Iam19 dagen geleden
    • @Pizza Daniil Trueee LOL

      Sky IamSky Iam16 dagen geleden
    • Yeah who gets copied 100 times This joke

      Pizza DaniilPizza Daniil16 dagen geleden
  • Maybe that one Russian man on the airplane took down the whole thing

    Sand DollarSand Dollar20 dagen geleden
    • @Sand Dollar I think it's it's communication thing with a mix of a hijack or the pilot was becoming suicidal

      SkiesSkies17 dagen geleden
    • @Felis sylvestris lmfao

      Sand DollarSand Dollar19 dagen geleden
    • Oh please shut up

      Felis sylvestrisFelis sylvestris19 dagen geleden
  • I read somewhere that those debris on West Africa coast could've been made up. Fake.

    Soumyasish BhattacharyyaSoumyasish Bhattacharyya20 dagen geleden
  • What if the plane was disguised to be mh370 and was a different plane model and still Flys after the 5 hrs straight path

    Technology Made EasyTechnology Made Easy20 dagen geleden
  • Sudden death syndrome for the pilot maybe.. but then the co pilot… who knows anything is possible

    Chesnick GerckenChesnick Gercken21 dag geleden
  • They’ll be found 10 years later and they’ll be still the age as the day they vanished. They’ll also think it’s only been a few hours 💁🏽‍♂️

    Mustafa SamirMustafa Samir21 dag geleden
  • 11:45 maybe 2 theories mix in with each other. take the cyber hacked autopilot and the fire situation. surely, if the autopilot took control say, at the turn to the Indian Ocean (which i believe was supposed turn around back into Malaysia) then, its probable that in panic, they didn't realise, and therefore fell unconscious, slowly drifting into the sea. Though, idk how long a plane can fly when its just been incinerated from the inside, so most likely not what happened but its a theory. -A game theory!-

    LightSonicSpeed4 LSS4LightSonicSpeed4 LSS422 dagen geleden
    • I think the pilot shut off communication hijacked the plane then became suicidal flew up everyone went unconscious and thr plane crashed

      SkiesSkies17 dagen geleden
  • So many chinese...could it be the us

    Yuyang LinYuyang Lin22 dagen geleden
  • This could’ve been easily prevented if they brought a helicopter with the plane so that the pilot of the helicopter can see it and take pictures.

    yuxin zhengyuxin zheng23 dagen geleden
    • Also that the airport people can track the helicopter if there was a emergancy.

      yuxin zhengyuxin zheng23 dagen geleden
  • Hecker hecked the plane prob

    LaitenLaiten23 dagen geleden
  • Gotta be one of the pilots were suicidal, that's my bet

    adrenalineadrenaline23 dagen geleden
    • I think the pilot shut off communication hijacked the plane then became suicidal flew up everyone went unconscious and thr plane crashed

      SkiesSkies17 dagen geleden
  • An incredibly wild speculation of mine, based on all the information at hand, is that an altercation of some sort occurred removing both pilots from action. The lack of communication and system shut down can be explained by inexperienced crew members and passengers attempting to fly the plane. They failed miserably accidentally turning off radio communications and flying in the wrong direction. The remaining crew members and passengers cannot come to an agreement on how to proceed causing further delays. By the time they figure things out, its too late

    Tou HerTou Her23 dagen geleden
  • There was no mystery, it was right infront of our eyes in plain sights for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Boyd Anderson has a compelling story to tell, so please spend an hour of your time to watch his NLflow video "Under The Radar 537-555" or read his book, so which he published himself as no publisher was willing to do it, of the same title. This tragic and unfortunate incident was the result of long and careful planning by the evil TPTB to heist 55.5k tons of gold belonging to the Iranian people. The gold bars were transported from Iran when the Shah was deposed by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979 (btw atomic nos of Au is 79) and hidden/stored at US military based in Thailand. Anyway, 537 lives were sacrificed with one very wealthy survivor having paid US$10 millions in his bank account and given a big villa to live in the island of Bali. He was given a flight simulator to practice his maneuver and practice well he did for over 6 years before actually doing it in real live on that fateful day. His name is Capt Zaharie and I hope he regretted what he did to those lives.

    fidel hurtadofidel hurtado23 dagen geleden
    • @Shah Affiq so why don't you watch the video with open heart and mind, then use your intuition to decide if its correct or otherwise. If still can't decide, ask our creator to guide you.

      fidel hurtadofidel hurtado18 dagen geleden
    • I don't know

      Shah AffiqShah Affiq18 dagen geleden
  • Even thou I cannot explain the transponder going off & the weird turns early in the flight other than an onboard fire my running theory is still a cabin decompression leading to all on board becoming unconscious & the plane running out of fuel & crashing, similar to Helios Airways Flight 522.

    Steven CrouchSteven Crouch24 dagen geleden
  • The sedate violet intradurally tickle because magician densply itch despite a coherent anethesiologist. piquant, sophisticated copper

    baixi chenbaixi chen24 dagen geleden
  • Or maybe they have landed in china but in a different dimension or should we call it multiverse.........

    Javier MurphyJavier Murphy24 dagen geleden
  • 0:41 Amelia Earheardt or however you spell her last name feels disrespect

    SRC BrisSRC Bris24 dagen geleden
  • The Plane was controlled by another person maybe there were practicing and it went out of control!

    Beige Lazaleta & The QueenBeige Lazaleta & The Queen25 dagen geleden
  • L

    EMIL GUTTEMIL GUTT25 dagen geleden
  • Ended up in a parallel universe and none of the passengers even know they're gone.

    Dennis HantonDennis Hanton25 dagen geleden
  • We are living in a simulation.

    nekomensnekomens26 dagen geleden
  • Human beings cannot solve all mysteries. Only God knows the unknown. Hopefully some day it shall find it. Ameen

    Dr TruthDr Truth26 dagen geleden
  • It's eerie how much of the Indian ocean there is to slowly drift through the air in, with no land or civilization in sight

    Captain TotesCaptain Totes26 dagen geleden
  • The flight landed safety in Taured.

    thekidblack111thekidblack11127 dagen geleden
    • @thekidblack111 google must be glitching

      Pizza DaniilPizza Daniil16 dagen geleden
    • @Advika Srikanth google taured

      thekidblack111thekidblack11127 dagen geleden
    • how do you know

      Advika SrikanthAdvika Srikanth27 dagen geleden
  • Manifest must happen to this✋✋

    qadar brwaqadar brwa27 dagen geleden
    • ?

  • Only a few people seem to notice that the flight just inconveniently avoid the Indonesian airspace as best as they can en route to the Indian ocean. Which could possibly means they didn’t want to make a fuss and tried to run away in silent. And which probably mean some kind of hijacking is involved.

    Thomas MochThomas Moch27 dagen geleden
  • Only a few people seem to notice that the flight just inconveniently avoid the Indonesian airspace as best as they can en route to the Indian ocean. Which could possibly means they didn’t want to make a fuss and tried to run away in silent. And which probably mean some kind of hijacking is involved.

    Thomas MochThomas Moch27 dagen geleden
  • This reminds my the serial Lost

    soyuz1945soyuz194527 dagen geleden
  • Well Thank you. I can't go to sleep now

    Soroush LotfiSoroush Lotfi28 dagen geleden
  • Pilot suicide.And you are wrong about the flaperon. Damage to the flaperon indicated that it was deployed as the plane hit the water, in a landing attitude.

    AltaMirageAltaMirage28 dagen geleden
  • As in this video it might be due to decomprasserisation it changed to Malaysian side the captain might have lost counincess and felt towards starring so it might have turned back to Malaysian side , then it might be that captain regained consciousness and tried to land near Malaysian side but maybe due to turbulence or lack of oxygen he went unccounciouess turning whole plane towards Indian Ocean and all might be dead due to lack of oxygen and there body or plane might have gone to deppest side of ocean This is my theory, what do you think might have happened

    poornima Ramanathpoornima Ramanath29 dagen geleden
  • I say and this is the most likely one that one or two passengers jumped into the cockpit turned off the transponder possibly when the pilots were changing it to 7500 and changed course and only crashed once they stalled and ran out of fuel. I think that the fire theory is the most unlikely because a plane that is on fire could not physically be on fire for 7 hours. I think this is a similar event to what happened in 1999 to a Learjet that crashed into South Dakota that flight turn off the transponder and keep going till they ran out of fuel finnaly crashing in South Dakota after hours of flying.

    Will ScottWill Scott29 dagen geleden