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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 28th | MSNBC




  • How can you keep trashing our president Trump while we have this fraudulent dude who thinks he won the election getting our military killed.

    John SimsJohn Sims22 dagen geleden
  • When Republicans say “this country”, they mean something very different than Joe alluded to when he said the same words. They only refer to those in their mental image that they consider to be “American”. Anyone who disagrees with them is not who they refer to, whereas Democrats have a complete view, encompassing all legal residents in view of those terms. This is a very dangerous situation for everyone here in the USA.

    Patrick CroninPatrick CroninMaand geleden
  • Devil is in the details listen to the mindset of the right its OVA for our government and civil respect is dead for them,why?.. because of the weak response to them when this "FIRST STARTED"!..we are in trouble and WHO wouldn't respect, honor, salute and LOVE the sacrifices of the officer's?.."when men stop loving each other" God will be back jack! And he gonna bring the heat on our selfishness and hardened ❤!!!..Its a lot of uneducated fake dumb hood physicians running around acting smart spreading lies and delta. When someone says kids cant get sick tells you everything you need to know.

    Herb jHerb jMaand geleden
  • Joe I love you but please let me hear what your wife has to say but if you don't I will never watch MSNBC news again.

    Jewell BlueJewell BlueMaand geleden
  • Because you told your kids what?

    Tony dTony dMaand geleden
  • GOP. votrd not 2 award medals to thier heros. At Joe and Mika please do not take the knee.

    Tony dTony dMaand geleden
  • John Heilemann is 🎯 about the parallel universe of right wing media. The trump cult is never going to get deprogrammed while those propaganda/terrorist recruitment medias are allowed to exist. The government has GOT to do something about media reporting lies. Fine them out of existence or something. Bring back the FCC fairness doctrine that Regan did away with.

    Linda ReevesLinda ReevesMaand geleden
  • My heart goes out to these capital officers and their family and friends. We Americans are deeply grateful for saving our Democracy and those that stand for us in Congress.

    Amy ChurchAmy ChurchMaand geleden
  • Trump & Trump Republicans 🙄 Have destroyed America 🇺🇸😢😔😞😪 It's never to late to take America 🇺🇸back Justice ⚖ matters America 🇺🇸 matters

    VGJameusVGJameusMaand geleden
  • How is the election count going in Az, 74k mail in ballots counted for Biden that were never posted put.... you guys are the greatest threat to America.

    Paul TaylorPaul TaylorMaand geleden
  • So, we are expected to wear masks and go back to increased restrictions to protect the willfully ignorant and sometimes overtly hostile non vaccinated? That’s a fairly large ask.

    Michael Barnidge JrMichael Barnidge JrMaand geleden
  • Who cares what the "polls" think? Is justice a matter of polls? Just round up these fascists, convict them, and put them in prison. Just disgraceful.

    OroborusOroborusMaand geleden
  • They got a narrative to keep up including the Republicans if they don't repeat these lies then they can kiss the seats in the senate Goodbye because that's all their voters want to hear

    Yours Truly The #1 PonyYours Truly The #1 PonyMaand geleden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    dinamorleydinamorleyMaand geleden
  • Why can't these news stations be sued?

    okrealestateokrealestateMaand geleden
  • Absolute courage.

    Cindy Miller-FlintCindy Miller-FlintMaand geleden
  • The cops should Sue the networks that are calling them crisis actors

    ColleenColleenMaand geleden
  • Fox News pretends nothing happened on January 6, so no Republican voters will criticize Trump for inciting it.

    lisa richardslisa richardsMaand geleden
  • Call a thing a Thing...they are Literally Fascist.

    Terrie StacyTerrie StacyMaand geleden
  • January 6 was not a insurrection nor a constitutional crisis. Well, only a constitutional crisis in that a fraudulent candidate was confirmed. What was stomach churning was the falsehoods alleged at that committee of hate and dishonesty. If they were chanting the word n****** as claimed then he should be able to easily point to it in the footage. Nobody has even hinted at that before then. Democrat propaganda outlets wrote those testimonials and had auditions for the best to present.

    Trey SharpeTrey SharpeMaand geleden
  • We are under threat of losing this republic...Jan. 6 denial is the result of a calculated campaign that has fully embraced those radical right groups as their base and the only way for them to regain house/Senate majorities and ultimately the White House. The GOP thinks it had coopted them but they and Trump have coopted the party such that as death threats pour in around the country, Republican election officials and municipal authorities around this country are quitting their jobs...

    rodmyykrodmyykMaand geleden
  • Dr. Fauci is the most frustrated scientist in America. He tries as hard as he can to help the people and so many disrespect him and even threaten his life.

    John BeattyJohn BeattyMaand geleden
  • What about the ship that required everyone who got on the cruise to be vaccinated; yet they still spread the virus? People you have a choice either take the Mark of the Beast or have faith in God!

    Mr. Robert CottonMr. Robert CottonMaand geleden
  • If Edward Snowden can be jailed without trial nor defense for his actions then I ask why Trump, McCarthy, Jim Jordan, McDonald & the other lie spreaders sworn to protect the Constitution, now performing treasonous acts remaining free???

    Don OakesDon OakesMaand geleden
  • Australian born Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox news is one that should have stepped in on his network Fox to stop this retoric . He was a first to have been vaccinated, he hates Trump but he likes the money! He is without scruples.

    Don OakesDon OakesMaand geleden
  • The truth has lost. Fantasy is king.

    petelee hkpetelee hkMaand geleden
  • Jesus, Joe. When are you going to get it? How many times do you have to watch them cheer at the shitshow? REPUBLICANS DON'T RESPECT ANYTHING! Not one thing. For nearly six years, we watched them cheer on Trump as he took a big ol' dump on one conservative, Republican, and/or Christian value. They would watch their families get killed, if they could find a way to blame it on Democrats!

    IanIanMaand geleden
  • Fox News is America cancer. The Republican party is America crack pipe.

    evolved monkeyevolved monkeyMaand geleden
  • fox news hosts need locking up

    mandy waremandy wareMaand geleden
  • Basically GOP went all-in in a poker hand, now they are trying to justify their bad decisions all the way.

    Thai Mai ShuaThai Mai ShuaMaand geleden
  • It is RIDICULOUS that the vaccinated have to wear masks again because the idiots who won't get the vaccine are at risk. That's their choice. I'm sick of hearing about the anti-maskers. Let them perish.

    French FryFrench FryMaand geleden
  • when the comments section is monitored against external non-american viewpoints on the mess that america is... good job msnbc, freedom! you fuel that ignorance, wooo!!!!

    HellsingDSHellsingDSMaand geleden
  • And if you vote Republican after this testimony and January 6, you're complicit with the downfall of our country.

    Daniel PalmaDaniel PalmaMaand geleden
  • Why not just say the name Fox News the propaganda arm for Donald Trump

    Adam GibsonAdam GibsonMaand geleden
    • People in the know already knew, the ones still don't know, they choose to do so purposely, sad situation usa is in.

      Thai Mai ShuaThai Mai ShuaMaand geleden
  • To reach the MAGA crowd and show them the truth there needs to be Ad's placed on their networks showing them the actual truth ran during the news segments. Taking out advertising is not a criminal act.

    Nikita MonsNikita MonsMaand geleden
  • The FCC needs to step in and mandate that ALL news agencies must provide accurate and truthful information and absolutely no misinformation.

    Nikita MonsNikita MonsMaand geleden
  • 233 dislikes so far... NLflow needs to expose those people

    V3n0Mous1V3n0Mous1Maand geleden
  • Any military or law enforcement that supports the GOP after this does not deserve their uniform. They clearly do not care about you or your service. You are only a campaign slogan and a fundraising tool.

    Mr. RMr. RMaand geleden
  • Crying 😭 😭 I can't even deal 😭😭 these trumpers do t even care enough to be angry with the people that attacked these dad's 😭😭😭

    Stephaniespc CaseyStephaniespc CaseyMaand geleden
  • Morning BS. Never dissapoint to disapoint you. Filling you with meaningless gossip & right wing "house wife" retoric & opinions.

    Oddvard MyrnesOddvard MyrnesMaand geleden
  • I'm looking forward to the subpoena roll out.

    Bill WalshBill WalshMaand geleden
  • Absolutely!!! Joe, you are such a righteous man.

    Pat HermesPat HermesMaand geleden
  • Fox News is "morally sick" and have the mentality of 5yr old children. They just have no regard for any such serious situation and aren't true News Journalist's.

    DebDebMaand geleden
  • Everything goes clown said to the police is the same thing to terrorists in Afghanistan with Isis and the Taliban

    Gen MorriGen MorriMaand geleden
  • Neanderthals do have have any hue-man ty,,because they are not human ,they are impersonating hue-mans

    nomad Barkanomad BarkaMaand geleden
  • The CDC has no friggin clue what they are doing. If anything this flip flop empowers non-vaccinated people more with the "see told you it didn't matter" mentality... in just this interview he says "the vaccinated can still get and spread the virus" then moments later says "if we were at 95% vaccinated the virus would have very few places to go" UHHHH wat... do vaccinated people spread the delta variant or not? Both can't be true so why say that?

    Lindsey LockwoodLindsey LockwoodMaand geleden
  • Mocking Jan 6 is actual fake news

    Weston AlameidaWeston AlameidaMaand geleden
  • All anchors are the same people nomatter what party,,people are so gullible,,nobody can think for them selfs anymore!

    Randy TrollingerRandy TrollingerMaand geleden
  • Bingo PARALLEL UNIVERSES - The New World Order (Captivity).3 To 2D & The New Age of Aquarius (Freedom) 4 & 5D But in Reality, this is the Proof that We Are Living Out a Real Fairy Tale on Planet Earth, as Shakespeare once Said 😎

    Hubie MaddoxHubie MaddoxMaand geleden
  • not good humans!

    Malashree HomeMalashree HomeMaand geleden
  • the party of law and order. except when it doesn't fit their narrative.

    Jeremy MAcdonaldJeremy MAcdonaldMaand geleden
  • Fauci is the worst science communicator in the history of science communication. How about for once not saying "nasal pharynx" and just say "nose", Doc?? It's like going to a lecture with stupid technical crap that could be explained in a far more familiar or fiendly way. And then this level of academic detachment kicks on a whole new gear when the doctor begins to talk about what to say and how to say it to "THEM", are you freaking kidding me, Doc??? Cringe inducing, the patronizing tone and the over use of the third person, not helpful, as usual.

    Juna NouguesJuna NouguesMaand geleden
  • The problem with a Narcissist is they only have regard for themselves. Do you honestly think if during that insurrection we all as Americans stood together for our democracy and Russia came in to declare Trump president do you think he would have had our troops engage or do you think he would have ordered them to stand down? UNITED WE STAND DEVIDED WE FALL!!

    FosterFosterMaand geleden
  • "Are you my brother" "You will die on your knees", how dumb do the rioters have to be to see themselves as heroes and parrot language like you'd see coming from the main character in a movie?

    AaaaNinjaAaaaNinjaMaand geleden
  • Truth be told we no longer have the government it was intended to be Trump has taken power over the right and I truly believe they feel they can over throw the government while the GQP senators look the other way ,i don't think this is just about 4 more years of Trump,The same guy who lied to the whole country from the beginning of this covid-19 pandemic 'it's going to disappear' holding maskless rallies while we watched the nurses and doctors pleading for more mask and people to stay home To me that's what was unpatriotic hundreds of thousands of fellow American gone! riots all over the country and now this Jan 6 and nobody on the right wants to know what happened,because it was too many of them that took part in it ,while they marched through the Capital chatting hang the Vice President with the actual hang man's Gallow outside on the White House lawn and they mocking these officers and down playing it,while it's not just the Democrats who watched it the Whole World watched it They're now just sitting watching waiting to see if The instigator or Instigator's get punished or if they just get even bolder now and maybe even re-elected because half of the country has turned their backs on Democracy and want him back in office .it's time for them to take a serious look at what's freedom of speech and what's Propaganda especially in Politics and television it will seem as if jan.6 was just a test-run if not.

    Taylor TaylorTaylor TaylorMaand geleden
  • Can someone speak about the side effects that are possible that have been seen from the vaccine? Mark I hear a lot of crazy it's a lot of crazy reports that I know came from Fox News or newsmacks that are just outrageously unbelievable, we need to hear the CDC or falchi or somebody come on and say exactly what side effects they've seen, Thank you

    VeganMarcella andMoreVeganMarcella andMoreMaand geleden
  • The Republican Party is gone now.. learn from history...and be ready.

    P CP CMaand geleden
  • Laura Ingraham, how do you sleep? What do you tell your children about what you do? You should receive an award for playing the part of a human being. Maybe not, your not that good at it.

    Joe CaddenheadJoe CaddenheadMaand geleden
  • Baldy is so triggered.

    Tyler PflumTyler PflumMaand geleden
  • Kelly Ann Conway summed it all up "He is just giving an alternate set of facts" Sean Spicer on the loser 45 inauguration.

    Stark NakedStark NakedMaand geleden
  • I dont even know what to say.... This is ridiculous beyond belief...

    Tyler PflumTyler PflumMaand geleden
  • Stop crying about GQP. They care only for their our skin and money. We need to protect our country and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE…. GQP out of our House

    Mac & FionaMac & FionaMaand geleden
  • Funny that these same capital police officers were not this terrified when they were tear gassing BLM protesters in front of a church..... it's almost like one group of "protesters" were much more peaceful.

    chenzo mutumbochenzo mutumboMaand geleden
  • I'm in tears just remembering yesterday's testimony.

    nudnikjeffnudnikjeffMaand geleden
  • They are so emotional. .......very very sensitive guys.

    Roman TemniukRoman TemniukMaand geleden
  • Didnt Charlie Kirk send a bunch of them? Arrest that goblin as a traitor.

    GregGregMaand geleden
  • Too bad those who mocked these servicemen at the Capitol on January 6 th weren't on the inside fearing for THEIR lives , or on the outside experiencing that ' loving " feeling on the Capitol steps . Too bad .

    Dale McGurerDale McGurerMaand geleden
  • At some point, public health, safety and security must take presidence over placating nonsense.

    Christopher BachmanChristopher BachmanMaand geleden
  • And faux news calling it "theatrics." SMH- The Fox news crowd will say anything for money. Apparently MAGA red is more important than Blue. These police officers are heroes. I can't even imagine what they went through. I have great respect for them!

    TL K23TL K23Maand geleden
  • Are these comments real? Asking for a friend

    Jerry StreeterJerry StreeterMaand geleden
  • Maybe "thinking" that most republicans are disgrace hypocrites is part of the problem. THEY ARE DISGRACEFUL HYPOCRITS! There's absolutely nothing religious about their theology, actions, and behavior. It is contrary to EVERYTHING that God is! There's nothing in the Bible that condones or is in sync with their actions or behaviors; absolutely nothing!

    Teetitria ScottTeetitria ScottMaand geleden
  • How many people have died from lightening strikes in 2020 ? How many died from covid ?

    Tom StraubTom StraubMaand geleden
  • Dr Fauci is wasting his time explaining this to all those morons that are not vaccinated. Maybe Kermit the Frog will do a better job

    juliant43juliant43Maand geleden
  • Mocking though descriptive doesn't cover the more treacherous component of giving aide and comfort to a group of people intent on violently murdering any american citizen trying to defend congress and carry on normal business of certifying our elections. The twice impeached corrupt ex-president seditiously conspired with republican congressmen and FakeFoxNews to lie to American citizens about stolen elections and incite American citizens into insurrection. A president cannot act on his own, nor can a commentator comment without executives and editors giving a green light to treasonous rhetoric and determining if they are legally liable for any comments permitted to air on their communications network. Criminals often make statements claiming their innocemce but are often contradicted by their own actions caught on camera or their own comments in interviews or at conventions. Inciting insurrection is no simple thing to prove but here we have a president making a claim that our elections were stolen yet incapable of providing proof of his allegations in a federal court before federals judges on multiple occasions, all the while collecting monies from his constituents for a legal defense to "stop the steal" or "take back our country" as written on banners at the rally on jan 6th. Then you have Republican senators not only repeating the exact same lie of stolen elections but actively aiding and abbetting this insurrection by objecting to the certificatios of our elections, themselves not having provided legal proof before a federal judge of their allegations and evidence of stolen elections. Then you have FakeFoxNews claiming to be a news source though legally acknowledging that it is an entertainment network? Why are they permitted to air comments about stolen election without proving the necessary proofs to federal judges on such a volitile and nationally destabilizing subject? Even the United Kingdom refused to allow the network to air across their networks. we know that the twice impeached corrupt and criminal was in contact with each other both on and off of their networks by their communications and evidence gained by federal judges requiring disclosures of communication in varous court cases. We know Trump planned, scheduled, advertised and seditiously conspired to hold a rally and invite speakers to incite its attendees to fight to take back country, to fight to take back the stolen elections or as his personal lawer said why not have a trial by comat? If they just attended the rally and went home then we just have the exercise their freedom of speach but Trump told the crowd that they had to fight to get what they want, disregarding his oath and our Constitution's mandates of a free and fair electoral process. He told them that he would march with them, not only abdicating his position as president in our government but joining the insurrectionist to take back a country to which he subconciously is acknowledging that he lost in the election. Had he won there would be no need to have to take back his postion, no need to have gone to such complicated efforts to conspire for a rally or incite insurrectionists to overthrow him. No reason to try and make a last ditch effort to stop the certification. This is treachery designed and implimented in statements that stated if the election was lost then the loss was proof of a stolen election. Implemented even after recounts by claiming the elections were stolen while Trump himself made calls trying to get election officials to find thousands of votes to regain his position and nullify our elections. Implemented in watching the insurrectionists breaking past the guards and not acting as a president to stop this invasion but acting as an insurrectionist taking no action to stop this insurrection that if carried out would benefit him. Implemented by Trump not calling out the national guard, not calling out the army, not using any of our national defenses to stop insurrectionists from taking over and occupying a branch of our very government. Derelection of duty had to be a part of his plan because had his duty as president and Commander in Chief been taken up in action, his plann to regain the lost presidency would have Failed. A president would not allow any group of citizens to break in and attack our governmental buildings, we have institutional recourse for civil objections. A president's responibilities is to this nation not to his corrupt intentions while sacrificing the very nation he swore to defend and protect while upholding its constitution. Traitors will provide aide and comfort to a cause detrimental to national interests and its established laws and constitution. Trump has committed horrendous treachery as to make treason appear benign. American citizens are currently acting to murder American citizens, refusing to wear masks, take vaccines, taken oxychloraquin, killed guards protecting congress, lying about the payments to adult film stars, conspiring with Russians and Ukrainians to win American elections. All this seems to be the making of a poor movie sure to fail at the box office, .Instead its the irreparable damage of an immoral psychopath who damaged the very office of the presidency even before occupying it. Traitor doesn't seem to cover the disaster he is still permitted to cause unabated.

    Henry RodriguezHenry RodriguezMaand geleden
  • The GOP are INHUMAN..period

    Olufisayo FakunleOlufisayo FakunleMaand geleden
  • Being a good American is less important than if they are good human beings.....Laura Ingram has shown that she is neither....

    Tracy MorganTracy MorganMaand geleden
  • This media infrastructure so rightly called out is the logical extension of years of radical individualism which is simultaneously justified by a platform of monolithic white culture. Tocqueville's tyranny of the majority in full throat.

    G-manG-manMaand geleden
  • The oath of office means nothing without accountability. The Constitution means nothing unless the oath of office means something. The liar and those who refused to reign him in must both be held accountable to that oath, or it means nothing. B

    BrianBrianMaand geleden
  • You know, you should have such a gang of trump followers, then something like this happens, the whole world is watching, throw that Hitler in the jail anyway

    valentin ivanowvalentin ivanowMaand geleden
  • Race will tear America apart unless a common ground is found

    Jefferson WatersJefferson WatersMaand geleden
  • Its so sickening to deny these officers their truth.

    Robin TatinaRobin TatinaMaand geleden
  • Rupert Murdoch is an enemy of the state. It is that simple. His modus operandi is division and right wing politics. He has far too much power and he has never faced a vote of any kind.

    August Lion 66August Lion 66Maand geleden
  • We had a crazy four years since trump became president. If the election was not stolen from hillary, 500,000 lives would still be alive.

    kvdgadjkvdgadjMaand geleden
  • And thus the age old saying rings true, "There is no cure for stupid"

    RichardibaRichardibaMaand geleden
  • McCarthy as well as other GOP members like to repeat what they assumed the doctors meant instead of what they actually said and recommended. Get off of the stupid train and get real.

    Colleen RushingColleen RushingMaand geleden
  • Surprise surprise surprise! 40 years of lies and screwing over your fellow citizens has created a big education, science, health and truth problem.

    TheViewFromUpHereTheViewFromUpHereMaand geleden
  • I don't normally like John Heilemann, but this is all good stuff

    Combee BowlinCombee BowlinMaand geleden
  • Was this officer the one getting McCarthy to safety Jan 6?

    Blair MeerfeldBlair MeerfeldMaand geleden

    Donald CarpenterDonald CarpenterMaand geleden
  • I guess Hillary had an airtight no need to investigate.

    Faye TollefsonFaye TollefsonMaand geleden
  • Mandate the vaccine

    MJRMJRMaand geleden
  • The media is complicit in this bs. If you talk to a stranger on the street, we all want the same thing, there isn't any real beef that can't be worked out. The media gets everybody all hopped up, disagreeing with each other. The very nature of the media has changed, it doesn't care about informing as it does stirring up sh!t. Don't fall for it. The media is part and parcel for the rumors of war, hatred, and division. Listen wisely. Be kind, be your brother's and sister's keeper. Love your neighbor. Are there jerks in the world who aren't driven by media influence? Of course, but they are outnumbered by the good. Rise above.

    Parodoxical SoxParodoxical SoxMaand geleden
  • Call them out by name. Laura Ingraham, tucker carlson, sean hannity are all despicable human beings. They should be publicly disgraced. The GOP members of congress who deny what we all witnessed with our own eyes should be held accountable for inciting then supporting insurrection.

    Lily BillLily BillMaand geleden
  • John Heilemann nailed it. How do we reach the Murdochs of our world to get them to stop?

    Diana RiceDiana RiceMaand geleden
  • It really is shameful lock them up I don't like what's going on to the black people but I am American and stand with America and a vet so don't tread on America

    James JonesJames JonesMaand geleden
  • I would love to see msnsbc, CNN and all other left leaning network apologize to the American people for being so hateful towards Senator Sanders in the 2016 election. We would have never had Trump if it was not for these idiots

    Will HandyWill HandyMaand geleden
  • Why not call these people out by name?! Who are "they"? Feable response

    Faye TollefsonFaye TollefsonMaand geleden
  • The complete stupidity for Trump to say...ALL he saw was hugging and kissing by these officers and his cult supporters.

    SuzanneSuzanneMaand geleden
  • The children are growing and their body chemistry is changing at a rapid rate, introducing their bodies to a killing virus can’t be good, probably greatly risk mutations at a cellular level to their heart, brain and respiratory systems. We who are vaccinated are much safer are still at risk in our upper respiratory (in the back of our faces), so you can imagine the jeopardy their growing non vaxed bodies are… they truly are innocent because they aren’t able to get vaccinated yet.

    Jelly WhitJelly WhitMaand geleden
  • Now these men risk their lives to save members of Congress and then get no appreciation if they have not done their job those people would have gotten there and tore the whole place apart it would have been members of Congress who may have lost their life I'm embarrassed

    Denise StephensonDenise StephensonMaand geleden