FightHype.com was on hand in Miami, Florida where Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather and NLflow sensation Logan Paul faced off in their anticipated June 6 showdown. You don't want to miss what went down during and after the fight. Check it out!




  • Anyone else notice Floyd looks like he's aged 20 years in the past 5 years?

    Mista 808Mista 80819 dagen geleden
  • These captions are shit smh. What the hell was he brutally honest about? He gave the same basic answers that we expected. Dislike button.

    GreenFridaysGreenFridays28 dagen geleden
  • Floyd said.. He advise tip to Errol Spence vs. Manny Pacquiao. what a tip? to run every round. then win? hahahahahah....

    Winter MalerkyWinter MalerkyMaand geleden
  • "he's a great holder a great grappler" xD

    Eternaïls MEternaïls MMaand geleden
  • Watch everyone of his post fight interviews and he always praises the fighters and thanks the fans. How does he has so many haters?? Because of his style?? He's a technical fighter! It's brought him the riches! AND he's amazing at it.

    EggchinEggchinMaand geleden
  • "PAC man has to fight" If Manny has to fight, its because his heart for others was bigger than his wallet. He will always be a champ in my eyes. Having money is one thing. What you do with it - is another.

    MegaBruce247MegaBruce247Maand geleden
  • Wait … pacquio looks after the Philippines… so If he needs money, we know where that money is going 🤷🏾‍♂️

    CJCJMaand geleden
  • I love my boy Floyd. Hard worker. Very wise. And he is very smart. God blesses those who learn, grow, help, and become wiser over the course of their life. Floyd truly personifies God blessings because of those characteristics.

    Earnest RobinsonEarnest RobinsonMaand geleden
  • Black sports online. Really?

    Nick BeefNick BeefMaand geleden
  • Manny fightin errol spence at 42! Whos got the class? Senator manny does not have to fight he worth bout £500 million.... and that melt sitting next to floyd can be seen bum licking tyson 20 yr ago

    Boy RacerBoy RacerMaand geleden
  • People here are pumping up Pacquiao. Meanwhile, Mayweather's wealth is greater than the GDP of Senator Pacquiao's country.

    flacofaceflacofaceMaand geleden
  • This guy is so dull.

    RedPapaGRedPapaGMaand geleden
  • "Mayweather pulled on her hair, punched her in the face and threatened to kill her in front of his kids, looked at his kids and threatened to kill them too." Yep he really is a total legend and a good example for everyone 😅

    ThenameisEtonThenameisEtonMaand geleden
  • Yo tbh pacquiao is not broke he is one of the richest senator in Philippines but yea probably you are right he needs to fight. why? pacquiao is philanthropist

    icarus .....icarus .....Maand geleden
  • lol floyd talking about logan holding too much but isn't it that the way you fight too?

    icarus .....icarus .....Maand geleden
  • He says the best thing about this week was my daughter graduating But you can literally just tell he himself at 44 doesn’t truly believe that ......

    Jesse MedinaJesse MedinaMaand geleden
  • Floyd .. an amazing boxer but a master PR guy.. If I KO the guy : I’m in great shape and could take to school any of this younger fighters If I don’t look good: I am an old man cashing in on you fools I have to give it to him 👍 smartest business man in the sport of boxing 💰

    TAM ChannelTAM ChannelMaand geleden
  • Pretty sure Julio Cesar Chavez just boxed and he crying about boxing a NLflowr at 44

    Dylan BilliotDylan BilliotMaand geleden
  • The results of talent, hardwork and persistence. You become the "A" side fighter! You set the standards!!

    Jay HopJay HopMaand geleden
  • Im not here to talk bad about nobody (Proceeds to say how he don't need to fight but manny does)

    eet apeet apMaand geleden
  • boxers are morons

    Rich ArnaudRich ArnaudMaand geleden
  • He high af rn

    Eli SuavecíEli SuavecíMaand geleden
  • Floyd gay weather

    Franki3Franki3Maand geleden
  • That’s why he gave him a rematch

    Franki3Franki3Maand geleden
  • Floyd lost against Joseluis Castillo 1

    Franki3Franki3Maand geleden
  • Floyd has a lost already he’s 49-1

    Franki3Franki3Maand geleden
  • This guy is lame 😂😂 why’d he bring up manny. Because everyone knows manny is bigger in the sport of boxing, he just doesn’t have a big mouth.

    taniz rodrigueztaniz rodriguezMaand geleden
  • Love this man and his legacy 🇺🇸

    Forston IrelandForston IrelandMaand geleden
  • He looked great actually. I'd love to see all of you bad ass fighters out there at age forty five beat a twenty something year old who has been training boxing (and other combat sports) for five years when they have forty plus pounds on you. It was damn impressive to me.

    Zero CoolZero CoolMaand geleden
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    Ryan MeushawRyan MeushawMaand geleden
  • Facts

    HmlsDarkOpsHmlsDarkOpsMaand geleden
  • This interview was beautiful ❤️👌🏼

    Neo Truth OfficialNeo Truth OfficialMaand geleden
  • Floyd the Goat for a reason

    Neo Truth OfficialNeo Truth OfficialMaand geleden
  • I want to see Gatti Floyd vs 44 Floyd lol.

    Portnoy ClipsPortnoy ClipsMaand geleden
  • He said it right when he said, "sell-out". He didn't fight Logan. He got in the ring and got paid. This was a smart decision but not a fight. Floyd is older and still in great shape but if he could still fight at his age Logan would have gone down. Instead, they danced and both got a good paycheck. I would feel ripped if I had paid to watch.

    Paul SmithPaul SmithMaand geleden
  • Regardless if the fight is an exhibition I wish I got to see a Mayweather fight live.

    frozenchickenfrozenchickenMaand geleden
  • Fake fight

    janoski09janoski09Maand geleden
  • He was walking to em with his hands up probably outweighed by 40 plus pounds and fighting an opponent 20 years younger. This man is the GOAT

    nick quiroznick quirozMaand geleden
  • It will take his last breath for floyd to realize what life truly is about. Unfortunately it will be too late. When you die you cannot take any of those things with you. The treasures he has accumulated through out his life are the wrong ones. Still arrogant as ever.

    E. S.E. S.Maand geleden
  • A billion dollars cant even help this man talk right

    Signs & WondersSigns & WondersMaand geleden
    • But why does that matter. Let floyd be an inspiration to people who can't read and write.

      D SmithD SmithMaand geleden
  • As much as I am a big fan, I am embarrassed and disheartened by this last fight and to hear Floyd now in his diminishing skills. It is time to sit back and enjoy the ride, before you make a crucial mistake and get in the ring with a person who has been trained in the "backrooms". Trust, there are people out there trying to get someone to train and be skilled enough to KO him in the exibition, so that Vegas can lose Billions on bets and Floyd can lose his reputation as being a great Boxer

    Basic TruthBasic TruthMaand geleden
  • Notice how he took a sip of the drink he's been paid a million dollars to show on TV. .greedy bastard. .

    Studio 1Studio 1Maand geleden
  • He's one of a kind respect

    Richard RoeRichard RoeMaand geleden
  • Wow, he's right. HIS HAIR IS NOT YET GREY! WHAAAT?

    SoupytownSoupytownMaand geleden
  • You disrespected yourself by fighting a bum for money, and gave a clown 🤡 clout. Shame

    RabbitburnRabbitburnMaand geleden
  • He on legend status no matter what people say...

    AgentChodeyBanksAgentChodeyBanksMaand geleden
  • If you're financially set within why do you keep on mentioning Pacquiao it's obvious you know that Pacquiao is the greatest you will always continue being in the top 50 if even that you ran from all the great Fighters and ye fought some good Fighters and you're a good fighter but you're not the best like you were cuz you hate that people love Pacquiao and they hate you if you didn't want to make no money or you didn't want to fight what why didn't you give it to charity you need the money

    Leon MartinezLeon MartinezMaand geleden
  • Pac didnt hav to fight for money , he is even giving money to his people. He fights coz thats what fighters do , they fight real fighters. Clowns run in the ring and ducks important questions like why an experience fighter like you picks on a youtuber instead of fighting real contenders like pacquaio does. I think you are just sour graping of the fact that pac gets more respect and adulation from fighters and fans on his decision to get everything on the line by fighting a real threat in errol spence . I woudnt be surprise if youL fight 10 boxing critics next for not believing your own version of reality

    Lloyd CirunayLloyd CirunayMaand geleden
  • Dope shout out

    Orlando CalderOrlando CalderMaand geleden
  • Floyd has grown alright, he has grown into a scammer and proud of it

    AntjoshAntjoshMaand geleden
  • The abstracted bamboo initially attach because damage lilly fade per a vivacious pajama. previous, thick comma

    joseph polsonjoseph polsonMaand geleden
  • That the truth

    Jeremy MccoyJeremy MccoyMaand geleden
  • This was not clickbait. Man talking real

    Dáithi O'CinnsealachDáithi O'CinnsealachMaand geleden
  • Logan is a smart fighter for using Floyd's strategy against him. Effective! Lol! Floyd complaining Logan keep hugging him

    GreatVidzGreatVidzMaand geleden
  • That was great, respect to Floyd

    End3r Gam3rEnd3r Gam3rMaand geleden
  • There he goes...always finds a way to talk about his money. AND he “bashed” Manny in the process. I don’t even remember what the question was but it sure as shit wasn’t about that. Lols

    sean kellysean kellyMaand geleden
    • My favorite part was that his daughter graduated. We need brilliant up in coming youth to move our world forward, much success to her endeavor's in life. Bless up!

      J McCoyJ McCoyMaand geleden
  • He always says he’s not here to brag about the money or bash anyone...and its ALWAYS right after he does both.

    sean kellysean kellyMaand geleden
  • A part of age my ass. Tyson would of tore Logan a new asshole without even trying

    swaggerboy740swaggerboy740Maand geleden
  • Manny would fuck up floydd brutally these days

    rept1lerept1leMaand geleden

    harvey cardiganharvey cardiganMaand geleden
  • Like Wu tang Clan said, "It takes years for this, you Cat in the Hat, Dr. Suess Mother Goose Ass rapper."

    Gregory HawkGregory HawkMaand geleden
  • I support Floyd.

    Old Man CaliOld Man CaliMaand geleden
  • I love it!

    PhillyGz1PhillyGz1Maand geleden

    D LegionnaireD LegionnaireMaand geleden
  • Never been a huge fan of Floyd a fan but not a huge fan. Hearing him discuss this fight pre and post I’ve become much more a fan of Floyd the man.

    Chuck play’sChuck play’sMaand geleden
  • Mayweather is a smart dude,despite what people may say about him.

    BluMoney JohnsonBluMoney JohnsonMaand geleden
  • Injecting pac’s name in the convo screams insecurities on this guy lol

    Joseph VillaflorJoseph VillaflorMaand geleden
  • Why does this man feel like it’s okay to speak so freely on another man’s finances?

    Evan ClaytonEvan ClaytonMaand geleden
  • Check out my Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Parody 😂🔥ITS A BANGER AND BETTER THAN THE ACTUAL FIGHT

    JJ Da BucketJJ Da BucketMaand geleden
  • no many does not have to fight he has money enough for ten life times ,flloyd loves his million dollar bling up to him,but dont slate many as you are obviously hating that many will fight errol spence the undefeated champion

    Michael MccormackMichael MccormackMaand geleden
  • Greatest boxer of this era💯 He beat Pac-Man & Clenelo 23-24 champions period 🤷🏽‍♂️

    V JV JMaand geleden
  • Just a father making smart moves for his kids’ kids’ kids future.

    Casual_HunterCasual_HunterMaand geleden
  • He isn’t bragging he really gave everyone the blueprint .. and discussing how others shouldn’t have to and his route is choice not obligation to fight

    Shaun JohnsonShaun JohnsonMaand geleden
  • Went well until he started bragging about his money!

    Starr TrakStarr TrakMaand geleden
  • Floyd gonna dye his fake hair grey when he gets old 😂

    otakuMoDzotakuMoDzMaand geleden
  • Well said Champ..

    James MulbahJames MulbahMaand geleden
  • You robbed the bank lol i was laughing at the fight

    Jarvy rayJarvy rayMaand geleden
  • Floyd's hands look broken.... Put them gloves away champ, UNDEFEATED!!

    3rdAye Smokin3rdAye SmokinMaand geleden
  • pacman took the spence fight to help people in need because of covid-19 its for his people..not for his mansion or cars remember that! if you are matured enough,you should know you can`t take money in AFTER LIFE thats why pacman is a giver

    Kristian VelascoKristian VelascoMaand geleden
  • Floyd lol there were not 30k people in attendance ahahahah. Maybe. 3k

    Laurie ChuckLaurie ChuckMaand geleden
  • Not going to lie. I bought me some eMax after this fight lol.

    Juan CastroJuan CastroMaand geleden
  • He gave you a dose of your own medicine always holding and letting the other fighter chase you around

    Michael ValdezMichael ValdezMaand geleden
  • Boxing Legends book will record : Manny Pacquiao : One of the greatest of all time. Floyd Mayweather: Money Maker Unbeaten Champion.

    Alex BelliardAlex BelliardMaand geleden
  • And the champ said what he said 💪🏾👊🏾❤

    Trea LeachTrea LeachMaand geleden
  • Like all the holding you did to Pacquiao? Lol this nigga Floyd ran and held the shit outta Pacquiao.

    Black Indians UniteBlack Indians UniteMaand geleden
  • Floyd used hate to get rich, quite sad.. he got lost in his own act, feel sorry for him you know.

    MuhammadAli_GOATMuhammadAli_GOATMaand geleden

    MuhammadAli_GOATMuhammadAli_GOATMaand geleden
  • WTF is this clown talking about 😂😂😂😂 he’s just decided what he wants to say hahahhaha

    Martin HigginsMartin HigginsMaand geleden
  • We know you are financially set, you say it all the time

    op3nsignalop3nsignalMaand geleden
  • YOUR SAD ....

    Timothy LujanTimothy LujanMaand geleden
  • Mayweather doesn't give a f.

    PedroPedroMaand geleden
  • “Im not hear to bash any fighter” *1 minute later* “you see pacaquio and it’s sad because he still has to fight.”

    A GA GMaand geleden
  • Lol...Pac does not have to fight for money...Pac is a Don...a King..And soon yo be World leader...Lol he's salty cause Pac didn't take his calls when he visited the Philippines...Floyd is delusional

    RP01RP01Maand geleden
    • More like you're delusional.

      D SmithD SmithMaand geleden
  • His Legacy is diminishing while PAC's is still building and when he's finally done it will be like fine wine...It'll just keep getting better...Pac>Floyd

    RP01RP01Maand geleden
    • @Google Account Ha...sure thing A hole...Lol

      RP01RP01Maand geleden
    • And your legacy will be like milk.

      Google AccountGoogle AccountMaand geleden
  • Who cares about what he wants to say anymore. He is not legend anymore. He sold his name and the whole career for cash and he loose.

    Andrea SerblinAndrea SerblinMaand geleden
  • Pacquiao had a torn rotator cuff against you big dog. So does that mean you will give manny a chance fully healthy? 🤔

    Jonathan MyersJonathan MyersMaand geleden
  • Not bashing anyone..but watch me bash everyone...he thinks pacman has to fight ....

    lanzo86lanzo86Maand geleden
  • Boring Mayweather

    Robert WilsonRobert WilsonMaand geleden
  • Floyd lit that boy up

    K OK OMaand geleden
  • Floyd is an absolute genius. I admire this man because he used his talent to make his great mark in boxing and at the tale end of his career and now he uses his intelligence to make money.

    samuelalmanza49samuelalmanza49Maand geleden