Someone Dead Ruined My Life… Again.

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    • Grey, I get you, I too when speaking and learning just go off topic very fast and who knows where I will be after a some time. And you have convinced me that friends are not what is needed, I just need to post my rambles online.

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  • Got to the end of the video, and I have to admit - Tiffany's I think we're alone now was running through my head - even though the lyrics absolutely do not work.

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  • Yeah, I honestly really enjoy seeing the effort put into the research. Especially because these side tangents that go nowhere are *everywhere* in actual research.

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  • Dyslexia. So I indeed enjoy the journey and would take deep dive with you to any topic but you are doing all the work then the least we can do is to watch the videos and enjoy the show knowing the work you do to make them ^_^

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  • In which Grey learns how to Historian

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    • Cool so Tiffany is short for Theophania, got it ;)

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  • As someone who has spent time trying to track an original source, I feel your pain. I thoroughly enjoyed this video.

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  • The rivalry between Pope and Hearne is the modern day Miley Cyrus and Niki Minaj drama.

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  • I am no historian. Did some googling of fiction to see if I can find the joke. I figured context of use might be a way to determine the humor. Found it in "Hereward the Wake: Last of the English" 1866 (except with somewhat different names). In context it is used to make fun of how poor and destitute a naked hungry family is on the road. So... that's the joke? That all he left Britany with his wife, his maid, and his dog? Poor and destitute? Naked? I don't know. It's something.

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  • I'll be honest, as someone that gets lost for months on a "worthless" obscure research project too, I felt a heartwarming kinship with [Grey? This video? Is anything on the internet real?!]. It's nice to know I'm not alone!

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  • "If I had a nickel for everytime my research turned me into the protagonist of a story about knowledge that fights back I would have two nickels! Which isn't a lot but it's weird it happened twice." So you stumbled across yet another research line that made you into the real life equivalent of a cosmic horror story protagonist. I'm expecting you to discover actual deities sleeping under the earth one of these days while researching, I don't know, the origin of frisbees and discovering they weren't from pie dishes or something and people only don't know they're there because no one bothered to research something no one really cares about and time reclaimed it. Even needed to flip through the real life equivalent of the Necronomicon this time. At least you have a nice hiking trail to help regain sanity points from the research.

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  • Cool so Tiffany is short for Theophania, got it ;)

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  • Grey, I get you, I too when speaking and learning just go off topic very fast and who knows where I will be after a some time. And you have convinced me that friends are not what is needed, I just need to post my rambles online

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  • Tldr: Grey got trolled by someone from 300 years in the past.

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    • That was a wild ride

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