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  • Faze clan members i want to join faze clan if you see this pls reply

    John daveson MostolesJohn daveson Mostoles21 uur geleden
  • The Good Old Days 😢 I wish I Can come back to the old CoD Days

    Ramiro VencesRamiro Vences23 uur geleden
  • I miss what faze was in 2016 and prior..

    x lolx lolDag geleden
  • 2021?

    Brand CreatesBrand CreatesDag geleden
  • I mean it’s true what Jarvis said . . . I DONT MISS A SHOT BRO

    Adrian SamsAdrian SamsDag geleden
  • It unfortunate that one had to get kicked

    Souls DID itSouls DID itDag geleden
  • Day one of asking faze to sign raidaway

    SquishSquishDag geleden
  • Anyone? Always hard to see thats over.. Never imaged myself watching thks in the futur with this kind of nostalgic.. Time go fast.. Maybe i wll see my coment in 5 more years like always! So.. Message to myself! Hello and go on my G :)

    zSPKYzSPKYDag geleden
  • still come back :(

    rel visualsrel visualsDag geleden
  • this is the only group i’ve watched for years and can still say they’re my idol’s, nothing can compare

    Nathan GalambosNathan GalambosDag geleden
  • Who Wants To join faze

    Team DelusiveTeam DelusiveDag geleden
  • Mongraals house is so dark

    HontroHontroDag geleden
  • My friend is Justin and he wants to tryout for FaZe

    The LlamasThe LlamasDag geleden
  • i can do 1 min

    playbo icrayplaybo icrayDag geleden
  • 2021 anyone? The MEMORIES 💔

    lsaac_flexinlsaac_flexinDag geleden
  • 2021 anyone?

    lsaac_flexinlsaac_flexinDag geleden
  • At 1:02 the guy he killed has the same name as the song lol

    J.R iwnlJ.R iwnlDag geleden
  • Upload pls

    Daisy LowesDaisy LowesDag geleden
  • Song hits hard

    im not gonna lieim not gonna lieDag geleden
  • Mew was born to trickshot

    Nikolas DANOSNikolas DANOSDag geleden
  • took the dub for save the kids

    wikch chwikch chDag geleden
  • Free Jarvis and somebody hit it and Jarvis might get unbanned you

    KaydenKaydenDag geleden
  • not anymore :(

    JoekeyoJoekeyoDag geleden
  • When you threw it

    KaydenKaydenDag geleden
  • How did the tv get fire

    KaydenKaydenDag geleden
  • Am I late

    C74E1C74E1Dag geleden
  • If I could hit half the shots I do in private match. I’d be on the FaZe team 😶‍🌫️

    C74E1C74E1Dag geleden
  • Anybody remember the team SB 😬

    C74E1C74E1Dag geleden
  • Back when the players were god like. MW2 trickshotting was legendary, New MW so called Trickshotting is ridiculous

    C74E1C74E1Dag geleden
  • here in 2021 watching the best montage to ever be released

    willeddz Vwilleddz VDag geleden
  • "We did it boss" Now I'm just saying,that has to be the best dialogue I've heard from faze in a while

    AuxraAuxraDag geleden
  • The shivers coming back from December

    AuxraAuxraDag geleden
  • My epic Wolveman80

    Wolveman80Wolveman80Dag geleden
  • Can I join you faze clan

    Wolveman80Wolveman80Dag geleden
  • good video terrible music lol

    John MessierJohn MessierDag geleden
  • You played fortnite now doing boxing still have that aim bot of fortnite in him of the aim

    Luke VLuke VDag geleden
  • Does anyone else just come back and watch this??

    eqilix-eqilix-Dag geleden
  • Only ogs remember the real founders of faze. Housecat Resistance Clipz

    Diamond stick⁉️ who invited this kid🐐Diamond stick⁉️ who invited this kid🐐Dag geleden
  • Also fun fact my dad was a top 3 sniper in the world and got a interveiw with faze but declined for a bigger "at the time"clan witch fell apart not to long after so bassicaly my dad missed out on a faze clan

    random gamesrandom gamesDag geleden
  • No @kay

    random gamesrandom gamesDag geleden

    Theo raven!Theo raven!Dag geleden
  • Well this didn't age well. Did it, Kay?

    shinyshiny2 dagen geleden
  • can i join faze pls

    jesus balandranjesus balandran2 dagen geleden
  • <3

    haydenwardqhaydenwardq2 dagen geleden
  • Faze chemotherapy

    pxrmzpxrmz2 dagen geleden
  • man. the good old days

    TrioTrio2 dagen geleden
  • The vid that got me into cod.

    Amateur AssassinAmateur Assassin2 dagen geleden
  • Y’all still scammed people imagine that

    XCkiddXCkidd2 dagen geleden
  • *WHATTT!!!!* 😳

    Clapzy ●Clapzy ●2 dagen geleden
  • Got a house in a house then he definitely got the bagg nice one faze clan/ faze banks.

    Mario Olveda jrMario Olveda jr2 dagen geleden
  • 4 years ago… unbelievable

    Jacob MillerJacob Miller2 dagen geleden
  • came back to see if the poster on standoff was rlly there

    Pranav RaoPranav Rao2 dagen geleden
  • Bro that's a waste of gfuel man

    webbigamerwebbigamer2 dagen geleden
  • Got too baked, and too in my feels on this one...

    JesseJesse2 dagen geleden
  • I would pay £1000 for a remastered MW2.

    KreepeeKreepee2 dagen geleden
  • July 2021 ? 🔥

    GasGas2 dagen geleden
  • La madonna

    xDanyyz _-xDanyyz _-2 dagen geleden
  • pain.

    Marcus_Takes_LsMarcus_Takes_Ls2 dagen geleden
  • we need a podcast of ALL the faze members and they talk about the history or faze

    JordanRiver CisnerosJordanRiver Cisneros2 dagen geleden
  • me : sees its in nevada. Me: thinks about madness combat somewhere in Nevada

    Leorio ParadinightLeorio Paradinight2 dagen geleden
  • Faze clan is dead

    artas Packeviciusartas Packevicius2 dagen geleden
  • This came out the day after I turned 9 - I'm now in my twenties. Hope you guys are all doing good

    Alex GraneyAlex Graney2 dagen geleden
  • The standoff sign was never there

    OhmaOhma2 dagen geleden
  • ❤️

    The GhostThe Ghost2 dagen geleden
  • i’m rice 😂 even tho your real name is bryan

    Collin Bixler VlogsCollin Bixler Vlogs2 dagen geleden
  • This obviously didn’t age well lol

    Hugh JpuHugh Jpu2 dagen geleden
  • been here since 2012

    AlfAlf2 dagen geleden

    Xxrmi_danielxXXxrmi_danielxX2 dagen geleden

    ShadowVIIShadowVII2 dagen geleden
  • Who here when kay gets removed

    MarcoMarco2 dagen geleden
  • Why is teeqo leaving 😞

    Oscar PedrazaOscar Pedraza2 dagen geleden
  • What happened to this faze? Now it’s rich clout chasers and vloggers

    TheNamesLemonTheNamesLemon2 dagen geleden
  • the best NLflow video ever made

    kuhlikokuhliko2 dagen geleden
  • Sign BAMS his a God at call of duty cold war and mw and more

    Caileen HendricksCaileen Hendricks2 dagen geleden
  • Might as well just recruit animals

    omgeddyeomgeddye2 dagen geleden
  • “An he knows it better than I ever did” I’m litterally dying laughing and hearing blaziksnz “yooooo” was nostalgic

    C CartiC Carti2 dagen geleden
  • Seeing this thumbnail almost made me cry. 😭😭🤣

    C CartiC Carti2 dagen geleden