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Dylan Ayres
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Hi Im Dylan Ayres. You may know me from my Tik Tok Dylandoestiktok1. I make longer form videos on this youtube channel and share my life along with it.



  • Time wasting video

    Four Seven MusicalFour Seven Musical11 uur geleden
  • Just scwint ur eyes 👀

    Alanna MooreAlanna Moore11 uur geleden
  • Haha

    Alice ScrogginsAlice Scroggins11 uur geleden
  • Wait you did all that but The plate didint break

    Kim ViklundKim Viklund11 uur geleden
  • Waste of time

    Filipino DreamFilipino Dream11 uur geleden

    ZimZim12 uur geleden
  • Eww burger with dirt water.

    CxoudzzCxoudzz12 uur geleden
  • Liar

    Fritz ZillaFritz Zilla12 uur geleden
  • 'Oh my godddd' 'No wayyyy' 'I knowwww'

    Down PeriscopeDown Periscope12 uur geleden
  • Its that easy what was plankton complaining a bout😂

    CJ SaindonCJ Saindon12 uur geleden
  • It's a non Newtonian liquid.. Custard would have done just as well

    KhasabKhasab12 uur geleden
  • Imagine having so much free time to be able to shovels snow around all day

    deibu__deibu__12 uur geleden
  • Ur first thought was a stick

    ProdbymurdaProdbymurda12 uur geleden
  • Wtf

    Preecha ChaiarmatPreecha Chaiarmat12 uur geleden
  • lol that's stupid

    Kang ShareKang Share12 uur geleden
  • Poor safe RIP

    OtakuTubeOtakuTube12 uur geleden
  • Heat the orbeez

    Kanav NandwaniKanav Nandwani12 uur geleden
  • Klop poes

    Baden PaulseBaden Paulse12 uur geleden
  • Corona Pool 🤣🤣

    Rohit Roy 🇮🇳Rohit Roy 🇮🇳12 uur geleden
  • Every rubber band video that you post on your short videos I suggest you to do all rainbow colored rubber bands on every rubber band video#shorts

    little Cory X Kenshinlittle Cory X Kenshin12 uur geleden
  • Been a whole lot easier to use a skill saw on a carbon temp blade Diablo blades are good very good 🤗

    bouytt guytbouytt guyt12 uur geleden
  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤢

    Jiten PhanjoubamJiten Phanjoubam12 uur geleden
  • Yhe krabby patty secret formula isnt krab..its patrick My reason is he can regenerate super fast

    Clarissa CortezClarissa Cortez13 uur geleden
  • Wow 😲

    Czarina GaliCzarina Gali13 uur geleden
    • It’s amazing the stupidity in this video …wow !!!

      bouytt guytbouytt guyt12 uur geleden
  • What makes america look like shit.

    TrumanTruman13 uur geleden
  • Useless fellow

    KrishnaKrishna13 uur geleden
  • Thank god this had a dislike button 🤣🤣😒

    cute queencute queen13 uur geleden
  • Fake

    Thinesh Vijay KumarThinesh Vijay Kumar13 uur geleden
  • You so boring

    Soufyane MehaddiSoufyane Mehaddi13 uur geleden
  • how is this thing still retaining its shape

    fellafella13 uur geleden
  • Buang maso🐒🐒

    Ejam JubliEjam Jubli13 uur geleden
  • This is seriously what people watch nowadays?

    Cpt CapCpt Cap13 uur geleden
  • My cousin do like that but they do small

    1 month 1000 subscribe1 month 1000 subscribe13 uur geleden
  • Stupid but hilarious

    YouTubeDatBoiYouTubeDatBoi13 uur geleden
  • 😱😱

    Nur ZurotunNur Zurotun14 uur geleden
  • How real 😂😂

    Chinmaya Kumar NayakChinmaya Kumar Nayak14 uur geleden
  • അണ്ടി

    nirmal babunirmal babu14 uur geleden
  • Fake

    r.c gamerr.c gamer14 uur geleden
  • Hay man you shaking that loker but that burger no problem why...

    RagamauliRagamauli14 uur geleden
  • big lier

    Soufian BellSoufian Bell14 uur geleden
  • Ha

    M SubramaniamM Subramaniam14 uur geleden
  • It’s amazing the stupidity in this video …wow !!!

    OK AUDIO PROOK AUDIO PRO14 uur geleden
  • man that COOL

    nik gamingnik gaming14 uur geleden
  • Wow what a lot of fucking shit.

    Kiewiet PretoriusKiewiet Pretorius14 uur geleden
  • Well scripted bro

    shaurya priyamshaurya priyam14 uur geleden
  • There is one more way which is so fun Make pool in which this ball can be kept fill that pool then put. This ball on it then get inside the ballthen see how much fun it is must try i swear uwill love it #luve from india

    Flames alpFlames alp14 uur geleden

    NiveditaNivedita14 uur geleden
  • This is fake

    Salai SivaselviSalai Sivaselvi14 uur geleden
  • You sound like victor zsasz from the tv show gotham

    james masonjames mason14 uur geleden
  • Make more of these rubber bands videos

    Bwa ManBwa Man14 uur geleden
  • Are you stress bruh

    Sidiq OfficialsSidiq Officials14 uur geleden
  • Yas

    Terese EngblomTerese Engblom15 uur geleden
  • चुतियो की गिनती ही कम करना चाहता था थनोस 🤣🤣🤣

    Raj dongriyalRaj dongriyal15 uur geleden
  • You S.M.F.

    Giuseppe CorsoGiuseppe Corso15 uur geleden
  • Let me clear u something.... we r not fools... and it seems like u r one...😑

    Rakesh KrishnaRakesh Krishna15 uur geleden
  • Made me

    Sherin RashidSherin Rashid15 uur geleden
  • More like to the top

    LittlejimmyLittlejimmy15 uur geleden
  • Even the scripted stroy was not that scripted

    ONLY ACTION 💥ONLY ACTION 💥15 uur geleden
  • Yeea

    Micah PattersonMicah Patterson15 uur geleden
  • I feel like he is making fun of the videos that say “I found a *BLANK* in the lake”, and I can respect him for it.

    School of Chaos GamingSchool of Chaos Gaming15 uur geleden
  • Love how its a brand new safe this is y I hate youtube shorts

    Gerald HopeGerald Hope15 uur geleden
  • This guy is insane He has all the crazy stuff to open this safe Specially my fav with the car he tried

    Rishita LodhiRishita Lodhi15 uur geleden
  • Buy the tsar bomba

    NathanNathan15 uur geleden
  • Hurmmmm

    Ajid NaAjid Na16 uur geleden
  • 😂😂🤣😅

    OVO 2wenty9ineOVO 2wenty9ine16 uur geleden
  • Were dealing with a helium shortage so bad bit

    Francesco CostanzoFrancesco Costanzo16 uur geleden
  • Plankton: GIVE ME THAT!

    Jasper PlayzJasper Playz16 uur geleden
  • Nice

    The Meme BananaThe Meme Banana16 uur geleden
  • Like I’m really glad this worked out

    Keiran BarronKeiran Barron16 uur geleden
  • The dumbest thing I saw in this week. I hope you get well your hitting head

    George ThanpuiaGeorge Thanpuia16 uur geleden
  • Why don't you just cut with a wood cutter

    SwAy ØGSwAy ØG16 uur geleden
  • 😂

    Frank SFrank S16 uur geleden
  • That’s so cool

    Alyssa KabboutAlyssa Kabbout16 uur geleden
  • Dare u to cut the big 700p one and see how the watermelons doin

    Mystery manMystery man16 uur geleden
  • Fake locker

    Prawin ChinthaPrawin Chintha16 uur geleden
  • Perfect timing alarm

    beendanakobeendanako16 uur geleden
  • Waste of food

    Kill YouKill You16 uur geleden
  • I caught a iPhone 6s in a lake while kiaking 😆

    BeamzBeamz17 uur geleden